Dream Team Reality TV Show...

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Dream Team Reality TV Show...
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If the Dream Team had a reality TV show, this is probably what it would be like...

RIYAN 33 minutter siden
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Aly Bunny
Aly Bunny Time siden
"George, you have murderer 8 people, what's your excuse?" "I'm color blind." "Understandable, Have a great day."
cherry lungs
cherry lungs Dag siden
Dream: proceeds to yell at george over armor Also Dream: sometimes i feel like george exagger-
Kate Abten
Kate Abten Dag siden
I love how the Dream Team Lives with each other
The Buttcheek Master
The Buttcheek Master Dag siden
George: • Gets Dream and Sapnap to jail • George: *im colorblind*
Ian Jade Rabino
Ian Jade Rabino 2 dager siden
Lol that's funny dream in funny he is just shouton
CookieQueen 2 dager siden
0:36 George Dreams “friend” 😭😭😭😭
ItzMadix 2 dager siden
Boba_ Cookies
Boba_ Cookies 2 dager siden
You speeded friend wrong in George's description, you spelt it friend, it's actually boyfriend. Hope that correction helped!
Jealous_Park 2 dager siden
Air quotes on the *"Friend"* 1 like (to either the video or this) = 1 friend point to GeorgeNotFound
Harmony Student 010 Tzu Chi
Harmony Student 010 Tzu Chi 2 dager siden
Loo goerge like that
Peach_ mxlk_
Peach_ mxlk_ 3 dager siden
Anyone else keep coming back just to see when georges description is *Dream's "Friend"*
İlayda Yetişen
İlayda Yetişen 3 dager siden
Does anyone know where this is from?
İlayda Yetişen
İlayda Yetişen 22 timer siden
@Golden Bacon oh ok lol ty. I thought someone took the clips and reanimated them.
Golden Bacon
Golden Bacon 22 timer siden
this is an original video this is their channel
madison galt
madison galt 3 dager siden
we need episodes of this
Can I get a Uw uw
Can I get a Uw uw 3 dager siden
StOp PlA food
Crazy Corn
Crazy Corn 4 dager siden
Is this really George and Dream?
Perpi 4 dager siden
Yooo, Dream really added 'George - Dreams "friend" 😂
AKplayz 4 dager siden
congrats on 1m subs!
Bautista Causillas
Bautista Causillas 4 dager siden
Dream: Oh so you bought a new pet george! George: Yes! Dream: what is it? George: I adopted a cat! "Cat": Woof Dream: George, that's a dog. George: Oh Sorry it's not my fault having Colorblindness
TheGreat PastaMan
TheGreat PastaMan 4 dager siden
Vip: could I have a tart and caviar? George: *brings a car and a milk carton the size of a dinosaur* Vip: I asked for a tart and caviar.... George: sorry I’m colourblind Vip: sorry I’m SUING
Shark Laptop
Shark Laptop 4 dager siden
Dreams "friend" 💚💙😨
Jamie Rothwell
Jamie Rothwell 4 dager siden
This video is so funny! XD
オレンジキューティーズSimple Tips
オレンジキューティーズSimple Tips 4 dager siden
its the dreams 'fRieNd' for me 0:36
Amciu Zawadzka
Amciu Zawadzka 4 dager siden
Apple vs lasania 🤪
Kelvin Huỳnh
Kelvin Huỳnh 4 dager siden
Is this is a official channel that Dream made ?
RosePlains 4 dager siden
i saw the anamatic
Farhana Fatima
Farhana Fatima 4 dager siden
Is it just me the design looks like mumbo iskall and uh grian's sahara shop?
Sultan hamster hamster
Sultan hamster hamster 5 dager siden
iM cOlOrBliNd tOo
dem 5 dager siden
i kind of wanna watch it
Genyvine Meryence
Genyvine Meryence 5 dager siden
Bruh..George tho😂😂😂😂😂
HunterPlayz 5 dager siden
Pls make a whole series of this lol
Isco _
Isco _ 5 dager siden
Some of those are really good some of them are really bad...this one was a good one
Ibrahiem Miller
Ibrahiem Miller 5 dager siden
just found this channel its very funny
ZeroOverZero 5 dager siden
Like how friend on George’s description is in quotation marks lol
Brooklyn’s Edits
Brooklyn’s Edits 5 dager siden
Can you get me an apple? Ok, here’s lasagna
ALİ KAAN GÜRDOĞAN 5 dager siden
Shadow teal Betancourt
Shadow teal Betancourt 5 dager siden
It’s funny
The Beast
The Beast 5 dager siden
Part 2 pls
limar gaming
limar gaming 5 dager siden
I sub
24k Mxge
24k Mxge 5 dager siden
AWWWWWW I felt bad for George
Fenix 5 dager siden
F in the chat for George 🙏😢
billooned 5 dager siden
Dream he has speedran life 100 times Bbh absolute nothing to see here Gorge uhh color blind
River Michael
River Michael 5 dager siden
Nobody mentioning the fact that for George’s part it says “Dreams “friend”
wznCHARLES HUNEYCUTT 5 dager siden
Wait so he thinks lasagna is a Apple wow maybe George is actually food blind what you mean he's actually not color blind his food behind
Dellfin Willson
Dellfin Willson 6 dager siden
Ai love you dream
Macintosh C84
Macintosh C84 6 dager siden
ItzFrostGamer 6 dager siden
Badboyhalo: george can you get me a apple George: yeah BBH: george this is lasagna George well I didn't know that I'm colorblind BBH: ynduxb wha? Apples are round you moofin head
SpeedingPacman 6 dager siden
*points to a tree* George: LOOK DREAM, ITS A NETHER PORTAL Dream: *sigh* here we go again
Susannah Tussing
Susannah Tussing 6 dager siden
we need more. | V
Magaly Vargas
Magaly Vargas 6 dager siden
are we going to ignore it said “dreams ‘friend’ ”
Magaly Vargas
Magaly Vargas 6 dager siden
For george
Coco cook
Coco cook 6 dager siden
Aww George we love you
FLAMEGAME YT 6 dager siden
**George drives** Hits an old lady George:I was colourblind
Anastasia Slamniuk
Anastasia Slamniuk 6 dager siden
We all know why they called George Dreams "Friend"
The God of Space
The God of Space 6 dager siden
LilyMC 6 dager siden
I thought this channel was to upload clips or something like that... I was wrong
•Honey• 6 dager siden
Song? Lol
Lili Monarch
Lili Monarch 6 dager siden
Yk, Dream said he edits most of his videos. Meaning he most likely edited this one... including the descriptions of !Dream and !George. 🤔
Cheeto The Cheetah
Cheeto The Cheetah 6 dager siden
" dreams "friend" " XDDDDDDDDD
The oofstirs Brothers
The oofstirs Brothers 6 dager siden
Make this a thing
Alicja Soroka
Alicja Soroka 6 dager siden
The_S1moon 6 dager siden
Is he shape blind?
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 6 dager siden
I love you dream😍😘
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 6 dager siden
I love dream
Yo Bro
Yo Bro 6 dager siden
I still dont understand why bad is mad at george as apple looks exactly like a lasagna
DiamondGamer823 7 dager siden
Y’all saw George’s description right? Dreams “friend”
Phoebe McCleary
Phoebe McCleary 7 dager siden
why is George's description Dreams "friend", are they like enemy's or something? I seriously missed something
Hailey Racine
Hailey Racine 7 dager siden
Why it feel like a real reality show though
golden flamezX
golden flamezX 7 dager siden
Its ok george
ItzIrishbutterfly 7 dager siden
Dream: GEORGE! George: what? Dream: LOOK AT THIS! George: what? Dream: ITS SUPPOSED TO BE GREEN George: ... It is green.. Dream: ITS BLUE YOUR NOT EVEN COLORBLIND TO BLUE! The leader of the dream team: Sometimes I think george exaggerated his colorblindness just when it's conveniently Badboyhalo: yeah george last night I ask you to get me an apple and you got me lasagna George: it's not my fault I'm colorblind, okey? Badboyhalo: ITS LASAGNA IT LOOK NOTHING LIKE AN APPLE Dreams "friend": I just don't understand why everyone hates me just because I'm colorblind
Nitin S
Nitin S 7 dager siden
Dream team = Earrape Team
bing ilejay
bing ilejay 7 dager siden
Green Always fits Dreams colour :) and diarrhea is not green it just means that your food went down 2 fast or I could be :o
AshXYZ 7 dager siden
The way he ended the video and George is just like WATCHASAYFOO and walks forward 😂😂
TubboOnBedrockX 7 dager siden
colourblind colourblin colourbli colourbl colourb colour colou colo col co c co col colo colou colour colourb colourbl colourbli colourblin colourblind (before you say that it’s not spelt colourblind I looked it up and it was spelt like that)
Darsana dache
Darsana dache 7 dager siden
We need a part 2...............
The Pokebuddy
The Pokebuddy 8 dager siden
We need a full series of this show
Lourdes Neris
Lourdes Neris 8 dager siden
this should be a real series
Rachel Tracy
Rachel Tracy 8 dager siden
0:36 dreams "friend" so what is it impinging 😏
elham sarmastzada
elham sarmastzada 8 dager siden
Can someone tell me... is George actually colour or actually blind
UnCreative Account
UnCreative Account 8 dager siden
George Dream's " fRiEnD"
•Ally_Roblox• 8 dager siden
Dreams “Friend” All the Dreamnotfound shippers including me ✨: Yea friend 🙄🙄
KimmyKants23 8 dager siden
I love how bad says losonya
Deuteronomia 8 dager siden
Why would BadBoyHalo choose an apple rather than lazagna? 😭
Dale Eastham
Dale Eastham 8 dager siden
Yeah Gogy, Last night I asked you to give me an Apple And you got me A TANK
Why don’t we :D
Why don’t we :D 8 dager siden
The Dream kardashians
Little nameless Gacha
Little nameless Gacha 8 dager siden
Dreams "Friend" ;_;
LilacWolfieLily ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
LilacWolfieLily ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 8 dager siden
George *Dream’s “friend”*
Kawaii_Kat 8 dager siden
BTS ARMY 8 dager siden
Tahsan Zahid
Tahsan Zahid 8 dager siden
Plz we need another episode of this
Clarisse Salarzon
Clarisse Salarzon 8 dager siden
Lasagna is better Dan a apple because its delicious
Joaquin Marcus
Joaquin Marcus 8 dager siden
while the entire dream smp is at war george: builds off cam
Veks 8 dager siden
I want to make this a real thing
XYZ MILITIA GAMER YT 8 dager siden
Its bluzonia it looks nothing like an Apple 😅😅😅😅
aaa randomer
aaa randomer 8 dager siden
Poor george
dan is a rat
dan is a rat 8 dager siden
minecraft but George is blind
Hydryx 8 dager siden
George is blind at this point
Hydryx 8 dager siden
George just doesn’t know what an apple is ok leave him alone
Mr Randomly
Mr Randomly 9 dager siden
My favorite show of all time
Anna Dorokhova
Anna Dorokhova 9 dager siden
George: *Is colorblind* Dream: "And I took that personally"
The Unknown Master Is Me
The Unknown Master Is Me 9 dager siden
Sapnap just sitting there like :|
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