Opening The $200,000 1st Edition Pokemon Box (Official Live Stream)

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Logan Paul

11 dager siden

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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

Logan Paul
Logan Paul 10 dager siden
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Todes Luftpump
Todes Luftpump 2 dager siden
Hey Logan, Would be Really nice of you react to PAPAPLATTE‘s Video about you Packing his Charizard !!! Like this comment for Logan seeing this ❤️🙏🏻
Grucci G
Grucci G 6 dager siden
You Should get Pokémon go
[̲̅S][̲̅o][̲̅m][̲̅e][̲̅P][̲̅a][̲̅i][̲̅n] 8 dager siden
@Papaplatte is a German NOpostr/Streamer
FallPirate2247 !
FallPirate2247 ! 8 dager siden
I fucking hate this channel!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡
FallPirate2247 !
FallPirate2247 ! 8 dager siden
Y r u simping for Pokémon
Tyler Brady
Tyler Brady 16 minutter siden
I had a Gyarados as a kid and it was lost in a flood 💀
CAUE DE MENDONCA 55 minutter siden
reply or like this comment if you watched the vid till the end and also if you like Logan Paul!
Oscar Bermudez
Oscar Bermudez Time siden
Fuck Will😂 -someone back there
Le Benji
Le Benji Time siden
Davidlafarge en sueur
Jonas Eurich
Jonas Eurich Time siden
Mike is the kind of friend who’s never played Pokemon and just laughs his ass off about you playing the game lol
Bryce Hartel
Bryce Hartel Time siden
Logan i have a psa10 charzard
xthedoctor06x online
xthedoctor06x online Time siden
do you think you will ever buy rare bakugans from bakugan battle brawlers? if so i'm an expert on the s1 and 2 bakugans
Bryce Hartel
Bryce Hartel Time siden
Logan I have a psa10 squrttle
juju bone
juju bone Time siden
Austin Haney
Austin Haney Time siden
is he holding it too tight or am I freaking out lmaoooo
Ethan Ivo
Ethan Ivo Time siden
Will ordered 2 pscks
Ethan Ivo
Ethan Ivo Time siden
fiorela c
fiorela c Time siden
La cuarentena lo esta convirtiendo a coleccionista xd
Jeff Cook
Jeff Cook 2 timer siden
Hard to believe he went from cringe blogger to an actual decent human being props to you for ur transformation
YAHYA_HYPER_26 2 timer siden
where are u Paul in wich country do u live? so I can also get some
Sxuch 2 timer siden
Literally 99% won’t see this but God bless you and stay safe I’m Struggling to get 50 subs. could you help a brother out?
Official Jhazzer
Official Jhazzer 2 timer siden
V-nusour or Venusour
Sean Shields
Sean Shields 3 timer siden
i cant belev laclin won a 30 000$ card
Alexander Vincent
Alexander Vincent 3 timer siden
Logan box tfue please that would be a great fight
Alexander Vincent
Alexander Vincent 3 timer siden
Logan box tfue
Kalimullah Shirzai
Kalimullah Shirzai 3 timer siden
logan are you talking to me cause
Saint Walkin
Saint Walkin 3 timer siden
I have a Pokémon that you don’t see no one with power level 200
Carina Hinojosa
Carina Hinojosa 4 timer siden
Hi logan Hi
Barbara Nano
Barbara Nano 4 timer siden
I have one more swear
Unkraut 5 timer siden
Wer kommt von unge/papaplatte
Nikki Burgess
Nikki Burgess 5 timer siden
Mike ruined this stream for me. Please stop being so disrespectful.
ProGamingDestroyer 7 timer siden
2:00:20 the profesor is the impostor lol
Y-Not Lafuente
Y-Not Lafuente 7 timer siden
I remember buying my first 3 packs pulled two Charizards. And had to give my sister one. Because parents made me.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 9 timer siden
Thanks for helping raise awareness for Mental Health! You did an amazing job Logan and I’m grateful!
Hyperrblu 9 timer siden
I don’t know an outstanding amount about Pokemon cards, but I sure as hell know enough to recognise that there isn’t actually a £200,000 pokemon card pack. Some of the actual rarest cards can be bought for actual dirt cheap on sites like eBay and stuff
Hyperrblu 8 timer siden
@wnnalis cioov ...what?
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 9 timer siden
i am a child logan but just because i said i like ksi doesnt mean that i hate you i still like you
Sean Reyes
Sean Reyes 9 timer siden
when a card u have is more expensive than a car
Sweps s
Sweps s 9 timer siden
Opened the vid and got a pokemon ad
Olivia 9 timer siden
Anyone else find mike annoying? His jokes are unfunny and repetitive
Maximus 9 timer siden
1:02:10 charizard
ItsKevPlay s
ItsKevPlay s 10 timer siden
I think that fundraiser is just for buying more pokemon cards
Scrubz 10 timer siden
41:20 “that n***a got money”👀
Lord Zatana
Lord Zatana 10 timer siden
Gyarados is flying & water not dragon.
Charl Moor
Charl Moor 11 timer siden
Pull the cards away from each other rather than swiping against the other one behind it
Noaman Cheklaoui
Noaman Cheklaoui 11 timer siden
i love this shit i used to collect yu ge oh cards but im so poor
Scott Leonardo.tjahyadi
Scott Leonardo.tjahyadi 12 timer siden
I donate 1 dollar welcome I donate 1 dollar cuz U DONT WEAR UR MASK
Kaxa Latsuzbaia
Kaxa Latsuzbaia 12 timer siden
To be honest logan paul is much more expensive then anything
Pokemon Unleashed
Pokemon Unleashed 13 timer siden
Subscribed because of the awesome Pokemon video! Subscribe to my channel for more Pokemon boxing videos!! If I get 1000 Sunscribes I will start opening Pokemon boxes again!! LOST MY PASSION BUT THANKS TO LOGAN I WANT TO GET BACK INTO IT!! SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!
Arab Tourism Egyptian pharaoh / السياحه العربيه
Arab Tourism Egyptian pharaoh / السياحه العربيه 13 timer siden
We love your channel and always follow you. You really deserve the best. Greetings to you from the Arab Tourism Channel: Egypt
bleach 13 timer siden
he never shaved his beard...
ashmit.gupta ashmit.gupta
ashmit.gupta ashmit.gupta 13 timer siden
i am a child logan but just because i said i like ksi doesnt mean that i hate you i still like you
Kuttz Millz
Kuttz Millz 14 timer siden
pokémon hype is dope, Thank you Logan
Rajesh R Singh
Rajesh R Singh 14 timer siden
This box was a monster...
Jesus Cruz
Jesus Cruz 14 timer siden
1:48 wow
Delaney Grace
Delaney Grace 15 timer siden
sorry i cant donate my mom said nooooooooooooo ssoooooooooooooooooo sorrrryyyyyyyyyy llllllllloooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeee yyyyyooooooouuuuuuu logan ppaul
Seb 16 timer siden
this makes me jealous that i don’t have a original squirtle card
Furkan Ozturk
Furkan Ozturk 17 timer siden
where do you get that pillow
Pidars Jūrā
Pidars Jūrā 18 timer siden
My fav part is when hes opening Pokémon packs
River-A775 18 timer siden
He never shaved his beard like he said he was he said if het hit the goal he would shave his beard live
Jeziah Yadig
Jeziah Yadig 19 timer siden
Bro logan reallly likes randolph
Cornonthecoblestone 19 timer siden
Nerf It
Nerf It 19 timer siden
i got 7 first edition chansey but idk how check price.also mines kinda used any help would be good
Hsa Poe
Hsa Poe 19 timer siden
This is better than jake
Omni sans • 16 years ago
Omni sans • 16 years ago 20 timer siden
Remember Logan Paul’s old videos?
Benjamin Raber
Benjamin Raber 20 timer siden
Hi logan
Ed Dixon
Ed Dixon 21 time siden
I like the stuff you do it looks cool
Ed Dixon
Ed Dixon 21 time siden
onel vargas
onel vargas 21 time siden
Sup I love your music Help me help you
Royal KosmoX
Royal KosmoX 22 timer siden
Hello at all a german youtouber has won this charizard go to him His name Papaplattego there and look
Vanessa Legorreta
Vanessa Legorreta 22 timer siden
Katja N. Yoga
Katja N. Yoga 22 timer siden
ey hey logan
Nathan Wilcox
Nathan Wilcox 22 timer siden
the audio is sh*t
Mike D
Mike D 22 timer siden
1:17:30 - Gogizard was the absolute highlight of this video. Proper had me laughing. RIP Gogo though.
Dripp_Splasher 22 timer siden
The outrageous thing is Remember having all of these cards when I was a kid😪
Vilma Damnjanovska
Vilma Damnjanovska 23 timer siden
I just realized 150,000 dollars is 7.8MILION denars in Macedonia 💀 oh my gosh-
Shreck The puppet
Shreck The puppet Dag siden
Wow if you keep working on your collection it could be worth $1,000,000
Aiden Barrera
Aiden Barrera Dag siden
hi guys
Mathew Mathew
Mathew Mathew Dag siden
Patrick Vera
Patrick Vera Dag siden
Fantastic, fantastic. It’s fantastic
Aj Cardenas
Aj Cardenas Dag siden
How can u tell if it’s a psa 10 ,8 or 9
Reverse_ DNS
Reverse_ DNS Dag siden
A expert is looking at them
Lenny Melendez
Lenny Melendez Dag siden
Is he giving away thise carfs
Ian Dag siden
i was ready to fight somebody when he threw the box on the ground
YTK Snie&Snie
YTK Snie&Snie Dag siden
Papaplatte is Harry Potter
Mario Auclair
Mario Auclair Dag siden
Hi Logan
king chubbs
king chubbs Dag siden
Who else had these cards but lost them and is now in tears
Ricko Aguilar
Ricko Aguilar Dag siden
that nidorino was grass type 43:04
Leo Young
Leo Young Dag siden
You bastered
Faze Arda
Faze Arda Dag siden
Your funny af
Deprivate Dag siden
Derka derka, Muhammad jihaad ✈️🕍
TheMedic880 Dag siden
what sight are they using to sell the cards and buy them??
KEK Dag siden
what a pos and pos show
The HVOC Sphinx
The HVOC Sphinx Dag siden
My left ear enjoyed this video .......
Grant Shield
Grant Shield Dag siden
Lmao why he making up prices lmao
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Dag siden
He doesnt care about his holo rare Vulpix but when a common Squirtle comes uo he goes nuts
Person Hi
Person Hi Dag siden
I gave away my collection and let’s just say I would be making big bucks
ItzMage -_-
ItzMage -_- Dag siden
This is the first time I watched Logan lmao
Crispy Cookie
Crispy Cookie Dag siden
@mikea hiooi how?
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Dag siden
Ruined the Pokémon community
Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh Dag siden
Reverse_ DNS
Reverse_ DNS Dag siden
Mhm of course.
Loring Bush
Loring Bush Dag siden
I think Pickhau just pooped!
Loring Bush
Loring Bush Dag siden
Wow! How much is the first Pickhau card worth?
DELTA sans
DELTA sans Dag siden
lllll oooooo lllll lllll o o lllll lllll o o lllll lllllllll oooooo lllllllll 😎
DELTA sans
DELTA sans Dag siden
Sgt_ Deno
Sgt_ Deno Dag siden
nobody will buy that card for 80k
Sgt_ Deno
Sgt_ Deno Dag siden
i mean there is 3 sealed 1 ed boxes for 100k idk what u did wrong
Troy Hayder
Troy Hayder Dag siden
M... ACHU... Pich... U... I choose floo... In.. Can... I need a ziggurat...
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