[1 Hour] Justin Bieber - Lonely (Lyrics) ft. benny blanco

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VALYA ZHIVKOVA 4 timer siden
This dong
VALYA ZHIVKOVA 4 timer siden
Brevin Anthony Pieterse
Brevin Anthony Pieterse 7 timer siden
i am sad
Jonatan David Theo
Jonatan David Theo 18 timer siden
i don't really like jb, but this one hits me so damn hard!
Hamidi Jenna
Hamidi Jenna Dag siden
nobody: not one person: me: listend to it 10 time in 1 and a half days beacuse i can realate
Shamma Paintings
Shamma Paintings Dag siden
Everybody knows my name now But somethin' 'bout it still feels strange Like lookin' in a mirror, tryna steady yourself And seein' somebody else And everything is not the same now It feels like all our lives have changed Maybe when I'm older, it'll all calm down But it's killin' me now What if you had it all But nobody to call? Maybe then you'd know me 'Cause I've had everything But no one's listening And that's just fuckin' lonely I'm so lo-o-o-onely Lo-o-o-onely Everybody knows my past now Like my house was always made of glass And maybe that's the price you pay For the money and fame at an early age And everybody saw me sick And it felt like no one gave a shit They criticized the things I did as an idiot kid I'm so lo-o-o-onely Lo-o-o-onely I'm so lo-o-o-onely Lo-o-o-onely i feel lonely all the time bc i lost haIf of my friends from online school but i still have my family i just hate what are ppl are going through rn i feel bad and i wish that the world becomes a better place sometimes i just feel worthless but its ok bc no-one is perfect i wish i never did the mistakes i did i just want to help the world but i cant.
Cecilia Cruz
Cecilia Cruz 2 dager siden
When you have people to support but still feel alone....
Aleyna Borrego
Aleyna Borrego 2 dager siden
This is my life story in a song. I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma when I was 5 which is a bone cancer, everyone said I was fine but they didn't know what it was like to think your going to die all day and every single day. After I was cancer free I still had to go through so much, my femur was removed so my leg didnt grow and I had to get an inch high shoe on one foot and it was hideous and now I have to wear it until I turn 14 and I am only 12.
Michi Boney
Michi Boney 2 dager siden
Doctor:you only have 1 hour to live Me:
Mexicano Por siempre
Mexicano Por siempre 2 dager siden
I am so lonely 😭 I need I bitch with me
Blueberry Bunny games
Blueberry Bunny games 2 dager siden
Loo-o-o-onely that is how I feel at school win I say hello and they just push me and walk away and I had no friends for this hole year
Aleyna Borrego
Aleyna Borrego 2 dager siden
Same here but the thing is. There are people out there that are going through the same thing and anybody would be grateful to have a friend like you :)
JasmineLikesPandas 2 dager siden
I listen to this when I feel lonely
James Atkins
James Atkins 2 dager siden
I'm lonely im a GIRL on my dad's phone but my boyfriend broke up he had no choice but he was perfect sweet nice and caring
Queen Desi
Queen Desi 2 dager siden
“Maybe when I’m older it’ll all calm down but it’s killing me now” the line I relate to most 😪
Fatima Abbas
Fatima Abbas 2 dager siden
I relate to this song so much 😔 so here’s a tip If you know someone else who relates to this song please give them a hug filled with love ❤️ That’s what they need Someone who looks out for them
Moritz‘s Gamingstube
Moritz‘s Gamingstube 3 dager siden
If you´re im Loch and can´t get out of it :(
Christoph Aguilar
Christoph Aguilar 3 dager siden
WENEI 1 3 dager siden
I'm so lonely
Maria Jose Aragón
Maria Jose Aragón 3 dager siden
When I lisent this song Is like I'm not lonely. But the true is I'm very lonely but this is the magic of the sads songs ✨👂lisent and you never be lonely
it's icy pop
it's icy pop 3 dager siden
when my mom is mad at me: me:i feel so useless(its bc i did something not right/properly :( )
EndGamerplayz 4 dager siden
Well that is sad but he shouldnt be mean to his fans I used to be a big fan but stopped but I am not a hater I love his songs but I am not a big fan even though he is stressed.
Tim Sp
Tim Sp 4 dager siden
Wer kommt auch von eligella
Landon Faeth
Landon Faeth 4 dager siden
Hits hard Great song😀😀😀😀💖💖💖💖💖
Cassie Soderquist
Cassie Soderquist 4 dager siden
i cry to this song all the time
Lazy Lawrence シ
Lazy Lawrence シ 5 dager siden
like here if you finished the whole video cuz i did xD
Sharlotteh Lunbersherl
Sharlotteh Lunbersherl 5 dager siden
This topic makes me very sad, even so I really want to disappear or commit suicide
Phoenix Pinon
Phoenix Pinon 5 dager siden
dont worry ive been through alot people life abuse neglect rape adoption suicid deppression bullying and so much more but nobody cared so i cared for myself life is a ride and not everyone gets on the good one but you have to control it dont worry keep fighting life gets better it changes people do care even if you think they dont it does
Gabriella Rodriguez
Gabriella Rodriguez 5 dager siden
I need this song...
Misha Nguyen
Misha Nguyen 6 dager siden
Throat hurts. Eyes stings. Fighting it.... 🎵"Thats just f-ing lonely!" 🎶 Forget it! Just let go, and cry it out!
Leila Elyse Etherly!!
Leila Elyse Etherly!! 7 dager siden
This is a beautiful song when i get sad i play this song and start crying this really helps me feel better...
Mimi GachaXmoon
Mimi GachaXmoon 7 dager siden
I love you ♥️
Mimi GachaXmoon
Mimi GachaXmoon 7 dager siden
Is beautiful
Mimi GachaXmoon
Mimi GachaXmoon 7 dager siden
Dream XD
Dream XD 7 dager siden
Let's be honest, we've all felt lonely after losing *that* person.
Hélory 07
Hélory 07 7 dager siden
Tu mérite beaucoup plus d'abonné
Hélory 07
Hélory 07 7 dager siden
I'm french
dRxip _photonerror
dRxip _photonerror 8 dager siden
Sometimes depression will be a obsession but sometimes u have to get through it ur beautiful ur awsome dont even think ur useless everybody has a meaning and I think u should live without depression and find out the purpose of ur life 😔😌
Tsuyu Asui
Tsuyu Asui 8 dager siden
Im even more susidal... I'm so Lo-o-o-onely..
Diana Lopez
Diana Lopez 8 dager siden
help me i was criying
G. Nagorski
G. Nagorski 8 dager siden
Ⓘ ⓡⓛⓛⓨ ⓛⓘⓚⓔ ⓣⓗⓘⓢ ⓢⓞⓝⓖ ⓢⓞ ⓜⓤⓒⓗⓗⓗⓗⓗⓗ
Altagracia Turcios
Altagracia Turcios 9 dager siden
My mom and dad died and just me and my sis and bro
Lukis Tate
Lukis Tate 9 dager siden
I’m Single because of me
Tech Help
Tech Help 10 dager siden
Mobile ads be like only one percent of people can vibe to this song
P Oudejans
P Oudejans 10 dager siden
Cas Halfwerk
Cas Halfwerk 10 dager siden
so a sad song
Rose Miguel
Rose Miguel 10 dager siden
BYee I’m going to sleep
Yaik Yumlin
Yaik Yumlin 10 dager siden
the lonely Christmas where one day they all left home .. where once I saw them laugh only with an illness I took their last breath away. alone and alone in this world. to whom to console me.
Oof Dog
Oof Dog 10 dager siden
He did I wonderful job on this new song! God bless all of you and happy 2021!!
Elizabet Danielová
Elizabet Danielová 11 dager siden
i love this song Justin 🤍
MonumentLmg !
MonumentLmg ! 11 dager siden
MonumentLmg !
MonumentLmg ! 11 dager siden
This describes my entire lofe
HouzzParty 11 dager siden
When another human pour out their innermost feeling like he did in this song - He has my love and respect. In just one verse he said it all. Be strong Justin , you're stronger than you know...
Hosanna Spencer
Hosanna Spencer 11 dager siden
and my parents broke up so live with my mom and i dont have any friends
Misha Nguyen
Misha Nguyen 6 dager siden
Hang in there. My parents aren't together either. Very hard life, but u will make a way for yourself. Promise u will be more than ok. Take care
Hosanna Spencer
Hosanna Spencer 11 dager siden
my life is the same and today i got sick
Fishing Man_ says
Fishing Man_ says 12 dager siden
His song knows me I’m glad I at least I know there’s people like me out there
Fathmath Sunee
Fathmath Sunee 12 dager siden
I loved this song I been looking for years happy new years
Kendra Morales
Kendra Morales 11 dager siden
happy new years
Ocin 12 dager siden
This is like the only Justin Bieber song I like tbh
Helen Malaimare
Helen Malaimare 13 dager siden
I know you are so beautiful and people don't know you Truly but you are the best person ever 😭🥳😍🤩
Lincolnator 14 dager siden
I know what it's like to be judged and criticized when I can't change something about myself that I'd like to change. It fucking sucks.
MonumentLmg !
MonumentLmg ! 11 dager siden
Alex Cassidy
Alex Cassidy 14 dager siden
you are so right
ya boy pete
ya boy pete 15 dager siden
Mate feel lonely asf
Luis Armando Diaz
Luis Armando Diaz 16 dager siden
You are not alone you have GOD he is all and everything you need No fame No money No friends Doesnt matter GOD can give you all GOD loves you
Mohamed aziz HEZZI
Mohamed aziz HEZZI 16 dager siden
Mohamed aziz HEZZI
Mohamed aziz HEZZI 16 dager siden
I'm crying so much at the moment , and i'm deppressed, i wanna die
Ana Marija Gal
Ana Marija Gal 15 dager siden
Feel you bro😪
Ileah Maher
Ileah Maher 16 dager siden
My fav part.. I'm so l-o-o-o-onley~
MIAH SHARIF 16 dager siden
This is amazing I love it
affrin014 17 dager siden
Rubi Baharin
Rubi Baharin 17 dager siden
I'm so lonely.. My parent gone 1 year ago:) I'm Already 9 Old:) My Friend Its Fake Friend And Bullying Me:) Just Me Only But I Have God That Can Make Me Happy:D
alpha wolf Galaxy Angel
alpha wolf Galaxy Angel 17 dager siden
I can't keep losing family my faith and my love please help me it hurts please help 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Vision33r 17 dager siden
Well, the covid pandemic is basically like being some stars. They can't go out to the public like you and I can. You can't even take a regular phone call from anybody because everybody that calls you is either out for your money or your fame. You can't sleep with any girl without fear they will go public about it so you end up being with people just like yourself with fame.
berok-habesha 17 dager siden
this is so dark music. he make me so sad.
A.N.C_ Gaming
A.N.C_ Gaming 17 dager siden
This is my life
Dogan Odabas
Dogan Odabas 17 dager siden
Çok yalnızım nerdesin
Soumia Evers
Soumia Evers 17 dager siden
Aung Myo Htut
Aung Myo Htut 18 dager siden
How yoy feel when your bestfriend call you b**h? How you feel when your own mother said you that is better that you died? How you feel when your family is broken like a plate!..............you don't know cs you have never feel it like me or like him.......
Ana Marija Gal
Ana Marija Gal 15 dager siden
I did maybe worse, but thing is everyone feels like their situation is worst, but its not. I dont say its not bad but its not worst, someone now wants yust roof above their head or little food or clean water. Yust remember it can anytime get worse keep going and god is with you and me and everone.🙏🙏❤
_milkychar. _
_milkychar. _ 18 dager siden
Neeks 18 dager siden
I used to hate him if I'm being honest But I am one to blame, I followed everyone else I really love his songs Their amazing I really love this song I saw it was by Justin and I was like "oh... Its a good song, I love it, sorry Justin"
JENNIFER WEYANDT 18 dager siden
I cant do it anymore I cant live with a person who hates me and tells me to kill myself
Drippy monster
Drippy monster 18 dager siden
Best song and I’m the idiot kid JB
kaneki Ouirini
kaneki Ouirini 18 dager siden
its beautiful song tho no hate but some ppl act there depressed to get more time of ppl
Rima Sara
Rima Sara 19 dager siden
I'm literally addicted to this song
Yvelisse PAULINO
Yvelisse PAULINO 19 dager siden
This fits perfectly with naruto 🥺
mikedowling11 19 dager siden
ಥ‿ಥ sad song 🥺
BrokenLucy 19 dager siden
BrokenLucy 19 dager siden
Linn Christoffersen
Linn Christoffersen 19 dager siden
So beautiful song i cant stop listning this shit
Linda Korpa
Linda Korpa 21 dag siden
My cousin i think she is depresed and i think i am 2 bc my cousin listens to this and sleeps next to it and...my to and i like it that way
Blake Buchanan
Blake Buchanan 22 dager siden
Looooonely got me
Chris W
Chris W 23 dager siden
I like it.I feel like it's kind of unfinished though.Good song but its a little rough.Maybe he intended it to be that way.
Paulblarts garage
Paulblarts garage 23 dager siden
Loveliness is when your older and lost nearly everyone in your family and you really don't have no one to call. The saying you never realize what you had till it's gone. I wished I had humbled myself more to reach out to my love one's for conversations and guidance without thinking I knew how to cope with life's problems. Hopefully justin will not make the mistakes I did in life and reaches out.
gabriella mackinnon
gabriella mackinnon 24 dager siden
Everyone stay strong I'm a sad hooman right now and we all need to stick together. That included bieber in a way I really hope this is a start of a change for the better and for everyone reading this as well. Hang in there we can only do it together
Makenna A. Salinas
Makenna A. Salinas 24 dager siden
Just saying, money brings you happiness and that might fade some day, so don’t use money to get stuff, soon it will disappear.
Cristina Fontanez
Cristina Fontanez 24 dager siden
This keeps making me cry😭😭😭
Cristina Fontanez
Cristina Fontanez 24 dager siden
I only went to search this song to hear cause I'm in pain 🥺😔😭
samionda ridjali
samionda ridjali 24 dager siden
I'm lonely
Sarah Harness
Sarah Harness 24 dager siden
Idk Justin Bieber
Cadence Beck
Cadence Beck 24 dager siden
im so lonely tooo
Janene DuPerry Lewis
Janene DuPerry Lewis 25 dager siden
BF bigfoot
BF bigfoot 25 dager siden
FKING BANGER!!!!!!!!!!!
Sienna Pego
Sienna Pego 25 dager siden
this song makes me cry all the time
Kylie Tralewski
Kylie Tralewski 25 dager siden
I personally do not like Justin Bieber, but I relate to this song somehow, and it lets me get out some of my stress and anxiety.
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