Everything GREAT About Hot Fuzz! (Part 2)

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Hot Fuzz! Part 2! The conclusion! If you missed part 1, it's here:
Videos referenced:
Hot Fuzz (2007) - Movies with Mikey: nopost.info/throw/sbmya4y-uK6kh5I/video
Every Frame a Painting: Edgar Wright - How to Do Visual Comedy: nopost.info/throw/mKywrXmZt5uXkck/video
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mc. studios
mc. studios 37 minutter siden
not many people shine the light on british police Films and its always american gun fights and car chases same old same old stuff Its great!
Peter Green
Peter Green Dag siden
The best uk made film trilogy ever. The Cornetto rules
Peter Green
Peter Green Dag siden
Do you like Hot Fuzz? Yarp
CrystalOtaku93 Dag siden
Rise of the guardians next please!
Volcanic Crush
Volcanic Crush 2 dager siden
Reports show that the producers of hot fuzz gave away every code to every gun in every police station in the uk nobody can stop them and now none of us are safe
FatPegLegPirate 4 dager siden
Where is the worlds end!!!!
Vishrut Bajaj
Vishrut Bajaj 4 dager siden
You missed a detail: 0:14 it says killer in the back
RK kr
RK kr 4 dager siden
Mr.Weaver's line at 1:21:07 is same as his introduction line at 18:18. edgar u genius
Zenhotta 5 dager siden
I just really hope the end is nigh for this channel. The *World's* End! :D Seriously, it's such a great ending to the Cornetto trilogy and imo is the best of the three, and that's no small feat
TheZProject115 6 dager siden
The Worlds End PLEASE ...
EdwardL_06 7 dager siden
that cashier at the start was the zombie in Shaun Of Thr Dead that's depressed with glasses and a dressing gown on
will dwyer
will dwyer 7 dager siden
You've got such a great attitude man, love your vids. Amazing insight
KJ 7 dager siden
Please do A Knight’s Tale!!
bobtheduck 8 dager siden
World's End bored the hell out of me.I did like the reversal of roles (Nick being the serious one, Simon being the loser) and there was a lot of potential, but I only watched it once, right after I ordered the trilogy on bluray. I should give it a second chance, but it just doesn't seem like it compares to the first 2.
People's Union of Wales
People's Union of Wales 8 dager siden
That's good and all but is no one going to mention that after Angle "dies" Danny starts wearing the bullet proof vest
Sean Campbell
Sean Campbell 9 dager siden
I had a teacher in school who looked the double of Danny's dad in this
Étourdie 9 dager siden
3:31 Lude. Noun, a pill of methaqualone, usually used in the plural. Lewd. Adjective, crude and offensive in a sexual way. See also vulgar, dirty, and smutty.
Archy Cos
Archy Cos 10 dager siden
Somerfield was a big retailer in England at the time so when there was a gunfight in there I was pissing myself
Will XiX
Will XiX 10 dager siden
Please, please do the worlds end. The use of foreshadowing and backstorys are perfect
P J 11 dager siden
Wow, I’ve watched this about 30 times and you’ve just pointed out so many things I’ve missed.
Matthew Stephenson
Matthew Stephenson 13 dager siden
My film professor used to call movies like Hot Fuzz "affirmation parodies"; parodies so good and so on the nose that they are actually part of the genre that they are parodying. Shaun of the Dead and The World's End also are affirmation parodies. A classic movie that is in a similar vein is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown 15 dager siden
These guys are great, and since Sean of the Dead, they've yet to make a dud movie.
bob crutch
bob crutch 15 dager siden
Hello there...hot fuzz is a nod to a British TV show called Midsommer murders in a nutshell its a village/town much like Sandford in the film, everybody is terribly middle class and in the sewing circle or pottery club or book club, a place where everybody has a dark secret and every week there's a murder ( with a name like Midsommer murders who'd have guessed) and its up to the detective to figure it out, in later years they added a younger sidekick, hot fuzz is a great film with plenty of big name actors (in Britain anyway) for me Nick Frost stole the show (shooting the doctor in the leg, crashing through the fence, honking at the swan etc)...cheers now
Fever Brain94
Fever Brain94 18 dager siden
Talking about the scene where Danny "betrayed" Angel by stabbing him "Taking that lesson about the notepad to HEART" I see what you did there 😂
Mehall 18 dager siden
This is pretty much my most quoted movie. Edgar is just incredibly funny.
Punchmeat 19 dager siden
Neighborhood watch association... new world order.... I cant believe that slipped me.
Punchmeat 19 dager siden
That 777 badge number
Fierce Devil
Fierce Devil 20 dager siden
James and the Giant Peach (pt 2)
iRobotic Gaming
iRobotic Gaming 22 dager siden
you need to do everything great about blade runner 2049
eginteractive 22 dager siden
Can we talk about how the evidence tags are still on the guns the police use throughout the shootout?
Boston Holland
Boston Holland 24 dager siden
Lewd is spelt lewd, not lude.
Elizabeth Stephens
Elizabeth Stephens 24 dager siden
Everything Great About Soul Surfer. Everything Great About Secretariat.
KreptarZ 26 dager siden
Please do the world end!
Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau
Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau 27 dager siden
"We will make Sandford great again." Hmm....WHERE HAVE I HEARD THAT BEFORE?
MC545 28 dager siden
Please do Dunkirk and 1917!
iedrums Måned siden
this just popped in my head. The twins were named Roger and Martin for Roger Murtaugh and Martin Riggs? The two detectives from Lethal Weapon, another cop movie. Did anyone else notice this?
The Spice Of Stockton
The Spice Of Stockton Måned siden
Everything Great About Happy Feet
Sailor of Fortune
Sailor of Fortune Måned siden
Also Danny got promoted by the end of the movie too.
Sailor of Fortune
Sailor of Fortune Måned siden
Danny also started to wear his body armor as required by the department in time for the action as well.
Vlad Tepish III
Vlad Tepish III Måned siden
3:21 Pompey Magnus on Caesar crossing the Rubicon...
Daddy Nitro
Daddy Nitro Måned siden
I’d love to see EGA Cabin in the Woods and/or Whedon’s version of Much Ado About Nothing.
Big Poppa Tentacles
Big Poppa Tentacles Måned siden
It's funny that Americans think of Olivia Coleman as a "proper actress", she'll always be Sophie from Peep Show to us.
Directors Choice
Directors Choice Måned siden
Such a classic film 😂
psifla Måned siden
Easily missed is how “Forget it Nicholas, it’s Sandford” is so powerful in its own right even - especially - with knowledge of Chinatown. Complements the tone of that classic without copying it.
Hector Barrera
Hector Barrera Måned siden
2:17 I love that little win give/removal
SuperYouFox Måned siden
The thing that brought me to this film that I was a little disappointed wasn't actually in there: I originally learned of the film via a compilation set to the Clash's "I Fought the Law." When I watched the film, I was a tiny bit disappointed that the song doesn't show up.
Monkey Lord Ooga
Monkey Lord Ooga Måned siden
2:34 is it just me or is the human statue the same one in the zombie short film 'Still'? It even looks like the same actor.
Clock Tower
Clock Tower Måned siden
I watched this masterpiece exactly 34 times over the past 5 Years. Each time I find new jokes and references. It's a genius movie.
Emilia Skuse
Emilia Skuse Måned siden
youre missing the killers poster in the shop, great video
Leo W
Leo W Måned siden
...hang on a minute. Was 'Chunky Monkey' also a joke about Danny?
Old Man from Scene Twenty Four
Old Man from Scene Twenty Four Måned siden
Why did you blur out the decapitated bodies in the car in this video but not in part 1?
DumpsterFire Dennis
DumpsterFire Dennis Måned siden
Flegg Måned siden
Will there be a Worlds End episode to complete the trilogy?
terrifyingai Måned siden
"You wanna be a big cop in a small town? F**k off up the Model Village!"
Lucas Johnson
Lucas Johnson Måned siden
Now we all heard him say that string of “no’s” when the Trump reference came around, but the real question is: was he quoting Brooklyn 99 or Get Out?
Mike Fox
Mike Fox Måned siden
3:31 That's not how you spell lewd.
Bish Bosh
Bish Bosh Måned siden
How did I not know this channel existed????
Michael Betz
Michael Betz Måned siden
Can you please do The Legend of Tarzan?
Logan 900
Logan 900 Måned siden
Could you please do the polar express?
Ethan Mills
Ethan Mills Måned siden
Video two of asking for a perks of being a wallflower
Michael Boyles
Michael Boyles Måned siden
Request: There Will Be Blood It's definitely *my* favorite movie.
darkphoenix199408 Måned siden
Another win was when the people who transfered him wanted him back because they realize he made them all look good
Kate Nagle
Kate Nagle Måned siden
Please do everything great about the Prince of Egypt
Seriaz Sound
Seriaz Sound Måned siden
And thanks for mentioning the artificial "conflict of personality trope". Its among the most annoying Hollywood cliches i find
Seriaz Sound
Seriaz Sound Måned siden
"What year is your birthday?" "Every year!" Hahahahhaha
Carson Kelly
Carson Kelly Måned siden
When Butterman shoots the ceiling and runs out of the bar their is a brief shot of him yelling at the camera matched with a lion roar
Tarreau Simpson
Tarreau Simpson Måned siden
Requesting The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn Day 3
David Cuellar
David Cuellar Måned siden
We need another edgar movie with Simon and Nick
Eric Waters
Eric Waters Måned siden
I just wanted to thank you for CinemaWins. It is so relentlessly positive, and is a balm after so much of the rest of the internet. You're doing a true service to fandom, friend.
Tana 50
Tana 50 Måned siden
I hope you do Paul next that movie is hilarious
Cierra Townsend
Cierra Townsend Måned siden
This is the first thing I saw Oscar winner Olivia Coleman in.
Tom Elsen
Tom Elsen Måned siden
Please make a video about now you see me
I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that
I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that Måned siden
I think this could've been your greatest video, because this movie is filled to the brim with wins. My main complaint however is that you spoil WAAAAY too much of Shaun of the Dead. Was that even really necessary?
Blake the III
Blake the III Måned siden
MUM!!! That always kills me 🤣🤣 and old ass man calling for him mum like a baby, and then nicholas drop kicks her ffs 🤣🤣🤣
Cam K
Cam K Måned siden
Sucks that the phrase "great again" will trigger a shit ton of people.
The Woodpeckers
The Woodpeckers Måned siden
You can tell that cinema wins and cinema sins are complete contrast with each other. Especially in their intros, in CS(Cinema Sins) They use dramatic sfx in the intro, and CW(cinema wins) They use an angelic choir to introduce the video. In CS, they tell you “Spoilers. Duh” to criticize the viewer. In CW, they say “Spoilers, But you knew that.” Stating the obvious, but being nice about it. Even down to the VAs’ voices, CS sounds pessimistic and condemning. CW uses a calm and warm voice to make the viewer feel calmer. All in all, very nice attention to detail and the little things that we probably wouldn’t even care about, if it wasn’t done.
Isabel Erroa
Isabel Erroa Måned siden
"Make Sandford great again!" Oooooooh. Oooooh nooooo.
Jakob Beul
Jakob Beul Måned siden
Have you tried to make a Video about the Green Lantern movie? I actually thought it was ok, and dont really understand the harsh critics... ^^'
Xavier Lunianga
Xavier Lunianga Måned siden
Hey I wanted to ask you if you could do a video on "Dogma" it’s one of my favourite films of all time
יובל גירש
יובל גירש Måned siden
The greater good
gregatron11 Måned siden
Totally unrelated but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE win Sound of Metal. It just came out so I know itll be a while but yeah.
MooNAtyX Måned siden
Adventureland pleaaaase !!
PishPosh Måned siden
I just realised that you've never done one for The Truman show.
David Breault
David Breault Måned siden
The Greater Good is HERESY
Nathan Hurst
Nathan Hurst Måned siden
Please can you do Johnny English
dylan gaffey
dylan gaffey Måned siden
do tenet movie out this year
No_Life _AAL
No_Life _AAL Måned siden
Can u do Edward scissor hands
AkiroGames Måned siden
rise of the guardians please
Proline MTB
Proline MTB Måned siden
Do the polar express🎄🎄🎄
Coy Weller
Coy Weller Måned siden
Love this movie. You should do an Everything Great About Hunt for the Wilderpeople. It's a great movie and Taika Watiti was able to be noticed because of how great it was.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Måned siden
You're so great ??
FlyingLama Måned siden
Amazing vid, do a man from UNCLE
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Måned siden
Can you do The Secret of NIMH
Toa Vindex
Toa Vindex Måned siden
If I can make a request for a movie for the holidays, Klaus literally everything about that movie is a work of art
US Måned siden
I rate this Yar out of Yar
AnimeNinjaz Måned siden
would be cool to see you do "Paul" i always felt it was a stronger film than worlds end and a better fit for the trillogy
Kathrine Sniffen
Kathrine Sniffen Måned siden
This is an amazing vid thanks so much. Please can you do the old guard I think you would rlly like it. :)
Dan Roback
Dan Roback Måned siden
Please do Ferris Beuller's day off!!! Love your videos!!!
Eduardo Flores
Eduardo Flores Måned siden
Hey man love your channel and the positivity it radiates, wanted to ask if you could do an everything great with Elf for the Holiday season.
Diamonds&Rubies Måned siden
Plleeeeeease do a “everything great about the mandalorian!”
Alexxxa Wild
Alexxxa Wild Måned siden
SleepBreatheLiveLove Måned siden
Hot fuzz is my favourite movie of all time, i can remember every single line. I was having an awful mental health day today but this has really helped to cheer me up. Thank you for making this!
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