Rudy Giuliani Farts at HUMILIATING Trump Fraud "Hearing"

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David Pakman Show

Måned siden

--Rudy Giuliani passes gas, which is not nearly the most absurd moment of another completely specious and deranged voter fraud "hearing," this time in Michigan
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Trump is Reportedly Considering Pardoning His Kids & Rudy Giuliani
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Broadcast on December 3, 2020
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hazzapan hazzapan
hazzapan hazzapan 2 dager siden
Giuliani needs a diaper.
Rose Keyes
Rose Keyes 4 dager siden
I love you David, but how can you cover these stories without laughing? BTW poop particulars enter the air when anyone passes gas. I would try not to pee my pants.
Javier Eliud Lizarraga
Javier Eliud Lizarraga 5 dager siden
Doug Jeter
Doug Jeter 6 dager siden
i call bull shit
Fiui Fiui
Fiui Fiui 7 dager siden
Lobo50 11 dager siden
Denis O'Sullivan
Denis O'Sullivan 12 dager siden
Rudy hangs around like an old fart in an outhouse.
Robin Rodriguez
Robin Rodriguez 19 dager siden
Hahaha 😆 i love it ole rudy is full of SHIT!!!
Scott Piette
Scott Piette 20 dager siden
Why waste our time and that money????
Lord Rosen
Lord Rosen 20 dager siden
2:03 is the reason why you’re here
Beverly Lee
Beverly Lee 21 dag siden
i think people focus to much on politics instead of there eternity and relationship with GOD and we know GOD exists because there has to be a creator of everything nothing cant create everything. politics cant save your soul from sin but because GOD is so forgiving he sent his son jesus all you have to do is repent of your sins acts 17 30 and trust in jesus christ john 3 16 then GOD will give you eternal life in heaven as a free gift. one more thing the reason why i'm sharing biblical christianity instead of all the other religions is because they offer a works based salvation but the ten commandment's prove we have all fallen short of the glory of GOD for example have you ever lied or looked with lust or hated and biblical christianity is the only one that offers a savior which is jesus christ sent by GOD have a great day amen.
Sandy Scott
Sandy Scott 22 dager siden
Wow...this numpty is a powerhouse of tv journalism....
Mrs. HandyJay
Mrs. HandyJay 23 dager siden
...why am I watching this again?
BloodRoseKitten 25 dager siden
Rootie Pa-tootie needs to keep control of his secretions....
pica 26 dager siden
The fart is our natural way of announcing "krap is on the way". He sure was spewing krap. By the way, is that drunk lawyer (I mean LIAR.), carone, any kin to the Corona virus?
Empress Sky
Empress Sky 28 dager siden
Grow up. Unsubscribed.
Jeremiah Franklin
Jeremiah Franklin 22 dager siden
Lmao BIDEN 2020
Kevin Falcao
Kevin Falcao 29 dager siden
Cody J. Briscoe
Cody J. Briscoe Måned siden
Can't wait to be Rudy for next Halloween
Ig Ga
Ig Ga Måned siden
Melissa is on METH
Auntie Sara
Auntie Sara Måned siden
Finally, something coming out of Rudy that makes sense. Fert...💨
Richard K
Richard K Måned siden
He probably penced in his shorts too.
nick blue
nick blue Måned siden
I feel bad for him hes old and he cant hold them in probably, its embarrassing
Avocadoman34 Måned siden
Why don’t you all go get your vaccine and go back to sleep.. Baaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!
Daniel Sandoval
Daniel Sandoval Måned siden
Is that what they mean by wet Market
Alex Xander
Alex Xander Måned siden
The point of the hearing is and was not to judge individuals but to collect information of possible wrong doing. Stop judging individuals for their own idiosyncrasies and look at the information, the claims and what they imply. Wether there was or wasn't fraud. Cynthia Johnson was just fired for threatening Trump supporters. Cynthia Johnson was suppose to ask a question but she delivered a statement full of word salad, a bunch of nonsense. This video is misleading to what Cynthia Johnson did she simply undermined the hearing asking nothing productive that helped get to the bottom of things. Wether there was or wasn't fraud. She simply and obviously has an agenda and if fraud was or wasn't committed is not something Cynthia Johnson is concerned about at all. People being rushed out of the room in biast numbers is fraud. Poll workers being denied the right to challenge votes is fraud. The no signature verification is fraud. Some of the witnesses were a little crazy but overall information was collected implying multiple forms of fraud. Allow people to make their own opinions based off the facts. This video is propaganda bs. According to this repulsive peice of propaganda there is nothing to be gained or learned from people who are different than ourselves, if their strange they must be lying is what this video implies.
Chux Diaz
Chux Diaz Måned siden
"So I, um..." Great start to the video about a fart
Louis Potter
Louis Potter Måned siden
Even his fart wanted out of Rudy and the entire Trump campaign’s bs. It’s had enough.
Jeff B
Jeff B Måned siden
I'm out of odor! You're out of odor! This whole got dam case is out of odor!!
ImSainne Måned siden
I got a good one! Who’s gives a flying fuck!! Everyone does it
Olivia Diaz
Olivia Diaz Måned siden
Josaphat Daniels
Josaphat Daniels Måned siden
that's right he farted and that's how she(jenna ellis) contracted the virus
Fancyface Clark
Fancyface Clark Måned siden
The Great Dragon
The Great Dragon Måned siden
Rudy Giuliani Farts on Jenna Ellis, giving her Covid, and also brings out garbage people to witness for him. This is exactly how I expected the Trump campaign to die.
Victor Olson
Victor Olson Måned siden
You seem like you didn't even watch the whole hearing WITNESSES HAD SWORN AFFIDAVITS they could go to prison if they lied.
Hannah Bagnall
Hannah Bagnall Måned siden
I think ive watched every video on this now, lol, i just cant stop laughing 😄
Mike C
Mike C Måned siden
2:26 is why you here.
TheNumerum Måned siden
Maybe than carone woman sniffed Rudy's farts before the hearing and that's what did it.
cudizzle147 Måned siden
Pooty Toot-iani
Mark Jacobs
Mark Jacobs Måned siden
Dude you are KILLING ME! stop hahahahaha expelling air
Khufu Anu Ali El
Khufu Anu Ali El Måned siden
Smart Pig
Smart Pig Måned siden
Pakman so fake, only cares about money. Plenty of better people to watch.
LaCakemaker Måned siden
Covid flu
MJ Sellers
MJ Sellers Måned siden
lol Rudy is prime example of trump and his supporters who are all disgusting.
greg womack
greg womack Måned siden
Your actually covering a fart as worthy news? Are you an idiot? Are you so hard up for content that you are talking about farts? Pakman you are a joke!
Patrick Counts
Patrick Counts Måned siden
You know it’s gone crazy when Rudy Giuliani is the one trying too calm people down
Patrick Counts
Patrick Counts Måned siden
Possible title trump fraud hearing unhinged
Gary Watson Jr.
Gary Watson Jr. Måned siden
Well it was either Rudy farting, or the attorney sitting at the left of him queefing 😲!.. lol
MustacheN Beef
MustacheN Beef Måned siden
"did you just rip a Rudy?" is he new "did you just fart?" lol #RipARudy
K Måned siden
Lol humiliating? Guess you missed the testimonies of people who claim to have witnessed voter suppression. There’s pretty compelling video proof too that matches sworn affidavits from two witnesses. Obviously I don’t know if that will sway an election, but it’s important to protect our election integrity. If tables were turned, we’d want an investigation - not the fake Russia story we were told for 4 years which lead to nowhere because they very well knew there was no story and it was all made up.
D W Måned siden
🤣🤣🤣🤣 2:28
Michael Reeves
Michael Reeves Måned siden
They want Ids to vote but they won't testify under oath?
dee MAVERICK Måned siden
Indian woman cant be racist in this country but bigoted and prejudice she can and she is. Indians are that way. Gandhi said that Black American should have never been allowed to obtain their freedom. They are so hate filled.
F. M.
F. M. Måned siden
Omg! I'm dying! This whole thing made me laugh so damned hard!!!!! 🤣
Mark Smith
Mark Smith Måned siden
Sorry reporting, can't cover real VOTING Fraud against America, and all ya can do is bring up attention over flatulence! Not even funny in this context of cheating Americans. By the way evreyone farts and it's not a felony- but voting fraud certainly is a crime. But all we hear is unfounded, false, debunked, and unsubtaintiated- NO real care to find out the truth!
Mark Matheson
Mark Matheson Måned siden
Fart jokes are the default for good ole fashioned laughter. Never be ashamed rip a fart joke. The world needs more of them.
Cous Cousy
Cous Cousy Måned siden
The Oldest Joke in human history. Childish yes, but still funny.
Tom Derouin
Tom Derouin Måned siden
Merica your Country is burning the world is laughing you got better than this bring bak your dignity
Aimee Louvier-Sutton
Aimee Louvier-Sutton Måned siden
She was drunk AF
Jason Piwarski
Jason Piwarski Måned siden
Even head Democrats know they are trying to steal this election. How can you sleep at night? There is crystal clear evidence that our Democracy is getting twisted with this Biden farce.
J Stuart
J Stuart Måned siden
Hot air was coming out of both ends of rudy.
J Stuart
J Stuart Måned siden
Orange POTUS: Rudy is the greatest farting mayor in American history.
not rafael
not rafael Måned siden
woah melissa looks wasted
James DeHart
James DeHart Måned siden
You are obviously a Biden stooge.
Silvermist Måned siden
Melissa Carone-a-virus. 😂
Silvermist Måned siden
😂 Covid farts.
eSKAone Måned siden
A psychotic president with a lot of followers. Thank God this is not a dictatorship.
Just Looking
Just Looking Måned siden
Jesus. Fucking. Christ. That lady saying Chinese can't be differentiated needed to be dismissed from the courtroom. The whole crew actually. Fuck these people.
The History Of Dog And Balls
The History Of Dog And Balls Måned siden
Best headline you’ve ever had.
Bil Howle
Bil Howle Måned siden
Her claims are so far fetched that I am sure she was paid to say what she said! Investigate Giuliani's role in that because he's clearly guilty of paying off people!!!
Ashley Durden
Ashley Durden Måned siden
I wonder what it smelled like, old food? Stink? Rotten Eggs? I am no Trump supporter, but that is something that was a true political blunder, and something that is utterly hilarious.
TAYLOR Shelton
TAYLOR Shelton Måned siden
Rudy's farts are trying to tell him that these hearings totally stink.
Coreen Rafikh5
Coreen Rafikh5 Måned siden
I wonder how his family feel about his behavior
Tony S
Tony S Måned siden
It’s incredible that you guys act like nothing happened. I see that some of the “witnesses” are a little “off”... but it’s just amazing.
thebardpedal Måned siden
"It's insane this is going on." -Someone who doesn't know shit about computer engineering and is thus clearly instead preoccupied with farts when it comes down to general election fraud
Matt Eii
Matt Eii Måned siden
Biological Warfare. A covid infected person farting.
Majestia27 Måned siden
I'm pretty sure she said, "if SOME CHILD shows up, how can you tell?" not "sum chow", making the case that children could cast votes without proof of valid ID.
RC MINDSET Måned siden
Hey cereal with no sugar can’t be the same, right? Why would they put sugar on it if it doesn’t matter?
RC MINDSET Måned siden
Farts up, 7- up.
Jen Design
Jen Design Måned siden
Francisco Gonzalez
Francisco Gonzalez Måned siden
At least Rudy’s farts are real.
Roland X
Roland X Måned siden
If a Trump fan boy had his nose up Gulianni's arse could he catch Covid from G? If he inhaled the fart deeply? If the fart was moist?
Joseph Jaffe
Joseph Jaffe Måned siden
Alexis Sarabia
Alexis Sarabia Måned siden
Looked like she was hitting the bottle before this.
Pestañas & Pecas
Pestañas & Pecas Måned siden
Another circus 🎪 spectacle
iCoolaxe Måned siden
SMH, didn't even slam it
John Strika
John Strika Måned siden
And now, today, to top it off, it's been announced Rudy has Covid lmfao
Travelocation Films
Travelocation Films Måned siden
He's full of HOT air !
Jester Måned siden
This is a pitiful display. It is unamerican. Has the GOP as a whole, lost their freaking minds? It is a clown circus with many attendees. It is an embarrassment to America and Americans.
Art Quez
Art Quez Måned siden
So that’s what Powell meant when she said they were gonna release the Kraken!
Cindrarella Måned siden
Can COVID-19 be spread via farts?
J F Måned siden
I feel so sorry for you guys😁🇨🇦
MiLuki Måned siden
David Pakman-India is in Asia; therefore Indians are also Asians.
Xena 64
Xena 64 Måned siden
I honestly thought this was the beginning of SNL and I am still waiting to hear someone say "LIVE FROM NEW YORK, IT"S SATURDAY NIGHT"
Karen Jackson
Karen Jackson Måned siden
Indians from India 🇮🇳 and All Asians are all Asians.
Robert Bogie
Robert Bogie Måned siden
So Rudy cuts a fart next to a lady... you can see her reaction... Oh, it was just announced Rudy has tested positive for COVID....can she catch it from a fart??.....inquiring minds want to know.....lmfao
Elijah Måned siden
I Best
I Best Måned siden
I feel sorry for Jenna Ellis
Gina Jones
Gina Jones Måned siden
Everyone farts big deal
Allan Tang
Allan Tang Måned siden
I think that fart was his body's way of telling the truth, that this entire argument is shit
celas dak
celas dak Måned siden
Dude no one wated to see you just show the video.
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