Cyberpunk 2077 DELAYED AGAIN smh...

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The Keef Crew

2 måneder siden

Cybperpunk 2077 has officially been delayed.. AGAIN! New release date is 12/21/2020
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The Keef Crew
The Keef Crew 2 måneder siden
Every time Im in the middle of making a skit, new gaming news drops lol. This was not the gaming news I wanted to hear though. How are yall feeling about it?
Jay Calvin
Jay Calvin 2 måneder siden
BRUH BRUH im getting it on stadia tons of people are what the hell
Diego Lopez
Diego Lopez 2 måneder siden
At this point Cyberpunk will release on 2077😂😭
Eddy Kenzo
Eddy Kenzo 2 måneder siden
I agreed “God tier” game much needed
Charles Jackson
Charles Jackson 2 måneder siden
Big Depressed High Key 🙅🏿‍♂️🧢
DoubleDown GrindersGaming
DoubleDown GrindersGaming 2 måneder siden
Eh could be worse I agree with you on having a god tier game rather than a rushed game
testilande Dag siden
that didnt age well
Jerry Okazaki
Jerry Okazaki 3 dager siden
21 Days was not enough it should've been delayed until 2022
SoraSimpleAndClean 16 dager siden
Back here to laugh at the intro lol Also damn Cyberpunk is getting booty reviews lol
Doppler Effect
Doppler Effect 23 dager siden
I knew there will be problems with the game and people will get disappointed.Whenever a game get soo much hype its mostly disappointed.Its really sad.I would like to play this game but its too buggy for now.When they fix it i might buy it.
Khalid hamad
Khalid hamad 27 dager siden
No Delay the game until 2021
Edward Coats
Edward Coats 28 dager siden
We got cucked yet again? Buddy let me tell you
Stuart Nicholas Green
Stuart Nicholas Green Måned siden
Don't you wish it was delayed more now? :)
Patricia Luna
Patricia Luna 24 dager siden
It doesn't matter how delayed it is. Poor management will always mean dogshit quality even if given a century of development. Time and quality are not directly correlated to each other. It's only true when there is proper management and good working environments which CDPR has proven they had anything but.
Shaun Måned siden
It still needed more time! It still wasn’t ready godamnit
just a guy
just a guy Måned siden
Bruh I was so hyped what fucking let down man! More than rockstar....
aaron laymon
aaron laymon Måned siden
At least cyberpunk didn’t pull a halo Infinite
black neo the one
black neo the one Måned siden
Look im just gone state facts here they delayed that shit on purpose for Christmas bruh they want all the 💰 cyberpunk ps5 bundles what as they watch the nerds run to gamestop and they only got 2 ps5s🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
GANG_GANG_XD Måned siden
in 2 days
Zunlite Måned siden
This aged like doodoo butter
Salvi 24
Salvi 24 Måned siden
I thought he posted this right know I was about to shit my self
Major Knight
Major Knight Måned siden
It's just another anthem
Mykhal Woods
Mykhal Woods Måned siden
I'm watching this at the time the release date is this week love the content
gautam_l0l Måned siden
Dankus Memeus
Dankus Memeus Måned siden
Just a few more days. God it just has to come out before they delay it again lmao
[-Kane Gamerz-]
[-Kane Gamerz-] Måned siden
Imagine this game released on 2077 I will be damn 76 Years old
Redstorm Light
Redstorm Light Måned siden
This just came up on recommended nearly screamed
Franku Doge
Franku Doge Måned siden
The queef king?
Brandon Måned siden
your dates and numbers are completely wrong... it was gonna come out on November 19th* and is now coming out December 10th** not 21st.... and it has been delayed 3 times not 4
brain_bank Måned siden
This got recommended to me and I was scared lol
festive Måned siden
saamee lmao
PlayCryptx Måned siden
Why was this recomended on December 5, is youtube trying to kill me??? xD
Demon TheYandere
Demon TheYandere Måned siden
ngl the delay was hella convenient for bc all my end of year exams were around that time XD
Goth Critikal
Goth Critikal Måned siden
Why is youtube recommending me this now ?
jojobiden 69
jojobiden 69 Måned siden
i cant be getting recommended this right now.
justKennyケニー Måned siden
why tf is this in my recommended *now* youtube? chill
Cammy11o2 Måned siden
2:31, What about Nintendo Switch? :(
Scottymaczayda Måned siden
more delays the better make it scary
Your Mom
Your Mom Måned siden
If they delay it right now they will kill there game
N _00
N _00 Måned siden
I wouldn't have cared before. Now when I see any bugs whatsoever I'm posting a picture *somewhere.* They were so confident and ended up making a plastic promise. I wouldn't care about the small details; I just wanted to play the damn thing.
Andrew jones
Andrew jones Måned siden
ggod saw this in recomended and about died
J P Måned siden
Same. Damn youtube recommending old shit.
blindjustice316 Måned siden
I thought it was coming out on the 10th
Dragon spirit
Dragon spirit Måned siden
I took a two-week vacation for the November 19th date. I am still on it
Nathan Pena
Nathan Pena Måned siden
Nah you gotta realise most of the people who have been playing playstation couldnt get one cause of scalpers also I dont know if this is true but I'm pretty sure I saw a trailer for cyber punk the game like waaaaaayyyyy wayyyyy back like I was 12 or some shit so the games been in develop ment for awhile I know that much so it is pretty fucked up that they keep delaying it
Theli Mega
Theli Mega Måned siden
It will probably come next year, and it will defenitely flop
Wajih UL Hassan
Wajih UL Hassan Måned siden
This just got recommended by NOpost and i got a Heart Attack
Xx Roosti
Xx Roosti Måned siden
Same dude...
Matej Marić
Matej Marić Måned siden
This just appeared in my recommended and I got shit scared.........................
Noah Quintana
Noah Quintana Måned siden
I'm debating on getting new multiplatform Games for my PC or my PS5 because I want more games for my PS5 but at the same time I can achieve the best Graphics and Visual Quality and Customizability possible on my PC, but I also Love the way the Dualsense Feels over my Mouse and Keyboard and My Xbox Controller, but the Dualsense isn't Fully Supported on PC yet, so I'm stuck with this First World Problem here of deciding and yes I can always get a second copy for either Platform Later but I'm trying to decide what to get it on first.
Ahsen Mirza
Ahsen Mirza Måned siden
I swear t God I skipped a beat when NOpost recommended me this video in December man like cmon, I am a fragile too, don't mess with me now 😭😭
Abdulbary Alajnaf
Abdulbary Alajnaf Måned siden
just so u know they have been announcing cyberpunk since 2013 . This game is a big troll it is not a game at all
Ghost Face
Ghost Face Måned siden
The Persona 5 Music was a great touch. 😎
PolyRon Måned siden
Cyberpunk 2077 was never a game, it was an idea. Something to gives us hope in 2020.
Zara Isha
Zara Isha Måned siden
I-is this a meme? Cause the release date is the 10th, and it's only the third delay
Jose Bianchi 2077
Jose Bianchi 2077 Måned siden
Persona 5 ost in the background love it!!
DupeTheBarrel Måned siden
Holy fuck WHY DID THIS SHOW UP IN MY RECOMMENDATIONS! I was scared shitless
FaZe Applestic
FaZe Applestic Måned siden
Jesus Christ, I thought this was a new video
Maron S
Maron S Måned siden
maan u scared the shit out of me, thought it was delayed again after 10th dec
Tobias March
Tobias March Måned siden
This just showed up now in my recommended and I hated life for a minute.
Sam_cool Måned siden
No it got pushed by 7 years
Scary Art Studios
Scary Art Studios Måned siden
13 more days till December 10th / launch date
Carson Diaz
Carson Diaz Måned siden
This game better be good
jakisz Måned siden
A week ago, a week ago.
Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez Måned siden
All new games in November were for next gen. Smh
태선우TaeSunWoo Måned siden
That sad persona music tho😂
Finn McHugh
Finn McHugh Måned siden
The YT algorithm just put this in my recommendations and almost given me a heart attack then I noticed this was 4 weeks ago.
Landen Pruitt
Landen Pruitt Måned siden
This just showed up on my recommended, I am now in the hospital because of a heart attack.
UnNerfed Games
UnNerfed Games Måned siden
It is a REAL GOOD thing !!!
Muteeb Bhat
Muteeb Bhat Måned siden
I'm not buying cyberpunk 2077 but if they did release it on 10th December I still won't.
Dytanious_Art Måned siden
Guys, please don't blame the people who are making the game, blame the company for their poor marketing AND most likely rushing the devs. The business side of gaming is notorious for shitty marketing versus how much time developers need to finish the game.
Taseen Chowdhury
Taseen Chowdhury Måned siden
So we love CD Project Red And Rockstar. And we are not patient.
Ali Måned siden
Let's wait Just 57 years
U_U Måned siden
Teaser trailer came out 7 years ago. I’m surprised you guys are even surprised lol. Give it 5 more years
Jack Richard
Jack Richard Måned siden
difference between a company which pushes the "You can play on anything and anywhere, its for gamers" compared to Sony "You better buy the fkin playstation to play spiderman boi idc if you been waiting 10 years for a good spiderman game you better buy my playstation boi"
Hadi Haroon
Hadi Haroon Måned siden
Cyber punk: its 18+ Also cyber punk: waits for us to turn 18😂
DatBoiPoncho Måned siden
lmao i turned 18 last month
Yaadman Gamez
Yaadman Gamez Måned siden
Why are people acting like there aren't like a dozen games to finish before cyber punk and even still won't finish when cyber punk comes out. Y'all need to fucking chill with the clout chase brah like for real.
Awesomeruler Måned siden
I just got this recommended again and when I saw the title I was so scared that it was delayed to 2021! but phew.
Rift Caster007
Rift Caster007 Måned siden
Cyberpunk wasn't originally a next gen game, I here . It was for the PS4 and so on, and the next gen thing is relatively new. As far as I know. But the game grew into a next gen, but they want to ensure that carton then players can enjoy the game as well, it doesn't help they have nine consoles to adapt this thing to . That's why it's taking so long, from when I read. Oh and it's coming out on December 10th, not the 21st. There has been no news changing the date yet.
L00PED Måned siden
The release date is December 10th, not 21st
Mister Maya
Mister Maya Måned siden
The fact people actually threatened CDPR for delaying it? Really makes me sick lmao
Juwan Bivines
Juwan Bivines Måned siden
Bruh.... I bout had a heart attack until I seen this video was made 3 weeks ago 🤣
Kawaii Cooki UwU
Kawaii Cooki UwU Måned siden
If there is crunch at this point, then I think the company is purposely doing it to their workers. Why else would it take this many delays? I just wish their PR person was just more informative, that is a very bad omen of what might actually be going on behind the company. Jesus, just treat people right companies. Also I think it'd be hilarious that it'd be released in 2077, but oh so sad for everyone.
Bleeding Revolver
Bleeding Revolver Måned siden
so the game is coming in 2077 ??
Kong Måned siden
We would all be playing this right now lol 😥
S E B Måned siden
Cyberpunk on December 10th: sorry everybody we have to delay Cyberpunk 2077 until march 25th 2022.
Akatsuki Måned siden
It said it was delayed till nov 19 now it is nov 19
Omar Staton Jr
Omar Staton Jr Måned siden
All I know is that this game better be looking like its actually in 2077 or else bro
Coca Cola
Coca Cola Måned siden
3 weeks ago? Man times moves so fast, can't even remember what I did last week
AdikMusic OfficialTM
AdikMusic OfficialTM Måned siden
Cyberpunk 2077 release date is 2077
D0G Måned siden
*Cyberpunk 2077 keeps getting delayed and finally release in 2077*
Drake Rencher
Drake Rencher Måned siden
this showed up in my recommended again and my heart dropped lol
Noisntrealofficial Måned siden
boss nass
boss nass Måned siden
It was just recommend and something happened
Jamie kelly
Jamie kelly Måned siden
@goku canfly you managed to somehow incapsulate the cuntiest way to say that lol. Game will be good but what that got to do with the platform.
Dalton Towery
Dalton Towery Måned siden
Same bro.
goku canfly
goku canfly Måned siden
@Just Some Guy On The Internet stfu console peasant
Mike Wazowski
Mike Wazowski Måned siden
If EA was making this it would be worse game of 2016
Liam Solorio
Liam Solorio Måned siden
That’s why I’m not buying it. It OVERHYPED ASF! EVERYWHERE FOR THE WIN
Zerkz Måned siden
this game got to be the best game ever cuz it was delay 7 years in 2013
Saucyandrew Måned siden
Kh3 was supposed to do the same and was still trash
Kevin Harvey
Kevin Harvey Måned siden
They woke up and said crap!!!! We forgot to test the game on all versions! Its all good we can delay it again. Ive lost interest in this I dont really care. Theyre getting a little cocky....which could bite them later
Dominik Holdas
Dominik Holdas 2 måneder siden
You gave me a heart attack! I thought it was delayed even further from december
BUg Man
BUg Man 2 måneder siden
The Lead Designer/Developer is a masochist for perfection. I can dig it, this game is gonna be fire!
HalfBoiIed Måned siden
Imagine the nitpicking they’re gonna get because of their insistence on perfection on launch.
Broken Machine257
Broken Machine257 Måned siden
Why is this the top comment though? Usually the top comments have thousands of likes, who did you pay for this position?
Darth Zayexeet
Darth Zayexeet 2 måneder siden
A great game is better delayed once too much than once to little.
joshua morrissey
joshua morrissey 2 måneder siden
The game is not even worth it anny more i will pay 30
Wisdom Dibia
Wisdom Dibia 2 måneder siden
Plot twist: it's coming in 2077
KuraiWolf 2 måneder siden
Nobody can make the argument of "not rushing it" anymore. The damned game went GOLD! It can no longer be considered rushed. Plus, how many fucking years has it been in development? Too many to count! It should have been out at least two years ago, let alone in fucking April 2020!
Fused curry
Fused curry 2 måneder siden
Give us a damn demo already
Maddog Basil
Maddog Basil 2 måneder siden
When 2077 is released in 2077 Everyone: why does sony release news on playstation I thought we played games not the news
Yuris Anugrah
Yuris Anugrah 2 måneder siden
can't wait to 12 December, are they have surprising news delay again 😂😂😂
warrior class skeleton
warrior class skeleton 2 måneder siden
Cyberpunk next week: it will now be delayed until 2077
Mona Chan
Mona Chan 2 måneder siden
Yall aren't getting this game till 2077....
Raul Reyes
Raul Reyes 2 måneder siden
Cyberpunk 2077 sounds like my Amazon package when it got delead 5 times
erix4erix 2 måneder siden
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