Among Us but my wife BIG BRAINS me

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Mr. Fruit

4 måneder siden

Among Us is the social deception game you'd get if you combine Trouble in Terrorist Town, Mafia, Mindnight and Town of Salem. It's incredible!
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Among Us but my wife BIG BRAINS me

Mr. Fruit
Mr. Fruit 4 måneder siden
Thank you so much for 2 MILLION! You guys are insane and I appreciate all the love and support my channel gets
Kaelyn Pittard
Kaelyn Pittard 2 måneder siden
hey if you ever need help finding out where the person was killed right when someone reports the body at the bottom middle of the screen it'll tell you what room they were in.
Emanuel Zidane43
Emanuel Zidane43 3 måneder siden
You're welcome. Thank your narrative and really great video editing, that is what makes me laugh a ton with these videos.
Jesus Angulo
Jesus Angulo 3 måneder siden
Arma 3 måneder siden
You are amazing!
Sebastian 3 måneder siden
No your insane
Taylor Lindsey
Taylor Lindsey 15 dager siden
Thank you Claire for playing
Wayne2453 28 dager siden
Well done Claire
Austin Seefeldt
Austin Seefeldt Måned siden
Blood taint.
Bryan Warren
Bryan Warren 2 måneder siden
Yo I love Gumpi 🤓
Graham Wade
Graham Wade 2 måneder siden
OMG bro... your wife murdered you :D
Zeph. 2 måneder siden
Congrats on 2.3M fruit here since 100k and Titan fall 2 videos I guess I can consider myself an OG
crispシ 2 måneder siden
roses are red, violets are blue, the Earth is big, you came here to see who was Mr. fruit’s wife.
Ahmet Burak KIRTAŞ
Ahmet Burak KIRTAŞ 2 måneder siden
Lily Reynolds
Lily Reynolds 2 måneder siden
you can use emojis by right clicking your mouse.
Aqua Ast
Aqua Ast 2 måneder siden
If you don't know your wife's tells then you're not playing the marriage game right..
MAGMALORD360 3 måneder siden
We need more Claire .
TheRealChangeOfPace 3 måneder siden
1. “I was never there” easily disproved. 2. “As you were heading towards the body” he knew that Gladd was there before Fruit ever said where he found it.
Aaron Kaiser
Aaron Kaiser 3 måneder siden
thanks, Claire for playing :)
ShadowReaper2006 3 måneder siden
After this Mr. Fruit and Claire got a divorce.
Aaron Kaiser
Aaron Kaiser 3 måneder siden
@ShadowReaper2006 ok phew...
ShadowReaper2006 3 måneder siden
@Aaron Kaiser, no I was joking. I’d be surprised if my joke was true.
Aaron Kaiser
Aaron Kaiser 3 måneder siden
Dr. Neptune
Dr. Neptune 3 måneder siden
Mr. Fruit reminds me so much of Joe Swanson from Family Guy
Kaitlyn Wright
Kaitlyn Wright 3 måneder siden
Fruit: say thanks claire me who actually say thanks claire thinking shes gonna hear me
Broken Dark Joker
Broken Dark Joker 3 måneder siden
Mr. Fruit and his wife Claire in the remake of the Blockbuster movie... So I Married An Axe Murderer.
Pog Seal
Pog Seal 3 måneder siden
Fruit + Rick Khackis + Mtashed = Amazing
G0NZ0STaR 3 måneder siden
I thought Danielle was his wife... LOL!
Run nN
Run nN 3 måneder siden
I know why fruit is never chosen an imposter because game knows he does detective best. ☺
Lawson Ballard
Lawson Ballard 3 måneder siden
Thanks Claire for playing
Chane Jeffers
Chane Jeffers 3 måneder siden
Bro at 11:10 when fruit edited that sound clip from RDC world LMFAO
Ruby Parker
Ruby Parker 3 måneder siden
I clicked this because I played with my husband and the first 13 seconds of this video is beyond relatable.
Jeanna Acfalle
Jeanna Acfalle 3 måneder siden
Here’s a thought. Claire is a secret wildcard Because she’s quiet. Oh and mainly because she big brained Mr. Fruit. Yup. I’m sticking with it.
Hatters Madness
Hatters Madness 3 måneder siden
Wait when did they get married???
Evan LaMura
Evan LaMura 3 måneder siden
Hey rob came back, welcome back dude, I thought you were funny
ClawManV3 3 måneder siden
"I'm not gonna kill a man... and have his blood... ...taint..." -Mr. Fruit 2020
Jas Bless
Jas Bless 3 måneder siden
Thanks Claire for playing
MANAV SHARMA DPSN-STD 3 måneder siden
0:38 It looks like star in Mario
Random gamer
Random gamer 3 måneder siden
There is three couples. Mr.Fruit and Claire, Datto and Danielle, and Mtashed and thick rick
KingLattice 3 måneder siden
I want a wife who plays games with me. 😢
dang 2543
dang 2543 3 måneder siden
Can i just ask, what did Datto do to Danielle to make him her number 1 suspect all the f*cking time
Fatdirty Gamer
Fatdirty Gamer 3 måneder siden
you sus claire
HOTDOGMAN butt 3 måneder siden
Fruit: Points all the evidence and all the facts to claire. Everyone else: Nah Me: this really is an among us game
WNaruto2452 Uzumaki
WNaruto2452 Uzumaki 3 måneder siden
Thanks Claire for playing plus Claire for the win plus Claire as bigger brain then mr fruit
Jacob Hathorn
Jacob Hathorn 3 måneder siden
I am so glad I found this Chanel you are super funny
Jellojebba 3 måneder siden
Diego Solis
Diego Solis 3 måneder siden
Among us is the reason I’m single...😭
SuperDooperLooperCooper 3 måneder siden
Why isn’t Claire’s name Mrs. fruit?
Rowdy Rob Gaming
Rowdy Rob Gaming 3 måneder siden
I love when you cut in memes and references.
Nananya Elle
Nananya Elle 3 måneder siden
Mr. Furry
Avion 3 måneder siden
Thx for playing Claire
Brandon Reid
Brandon Reid 3 måneder siden
Thank you Claire for playing! I love how you have Mr. Fruit wrapped around your little finger 😁
xMerlin xxx
xMerlin xxx 3 måneder siden
The first game tho lol. They’re idiots istg
Fuchsmila 3 måneder siden
Still thinking about if Thicc Kack knows that it means "big Poop" in German..
Shang Lee
Shang Lee 3 måneder siden
16:05 so yall play'n some Ring around the rosie there lads? XD
grisel picart
grisel picart 3 måneder siden
this is home
Null8fuenf10 3 måneder siden
Your wife is beautiful! Well played, Claire, well played!
pvp. Gladiator
pvp. Gladiator 3 måneder siden
gota love the log horizon at 3:40
The Error
The Error 3 måneder siden
His pet glitched out as heck! 2:10
The Error
The Error 3 måneder siden
Srry at 2:08
Celia Murry
Celia Murry 3 måneder siden
is your wife single
Future Firelord
Future Firelord 3 måneder siden
guess mr.fruit isn't a simp
KolegrahmH 3 måneder siden
Thanks for playing Clair!
Short 3 måneder siden
Anybody think there WiFi was lagging at 13:17 cause the his screen froze when or the video froze?
Lills Gacha
Lills Gacha 3 måneder siden
I already know dattos an imposter from the 36 seconds because there’s an animation on the side of the ship and it moves the guns cuz u shooting the asteroids
Noah Ashworth
Noah Ashworth 3 måneder siden
Okay but did he edit his reaction time to report rick 😂
UmbreSS GameS
UmbreSS GameS 3 måneder siden
congrats on 2 mil (yes i’m late)
Golden Sands
Golden Sands 3 måneder siden
50% of marriages end in divorce The rest are murder because you call your wife sus.
Ninpeg 3 måneder siden
17:43 Wanna explain the picture in your wallet?
User twenty-one
User twenty-one 3 måneder siden
at 2:08 the dog glitches out
Pubgsniper 3 måneder siden
What does danielle have such a pretty voice
Mikkel 3 måneder siden
Marriage is just another word for "slow murder"
Shiro Sora
Shiro Sora 3 måneder siden
Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali 3 måneder siden
after playing with her i dont know her sounds kinda sus
Jalta Henry
Jalta Henry 3 måneder siden
One of my favorite youtuber's hands down i swear....I would love to play bro but I don't think you play on xbox....but keep up the work man...and any advice for an upcoming streamer....
Colette Gakure
Colette Gakure 3 måneder siden
Anyone else hears like he sounds like homer from the simpsons
Rainbow Tiger
Rainbow Tiger 3 måneder siden
Her name should be Mrs Fruit ingame
James Unger
James Unger 3 måneder siden
Honestly I was getting nervous that the imposters would win when you saw rhabby die but couldn't find a body. I think pushing the button might have been a safer bet, but still great job Detective Fruit
Mr.Skitttlezz 3 måneder siden
Your girl went for you huh I know the feeling 😣😂
devypoo366 3 måneder siden
"I think visual tasks are off" Does visual task. "Yes. They are turned off" Also. Nice Markiplier impression.
KILLMESECOND 3 måneder siden
i wasnt in weapons shows a picture of him in weapons
KILLMESECOND 3 måneder siden
i will not kill a man and have his blood taint everybody: remembers his impostor rounds
Crystal Jacobs
Crystal Jacobs 3 måneder siden
How would your OWN wife BiG BrAiN you even though your the big brained than anyone I know!
TaCo MaN
TaCo MaN 3 måneder siden
Julianna Valentino
Julianna Valentino 3 måneder siden
No way I played with you! I’m juju I got disconnected 🥺
Oompa Loompa
Oompa Loompa 3 måneder siden
Rhabbyv!! 9/11 veteran! What a legend ❤
chronic2001n 3 måneder siden
My names Meshuga...really what it sounds like lmao
pugpie Man
pugpie Man 3 måneder siden
Thanks for playing
Jake Younan
Jake Younan 3 måneder siden
Married simp
Yunita Apriliya
Yunita Apriliya 3 måneder siden
Ahh ygo reference
Joven Song
Joven Song 3 måneder siden
Fruit: I love u babe! Everyone: thats kinda sus...
Jace Phillips
Jace Phillips 3 måneder siden
Does Mr. Fruit ever stream?
SlickNickP 3 måneder siden
Among Us Video Idea: Everyone has a buddy assigned before the game starts. You have to try to stick with your buddy during the game, assuming your buddy is alive. If you are imposter, you have to turn off lights or something to kill without your buddy seeing. You could also kill your buddy, but that’s pretty sus
Raven Martinez
Raven Martinez 3 måneder siden
Or ur buddy cannot rat you out. They can only vote you if somwone else says to
Zoe 3 måneder siden
This 👏
Seigfred Ajero
Seigfred Ajero 3 måneder siden
This is clever
Rhys Clunis
Rhys Clunis 3 måneder siden
Why dont they get fruit first in every game? He's too smart.
David Davila
David Davila 3 måneder siden
You sound like FitMC
Shambhavi Kanel
Shambhavi Kanel 3 måneder siden
Is ur wife loserfruit aka fruity
Borach McTeague
Borach McTeague 3 måneder siden
I don't know why, but I can't stop binging your Among Us games!
Dylan Benzel
Dylan Benzel 3 måneder siden
You could do a very good Might Guy impression from Naruto. Love the vids!
420 Emporio Almino
420 Emporio Almino 3 måneder siden
Yo guys red is kinda sus
Bumblebee 3 måneder siden
Nobody's gonna point out that Mtashed literally said "I saw you running down to the body" before ANYONE has said where the body is xD
Crypto 3 måneder siden
Mr. Fruit kinda sounds like might guy from Naruto
Shmitty 3 måneder siden
Claire is the ULTIMATE IMPOSTER, no tells. God tier
Shmitty 3 måneder siden
Newbies just CRUSHED it
Moldy Potato
Moldy Potato 3 måneder siden
2:08 yo, is your pet okay?
Lyte Lost
Lyte Lost 3 måneder siden
c. sayaovong
c. sayaovong 3 måneder siden
I didn't know you Have a wife
TenZen AKA Young Rockstar
TenZen AKA Young Rockstar 3 måneder siden
"i think Claire won her very first game" hahaha I like claire
merkolew01 3 måneder siden
5:58 oh my god wait a sec !??! That moment i have rewatched maybe 15 times you killed me with that part !!!!
JDoge 3 måneder siden
13:12 and a bit of 13:21!anyone else’s screen freeze
Jonny Hernandez
Jonny Hernandez 3 måneder siden
Mr Fruit: 1 word. Mtash. Mtash: AS YOU WERE WALKING DOWN TO THE BODY did anyone else see that a little sus? i mean. cmon
Among Us but my wife HATES me
Mr. Fruit
Ganger 1,2 mill
Among Us but we're being held HOSTAGE
اخير فيديو بقناتي ( ام سيف )
ام سيف Om sayf
Ganger 20 mill
here comes the sun
bill wurtz
Ganger 2,9 mill
Among Us but I get the PERFECT kill
Among Us but we set it to HARD mode
Mr. Fruit
Ganger 1,9 mill
Ganger 1,3 mill
Among Us but I PRETEND to be muted
Mr. Fruit
Ganger 1,9 mill
Among Us but I have to resort to BEGGING
Among Us but it's the FUNNIEST match ever
Among Us but I'm a literal MEME
Mr. Fruit
Ganger 1,2 mill
Among Us but we play IMPOSTOR roulette
Among Us but I'm a 300 IQ Detective
Mr. Fruit
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اخير فيديو بقناتي ( ام سيف )
ام سيف Om sayf
Ganger 20 mill
here comes the sun
bill wurtz
Ganger 2,9 mill
forming a secret organization [Dream SMP]