"The players were excellent! We deserved the win" Solskjaer lauds Man Utd stars after PSG victory

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Måned siden

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer reacts to Manchester United's 2-1 victory over Paris Saint-Germain in the French capital.
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BLOXX Måned siden
Mate, when is axel gonna get a proper run in the team, the guy does nothing but impress me more each time I watch him play
Dmitry 777
Dmitry 777 Måned siden
my manager
พีคเคอร์ วาไรตี้
พีคเคอร์ วาไรตี้ Måned siden
This Real United
Erwin Buque
Erwin Buque Måned siden
FReSh JiVE Måned siden
Ole your a joke. No respect in the dressing room. Player running wild. Absolute joke
Kuba Tomasiak
Kuba Tomasiak Måned siden
yet some fans will say he's a pe teacher
James Registe
James Registe Måned siden
louis lim
louis lim Måned siden
no big deal winning PSG via parking the bus and counter attack. I am sure PSG will beat Man United in the return leg
football fan for life
football fan for life Måned siden
If we vs psg put rashford on
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du Måned siden
394th comment
Aaron T
Aaron T Måned siden
special manager
Kelvin Osborne
Kelvin Osborne Måned siden
Gavri saragih
Gavri saragih Måned siden
Who is saying ole out!!!! Fu*CK off..
fore gardens
fore gardens Måned siden
We have to drop Maguire, Tuanzebe is sooooo much better it’s a joke
Jordan de Vries
Jordan de Vries Måned siden
Everyone calls them redbull leipzig.. I see Ole corrected himself here.. Did they change their name?
HS Måned siden
Greenwood Cavani Maguire And diallo lands in jan. 😊
Taufiq Yeasin
Taufiq Yeasin Måned siden
What a foolish foolish man
y1521t21b5 Måned siden
Fair play for this big win. 2 more wins and _ManU_ will advance from a group I thought would bury them...
Arron M
Arron M Måned siden
Surely its time for maguire to get dropped but knowing ole he will let maguire walk straight back in.
Hehd Heheh
Hehd Heheh Måned siden
Ole knows his jobs safe for another 6 months, he buzzin the lad
Israr Nassar
Israr Nassar Måned siden
I feel like they play well in champions league and I’m premier league they don’t play the best.
Arghya Dogra
Arghya Dogra Måned siden
He almost said Red Bull Leipzig.
Jacob Gamer
Jacob Gamer Måned siden
This is why we need Rashford on the pitch against Paris
A R Måned siden
Fred played beautifully today.
David Franck My Swahili channel
David Franck My Swahili channel Måned siden
This time Manchester United came strong
Marlon Campbell
Marlon Campbell Måned siden
Not backing the board, but after seeing Tuanzebe play like that, especially in 1v1 duals with no cover maybe the reason why United never bought a CB. Imagine if he could stay injury free!
KingRohan95 Måned siden
We’res wan-bissaka
GBtha G
GBtha G Måned siden
Let no 1 be deceived this was a fuckn lucky win. utd aren't good and are also inconsistent.
Senai Berhane
Senai Berhane Måned siden
Do ruud gullit what I wore
Ross Noakes
Ross Noakes Måned siden
Tuanzebe should be 1st choice CB
Soumyadeep Roychoudhury
Soumyadeep Roychoudhury Måned siden
Pls dont play maguire against chelsea we want axel and bruno captain😩😩
Trevor Johnstone
Trevor Johnstone Måned siden
Back to a league of Doom Saturday 🤣🤣🤣
320speed Måned siden
If Maguire was on we probably would have lost.
320speed Måned siden
Keep Bruno as Cap.
VKBOSS I Low End PC Gaming
VKBOSS I Low End PC Gaming Måned siden
Great win for Man Utd. The one thing i don't understand though is that ppl say that Ole doesn't have any tactics and then he selects a tactical team and people start moaning about the lineup.
Captain Win
Captain Win Måned siden
Rubbish. Played off the park and got their customary penalty.
Bozack Tbc
Bozack Tbc Måned siden
Ole’s watched Dan Farley, hear him stopping himself from calling Mbape fantastick...Ole at wheel, smeckles.🙂
J U Måned siden
Crystal palace will beat them again
imanishay Måned siden
Neymar and mbappe have taken a early trip back to Manchester for the game at old Trafford. In tuanzebes back pocket 🤣🤣🤣
Pablo Hernandez
Pablo Hernandez Måned siden
Mohammed Samir
Mohammed Samir Måned siden
PSG had an off game today so dont give too much credit to united, however ole did his homework and exposed the backline. Bravo!
Mohammed Samir
Mohammed Samir Måned siden
@ImHereToLacerate true
ImHereToLacerate Måned siden
PSG had 5 of their main players today the rest was B team so i dont understand why they are all acting like they just beat the best team in the world or the strongest 11 side in the world lmao
Mohammed Samir
Mohammed Samir Måned siden
Unpopular Opinion: Keylor Navas performed better today than De Gea
AMR13 Måned siden
7 Gunner
7 Gunner Måned siden
An arsenal fan, im actually happy with this result.... psg will still go through and the p.e teacher keeps his job at utd.... all the premiership clubs will be happy 😂😂😍
Poax Måned siden
Happy in Europa, small club mentality, enjoy Thursday night
Nathan Lhoni
Nathan Lhoni Måned siden
Everybody talking about Ole isn’t the man to take us forward or we should get Poch to take us to the next level but let’s put some respec on his name😤😤 he’s made us genuinely happy for the first time since the Fergie era on multiple occasions n got us 3rd last season after being 6th pretty much the whole year🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ also those 3 semi finals we were unlucky juss narrowly missing out🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ Ole deserves at least the rest of this season n half of the next to make us real title contenders so let’s let him do his job in peace😪😪
Jonathan Johnston
Jonathan Johnston Måned siden
We need more of this not saying it will happen every single time we play but at least keep maguire on the bench for a while until he improves because as soon as he plays again other teams will score again and that's facts!! But well done lads absolutely brilliant game and hopefully we can beat Chelsea and arsenal 🤞🤞
Imran Javed
Imran Javed Måned siden
Vi va la manutd!!
Mecislavs kalva
Mecislavs kalva Måned siden
No harry no problem
Lucareli96 Måned siden
To the rival fans that feel bad about this result, remember it’s games like this that keep ole at the wheel, it’s nothing to worry about tho they’ll blow it later on at some point
Peter Jones
Peter Jones Måned siden
OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE. If only they could play like this all time. First United top ive liked for a long time.
gareth vaughan
gareth vaughan Måned siden
Great performance, need another one at the weekend. Hopefully this will stop the “Ole out” brigade for a few days!
sajid saif
sajid saif Måned siden
Is 10 point enough to qualify from group?
neymaan 11
neymaan 11 Måned siden
Wan bisaka and tuanzebe had 400m in their pockets absolute thieves
Max G
Max G Måned siden
Good for him after all the slagging off he gets. He seems to at least keep the players positive after a few defeats, which is the opposite of what Jose did and other managers done after Ferguson. Look at the final games Utd had last season. Didn't buckle and even got 3rd.
chris barker
chris barker Måned siden
One Love.
WATCH NOFACE Måned siden
Very happy, all the players who had something to prove have stepped up to be counted since spurs game. The international break got fitness levels back and players are responding to the rightful criticism. Special mention for Telles to fit so well I’m straight away same as VDB and Tuanzebe to handle some of the best forwards in world football at his age after a season out shows he is class and ready, let’s keep the consistency now!!
WATCH NOFACE Måned siden
Always wanted Kante, Fred told me I don’t need him.
jessica srivastava
jessica srivastava Måned siden
In Ole I believe!
Janp Teyag
Janp Teyag Måned siden
Why can't Utd play like this all the time.
Jack White
Jack White Måned siden
Mctominay , Fred and Tuanzebe solid tonight. Lampards doing a great job with that 200million Chelsea 😂😂
thefinmeister Måned siden
ole in
Joot Uve
Joot Uve Måned siden
Almost said redbull leipzig at the end lmao checked himself
Gurdita Singh
Gurdita Singh Måned siden
Man United will drop to the Europa league and face Tottenham
M450n5h4rp3 Måned siden
Masterclass from Ole🙌🏽
Feyrra This & That
Feyrra This & That Måned siden
Again 👏👏👏
Zakariah Borenyi
Zakariah Borenyi Måned siden
10 months out and managed to pocket one of the best forwards in Europe...Axel Tuanzebe take a bow! 🔴🔴
RTL Måned siden
The British media treats Solskjaer with such derision and contempt. If this was Lampard they would already be talking about him as one of the greats.
Flame Ryu
Flame Ryu Måned siden
"Next game against Red... Err... Leipzig"😂
Ctrl alt De Ligt
Ctrl alt De Ligt Måned siden
For once he smiles for the right reasons, usually when losing or hearing his house is being vandalised he’d smile about it
Krishanan Merdono
Krishanan Merdono Måned siden
3 things: Tuanzeb, WanBiss and Tactics.
phuntsok namgyal
phuntsok namgyal Måned siden
oisin sammon
oisin sammon Måned siden
I dont know, this game couldve easily went psg way, but deffo looked good for man u
NathanSG Måned siden
Keep Tuanzebe in the team
hammy 08
hammy 08 Måned siden
Wan bissaka had 400million in his pocket
Shivian124 Måned siden
I like his demeanor.
???? Måned siden
Wan bissaka was just quality today
Rilind Ramadani
Rilind Ramadani Måned siden
Needs to start getting more respect
Linden Cross
Linden Cross Måned siden
Keep Bruno as captain.he is a leader
Luqman Yusuf
Luqman Yusuf Måned siden
That's why I support Man United big team who always learn everything with discipline
punisher Jones
punisher Jones Måned siden
Don't forget about the glazers He send a soldier to win a war without a bulletproof jacket and a gun yet the soldier managed to kill some enemies and survive another day but for how long will it last until people says he should go as he cannot defend nor fight an enemy? We should not forget that its Woodward and the glazers that didn't give him a bulletproof jacket and a gun.
havid tukwain
havid tukwain Måned siden
Fantastic ole! Fantastic!
Steve Mellor
Steve Mellor Måned siden
Great result. and really pleased for Ole. On wards and upwards united .
Mark owens
Mark owens Måned siden
Rashford best constraining on playing football than a politician
I’m A Driller
I’m A Driller Måned siden
That 5-2-1-2 formation should be used more often. We were solid from the back and with martial out for cavani, it could be a great attacking force as well
Mo Måned siden
@Frazer Mawson he came on and changed the game yesterday created more chances than anyone on the pitch in 23 mins... 3 chances... got an assist as well
Frazer Mawson
Frazer Mawson Måned siden
@Mo so far this season, we’ve done far better without pogba than with him. He’s very poor atm. Would rather play fred
Ottyz Måned siden
@Mufiz Dhuman! well atleast Cavani has the ability to score more goals and even deadly infront of the post. Unlike Martial who is inconsistent
Mo Måned siden
Nah we need to have more dominance and possession in the midfield... No Pogba no Party. He’s our best player. And we need someone there who can make our team retain possession
Mufiz Dhuman!
Mufiz Dhuman! Måned siden
Cavani is slow we need 2 pacy strikers
NBA2K Swiss
NBA2K Swiss Måned siden
I just love how he wanted to say Red Bull again but paced himself and said Leipzig
kayinamura shema
kayinamura shema Måned siden
Bilal .1
Bilal .1 Måned siden
Is these big games that show big teams what united are really are about they can put on such a big performance that can make teams fear them GGMU💯💯
NBN Harry
NBN Harry Måned siden
Wan bissaka best performance by a mile
B!G P4K Måned siden
Never have I seen a PE teacher pocket 400 million pounds
ChimcharSkill Måned siden
Please don’t call axel a top defender when u won’t use him
Nicholas Jarnot
Nicholas Jarnot Måned siden
media are a bunch of cuck's always hating on united.... ole is doing a great job and the momentum and progress is there for all to see.... bunch of clowns criticizing us... gtfo GGMU :D
F. Jaeger
F. Jaeger Måned siden
PSG will never make a CL final again playing like that. Overrated club.
Nikunj Pasari
Nikunj Pasari Måned siden
What a performance ! United always have the ability to come out on Top from down under !
Ayaan Aslam 09
Ayaan Aslam 09 Måned siden
Put respect on oles name
Uwais_M77 Måned siden
Yoo why is no one talking about lindelof he was SOLID along with all the other midfielders and defenders
Adam Paul
Adam Paul Måned siden
oh i noticed, maguire tbh should be dropped to allow tuanzebe and lindelof game time together cos they were pure class
Quickymart 56
Quickymart 56 Måned siden
Great game
N M Måned siden
I’m Ole out but I give credit where credit is due, he got it absolutely spot on today, fair play to him - the board has set him up for failure & he’s not going out without a fight 👏👏
TJ BEATS Måned siden
Wan-Bissaka emptying his pockets later: Wallet✅ Keys✅ Mbappé✅ ID✅ Phone✅ GGMU🔴🔴🔴Wan-Bissaka emptying his pockets later: Wallet✅ Keys✅ Mbappé✅ ID✅ Phone✅ GGMU🔴🔴🔴
Taylan Måned siden
Trainer .Q
Trainer .Q Måned siden
*F A N T A S T I C*
The Dixie D'Amelio Show with Charli D'Amelio
The Dixie D'Amelio Show with Charli D'Amelio