Bill Maher on Trump Conceding, COVID, Giuliani in Borat & Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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Jimmy Kimmel Live

5 måneder siden

Bill talks about Rudy Giuliani in the new Borat movie, what it’s like having no audience for his show, missing stand up, being on the air when he found out that Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away, how Coronavirus is being handled, when we will know the results of the election, and how he thinks Trump will react if he loses.
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Matt Mayo
Matt Mayo 2 dager siden
The prince of darkness is never wrong
Laughter Talks
Laughter Talks 2 dager siden
Bill, you are the only one I know that says that, no doctor ever said, support your immune system. I will not take vaccines either.
Miguel-Angel Salazar
Miguel-Angel Salazar 7 dager siden
I love Bill Maher. I like his wit , he is very well informed and he has this very scathing sense of humor and yet he is very on point. Congrats to Jimmy for having him as a guest.
Lorenzo 9 dager siden
This guy never seems to age, and I really hope he never does.
Greg Bartley
Greg Bartley 9 dager siden
It is SCARY how right he turned out to be!!!!
kevo grahm
kevo grahm 10 dager siden
Like Jay Leno before him, Kimmel isn't funny.
Lavelle Klobes
Lavelle Klobes 11 dager siden
I love your integrity Bill !!
Robert Platt
Robert Platt 12 dager siden
Maher is not right. The virus is killing young and healthy people. Since it is novel, they do not know why yet. It may have something to do with blood type. Simple measures to stop it are merely a nuisance. If it is gonna save my life I will use them.
Julie Holt
Julie Holt 13 dager siden
Is this guy supposed to be funny? He’s just another old white guy who thinks he knows everything. Hard pass.
Ty Cobb
Ty Cobb 14 dager siden
I agree with a lot of what Bill says, but he's such a smug know-it-all
Xiaoxi Li
Xiaoxi Li 14 dager siden
ho...Bill is so wrong about Covid....most morality from covid is because of Cytokine storm, which is the immune system react too much and people drown in their own secretion. Plus if your immune system cant recognize this new vinous, it doesnt matter how strong you are
Belinda Washington
Belinda Washington 17 dager siden
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Mike Stevens
Mike Stevens 19 dager siden
it's chilling to see the date this video was uploaded, to hear everything Bill predicted, and to look back on what actually happened during the lame-duck period. My goodness, the guy is a Nostradamus.
Mon Danny
Mon Danny 19 dager siden
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smkh 20 dager siden
Kudos to Bill, he knew exactly how MrT would react to losing, but he doesn't do " I told you so!"
Serena Serena
Serena Serena 21 dag siden
Bill maher is so smart
Mary Barry
Mary Barry 21 dag siden
I was never a big fan of Bill Maher but as of March 21, 2021 he was absolutely dead on correct with his predictions of Trump! Probably more than he ever even expected! Also correct about encouraging people to be preventative with getting Covid instead of waiting for a cure!
betaneptune 22 dager siden
Bill is great on politics, but a bit weak on health issues. No one's perfect.
HG 22 dager siden
Anything not written down, Trump will do it....Yes, that's my Trump...hahahaaaaa
dunkelmonkey 23 dager siden
Stop with this RBG is the reason why the Republicans have control over the Supreme Court - Mitch McConnell blocked one of Obama's nominees, do you think he would have hesitated to block a second one? FOH
Don Heine
Don Heine 23 dager siden
Maher is really good at predicting the future
REdawn LiveBirds
REdawn LiveBirds 25 dager siden
note please delete the WHO bullsh&te note from you tube slots,, wake up and watch Bill and stop being stupid capitulating covidiots!
Brian McCarthy
Brian McCarthy 25 dager siden
Bill I'm 64. We could sing together! "When I get older, loosing my hair, many years from now. Will you still be sending me a Valentine, birthday greetings bottle of wine? If I'd been out till quarter to three, would you lock the door? Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64?"
s basu
s basu 27 dager siden
Lance Morrison
Lance Morrison 27 dager siden
Jimmy I think, wanted to take on Bill and got quickly smacked down! I love Jimmy but , Bill is on a whole other level!
Richard Ho
Richard Ho 28 dager siden
Bill. Your a smart guy, but you should evaluate the impacts upon all people that got it. Albert maybe not dead, but maybe it is no longer fully alive.
Bill William
Bill William 28 dager siden
Lambert Lorette
Lambert Lorette 29 dager siden
it's amazing to see jimmy not be influenced by his guests, particularly one as strong as bill maher
Nancy Chang
Nancy Chang Måned siden
권아름 Måned siden
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Caticorn Purrmaid
Caticorn Purrmaid Måned siden
Despite Bill's habitual, curmudgeonly gloominess I'd like to hear what he predicts now. Watching this 3/9/21. I will be informed instead of just entertained.
Richard Wills
Richard Wills Måned siden
Let’s not listen to Bill Maher, as he is the only person who tells us the truth
A B Måned siden
Those two were definitely sword fighting in the bathroom.
M L Måned siden
I can't believe Jimmy couldn't see it coming re Trump, unless he was just playing stupid. This time Bill Maher was Nostradomus, and so was I.
Jack Morrison
Jack Morrison Måned siden
Electoral college is the stupidest democratic thing on earth.
A. NOAH Måned siden
Now he can add more justice why are Dems always so scared gop they operate dirty, why are Dems shy to do dirty ways. Give me a break.
S D Måned siden
Ty Tavarez
Ty Tavarez Måned siden
Do you have beers?
Erik S.
Erik S. Måned siden
silambarasan Balasubramani
silambarasan Balasubramani Måned siden
Bill Maher the Magnificent!
David S. Pumpkins
David S. Pumpkins Måned siden
Doesn’t Bill look GREAT for 64 yo??? He looks 45-50 yo, to me. Maybe it’s because he’s never been married or had kids and he smokes the Devil’s lettuce.
Pendejo 2 måneder siden
Bill predicted trump “winning” in 2016. Bill predicted trump not leaving. Bill predicted a coup attempt. Bill predicted a total failure on covid. People; LISTEN TO BILL. Some people just connect the dots of human behavior, and viola they are able to make pretty accurate predictions. Just listen to what people do and say people.
Kevin's Great
Kevin's Great 2 måneder siden
Nailed it.
Geetika A
Geetika A 2 måneder siden
Watching this episode again and seems like bill can predict trump behaviour so accurately
Kelly Lewis
Kelly Lewis 2 måneder siden
Right again Bill. I should have know better than to doubt you by now.
Joy Smith
Joy Smith 2 måneder siden
Bill walks funny does he have bad back or what
AKAHEIZER 2 måneder siden
I was sort of shocked about his statement, everyone can have their own opinion , but he as a person of public interest, influencing thousand maybe million of peoples opinions, should maybe think twice about spreading his personal belief like he is the coronavirus itself, more so when they are going to undermine public health measurements, on which REAL-Scientists have agreed on to be helpful in reducing the spread of the virus and slowing the rate of infections down. And talking about his Vitamin B/D, fish oil, sharkfin powder, or whatever kind of self-healing non medical proven bullshit he is into is not really helping either, especially in a global health crisis caused by a Pandemic, which at this point in time was totally out of control and without a end in sight, irresponsible.
Name Last name
Name Last name 2 måneder siden
These 2 idiots revile soon truth
Im gay since Im responding to your comment, but
Im gay since Im responding to your comment, but 2 måneder siden
We needa convosation between these two and seth meyers, ultimate triad Kings of Late Night Comedy.
Mermat May
Mermat May 2 måneder siden
I wish they could make it to where they can help all of us severly sick people build our immune systems.
gamedemag1 2 måneder siden
Funny all my thumbs down don't show up.
Toneblue 2 måneder siden
You know what these guys will be doing after the show. I don’t need to explain any more and yes it is too disgusting to mention. You noticed they cringe when girls are mentioned .
daniel sarn
daniel sarn 2 måneder siden
Jimmy's fake laughing is really unbearable, he should just stop it.
Joeseph Yunna
Joeseph Yunna 2 måneder siden
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Stephen Dunin
Stephen Dunin 2 måneder siden
Imagine how accurate he was
fabss7 2 måneder siden
WTF just watched this video, he is a wizard he knew all along, mind blowing
Ryan T
Ryan T 2 måneder siden
Bill Maher believing in c0v1d makes me cringe
HRHDMKYT 2 måneder siden
He's right about the Covid "precautions" have been much too inconsistent and lenient -- which is why, as of January 28-2021, there have been more than 443,000 American deaths. Many of which may have been prevented with more stringent controls. This is true of other countries as well, but it doesn't make the horrific numbers any better. But if these two were eating out at restaurants, they're partially to blame. Anyone who hasn't been hunkering down and only going out for medical reasons or to buy groceries (or if 'essential workers', wearing PPE all the time at work), they have been putting others at risk. Period.
Joseph Eyes
Joseph Eyes 2 måneder siden
He was right all along.
Scott D
Scott D 2 måneder siden
Wow! I am just starting to follow Bill, he literally called the election before it happened. He didn’t say specifically fraud would be what Trump used as the reason but he still nailed it right on the head.
Sammy D.
Sammy D. 2 måneder siden
Bill was so right about trump 😝
Mark Brisec
Mark Brisec 2 måneder siden
Sorry Bill but this is one of the few times that I vehemently disagree with you.. You're right, people should take better care of themselves and live healthier and therefore be less susceptible to Covid. But saying that the stay at home order and wearing masks should be reserved for the vulnerable parts of our society while the rest of us can run around is complete BS and utterly idiotic.. For example..A 17 yo teenager, sporty type, healthy as an ox, goes around, party and do whatever the kids do these days. But that same teenager lives home with his parents who are in their mid 50s and his grandparents who are in their mid 70s. This little prick is so healthy that when he gets the Covid, he doesn't get any symptoms at all, but in a week or two grandma starts to feel down, grandpa gets a fever as does his father. They get tested and they're all positive to Covid 19.. In a week grandparent's general situation deteriorates and they end up in a hospital on respirator.. A week later grandpa dies while grandma makes it through. In the mean time his sick parents are bed ridden for 2 weeks and get serious and permanent scars on their lungs. Those scars make you feel out of breath and weak. Did I mention dad is a construction worker. Oh yes, he's incapable of doing the same job cause he simply can't do it.... There's story for you Bill.. People who are 90% safe from any harm that a Covid virus can inflict, are capable of infecting other person cause they have no clue they have the virus.. And that other person may be a bit more susceptible to the bad stuff this virus does to our bodies.. And you would like to make Americans live healthier life within a year and completely change their life style? Oh come on Bill, talk about optimistic.. Social distancing and strict mask wearing was and is the only way to lower the number of cases until the vaccination does its job. Period...
DREAMS AND SOUL 2 måneder siden
Hear, hear! "The immune system is the first place to prevent the virus!" "Get yourself in better shape." Bill Maher is again spot on, including Trump, inluding elections, including the Republican Party, including....
Jays Geronca
Jays Geronca 2 måneder siden
Its crazy how accurate he was.
VLAD's DAD 2 måneder siden
I was believing Bill even before he said all that about the maga-messaih. Pleae Bill...predict that the Senate Convicts, please,
Kevin Coles
Kevin Coles 2 måneder siden
10:25 makes sense he didn't get it, he's always eating. He's good.
Kevin Coles
Kevin Coles 2 måneder siden
0:35 found it at a def leppard concert
L Douglas
L Douglas 2 måneder siden
He's 100% right about RBG. I respect her but she should have stepped down earlier. What was at risk was bigger than her.
Vrodboy 2 måneder siden
The Demos need to kick Pelosi to the curb and bring Howard Dean back!! And please tell H. Clinton to go away.....
andrea kaden
andrea kaden 2 måneder siden
Bill, right again
Royal Jesters
Royal Jesters 2 måneder siden
Love Jimmy,and Bill. Look forward to common sense laughter.a big thank you.
Westwood1816 2 måneder siden
Amazing prediction that Trump et. al. would reject Electoral College votes, although not too amazing since sociopaths are so predictable.
carbonilo 2 måneder siden
oh boy, he was right !!!
E C 2 måneder siden
Hey bill. Lotto numbers please.
Robert Blum
Robert Blum 2 måneder siden
Bill Maher, once again spouting chiropractic inspired "improve your metabolism/immune system" bullshit.
Cinzia M
Cinzia M 2 måneder siden
Who needs pollsters when you've got Bill Maher? And let's not forget he called tRUMP pulling a "slow coup" in 2017.
Priyab Dash
Priyab Dash 2 måneder siden
Damn he was true Trump will go apeshit😂😂😂
Priyab Dash
Priyab Dash 2 måneder siden
Bill Maher so plain speak
billie haoneo haokip
billie haoneo haokip 2 måneder siden
Trump may have been watching this . He's doing everything Bill said here word by word. Either that or Bill Maher is a clairvoyant.
Aretha Walker
Aretha Walker 2 måneder siden
I agree with Bill Maher. Democrats have got to "man up!"
Badrinath Mallya
Badrinath Mallya 2 måneder siden
Well the justices didn’t side with trump genius
Abhishek Kharat
Abhishek Kharat 2 måneder siden
Wow....he was so correct....
Wendy H.
Wendy H. 2 måneder siden
Dayamn Maherstradamus
Saeed Kanuga
Saeed Kanuga 2 måneder siden
So profetic.
rogercallster n
rogercallster n 2 måneder siden
Boy was he correct
Eternal Darkness
Eternal Darkness 2 måneder siden
This guy is psychic!🤣
Mark G
Mark G 2 måneder siden
Is it pronounced Maher or Maher?
Dale Brannon
Dale Brannon 2 måneder siden
Here we are now, within two weeks of inauguration, and Maher knew exactly - all of it! Why isn’t HE running the FBI?
Lisa Peral
Lisa Peral 2 måneder siden
Wow he's smarter then he looks, just kidding. No, He is smart! Hit the nail on the head.
Karen Fox
Karen Fox 2 måneder siden
Bill Maher is a fortune teller. Holy crap! 😨😨
lolo mayo
lolo mayo 2 måneder siden
channel mike
channel mike 2 måneder siden
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StaticBlaster 2 måneder siden
Maher was absolutely correct a week ago and he'll probably be right again this Saturday onwards to whenever the angry mobs are all arrested.
LuvlyLeo 2 måneder siden
That’s why Nancy is going to make sure Trump can NEVER run for President again!
hackedoffable 2 måneder siden
Blimey Bill...bang on 🇬🇧
Shravani 3 måneder siden
11:55 so much truth by Bill
Naomi Dennis
Naomi Dennis 3 måneder siden
George Tashjian
George Tashjian 3 måneder siden
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Carlos Paredes
Carlos Paredes 3 måneder siden
Everything Bill said came true.
Rowena Aggabao
Rowena Aggabao 3 måneder siden
Bill is one smart guy!!! he's correct all along.
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