GUARANTEED ICON SBC!!! Fifa 21 Pack And Play

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CAN WE PACK A HUGE PRIME ICON!?! Fifa 22 Pack And Play returns with the guaranteed Prime Icon SBC pack! #Fifa20 #PrimeIcon #PackAndPlay
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Dragons 321
Dragons 321 20 dager siden
23:58 olie Watkins goes into sbc while AJ3 decides to open a pack
Harry Delo
Harry Delo 23 dager siden
if they have already played the match for James video why does his Eusebio have not games play and no goals scored?
Tristan Young
Tristan Young 26 dager siden
James said he got lazari he got parolo
Marcus Grasso
Marcus Grasso 27 dager siden
i got varane in it
Davit Shamiryan
Davit Shamiryan Måned siden
Yusuf Akbar
Yusuf Akbar Måned siden
Stop f in waffeling xd
Samuelgaming Måned siden
Watched this, crafted an icon pack, got eusebio
Jonathan Cain
Jonathan Cain Måned siden
put some respect on snograss name
Ahmed Al Otaiba
Ahmed Al Otaiba Måned siden
Who else loves the squad builder showdowns with pie 😂😂😂
Jackson ville
Jackson ville Måned siden
I saw some comments here last night recommending *SMITH_H4CK* on Instagram and I contacted him unfortunately that man was legit just .
Jackson ville
Jackson ville Måned siden
I saw some comments here last night recommending *SMITH_H4CK* on Instagram and I contacted him unfortunately that man was legit just .
niklas johansson
niklas johansson Måned siden
Should really play maldini as cb
Benjamin Sears
Benjamin Sears Måned siden
So are you telling me James packed baby Pele last year and baby Eusebio this year. Get in the bin
Caelan Harms
Caelan Harms Måned siden
Where is the video for him packing Eusebio
Gga 19
Gga 19 Måned siden
When you do one with fnatic Harry you should build his squad and tell him you have to use this is your next fut champs
thomasjn Måned siden
Who else was watching the pack at the end 😂
oli exe
oli exe Måned siden
Can we have one on the depay sbc pleaseeeeee
Luke McCallion
Luke McCallion Måned siden
Still think these should be on Max Chem
Lucas Benniston
Lucas Benniston Måned siden
he put fifa 22 in the description
Rasmus Lind
Rasmus Lind Måned siden
I got Ian Rush. Was about to quit fifa, and that put me over the line.
charlie farrell
charlie farrell Måned siden
I packed mid luis figo untradeable
Aziz Måned siden
nick meredith
nick meredith Måned siden
Is sbsd advent calendar members only this year
Callum Måned siden
Is sbsd advent calendar members only this year?
Edmundo Saldivar
Edmundo Saldivar Måned siden
i’d just like to put this out there for us all to remember, Andy did a SBSD in a Liverpool kit
BlueStiker Gaming
BlueStiker Gaming Måned siden
Last year he got pele, this year Eusebio. What next year???
WweActionfiguresclips 1
WweActionfiguresclips 1 Måned siden
Advent calendar squad builder showdown? Coming tonight
Gabriel Glover
Gabriel Glover Måned siden
Is Ollie Watkins good?
DTT97 Måned siden
You were swapping all the tradables with untradable
Hello There
Hello There Måned siden
It’s the next Fifa and James is still mentioning he packed pele
Will Duggan
Will Duggan Måned siden
Just packed paul scholes😁🔫
Sam Herbert
Sam Herbert Måned siden
Gg on your Eusebio. Could have used Leiva/Berardi RF/Lazzari/Maldini/Kjaer as your right hand side in a 4-4-2 though wouldve been 🔥
Untitled Måned siden
That background is elite Andy
Natte Scheet
Natte Scheet Måned siden
Now james also got cruijf
2K Gang
2K Gang Måned siden
New house?
mavericks3000 Måned siden
I pulled the lb Maldini from my first one and I play him in cb on 7 chem with anchor on he is incredible 😂
NoobyPlays Måned siden
James, share some of your pack luck with the rest of us, bro😂
Marvin Karras
Marvin Karras Måned siden
did the advent calendar start?
Frawley YT
Frawley YT Måned siden
Is that a Pokemon card on the Christmas tree 🎄??
Dave Myers
Dave Myers Måned siden
What a better way than to kick off the SBSD advent calendar today than with a bit of mental icon Pack n Play. Get started Andy!!😂
Ivan Misic
Ivan Misic Måned siden
Well James i think all villains are evil.
Thicc Thicc
Thicc Thicc Måned siden
james deserves a eusebio for risking his life daily and saving the world, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him discard it 👀
BruRio 09
BruRio 09 Måned siden
T basickly turned into a SBS with them both having Ollie Watkins
Калоян Кутрев
Калоян Кутрев Måned siden
Was I the only one to see that he wrote fifa 22???
Encounters Måned siden
Nice Fifa 22 video! If you read the description you would know
Shreyas S
Shreyas S Måned siden
What happened to Christmas month sbsd
HamiV Plays
HamiV Plays Måned siden
What is Andy’s background
Zavier Rathle
Zavier Rathle Måned siden
JAMES GOT PELE LAST YEAR AND THEN EUSEBIO THIS YEAR BRO WHY edit: of course that’s the next thing he said
Your Mate Luke
Your Mate Luke Måned siden
Please try get someone like Phil Foden for the advent calendar! :D Edit: Any pro player, I feel like a youngster would be most interested in doing one, and Foden is one of my favourite players ATM 😂
Ryan Atherton
Ryan Atherton Måned siden
when james’s video hasn’t come out yet 🥲
Daniel Barnett
Daniel Barnett Måned siden
Could have used IF 85 Hradecky
MyGuyNotUrGuy Måned siden
What pokemon card is that behind you andy on the tree?
Lucas Guzzy
Lucas Guzzy Måned siden
i opened mine base icon pack and got r9 baby im so happy worth selling my RTTF sanchez imo
durge12 Måned siden
did andy get any spanish laliga midfielders? woulda slotted in midfield better than tolisso chem-wise
영우 Måned siden
Hey Andy please do a squad builder showdown with that Wes Morgan's player moment card cause that card got a 43 boost on his pace lol
fulley lonely
fulley lonely Måned siden
Hradecky has an inform that you could have used
Photonic Lux
Photonic Lux Måned siden
184th comment is right here Congratulations you found the most pointless comment of the week 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Thesquidonator Måned siden
The caption is fifa 22 prime icon pack
Jack Stokes
Jack Stokes Måned siden
Lehman isn’t in the game anymore
Daniel Xu
Daniel Xu Måned siden
Chris basham is a bladesmen. The goat!!
Bobby Måned siden
RAPHINHAAA Tom Davies is shit lol
OLIVE7 SiKsmith
OLIVE7 SiKsmith Måned siden
before i watch it hes gonna get petit
Regan Lenk
Regan Lenk Måned siden
I got garincha
Trey Douglas
Trey Douglas Måned siden
We’ll never know what James got in the last pack 😂
Alex Balan
Alex Balan Måned siden
You should include a bench too in this and the players who don't get chem could get in off the bench like this
Matthew Mitchell
Matthew Mitchell Måned siden
James gets eusabio : me - nakata
Reebsbrjsnrv rdkhr
Reebsbrjsnrv rdkhr Måned siden
Stop West Ham abuse
Felipe Skotarek
Felipe Skotarek Måned siden
Yh I kinda got eusebio too james I wanted butragueño so bad I'd rather have butragueño but I'm not complaining he's very good
Strawbry Jamz
Strawbry Jamz Måned siden
I feel ashamed that it took me over 18 minutes to notice that Andy isn’t in front of the usual shelving backdrop.
Max Warsap
Max Warsap Måned siden
Alessandro Måned siden
Any feedback on my channel?
Måned siden
I got dalglish
Josh Hodgson
Josh Hodgson Måned siden
Viddy Måned siden
this guy is too lucky smh
Rory McCarthy
Rory McCarthy Måned siden
I’m really stuck. I want to do the icon abc but I will have to sell a few players in my team but my team will still be decent plus and icon but irk weather to do the icon or not should I just send it or play it safe?
Curtis ‘Bad Bunny’ Jackson
Curtis ‘Bad Bunny’ Jackson Måned siden
Ur gonna get either deco, rui costa, litmanen, petr cech, inzaghi, schmeichel, vieri, trezeguet, koeman, van nistelrooy, klose, nakata, larsson, pires, and then ur gonna wish u kept your 500k
The Heldert
The Heldert Måned siden
Why doesn't Ollie Watkins have a real face He's been tearing up the Championship for the last two years
Jonas Haugaard
Jonas Haugaard Måned siden
Nahhh he is not the best r9 is
Henry Kaplan
Henry Kaplan Måned siden
Day two of saying my idea till AJ3 uses it Idea: Clash of Countries Each Person chooses a country The other person writes down three nations If they guess the nation they give the other person a nation of their choice You have to build a team of players only from ur nation Your opponent guesses one player per position Then the loser of the games has to take every player from there country they used out of their FUT Champs team
Keegan Wright
Keegan Wright Måned siden
Danny Rose should join his brother, who just signed for my local team!
Down Like That
Down Like That Måned siden
From the creators of: I packed Pelé Here it comes: I packed Eusebio!
ano nym
ano nym Måned siden
Andy got Icon Chris Bashambauer in his first 25k pack.
ratamahatta 512
ratamahatta 512 Måned siden
Icon pack at 14:02
player history
player history Måned siden
You can tell who has opened more packs by the amount of duplicates Andy got.
Jonah Rosales
Jonah Rosales Måned siden
Andy swapping his duplicates even though the pack is all tradable cards 😂😂
AJ3 Måned siden
Its so they appear first when you sort by newest mate, makes it easier to keep track of what you packed
AidenWatson94 Måned siden
I know how James feels I packed him too he is unbelievable
A white Man
A white Man Måned siden
i’ve got him as well out of the icon pack
Adam -
Adam - Måned siden
He packed Cruyff too
purvin Måned siden
James got Eusebio AND cruyff bro that’s insane!! Edit: I saw he picked cruyff in itanis video
CGS Måned siden
Eusebio isn’t the best one, he’s the most expensive but I would prefer pele, cruyff or Zidane for the 5* 5*
Petru Schipor
Petru Schipor Måned siden
They didn't say Eusebio is the best
roi shoval
roi shoval Måned siden
Ladies and gentelman, today we have witnesed history, Andy has filmed this after james vidieo but published it first🥳🥳
JA15 Måned siden
Huge L
Footballclips Måned siden
ClewX Måned siden
Can’t wait for advent calendar
JAGZ Måned siden
Everyone just gonna ignore Andy's background??
Barfie JR
Barfie JR Måned siden
That is the most toxic celebration ever it’s annoying
Tomas Hernandez
Tomas Hernandez Måned siden
when james's video that their talking about hasn't been released :)
iLoveChopin Måned siden
I can’t find the vid!!!
Ryan Atherton
Ryan Atherton Måned siden
KingSmith7 Måned siden
Has it been released??
Tony Måned siden
Pierry Henry
Pierry Henry Måned siden
It's like the cat thumbs up meme
Pablo Cruz
Pablo Cruz Måned siden
james hasn't even posted his video yet, you lied to us in the beginning
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Måned siden
Squad Builder showdown advent calendar tmrw 👀
Nathan Drake
Nathan Drake Måned siden
It's not even December yet!
Ben McNutt
Ben McNutt Måned siden
Andy and James is the best fifa NOpostrs Collab you could want. Change my mind
MeatSlayerMatty Måned siden
i guess we will never know how the first goal was scored...
finnkav Måned siden
No one: The comments: JAmeS laUgHES aT AnDys BAd joKeS?!???
Priest of Men
Priest of Men Måned siden
18:12 James packs an inform but in the pack it doesn’t show an inform? what😀
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