I figured out how to make Crystal Wings

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Bobby Duke Arts

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If you haven't seen it, watch Part 1 (the one before part3)
song used at the end: Lorn - Acid Rain (Metal Version) || @ArtificialFear
Dumb Outro: @qbeeoy
Big thank you to @jimmydiresta for all the advice on mold making. love you brother.
Also, hat was from @Berried Alive go check out them out!
I'm too tired to write anymore, (been up all night editing), I'll finish this description when I wake up. Love you guys.
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Bobby Duke Arts
Bobby Duke Arts Måned siden
Yaaaaaaaay, I didn't break it this time!
Peachy bqbe
Peachy bqbe Dag siden
what's the song title at 12:22???
Celestial LOLipop
Celestial LOLipop 8 dager siden
Starneix 8 dager siden
Grace Hargett
Grace Hargett 11 dager siden
Watching you make art makes me want to do art as well, U always motivated me to draw Bobby, Thank you😁💕👌
Penny Lightfoot
Penny Lightfoot 14 dager siden
@L3br0n J4m3z you accidentally replied to me sir
Kamui Shiro
Kamui Shiro 12 minutter siden
I can't be the only one that thinks the wing looked best at 5:30
Shirin Nisa
Shirin Nisa 3 timer siden
hüseyin kerem erden
hüseyin kerem erden 3 timer siden
I'm scared because this is super complicated and i've never done this before and i've spent hundreds of hours on this piece and i might mess up but you know what no i won't mess up and you know why because i'm Bobby Duke Arts. *non copyrighted cool music intensifies* -Famous last words and music from Bobby Duke Arts
백희102 3 timer siden
I found a new channel that I am going to love
Called2Rise A Warrior Cross2Courage!
Called2Rise A Warrior Cross2Courage! 4 timer siden
I want a pair of Wings Love it this is Awesome
Jasmine Harper
Jasmine Harper 9 timer siden
I can’t imagine how much this piece must cost, it’s just beautiful. Thank you for recording the process. I love it!
Michelle Wilson
Michelle Wilson 11 timer siden
Your beautiful.
SwankeyMonkey 11 timer siden
16:15 Why did I get Trypophobic-like heebie geebies seeing this?
Marchenprince 94
Marchenprince 94 12 timer siden
This is so cool and I saw that it's a how to video and I was like cool maybe I can make crystal wings. then I watched it and I'm like ha I do not have the patience or the time to do this at all. they are beautiful though.
ronnie quimod
ronnie quimod 12 timer siden
I really loved it
memoryroad626 13 timer siden
me trying to sleep at 3am: my brain: THIS VIDEO
live EZ
live EZ 15 timer siden
Last one in the sun light better
Sá Réèna
Sá Réèna 19 timer siden
Amy Wolf
Amy Wolf 19 timer siden
please tell me i can buy one of these!!! i need one in my life!!!!private message me please
SHARON ANNE 19 timer siden
Love your humour lmfao
SHARON ANNE 19 timer siden
Gorgeous I'm in AWE
SHARON ANNE 19 timer siden
Awww I'm not on Twitter 😥
Przemysław Jakubczak
Przemysław Jakubczak 19 timer siden
Copeecat 19 timer siden
The sculpture: deep, beautiful and depressing The sculptor: this guy
Amy Mumma
Amy Mumma 19 timer siden
This art peace : gets mass manufacturing goes on sale. Me : I’ll take your entire Stock
bluebelllove123 21 time siden
First time on your channel. 1) this piece is absolutely astounding 2) you are super funny 3) I have subscribed!
Creeper Gamer
Creeper Gamer 21 time siden
Hi it's creeper gamer here I just thought I'd let you know that I think noodles would like you to make a of wooden golden of roblox is that you of some sort so I was thinking if you wanna done some sort of thing like that for him for your video
Oliver's Adventures
Oliver's Adventures 22 timer siden
You’re making it kind of like a skeleton
I breathed
I breathed Dag siden
so cool!
Duke the DEMON
Duke the DEMON Dag siden
(yes I posted another comment sorry °^°) Me: *trying to do anything* Me(again): *watches this* -le gasp- You: *breathes* Me(yet again): "what a god" -le cry-
Duke the DEMON
Duke the DEMON Dag siden
At the store: *SMAK* "sorry :( "
Dror Eldar
Dror Eldar Dag siden
I loved your shirt with the artists as ninja turtles. Where to buy it?
C B Dag siden
I was expecting an interesting build. I did not expect the comedy. You are fuckin hilarious!
Sarah Allgood
Sarah Allgood Dag siden
your hard to find Mr 💔
TicoMachi Dag siden
17:57 bug on base.
Miku Official !
Miku Official ! Dag siden
Where can I get the shirt at the end
Stephanie Wingard
Stephanie Wingard Dag siden
Those wings... so beautiful!!
ProtoGen The furry
ProtoGen The furry Dag siden
**in intro** Doc from back into he future* Today we are making Pair of wings
Lovell Mendez
Lovell Mendez Dag siden
What's the instrumental song that was used during the showing of the wings
marxianamarx Dag siden
ke belleza! y mucho laburo
Elamontel Dag siden
It looks amazing, but I really wish you had only made the first layer of feathers clear. I think that would have looked awesome.
astralno1s Dag siden
I've worked on epoxy floors in the last job, you get bubbles because when you mix two components, you mix too fast, when you mix the mixer you wait a few seconds and gently move in a circle to eject each bubble, the slower you mix with mixing in one direction only, no bubble must appear, otherwise the mixer cuts it into small parts that can hardly be seen at first, then while standing, the small bubbles merge and bubbles appear as in this video. Sculptures when made of epoxy, it is desirable to mix by hand and the same only counterclockwise, it has to do with some physics itself so as not to create a bubble XD :-). Next time you do something similar, I would advise you to mix by hand, of course not by hand but with some round tool ;-) put the hardener (evaporator) less by 5% (dries slower, has time to tighten finer :-) say the trick of the old masters ) and after stirring let stand 20 min. Plus, in this video, like beer when you pour into a mug, you tilt the mold so that no bubble forms in the epoxy, lightly ;-) Support and every honor on the creation PS: Mixing manually as long as possible (minimum 15 min, no jokes)
Kamrul Ahsan Kamran
Kamrul Ahsan Kamran 2 dager siden
WOW i am just in love with it just WOW
Rishab Vasagam
Rishab Vasagam 2 dager siden
Is that an secret Easter egg at 7:35
Rishab Vasagam
Rishab Vasagam 2 dager siden
Just why!? 🤦‍♂️ 3:03
NOOB BRAWLER 2 dager siden
He's a talented idiot🤣 Love ur videos love from INDIA
Devon Edick
Devon Edick 2 dager siden
You should buy the latex hand so you don’t have to meet it again. Also... it may come in “hand”-y. ;D
Nisha Singh
Nisha Singh 2 dager siden
Hats off to patience and dedication
Joanne Schempp
Joanne Schempp 2 dager siden
What was the plastic wrap on wings for?
Kayla Bellamy
Kayla Bellamy 2 dager siden
fucking beautiful
ꨄ Saphalio ꨄ
ꨄ Saphalio ꨄ 2 dager siden
7:23 fly with a Santa hat 7:35 8:07, that’s great 8:23 👌🏻👌🏻 8:30 8:46
Lauren Loertscher
Lauren Loertscher 2 dager siden
This guy is giving me strong Micarah Tewers vibes.
Horizon 10
Horizon 10 2 dager siden
"I think it's going the distance that makes the difference" - Bobby Duke 2020
chief 117
chief 117 2 dager siden
Your pretty
Bruno Ramirez Ramirez
Bruno Ramirez Ramirez 2 dager siden
The result moved me incredibly...I loved it...
Wolf Silicon
Wolf Silicon 2 dager siden
who else caught that the angel+the cathedral+the fire+the wings+the scary chase= a nod to the famous song/video by Morbid Angel?
Laura THANG 2 dager siden
absolutely stunning
B Bare
B Bare 2 dager siden
You are very annoying, pretty fun and extremely talented! Because we have the same name I can't really hate too much on the annoying part. Glad I found you on the Tube!
Celine Elvan
Celine Elvan 2 dager siden
I would give you a billion likes if I could!!!
陳于傑 2 dager siden
DAN TheDiamondFan
DAN TheDiamondFan 2 dager siden
POV:You are Bobby and realise you can spell dukey with all of ur name :(
Dawn Piker
Dawn Piker 2 dager siden
Love the joking around.... I am an artist as well so I know how inspiration works .... this piece!!! Sadly Beautiful!!! 🥰🥰🥰 I have never had a sculpture grab ma heart and emotions and SQUEEZE TIL MA FACE LEAKED!!!! Thank you so much for sharing !!! Phenomenal sculpture!!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Dawn Piker
Dawn Piker 2 dager siden
Wings.... I need wings lol
Om3ga G4ming
Om3ga G4ming 3 dager siden
I got vibes from watching this😂
Sumbal Nayyab
Sumbal Nayyab 3 dager siden
This was so educational and entertaining
Anna Delport
Anna Delport 3 dager siden
This is the first time I've watched one of your videos. What an emotional rollercoaster.
John Corbin
John Corbin 3 dager siden
`going the distance that makes the difrence`
alittledisciple 3 dager siden
it's videos like this that remind me that humans can do absolutely anything they put their minds to... a passion. and be absolutely themselves and be happy with that too Shoutout to Micarah Tewers
Milie Pielie
Milie Pielie 3 dager siden
So cool! Wish i was able to make something like this. I would have only made the feathers clear and leave the rest matte
Pink Magic Ali
Pink Magic Ali 3 dager siden
Makes me think of the series Lucifer. It's stunning! Super, epically sad because I live in Sydney. :'(
joshatron awsome
joshatron awsome 3 dager siden
If any one is wondering the song at 17:05 is called nocternal waltz by Johannes bornlof. (don't know if someone already said this)
Janice Henry
Janice Henry 3 dager siden
WOW absolutely gorgeous .!!!!!!Sooooo Much more than I expected.!!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰💓💓💓💓💓💓👁👁💥💥💥
Frostedtatts The Artist
Frostedtatts The Artist 3 dager siden
This is 😶 stupidity and multi talented at its finest its funny asf😂 bt im learning😎 great job!
qoɔɐuos 3 dager siden
love this yes WIN i really hope that the people who one got them they are fantastic
anthony r.
anthony r. 3 dager siden
First time leaving a comment, this is probably the dopest project yet. I didn't think the wood sculpture would go great but once I could see the wood pattern come thru, I was all in... very cool and worth the hours.
HL Dixon
HL Dixon 3 dager siden
why does that hair remind me of dabi
Tyra Page
Tyra Page 3 dager siden
I’m crying. That was breathtaking. Thank you.
Hailey Hjerpi
Hailey Hjerpi 3 dager siden
You can quote me on that. - Bobby Duke arts, Oct 17, 2020
Huda Masri
Huda Masri 3 dager siden
Your videos always make me happy Bobby 😭
Krin 3 dager siden
Lmao the song at 7:00 didn't expect to hear that here
joshatron awsome
joshatron awsome 3 dager siden
Could you tell me how to find it. I've been looking for a bit and found nothing.
Maya Grafmuller
Maya Grafmuller 3 dager siden
Whoa, so beautiful it made me tear up... wasn't expecting that.
Maya Grafmuller
Maya Grafmuller 3 dager siden
OMG I just found you and love your style of content.
Eva Cao
Eva Cao 3 dager siden
Love how dramatic he is🤣🤣🤣
Whitney Kimpinski
Whitney Kimpinski 3 dager siden
“You’re pretty”
Mais König
Mais König 3 dager siden
At the First it looks like Chicken Wings 😂
MT Creations
MT Creations 3 dager siden
Breathtaking! Where is the original 'Entropy of the Soul' displayed?
Mayonnaise on bread
Mayonnaise on bread 3 dager siden
i think the reason bobby would die in a horror movie, is because he used this sculpture as a flash light.
Vivek Gawande
Vivek Gawande 4 dager siden
Oh my god.....no words for its beauty ❤️
Linda Opland
Linda Opland 4 dager siden
OMG!!!!! Amaizing truly a work of art!
Unnati Raj
Unnati Raj 4 dager siden
This is so.. beautiful
Lazy Kitten
Lazy Kitten 4 dager siden
3:04 chicken wing chicken wing
Oceania 4 dager siden
3:28 can we take a moment to praise his shirt
ZephyteRBLX 4 dager siden
never heard of this guy until today, so happy ive watched this dude, hes so funny
J. Lucas
J. Lucas 4 dager siden
Just wow! Such a masterpiece!
b Anne
b Anne 4 dager siden
This wings are so beautiful that makes the statue cry... I am crying TOO! "I'm so lucky and blessed to hold such wings!" *sob*
Phosphophylite the Lustrous
Phosphophylite the Lustrous 4 dager siden
That's beautiful 🤧
Tristan Tropea
Tristan Tropea 4 dager siden
When he was putting on the clay........
Chloe Miller
Chloe Miller 4 dager siden
oh my god i would buy this for 100000000000000000000000000000000 dollars
Mardee Grammy
Mardee Grammy 4 dager siden
OMG! I'm so excited to find someone that is just as wacko as I am when it comes to doing your detailing work!!! I can't even allow a tiny speck of white, the size of a grain of sugar maybe, to be left in my painted sculptures. If I see it, then someone else might see it. Detail, detail detail, makes an art project come to life, It's a live, it's a live!!! Anywho, knowing how many hours you put into it, how much do you sell it for? How much do you figure it is per hour. You can email me this answer if you like. But love your work. Great grammy!
No Body
No Body 4 dager siden
I would love to Work with resin .. Amazinggghhh beautiful piece♡
Adair Ulloa
Adair Ulloa 4 dager siden
but whatever this project is amazing :)
Adair Ulloa
Adair Ulloa 4 dager siden
i dont have twitter :(
Yvette Phifer
Yvette Phifer 4 dager siden
I forgot.... You are HYSTERICAL!!!
Yvette Phifer
Yvette Phifer 4 dager siden
That was amazing! You are amazing!!! And so patient!!!
SWAG Masternim
SWAG Masternim 4 dager siden
I kinda wonder if this can be used to make wings to wear. If it does, I really think it will be so beautiful.
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