Film Theory: Aquaman is NO Hero!

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Listen, if you watched the solo Aquaman movie or Justice League, it will come as no surprise to you that Aquaman is a jerk. That is his whole persona, the likeable jerk who talks to fish. That Theorists, is not what this episode is about. We are not here to critique his attitude. We are here to give you the evidence you need to convince you the Aquaman is NO ONE'S hero! In fact, this guy is damaging the one thing he's supposed to hold dear and protect - the ocean! Strap on your SCUBA gear and get ready to dive in!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Mark Hofmeyer, and Luke Barats
Editors: Josh Langman, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Koen Verhagen, Forrest Lee, and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Hasan Muhammad
Hasan Muhammad Time siden
im eating anchovies rn
Ambrož Oblak
Ambrož Oblak 7 timer siden
People: atlantis is in the atlantic ocean duh Greece: am i a joke to you?
Shai Otaku
Shai Otaku 8 timer siden
what did amber heard do?
REFUSed plays
REFUSed plays 9 timer siden
Jotaro is the hero of the sea
Agnew Dillon
Agnew Dillon 9 timer siden
Trash the hole movie
Jon dow
Jon dow 18 timer siden
Kenyon Huppe
Kenyon Huppe Dag siden
"With great power, comes great responsibility"
Geelang Ade
Geelang Ade Dag siden
Honestly i also drop my jaw when i see sea creature joint in batle. Those were masive murderer endager species😂😂
Jakob Yarns
Jakob Yarns Dag siden
Cool video, by the way Amber Heard sux just cuz everyone else is talking about it for some reason
Brian S
Brian S Dag siden
Me and all the homies hate amber heard
Tyler Dag siden
Hey MattPat, I don't care how smart you are. You're beginning to sound like a leftist.
Sean Ledden
Sean Ledden Dag siden
Fun video - and yes, I was astonished by the needless mayhem of that final battle when I saw this in theaters.
Discord’s Apple
Discord’s Apple Dag siden
Eew. Amber heard. Eeeeewwww.
Nafees Jackson
Nafees Jackson Dag siden
3:10 sus lol
One Piece NaKaMa Production
One Piece NaKaMa Production Dag siden
Now I'm wondering how much power Whitebeard would have needed to create this 3 km high tsunami we saw in Marineford 😂
One Piece NaKaMa Production
One Piece NaKaMa Production Dag siden
This made me laugh so much 😂
ПАЗВЛЕЧЕНИЯ & ПЕСНИ 2 dager siden
Nixx 2 dager siden
There is only 25,000 blue whales left in this ENTIRE PLANET! Us humans are truly the worst.
Roman St G
Roman St G 2 dager siden
translation: Aquaman sucked, but he now sucks even more, but we hate Amber Heard more than we will ever hate Aquaman
Aurora Gelman
Aurora Gelman 2 dager siden
Am I the only one that does not know who Amber heard is?????????????????????????
dklsajdlk ohodojfickl
dklsajdlk ohodojfickl 2 dager siden
I don’t agree with this theory! I jumped in and the water ain’t that deep! you’re looking at the choice between all land life being extinguished vs tsunamis and some fish dying. Idk seems like this outcome was the lesser of two evils
Everyday is cat
Everyday is cat 2 dager siden
Ew amber heard eww
BlueRaven 2 dager siden
Aquaman belike: Some of you may die, But that's a sacrifice I am willing to take
Captain Sinclair
Captain Sinclair 2 dager siden
Jason Momoa is instant money for the DCEU, since many Stargate fans remember him as Ronan Dax from the show’s first successful spinoff, Stargate Atlantis. It’s like when SG-1 casted Richard Dean Anderson, previously known as MacGyver, as Col. Jack O’Neill.
Pxradoxx 3 dager siden
A few thousand casualties is better then over 7 billion
Veldtian1 3 dager siden
It all makes sense now, this movie pissed me off in a huge way for some reason and now I know why, thanx man! Aquaman is a gargantuan narc.
shakil0071 3 dager siden
worse movie ever
p3el 3 dager siden
Liquid person
bloodyredfox 3 dager siden
well this is what happens when most "protagonists" are made to save the world...destruction to the other worlds (and the 'heroes' dont care, since it wont affect them), well they get a lover out of it, the actual 'villains' who wanted to change something for the better and have a proper plan are killed or exiled. well look at any isekai (not harem genre), and the villains turn out to be good, while the heroes are the degenrates
icarusfx 3 dager siden
This movie was hilariously bad. It was so bad I couldn’t even be mad at it, I just laughed and laughed.
Specialshark 1357
Specialshark 1357 3 dager siden
Orm: Health (and or safety) must come first otherwise evil can't prosper
William The Collecter
William The Collecter 3 dager siden
Matpat:aqua man has zero concern Me:all armies are
mariel ramirez
mariel ramirez 3 dager siden
I'm like stop everything I need to read this research on how the planet shifted on it axis due to an EARTHQUAKE!
hesus danu
hesus danu 3 dager siden
most movie"s are "controll the "messiah"
hesus danu
hesus danu 3 dager siden
also proof the brainwave controll i posted on wonderwoman 1984
SweetiePie 3 dager siden
SweetiePie 3 dager siden
@Diego Gonzalez yes.
Diego Gonzalez
Diego Gonzalez 3 dager siden
Johnny Depp for one would be perfect. I think Momoa would prefer to kiss him over Amber Heard.
Riski Rills
Riski Rills 4 dager siden
Arthur never addresses himself as a hero.
channel 5 dager siden
'Hold you breath and plug your noses' -Mattpat 2020
The Talented Trio
The Talented Trio 5 dager siden
So this is why The Oklahoma Thunder never make it past the first round of the playoffs If you are confused, what I mean is that Steven Adams looks exactly like aquaman. (Search it up)
Luis Garamendi
Luis Garamendi 5 dager siden
This is why I love film theory he should be a supervillain the raise of doctor theory
SUICD 5 dager siden
Heros need to destroy half the earth to save the earth always like that
Meryl Joy Sarmiento
Meryl Joy Sarmiento 6 dager siden
Aquaman may be trash, but we can all agree that Amber Heard is an actual rotten garbage
Jacob Cordoba
Jacob Cordoba 6 dager siden
if this happened in real life, most of the people might die
Valygar 6 dager siden
So his golden fork works on unarmmed sea creatures and sharks but dont on sharks with lasers - as laser makes them immune to being captured by the fork?
Ajtechy369's Tech Channel
Ajtechy369's Tech Channel 6 dager siden
@Matpat you are way off here buddy. First, even IF evolution was real those that die are just victims of survival of the fittest. Second, Even on land before mechanical vehicles man fought wars with animals and the best way to stop an Invasion is to stop their transportation. And lastly, war, no matter where it is, is deadly and there will be casualties that probably will be severe. Just look at America's retaliation strikes to Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the attack on Pearl Harbor. There were thousands of civilian casualties of war and that is why we need to make sure that wars never happen again. We need to love each other not fight.
Crash Gaming 17
Crash Gaming 17 6 dager siden
DC needs to focus on the other Arthur character that they created
xX4LERXx Boom
xX4LERXx Boom 7 dager siden
And green arrow isnt a hero
Spectre 7 dager siden
bruh he gets stabbed because its atlantian steel and dosnt at the start cause its regular metal
HumanspiritOne 7 dager siden
I'd let Amber Heard punch me claw me whip me lie about me even Sue me.. For one more hour of bliss. Then she can have all my money.. damnit! I'm
Tyler Campbell
Tyler Campbell 7 dager siden
When manta stabbed Aqua man on the boat he was using a human weapon when he stabbed him in the dessert he was using Atlantean weapons
YoshiMagic 7 dager siden
The true hero is everyone who donated to St. Jude in each fundraiser episode of game theory
Macd 199
Macd 199 7 dager siden
guys, stop with all the amber heard hate comments... *I can’t like them all*
Annoying Gaster
Annoying Gaster 6 dager siden
Cyber Stuff
Cyber Stuff 8 dager siden
I love how everyone hates Amber Heard. And that's good. She wronged our captain, our Pirate King. There is no way she deserves the King of Atlantis.
Max Isenberg
Max Isenberg 8 dager siden
Never understood how it did so well it was awful. Guess peolle were riding the GOT bandwagon (glad I never got on thay either)or were curious 5o see how to make aquaman "cool'. It was all spectacle no substance
daisyandpenny XDanimationsTV
daisyandpenny XDanimationsTV 8 dager siden
Who is amber heard?
Aleks the nerd
Aleks the nerd 8 dager siden
Subnautica fans hearing sea dragon: wah what
falcon 8 dager siden
Can you make a video about vision weakness
painful Dream
painful Dream 8 dager siden
Your right he can control all these animals but he jus doesn’t care
TehHippieWizerd 8 dager siden
Hey, the hardest actions require the strongest wills
John David San luis
John David San luis 9 dager siden
No that is a lot of seafood
Kamalesh E.S
Kamalesh E.S 9 dager siden
Loved this film untill this video
Evantgse Gaming
Evantgse Gaming 9 dager siden
Jotaro is pissed. At aqua man
IDKY 192
IDKY 192 9 dager siden
Thought he was talking about shazam 0:03
Falkrim 9 dager siden
Carla Houston
Carla Houston 9 dager siden
The outrageous improvement concomitantly nod because active electronically suspend vice a tired study. imaginary, dizzy earth
•Streαmly_Playz• 10 dager siden
Aquaman is'nt real.........
Milton Cabrera
Milton Cabrera 10 dager siden
Matpat: "Powerful underground earthquake's Me: "You're telling me there are above ground earthquakes!?"
corey eagle
corey eagle 10 dager siden
the first time aquaman gets stabbed it is with just steel but the second time is with Atlantis steel.
Tianmu Zhi
Tianmu Zhi 11 dager siden
Amber Heard is a terrible person
Buff cat Travis
Buff cat Travis 11 dager siden
The earthquake in the ocean that they were talking about in endgame happened from the giant creature
Ande Zong
Ande Zong 11 dager siden
5:58 *Laughs in Godzilla Earth*
Dandy Ngo
Dandy Ngo 11 dager siden
Lieon Gaming
Lieon Gaming 11 dager siden
At this point he made a choice between 7 billion people and a couple of millions...
Zachary Ames
Zachary Ames 11 dager siden
That just shows how bad DC is
Toxin_deathgas 12 dager siden
i gues if they hadn't died, then all of japan or somthin idk would have, still, sad lose both sides
Oreos Bleach
Oreos Bleach 12 dager siden
Giant water waves 🌊
Jai Cilento I LoveThatGuy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l
Jai Cilento I LoveThatGuy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l 12 dager siden
*☼ plus climate change.* like, always - plus climate change.
Lisa Verzosa
Lisa Verzosa 12 dager siden
I dunno honestly I thought this movie sucked...the acting wasn't genuine at all
YB FriendlyStrawberry
YB FriendlyStrawberry 12 dager siden
I thought the Earth's axis always stays the same, I didn't realize things like that can change :0
pastelsnail 12 dager siden
GOOD fish No, REALLY GOOD fish :D
Betrayal 12 dager siden
Guess it’s a trend among the justice league to destroy a lot of things in the process of saving people
Betrayal 12 dager siden
and yet the worst thing about the movie is Amber Heard
Sophia Marie Gonzales
Sophia Marie Gonzales 13 dager siden
Film Theory: Aquaman is no hero Me and the people in the comment section: Amber Heard is the worst
SplendidWolf442 -
SplendidWolf442 - 13 dager siden
Great video mat pat! But why did you include so many images of a bag of trash?
Mathilda Turich
Mathilda Turich 13 dager siden
chaotic neutral
Lyana Zack
Lyana Zack 13 dager siden ~在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的 生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其NA融入不斷發展的人類社會。說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木)來調味食物煮的時候
Cheyenne Fox
Cheyenne Fox 13 dager siden
Shes a legit horrible actress this amper herd i cant even type it she sucks that bad
steel spider
steel spider 13 dager siden
Does anyone know about the dragon ball and DC video where they made aqua man as Yamcha
Temini Lasebikanademola
Temini Lasebikanademola 13 dager siden
So basically the summary of this movie is just. A bunch of racist fish people and a ripped viking collide
Athadilla 14 dager siden
I knew it was a good movie. It was probably one of the best DC movies ever
Noah Pak
Noah Pak 14 dager siden
Plot twist the 9.0 earthquake was actually caused by aqua man in that scene
tj 14 dager siden
Worst thing about that movie is amber heard is in it.
Richard Davila
Richard Davila 14 dager siden
do a video on Unbreakable, Split, or Glass
Cooper Hampson
Cooper Hampson 15 dager siden
Wonder Woman 84 was actually good
Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng
Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng 15 dager siden
THGAwesome 15 dager siden
Don't underestimate the dolphin they hack
Blake Pettys
Blake Pettys 15 dager siden
Who’s watching MatPat in 2021?
Ming Han Chua
Ming Han Chua 15 dager siden
Why are you saying as if it even matters if he kills a lot of things it doesn't matter the DC world will and it won't matter
ruben pena
ruben pena 15 dager siden
Does PETA recognize Aquaman as friend or foe?
Douglas Hoston Jr.
Douglas Hoston Jr. 15 dager siden
Alyssia Lee
Alyssia Lee 15 dager siden
Karen Thin
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