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2 måneder siden

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During our live coverage of the Tour de France, Pete Kennaugh told Ned Boulting about an altercation between Chris Froome and Vincenzo Nibali during the 2015 Tour de France as well as an interesting phone call between Peter Sagan and Mark Cavendish after their collision in 2017.
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DanielSong39 Måned siden
All I remember is Nibali throwing a water bottle at Froome and Froome throwing a hissy fit because Nibali went stage hunting while he was out of the GC picture.
Omar Vega Viramontes
Omar Vega Viramontes 2 måneder siden
Now I get why Nibali attacked Froome in the Stage 19 of the 2015 Tour de France when he had a mechanical 😂
Jackson 2 måneder siden
roid rage
Craig Green
Craig Green 2 måneder siden
Didn't this start when Nibali mistook Froome for toppling onto him mid climb? Then wrongly he threw the bottle at Chris Yeah, don't be expecting to get away with that. That incident & Nibali's Vuelta draughting aren't his finest hours.
Carbon Crank
Carbon Crank 2 måneder siden
you mean his holding onto to a car. nibali is a punk.
Mark Munro
Mark Munro 2 måneder siden
I think you are right. Is this the same incident that Tony Martin broke his arm or collarbone while in yellow?
Andrew S
Andrew S 2 måneder siden
Andrew S
Andrew S 2 måneder siden
Andrew S
Andrew S 2 måneder siden
Emperor of the north & No.#19 Train
Emperor of the north & No.#19 Train 2 måneder siden
Vince Fava
Vince Fava 2 måneder siden
Only in cycling can an 'opponent' supposedly enter your bus (ie dressing room) and rough up your star. He should have left that bus limping and with a few bruises for his trouble.
Huw Dolphin
Huw Dolphin 2 måneder siden
Todd King ah you mean ice hockey. Strange little sport from cold countries
Todd King
Todd King 2 måneder siden
Huw Dolphin they skate, around a rink 😂
Huw Dolphin
Huw Dolphin 2 måneder siden
@Leona Bastet Froome is a cyclist, not a hockey player, they are different sports. In cycling you ride a bike and in hockey you run around a field with a stick. There are some good online guides to the different sports that can help show the difference.
Huw Dolphin
Huw Dolphin 2 måneder siden
"He should have left that bus limping and with a few bruises" Why should he, he went to have a discussion with someone. He had the discussion, he left the bus, where or why would he get bruised?
Leona Bastet
Leona Bastet 2 måneder siden
@Vince Fava I know that. I was referring to Nibali. Didn't he throw a bidon at Froome ? That was what I meant. That if a guy threw a bottle at someone and accused them of causing a crash you would expect a reaction - as in Froome going onto the bus after Nibali, from any real man e.g. a hockey player. I didn't think it was that complicated a comment to understand. Not many hockey players would shrug off having a water bottle chucked at them for no good reason. That was my point. Anyway I doubt it actually took place. Froome would tell him off but grab him by the scruff ? - not likely.
xbv-93 2 måneder siden
great stories want to hear more of this
legrandmaitre 2 måneder siden
You don't have to dig too hard to find that Sagan is NOT a popular rider in the peloton. He only gets away with his reckless riding because he's such a successful rider.
Craig Green
Craig Green 2 måneder siden
It looks like his days of popularity might be ending, Le Tour coverage over the years has been good to him but they seem to be turning on him somewhat.
magpie1869 2 måneder siden
Cavendish messed up. He crashed himself. A crime Sagan got disqualified.
Miekaaahh 2 måneder siden
Big cap
Hamish Del Monte
Hamish Del Monte 2 måneder siden
I was listening to this live this afternoon and great to hear it again! Hilarious and very enlightening! After the vid ends Pete went on to say he's worried Cav will be angry with him for saying this and then he reads out a text his wife has just sent him saying Cav will kill him he hears this! :) Brilliant stuff ITV4! Great coverage from Ned and the gang!
Champion The Wonderhorse
Champion The Wonderhorse 2 måneder siden
Maybe Froome mentioned Nibali having to catch a ride hanging onto a team car... Dirty cheat.
Thomas W
Thomas W 2 måneder siden
@Andrew K Was about to type the exact same thing.
Miekaaahh 2 måneder siden
Mmm salbutamol
Giuseppe Cavallo
Giuseppe Cavallo 2 måneder siden
What are you talking about?
Andrew K
Andrew K 2 måneder siden
Or maybe they were talking about when Froome got kicked out of the Giro for holding onto a motorbike. That was back when he was crap before the overnight transformation.
Lucas Maximus
Lucas Maximus 2 måneder siden
Respect to Froome. Shows how passionate and what a winner he is beneath the taciturn exterior. The guys won 6 Grand Tours, he's eclipsed every other British cyclist imo.
Todd King
Todd King 2 måneder siden
Lucas Maximus No one hurled pissed at him, no one hurled “vitriolic abuse” at him, this was simply because fans heckled him for being dropped on a climb during this years’ La Route d’Occitanie. I think your stance of: “hey if someone does anything, all bets are off”... isn’t one a champion takes. And I think it’s a dangerous one... He grabbed another cyclist by the throat, he punched a fan, where is the line drawn? If someone bumps him off his line in a sprint is it fair game to run said cyclist into a barricade and risk serious injury? The reality is: putting your hands on another competitor is out of line, it’s why riders get kicked out of races for doing it. By all accounts and video footage, Nibali never even threw a bottle at Froome. He threw his bottle at the ground. Nibali has also been very vocal about not doing so. If that is indeed the case, is Froome out of line? Or still justified in his actions. I obviously don’t condone throwing urine on anyone. But, Froome didn’t get fined for hitting a fan for throwing urine... he hit another fan for being too close on another stage. You’re well within your right to defend a rider you like. I just tend to think every pro athlete is getting screamed at, vastly 99% ignore it. Thousands of cyclists have fans too close at the Tour, so few get fined for punching one. Why would a champion at the level you perceive Froome to be at, respond in such a fashion? It seems beneath him. But we can agree to disagree.
Lucas Maximus
Lucas Maximus 2 måneder siden
@Todd King Yes I had already guessed that. Which is clearly why you're so negative towards Froome. Anyone that knows about 'Sir' Bradley knows he was a pompous prick, although he seems to be slightly less dislikable these days since he's been humbled. Give me Froome any day.
Todd King
Todd King 2 måneder siden
Which in itself is funny since Nibs/Wiggo had their issues that largely got resolved
Todd King
Todd King 2 måneder siden
Lucas Maximus that’s actually kind of funny since I was more partial to Wiggo than Froome, lol. Small/weird world I guess.
Lucas Maximus
Lucas Maximus 2 måneder siden
@Todd King I personally don't consider myself to hold many traditional British values anyway. That's probably why I'm a fan of Froome and thought that Wiggins was a wanker.
santiagobenites 2 måneder siden
Those are great stories. Please do some more!
Daniel Alanine
Daniel Alanine 2 måneder siden
Cavendish and froome: both dickheads
Assaulted Peanut
Assaulted Peanut 2 måneder siden
So what beef did Nibali have with Froome when resulted in a bottle being thrown?
Black Mamba
Black Mamba 2 måneder siden
@Salvatore Gravano Nibali was already so far ahead of Contador in 2014 it wouldn't have mattered.
Sparky 2 måneder siden
Stephanie Saczawa correct
Salvatore Gravano
Salvatore Gravano 2 måneder siden
@legrandmaitre PMSL.
Salvatore Gravano
Salvatore Gravano 2 måneder siden
@Val Apalisok OMG, Stage 11, 2012 TDF. Froome was told to go steady by Sky's DS. Froome only heard the word go. Their nearest rival, Evans, had already cracked. Nibali had nothing to do with it and finished behind Wiggins on that stage.
Salvatore Gravano
Salvatore Gravano 2 måneder siden
@Joey Baloney Nibali dodges GC rivals because he cannot beat them. He only won the 2014 TdF owing to the misfortune of Froome and Contador. And where did Nibali finish on GC in 2015? Froome had nothing to do with the Tony Martin crash and that slimey wretch got what was coming to him when Froome throttled him.
PolitiskTeoriFan 2 måneder siden
It was the same Tour when Kennaugh decided to interrupt and verbally abuse ex-pro Michael Rasmussen, when Rasmussen was doing an interview as a sports journalist.
HkFinn83 2 måneder siden
PolitiskTeoriFan next time I see Rasmussen I will call him a drug cheat scumbag right to his face. He better keep his head down and crawl away or I’ll knock him out
PolitiskTeoriFan 2 måneder siden
@HkFinn83 Rasmussen being a doper did not warrant this behavior from Kennaugh. It is simply unacceptable and deeply unprofessional, coming from an athlete, to verbally abuse someone because of their viewpoints. Kennaugh should have known better at the time and he probably regretted his actions afterwards.
HkFinn83 2 måneder siden
max power Rasmussen didn’t like getting it back, he looked at the floor like a bitch and crawled away
HkFinn83 2 måneder siden
Yep, Rasmussen was a known cheat who admitted to being a drug cheat for 12 years, accusing Geraint who has never been implicated in anything. G would be well within in his rights to knock him out.
Leona Bastet
Leona Bastet 2 måneder siden
@Piskarlo Panus Yeah well you see cyclists are tough MEN they have to be to endure what they do. There's no ballet dancers in pink tights amongst them ( might have been one now I think about it ) the adrenaline and frustration levels are through the roof . These sorts of reactions are to be expected - whether it's acceptable for the image or not.
Enda O'Halloran
Enda O'Halloran 2 måneder siden
Aw man this is exactly the kind of stories I wanna hear hahahaha
William Ellis
William Ellis 2 måneder siden
this is for the most part what i've heard about froome over the years.
Dylan 2 måneder siden
what a load of rubbish
EU_exotic 2 måneder siden
First on itv😂
Geo Patriarca
Geo Patriarca 2 måneder siden
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