AMD RX 6900 XT, 6800 XT, & 6800 Specs, Ray Tracing, Price, & Release Date

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AMD today announced specs and details of its new AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT, RX 6800, and RX 6900 XT GPUs, which will respectively compete with the RTX 3080, 3070, and 3090 from NVIDIA.
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AMD's new GPUs will cost $580 for the RX 6800, $650 for the RX 6800 XT, and $1000 for the RX 6900 XT. Our video will cover specs, initial RDNA2 GPU architectural information, and features, but AMD didn't provide prices until the announcement. The prices put the 6800 just above the RTX 3070 in price, the 6800 XT just below the RTX 3080 in price, and the RX 6900 XT way below the RTX 3090 -- by about $500, although it does have less memory. AMD's new GPU release dates put them out before end of year (detailed in video), with new features like "Rage Mode," Smart Access Memory (SAM), and Infinity Cache up for initial explanation in this content. We expect additional RDNA2 architecture information sometime soon and got an overview of the basics today. AMD compatibility with existing ray tracing implementations (based on DXR 1.0 and DXR 1.1) also came up in the news, as NVIDIA has established itself as somewhat of an incumbent with RTX.
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00:00 - AMD Returns to Challenge NVIDIA
01:26 - AMD RX 6800, 6800 XT, & 6900 XT Specs
07:43 - Infinity Cache, Memory, “Rage Mode,” & Architecture Changes
14:03 - AMD Ray Tracing (DXR) Support & RTX Compatibility
19:18 - AMD First-Party Performance Claims
21:35 - Conclusion

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Editorial, Host: Steve Burke
Video: Keegan Gallick

Gamers Nexus
Gamers Nexus Måned siden
Grab a GN Modmat, Mouse Mat, or more: AMD's new GPUs will cost $580 for the RX 6800, $650 for the RX 6800 XT, and $1000 for the RX 6900 XT. AMD's decision to enable its over-power and SAM now make sense on the RX 6800, since it's $80 higher than the 3070. The 6800 XT pricing is the strongest here; although the 6900 XT is significantly cheaper than the 3090, it looks like the best overall value will remain the 6800 XT (in terms of diminishing returns past that price point), and the 3090 does maintain a significant memory capacity advantage for 3D artists. The 6800 XT seems like the strongest positioning of these GPUs, strictly from what we know so far. Watch our RTX 3070 review to get caught-up on the NVIDIA latest launches:
rediornot 13 dager siden
thanks steve. As ususal full info and precise. I think the prices are awesome.
OfficialSeany 25 dager siden
@Scoot The Green Ducc how about the 6800 xt?
W8 28 dager siden
That's way too much... AMD is crazy if they think people will pay that kind of money in this pandemic recession. So much for AMD being he budget friendly alternative.
That guy from that game
That guy from that game Måned siden
@Scoot The Green Ducc I think no "top of the line" card woth it. They're strong, but too expensive.
Yung Blood
Yung Blood Måned siden
@Spacebargamer As atm 3090 is still the faste Gpu. But price ler performance wise, RX 6800 RT is an absolute killer - faster than 3080 and comes with 16GB vram.
D Grm
D Grm 6 dager siden
Please test the HDMI audio of the 6000 series to see if it still has the HDMI defect that the 5000 series has. In case you are wondering what i am talking about. google 5000 series HDMI audio issue or search the AMD forum for same terms. You will get thousands of hit because AMD has basically ignored this issue. All 5000 series chips stutter HDMI audio.
zimalin 7 dager siden
Which will be better for 1440p gaming? The 6800 xt or the 6900 xt?
Dmytro Picky
Dmytro Picky 8 dager siden
galium as thermal interface? a disaster incomming
Gabriyel Aleksandr
Gabriyel Aleksandr 10 dager siden
Really??? Clearly its a great time to do it? Do what? Watch toobers yap about video cards that are non-existent? I am down voting every video, from every toober that enthuses about graphics cards or cpus until they are available. SHUT UP, quit trying to sell this vaporware, and get bent.
Shaan Toor
Shaan Toor 10 dager siden
> help the cat escape (part 2) move in 1st pov (it's accurate this time) ______________ 🐱-> | ________ | | | | | ________ 🔑 | key | ______________|
William Vaughan
William Vaughan 11 dager siden
NVIDIA doesn't have much to worry about because I can hardly find a 5700xt in stock much less in a reference blower design like I want.
juan esclapes
juan esclapes 11 dager siden
Navi RX 6800 XT( Cyberpunk 2077)😘😘😘😘😘😘
pixartist 11 dager siden
DLSS 2.0 has a generic approach and does not need game-specific training
Democrat Critic
Democrat Critic 12 dager siden
where can i buy 1 of 6900xt i want to make sure i have 1
gamerrss hays
gamerrss hays 13 dager siden
amd fix your driver first before release these cards my 5700xt is nothing but crashfest and green screen
Q8 Tech تقنية الكويت
Q8 Tech تقنية الكويت 13 dager siden
The questions 1- you buy the GPU or they gave you free 2- what the date you will be able to show us review and benchmark? 3- answer me 4- answer me
Frank Nord
Frank Nord 14 dager siden
Thanks for making a nice non-clickbait Video.
Gunther Wolfgang
Gunther Wolfgang 15 dager siden
2020 is the year i wave goodbye to intel and nvidia and welcome amd back into my home
Gino Foogle
Gino Foogle 15 dager siden
We all know AMD is going to bring out a more budget friendly version of the rdna 2 chips in Q1 or Q2 2021.. no point spending more than 500 bucks just yet..
hyou zan ren
hyou zan ren 16 dager siden
Release "rage mode" T-Shirt!!!
marius mustermann
marius mustermann 17 dager siden
cant say im excited about 579$ founders edition gpus (or 499$ with nvidia)
Mi Shell
Mi Shell 17 dager siden
It is important to note that the 6000 series GPU from AMD will require a 5000 AMD CPU to use infinity cache and thus will be behind in a lot of setups.
J M 17 dager siden
And is it worth to buy 5700 XT today ?
Yaala Askoul
Yaala Askoul 18 dager siden
So does this mean you do recommend rx6800xt over the rtx 3080 ? I really want to know which one to buy :(
ANDREW STOUT 19 dager siden
Boy leave it to AMD to make High Power consumption a 'feature', while NVDA is a sucker and just gets pelted for highish power consumption this gen.
MadIIMike 19 dager siden
I wonder if Rage Mode will get called Fury Mode at some point.
Turo Cuhz
Turo Cuhz 19 dager siden
When will GN be able to put reviews on the new AMD cards?
Sam Wallace
Sam Wallace 19 dager siden
Yo yo Jensen has a hot one in the Oven Yet he sold us all out to the scalpers coven...****insert beatbox Want a new card with a wallet full of money Go broke ...sell ya that's shits funny. Checked Amazon Best Buy and Adorama Nothing left to do but cry to my mama With a twinge of hope for a big Navi Making some scalper feel a bit savvy Thinking..."we gonna put the bots to play That way the lil gamers wont have their day. You may get lucky and add to cart But shitty designed websites will break your heart......2020 and Techs gonna kill you...oooohhhhh oh yeah yeah......peace out homies good luck on the 18th =)
freethinker4liberty 19 dager siden
So, I have to decide between upgrading from 3600x to 5600x plus 6800, or keep 3600x and get the 3800xt. After selling 3600x should be around the same budget. On an Asus x570 pro on 1440p 144hz monitor. Ideas?
vespaman0 19 dager siden
Radeon... a lesson that sometimes u gotta RX 480... before u can RX 6900xt. I loved my old RX 480 gpu.
RealSteveEyes 20 dager siden
Would the 6800xt be good for video editing?
Takkion 21 dag siden
I want to buy the new AMD GPUs just for RAGE MODE!
Takkion 21 dag siden
*R A G E M O D E!*
FU W 21 dag siden
Nvidia: You can't compete with the 3000 series too, what about our marketsharorinos!!! AMD: Haha RX 6000s go RRR
xpyr 22 dager siden
Whenever I hear rage mode, I think of the video game primal rage that said rage before every fight.
john smith
john smith 22 dager siden
Can we use amd 6900xt with 3970x
alex f
alex f 22 dager siden
Yeah, good time to upgrade for all PC users, especially if you are a bit patient, so enjoy everyone. In about a year or two, if AMD remains in the lead, price gouging and slow paced progress between the releases will creep in and i fear we will have years of upgrading for 10% more performance between hardware generations, just like nvdia and intel did in the last 10 years, so boys and girls, get what you can in 2021 because i predict stagnation for the next few years after that. Also pray that all that fancy hardware in the 6xxx series gets usable drivers for a change, although AMD has a bad track record.
OprahsKankles 22 dager siden
"In case you might have skipped a generation or are new to this" .. great of you to consider that. After i do a new build i fall off the tech bandwagon completely, then get back on when it comes time to upgrading.. then again a lot of folks probably do that haha.
Illyasviel von Einzbern
Illyasviel von Einzbern 24 dager siden
My man, please, never change for the worse. Keep it straight, no clickbait, straight to the point, dry humor, no bullshit. You're the best reviewer.
SixKillerLV 24 dager siden
Thank you. All go so hype on NOpost about AMDs "ray tracing" and your channel is only one who explain it how it is in real life.
Zan Jayna
Zan Jayna 25 dager siden
I remember a shooter game called RAGE which I think came free with an ATI video card.. Am I old..?
Young JP
Young JP 25 dager siden
23:58 I purchased an RX 5700 in December 2019 and returned it due to driver issues. 3 months later, I got an open box 5600XT for $240. Haven't had any driver issues I can think of.
Adam B
Adam B 25 dager siden
Wondering if the AMD cards will support DP 2.0
Kababalax 26 dager siden
So with "Rage mode" switched on, I wonder how their perf/W scores look then?!
anonymous Citizen
anonymous Citizen 26 dager siden
I can tell it was a struggle to talk about the amd 6800 and 6900's seeing anything positive goes against Nvidia and we don't want to advertise anything that could hurt team green.
Ethem Öztürk
Ethem Öztürk 26 dager siden
Etherum mining 😄
Jason Chui
Jason Chui 26 dager siden
pulls out my old ATI 3D RAGE card*...*gives AMD a nod of approval
Uways Shakoor
Uways Shakoor 26 dager siden
This is what the world needs to head into the future of graphics. I feel like this kind of competition is a decade overdue but it’s here finally! Graphics should now start to head to the ultimate experience. VR will also see great jumps. Excited to see where we’ll be decade from now in the GPU/graphics world.
Andreas Jonsson
Andreas Jonsson 26 dager siden
300 watts. Jesus effing christ. Seems both teams have given up on the whole "efficiency"-thang, which makes some sense since better cooling and bigger PSU's are the norm nowadays.
Tony Geddes
Tony Geddes 26 dager siden
NVIDIA - Here’s the 3070S !
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud 27 dager siden
Meh - I had a 6800 back in '79.
kalef1234 27 dager siden
it's ight, AMD's GPU will be gone for 2 months as well
samgao 27 dager siden
I wonder where AMD is getting their Doom Eternal Numbers from the i9-10900K w/ 3080FE run Doom Eternal Vulkan at average of over 160FPS which is a 15% deficit to the 3080. At 50 bucks more expensive, I'll bank on the 3080.
Dan 27 dager siden
MiKoniK 27 dager siden
what is that t-shirt Steve?
dmode305 27 dager siden
Happy Halloween! Tune in at 7:30AM PT for a very spooky edition of Devs Reacting to H1pp0_'s Blair Witch speedrun! >>>
Chloe Dorothy
Chloe Dorothy 27 dager siden
I do hope "Rage Mode" is a homage to ATI's Rage branding.
komplete mess
komplete mess 27 dager siden
ImpMontezuma 28 dager siden
Video card manufacturers running against the clock and fighting for consumers that will update the pc to play cyberpunk. Be careful, because when a manufacturer rush a product, the final result is not always good.
Kevin 28 dager siden
wasn't super-resolution available in the past too? As weird as it sounds, I can push 1440p pixel density on my 1080p monitor, IMO, provides better image quality than running AA or AF maxed out at 1080p. I've done this with my old 290X, and Vega 64.
CptJistuce 26 dager siden
In the past you rendered a high resolution and downsampled to the output resolution for supersampling. The new misfeature does the opposite: render at a lower resolution and upsample to the output resolution "but with AI so it looks more betterer". DLSS/super-resolution is stupid.
ANDREW STOUT 28 dager siden
You BEST be Boiling AMD if they claim RT and only have certain , qualified, compatibility & performance. If you only lash the leaders for leading, you won't get any leading.
William Helena
William Helena 28 dager siden
*gently tucks hair behind left ear*
John Smith
John Smith 28 dager siden
Love the "rage mode" banner flying across the stream each time lol
TL BC 28 dager siden
My power supply has a 8 pin and a 6 pin😬🙄
Gr3gor 28 dager siden
I only hope that it will be in stock
Davi w1p30ut3r
Davi w1p30ut3r 28 dager siden
I wanna know what is better for video editing and after effects... 3080 or 6800 xt... Thats is my becnhmark!
85Damix 28 dager siden
how about deep learning
Ryanizor 28 dager siden
Ryanizor 28 dager siden
thank you baby you are so smart
M Drizzle
M Drizzle 28 dager siden
Last 3 ... Vega 56/64..then Radeon VII ...then 5700XT ... all leaked hyped to kill the top nvidia card, they release top end card that perform mid-range nvidia... ---every time---.. whats the "difference" now...HBM2 in theory still makes even GDDR6X look bad.. but garbage implementation... Vega 64 competes with 1080ti Radeon VII competes with 2080Ti "Big Navi" to compete with 2080Ti Big Navi 2 to compete with 3080... Kinda dont care until the card actually ships and test.... cuz gpu division ... amd just lies after lies...same "leaks" showing better, once released....junk....sad....
Pixel Dust
Pixel Dust 28 dager siden
Finally, a maker pulling all of its hardware into a synchronous whole. Next, Intel buys Nvidia.
Craig Milsom
Craig Milsom 28 dager siden
After the attempted purchase of a 3080/3070 , ill attempt a 6800xt but not holding my breath
Nakatomi Uk
Nakatomi Uk 28 dager siden
The drivers are one issue they need to sort out considering they were supposed to have done just that a while back think they told Steve directly about it
Ph42oN 28 dager siden
Im disappointed for no 6700.
James. T Russworm
James. T Russworm 28 dager siden
Oh man this guy is high again.. I’m concerned his drug use, specifically inhalants (paint thinner) has gotten out of control. You notice he pulls some of his hair across his nose, it’s because it’s soaked in chemicals and he’s having a quick sniff. Here he is HIGH AS GAS
Max Cantu
Max Cantu 28 dager siden
I'm concerned that you keep watching gn videos even though you type how much you don't like them. Is everything ok at home?
Saintheart Knights
Saintheart Knights 28 dager siden
6800 comparable to 3070?
Zer0 Cool
Zer0 Cool 28 dager siden
AMD showcase compared the base 6800 to the 2080 which is around the same performance as 3070 The 6800 did slightly better or matched the 2080 U also have to consider that amd can synergise with the cpu and gpu to get more performance
Azenis Newgate
Azenis Newgate 28 dager siden
Useless, RX 6000 series do not support Linux easly. DirectX12 and new Software too. But I think they are not strong enough in year 2025. I am waiting for 3 nm or 1,4 nm transistor that would be 3x faster than rx 6000 series. Ok, my old GPU rx 5700 stays with me that is enough for 1080p 144Hz until 10 years. No waste of money.
Ezzxe22 29 dager siden
Steve pls get some conditioner and maybe some mask to that fabulous hair of yours, will do wonders.
Jarek Burford
Jarek Burford 29 dager siden
Johny Ferreira
Johny Ferreira 29 dager siden
Do you have a channel on lbry? Please share!
chris blanchard
chris blanchard 29 dager siden
Dude, I love your content so don't take this the wrong way. When you're coming up on a chart that no one has seen before please slow down a bit. I constantly have to pause your videos to understand what I'm looking at while you're plowing ahead to the next two topics. When I see your video is 24 minutes long, I automatically know it's going to take me 34 minutes to pause/parse the data. If really wanted to do that I'd read a static page of words and graphs, ya know? I really do appreciate your expedience but I don't feel that this is really an interactive medium in such a way to cause that. It always feels like you're rushing to cram 45 minutes into a 25 minute sack. I feel like your technical aptitude and likeability would be more fitting to a bit longer video that doesn't seemed so rushed. Slow down a bit. Treat it like your livestreams where you're having fun. Just my $0.02.
Dan The Man
Dan The Man 29 dager siden
DXR - is microsoft DirectX Raytracing...not AMD specific.
TwitchPid 29 dager siden
According to the 5700, we are going to be seeing 6900 reviews on these things.
Billy Bankai
Billy Bankai 29 dager siden
i found pretty much a rip off that it would perform better with a certain cpu than another ... or i got someting wrong ?!?!
Zeifle Maroon
Zeifle Maroon 29 dager siden
Any thoughts on the fact that AMD has revealed potentially very weak ray-tracing performance in addition to still not having really began the development of a DLSS alternative? A lot of people still think AMD is being competitive but if the early Watch Dogs: Legion benchmarks are any indication on the RTX side barely getting passable performance even on the RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 the lack of comparable ray-tracing performance and even worse a lack of DLSS raises some serious concerns about whether or not AMD is actually going to be even remotely competitive going forward until they at least get a DLSS-like solution.
Lumiobyte 29 dager siden
Ayeeh *Keegan Gallick* NoicC vid
Alvi Amin
Alvi Amin 29 dager siden
Can I run an R5 3600 and an RX 6800XT with a CX550 psu? planning to buy the cpu and gpu combo. Currently I own a CX550
Alvi Amin
Alvi Amin 29 dager siden
Planning to run both the parts at stock or undervolt if necessary
TGF 29 dager siden
Should we add hopper support for crafting tables for the peaceful series?
Dan W
Dan W 29 dager siden
Does AMD's RX 6800XT have an answer to RTX IO and how does it compare?
Henry D
Henry D 29 dager siden
These new Radeon should be renamed Ryzeon !
ChaosHusky 29 dager siden
Hold up...performance will improve if paired with an AMD CPU platform? Hmm...that seems familiar.. Can people start hating AMD again now please? Not only do they also have vulnerabilities and surprising failure rates, they do dirty tactics like that?! Guess I won't be switching back to Radeon after all then.. I'll stick with Intel and nVidia, thanks!
Motoryzen 29 dager siden
You sound just like those brain dead people who refuse to calm down and actually critically think before jumping to conclusions. Good..don't switch to AMD...better chance of me getting a 6900xt and 5900x combo anyways.
Martin Houlton
Martin Houlton 29 dager siden
"Rage Mode" sounds like it could be compareable to JayzTwoCents' "i-Fixit". It needs a spececial sound-effect.
mjc0961 29 dager siden
"RAGE MODE" is what I enter after installing a new AMD graphics card and finding out that the drivers suck and half my applications now have graphical issues.
Paulo Miranda
Paulo Miranda 29 dager siden
I'd say Rage mode is some kind of an homage to the ATI Rage graphics cards.
Robert R
Robert R 29 dager siden
pulls out my old ATI 3D RAGE card*...*gives AMD a nod of approval
Starfals 29 dager siden
This is a great time to be an AMD fan and competition in general :) Great GPU plus amazing CPU? Finally, we can have a full AMD build. Considering how anything except Nvidia and Intel a few years ago was considered crazy.. (when it comes to building computers) AMD really is doing great. Hot damn. I never thought id see the day.
Thomas Jensen
Thomas Jensen 25 dager siden
Plus we can avoid nvidias stupid gsync shit
Michael Keeney
Michael Keeney 29 dager siden
If I read one more rage comment, I'm done for life.
Dimitris Kepenos
Dimitris Kepenos 29 dager siden
This generation of AMD cards seems to be interesting.
Hirato Kirata
Hirato Kirata 29 dager siden
All I want for Christmas, is a working FLR in the new generation of cards. Kind of silly that they depend on a BACO that can't execute because the card is completely frozen most of the time (hence the black screens people get).
Jeremy Collazo
Jeremy Collazo 29 dager siden
If you get this comment, look into Sapphire's official website! The cards they show are the reference cards shown in the 6000 series GPU unveiling, meaning that they will have access to TrixX Boost!! This render resolution scaling, combined with RIS + FidelityFX is going to not only be available, but be on par with DLSS, and available at a RESOLUTION level, not just in supported games like DLSS, but in EVERY game!!! P.S. TrixX Boost ver. 7.3 adds support for ALL SAPPHIRE Brand cards.
Mark Malewski
Mark Malewski 29 dager siden
NVIDIA be like... #RDNA2 #RX6900XT #AMD #WhippingUs Here is a visual:
Vicks Vaporub
Vicks Vaporub 29 dager siden
Nvidia driver : Vin Diesel AMD driver : Mr. Bean's 3-wheeled blue car driver
Kasper D
Kasper D Måned siden
After 10minutes i haven't heard one single thing I, as a normal person, can use for anything.... Is it better than RTX 3090 or not -.-
PHOENIXSUB707 Måned siden
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