3 True Scary Halloween Stories

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Mr. Nightmare

Måned siden

Here is the this years edition of true Halloween horror stories.
Story 1 : Sean Pegg
Story 2 : Cody Bailey
Story 3 : Anonymous
If you want to send a personal TRUE story of yours, please send it through email: mrnightmareinbox@gmail.com
Anything with poorly structured sentences and grammar will not be read, so please just make them neat and understandable. Please also state how you would like your name to be credited in a video.
Insta: realmrnight...
Twitter: mista_nightmare?l...

Mr. Nightmare
Mr. Nightmare Måned siden
In response to the third story regarding why they didn't just move the planchette to the "yes" part of the board, some Ouija boards don't have the yes and no parts, but for the most part they do. Small details like that sometimes you may just have to believe that maybe the people in the story were unaware of something and let it slip by them. I cant say with the upmost certainty that all the stories I read are 100% truth, however sometimes people make human mistakes that make their way into these stories.
steven fitzgerald
steven fitzgerald 17 dager siden
2nd one is from an Aussie he ain’t wrong about us not celebrating Halloween as much as you yanks but damn the parties are awesome
True Wizardry
True Wizardry 19 dager siden
and even if some are faked, especially to bait you into reading them, they're still entertaining, so that shouldn't be a worry.
Maddie Hubbel
Maddie Hubbel 26 dager siden
Did this really happen to you???
txt_z 26 dager siden
Bro gamer 123
Bro gamer 123 26 dager siden
the best (:
A P 8 timer siden
Every single non-white-male person listening to the first story: *You Fucking Donkey* Clarification: *Anyone* can be preyed upon. But there are some people who are not taught how to keep themselves safe because it is assumed that they will never get harmed.
Andrew Cruz
Andrew Cruz 9 timer siden
It gave me chills
Grant Provance
Grant Provance 10 timer siden
Am I the only one looking through the comments because you’re on a road trip and the video won’t load?
Kowrw Dag siden
Lost my shit with those noises during the ouija board story
Pyramid Politpris19
Pyramid Politpris19 Dag siden
More nopost.info/throw/qdS7q3vdw2eTn5I/video
12HI12 12HI12
12HI12 12HI12 2 dager siden
Me s c g lol common use ur imagination more lol 😂 Sound like some army shit alpha bravo charle
Joe Altier
Joe Altier 2 dager siden
You aren’t suppose to throw ougji boards
Grim Cancer
Grim Cancer 3 dager siden
The party music in the 1st story wat was it?
h2oLuisGamer 290
h2oLuisGamer 290 3 dager siden
Calls cops on a ghost. Cop: another waste of time on Halloween I should be making sure candy is not Poison
Shana Randiatmoko
Shana Randiatmoko 3 dager siden
10:11 i legit looked up i thought my roof was making sounds
Cramer 50
Cramer 50 4 dager siden
Dude I was watching this in my bed at night and my charger got yanked off my bed and dragged under it what the fuck
Morgan 4 dager siden
“ i could t tell his age because of his receding hair line “ me and best friend jojo siwa: are we just a joke to you?
Tedi shpetishvili
Tedi shpetishvili 5 dager siden
I was Jason in Halloween 🎃
DuckLedin 6 dager siden
When the ghost forgets that there's a yes and no on the Ouija board. B)
XxPoltageistxX 6 dager siden
Mario boards are ok but them luigi boards avoid at all cost!
highlander 3450
highlander 3450 7 dager siden
The Ouiji board was your first mistake
lemon drops lemons
lemon drops lemons 8 dager siden
Oh h to the no I would get out of my car and saying all sorts of stuff
Ezra Berg
Ezra Berg 8 dager siden
I’m a bit late but am I the only only one who goes on a massive mr nightmare marathon on the night of Halloween?
Facuu Lescano
Facuu Lescano 9 dager siden
not me watching this at 4am
Miguel Silvestre
Miguel Silvestre 9 dager siden
Stop hiding in the comments go back to the video solders
Jim Morris
Jim Morris 9 dager siden
I like that this video is exactly 13 minutes long.
Shifty. 9 dager siden
the thumping in story three scared the shit out of me!
Hari13 9 dager siden
I don’t get how they always know which Room the person is in
CocoYouSoFunny 9 dager siden
spirit halloween.. oh how nice to know that this happened 16 or 32 miles from u😃
HaNoWSss CaMpEr
HaNoWSss CaMpEr 11 dager siden
10:13 That scared the absolute living **** out of me. It's almost midnight and I'm alone in my room listening to scary stories, I DID NOT expect a thump out of nowhere, holly molly....
WWEBurrito 12 dager siden
8:20 I don’t see the clowns
yum yum
yum yum 12 dager siden
this creepy thsi weirf 220
Autoparts17 12 dager siden
even if u don’t believe in spirits don’t fuck with them
Shazistic 12 dager siden
"Can't" isn't a word. You have the power to do, be or create anything. -Shazistic
Liz Beth
Liz Beth 13 dager siden
No Name
No Name 13 dager siden
Squishy Gerbil
Squishy Gerbil 14 dager siden
*will you haunt Mary?* *Yes..* Sounds like a perfect invite for a demon... 😲😖
Ariel Drappeaux
Ariel Drappeaux 14 dager siden
Love it 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Tamara Basque
Tamara Basque 14 dager siden
Nobody: Who else is listening while in November? Me: listening everynight! Mr.Nightmare is my lifeeeeee (at night😍)
SkYRIMdstryer19 the Warlord
SkYRIMdstryer19 the Warlord 16 dager siden
You know what i hate? Is that there's a state where if your like, 15. Your apparently "too old" to trick or treat
Nugget 16 dager siden
Man, I guess those clowns gave you a true Halloween scare!
pastapalads 16 dager siden
Angelothetankengine 17
Angelothetankengine 17 16 dager siden
These were the most terrifying I've heard in a long time
logicx is inhumane
logicx is inhumane 17 dager siden
im all for spooky shit, but when you bring up oujia boards, count me out.
Applewille 17 dager siden
I wonder if he plays dayz. One of the videos, where there is a house, its raining and the lightning shows up the player, it has been taken from the Dayz.
louie Green
louie Green 17 dager siden
11:25 it’s a video game😂😂😂 like the video
itsWayz 17 dager siden
Who Actually Watches This In Full Screen
gman2015 17 dager siden
Are ppl in the second story from Men in Black with all those letters?
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 17 dager siden
What I learned from these stories is that you always gotta be strapped for situations like this
ani 18 dager siden
Theres so many ads :(
Starius2 19 dager siden
I like how you call these all "real"..
True Wizardry
True Wizardry 19 dager siden
Did the 3rd story really have a picture of like, a PUBG house WITH the character and crosshiar in it, just darkened, and with a rain effect added over it? This mans...
Remember Bubblebutt
Remember Bubblebutt 19 dager siden
Do I hear mumbo jumbo's outro in story 1 at the party?
SilentVinyl 19 dager siden
~ Prayer to Shin'nai ~ Shin'nai-san's guardians are... One, snake, two, monkey, three, crow, four, spider. Five, prepare for the feast when the evening mists arrive. Six, the badger runs along late with nare as a fix. Seven, the corrupt yomibito rise to oppose the mountain. Eight, death of the damned yomibito is the mandate. Nine, one soul per day now to bind. Ten, the mists rise away again.
John Read
John Read 19 dager siden
Ghosts and those boards are bs btw they make barbie dolls
Unit101 19 dager siden
The most scariest thing is mostly that sister location robot things
Weird Tree
Weird Tree 19 dager siden
That door bell rang and I almost lost my sht. I get scared so easily yet here I am listening to horror stories 🤣
HyperHydra 19 dager siden
Why the hell do people always say candies? Just say candy. When you say candies that’s sounds like a pedophile.
lucy njogu
lucy njogu 19 dager siden
Is this for kids
Joshsua Pitts
Joshsua Pitts 19 dager siden
666 dislikes
dubk 19 dager siden
when i saw this it had 666 dislikes
Oliver Cromwell
Oliver Cromwell 20 dager siden
You went trick or treating and set up decorations and at the end "Halloween is a few weeks away and you are terrified." OK
XxUltraviolet 20 dager siden
666 dislikes o.O on a Halloween video!?!?! Baha gold
Bo-jivan Parker
Bo-jivan Parker 20 dager siden
the australian one is very believable. halloween clown pranksters were on the news in australia last years halloween.
itzqueezyOG 20 dager siden
yoooooo thats dayZ
Anime Boi
Anime Boi 20 dager siden
Omg lol I went to Spirit Halloween for my costume as well
Arjun Atwal
Arjun Atwal 20 dager siden
growing up and listening to Mr nightmare is amazing
Comedy With Animesh
Comedy With Animesh 21 dag siden
So no one is gonna talk about how in the last story, the ghost said that it will possess Mary, and then it was not found
EmeraTheHauning 21 dag siden
I love Spirit Halloween
Ruth Ferry
Ruth Ferry 21 dag siden
Great stories and I like the sound effects
Futner 21 dag siden
I love the use of the sinister music
Kyla Freeman
Kyla Freeman 21 dag siden
Cooler Than Frieza
Cooler Than Frieza 21 dag siden
Thomas Coleman
Thomas Coleman 21 dag siden
10:52 did anyone notice the man standing in front of the camera when the lightning came on
Eli 22 dager siden
Me listening and getting scared with the first story Here's April showers background youtube music 😂😂
Pulxse 22 dager siden
Mrnightmare should be friends with corpse husband they both have deep voices but corpse is obviously deeper
Velno 22 dager siden
Kindred 22 dager siden
Ah damn I feel sad, I forgot about horror stories and Mr. Nightmare to listen to in Halloween, damn better luck next year I guess
NOSA 23 dager siden
Jonas Hofmann
Jonas Hofmann 23 dager siden
I can hear april showers
gianna tomlinson
gianna tomlinson 23 dager siden
these videos are what i watch if my mom makes me watch a movie w her
MrPetch 23 dager siden
lmao the first picture on the last story looked like it was from a game called DayZ Edit: oh wait it is Dayz
Elizabeth De Leon
Elizabeth De Leon 23 dager siden
the dude in the first story is a clueless asshole, you almost got a girl assaulted but thank goodness you're ok, and I'm sure he most definitely wanted to follow you instead of another girl -_-
MzEttz 23 dager siden
Story 2. “I live in Australia” OK SOMEONE HOLD ME PLZ!
Stepharoonie 24 dager siden
Moral of the story: Don't give out the address of a party unless you're somewhere private where no one else can hear you.
Denisse Galvan
Denisse Galvan 21 dag siden
@Stepharoonie oh well next time be more careful dude spooky stuff happen all the time stay woke
Stepharoonie 21 dag siden
@Denisse Galvan The thought of texting never even occurred to me because I am, in fact, ancient. But yes, that would be a helluva lot smarter!
Denisse Galvan
Denisse Galvan 21 dag siden
Or you know you can just text the address ya know be smart .
Sebastian Benavidez
Sebastian Benavidez 24 dager siden
Oh god I have the noise cancelling headphones the sounds I stg I jump at every sound
smoked blunts
smoked blunts 24 dager siden
10:51 what game is that?
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith 24 dager siden
12:28 I was recently told the only way to actually destroy one of those boards is to take it out into the woords, pour salt over it then bury it. Burning it, etc. won't do anything. Not sure how my GF knew that, bc I KNOW she doesn't mess with those lmao. Anyway, disagree if ya want just don't make nasty comments ab her
Gustavo Morales
Gustavo Morales 24 dager siden
omg loll
Ellie Yamamoto
Ellie Yamamoto 24 dager siden
Why wouldn’t it just move to the yes word
ryan hansen
ryan hansen 23 dager siden
Because he wanted them to know that he knows how to spell
Toni Hogue
Toni Hogue 24 dager siden
How do i get my stories to u
Cxrse standish
Cxrse standish 24 dager siden
So I have a story. Yesterday was Halloween for me and I went out trick or treating with some friends there wasn’t many house that were handing out candy so we hit every house in town pretty quick we got done and we found a parking lot to sit down and chill for a min but we were probably sitting there for about 30 seconds when someone started chasing us not like a I’m just trying to chase us to scare us like a I’m going to get you thing we out ran the person and we got to the other side of town and we realized between all of us we didn’t have much candy and we were the LAST trick or treaters out so two of my friends went home and me and two other friends went and double hit some houses and after that our buckets we overflowing because everyone is like you guys are the last people out take there rest of the candy and we were walking back to my house when some people started following us not one person like earlier 3-4 people we ran home and right now I’m think what would of happens if I didn’t spot them following us
Omni Shanky
Omni Shanky 24 dager siden
Wolfie Hidel
Wolfie Hidel 24 dager siden
I swear, there are some extremely creepy people working at Spirit Halloween. There was a creepy dude who was in charge of the women's/girl's changing rooms, luckily I didn't have to use the changing rooms, but I still got extremely uncomfortable.
Jackson Sorrells
Jackson Sorrells 24 dager siden
nobody realized in story 3 every time it thundered their was a white skull
Skarmex 24 dager siden
Don’t. Throw out. Ouija Boards. BURN. THEM.
Hunter G103
Hunter G103 24 dager siden
I’m watching this with headphones and just about peed myself when the doorbell rang 😂
K Daze
K Daze 24 dager siden
Who's watching on Halloween night with the lights off?
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln 25 dager siden
If you abruptly end a Ouija session without saying "goodbye" you are most definitely screwed.
GaFo official
GaFo official 25 dager siden
Here's a message from me, If you ever think about playing the ouija board, I should warn you, that game is like a doormat from the spirit world
Pringle 128434
Pringle 128434 25 dager siden
Well, watching this was my halloween night.
Skrellder 25 dager siden
Who else is listening to these stories on Halloween?
Choco Pup Studios
Choco Pup Studios 25 dager siden
who's here 'cause it's Halloween?
ZenHaze 25 dager siden
The background music is a little intense no?
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