Opening a £5000 VINTAGE Pokemon Box with Zerkaa and Behzinga! *WINNER KEEPS THE CARDS*

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Randolph Pokemon

Måned siden

Today we open an INSANE Team Rocket Pokemon Booster Box! Josh and I split this box in an epic vintage pack battle. Who will win?!
My Card Store:
Thanks to @Zerkaa and @Behzinga
How I grade my PSA Pokemon cards:
Video uploaded by Randolph/Randolph Games
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Randolph Måned siden
Who’s gonna win the pack battle? Big Randy or Josh 👀
David Måned siden
big josher fam
Angel Måned siden
Little randy will win
Aidan Correa
Aidan Correa Måned siden
Yes !
kirin Shimido
kirin Shimido Måned siden
Btw Logan pauls packs were fake
wastedUfast Måned siden
The cards they get supper excited about are like 250$
Banana juice
Banana juice 7 dager siden
Cool vid pls do more
Sphitx 8 dager siden
He doesn’t even know each of those ponyta’s are worth 300 dollars each?
Tall Afro
Tall Afro 8 dager siden
I don't know much about Pokémon, but I can't not subscribe to randy
yoyo 101
yoyo 101 9 dager siden
Randolph should get a better lighting
Demonic Deception
Demonic Deception 9 dager siden
Demonic Deception
Demonic Deception 9 dager siden
why dont they let the other guy open any?
BayleyT 13702
BayleyT 13702 13 dager siden
20:43 thought it was Harry that liked a Garry 💊
Devin Wilson
Devin Wilson 14 dager siden
I honestly think Ethan is a wholesome young man
Devin Wilson
Devin Wilson 14 dager siden
I honestly think Ethan is a wholesome young man
Cxdish 14 dager siden
Would u like a full art origns golurk
New guy124
New guy124 17 dager siden
Ronald marty Martin
Ronald marty Martin 18 dager siden
What's the dark charizard worth ?
Tyler 18 dager siden
Ethan seems genuinely happy and you can tell he’s been sucked into the nostalgia of Pokémon
MrSplinter_420 18 dager siden
The beard bois have assembled
FanNaf 2018
FanNaf 2018 18 dager siden
Could you zoom in on the hands I feel like it’s too far away from the camera
National Cricket
National Cricket 20 dager siden
Aye Sam
Aye Sam 21 dag siden
Dark machamp technically has 7 arms lol
IVIS PLAYS 23 dager siden
Anyone noticed the minecraft music in the background?
FraudulentGooner 23 dager siden
Josh is mad boring
Kenneth 23 dager siden
It’s crazy how you’re like the only British person to actually put £ instead of $ so I definitely hope this one bangs just for that alone
Shaun Doyle
Shaun Doyle 23 dager siden
And to think a few years back i bought a box of this for £110 and opened it on my channel
connor mills
connor mills 23 dager siden
The way Randolph pronounces these...smh 😔
zaho world عالم زاهو
zaho world عالم زاهو 24 dager siden
Please help me do my channel, I am a girl without work because of Coronavirus
Dipper Dan
Dipper Dan 24 dager siden
Not about Pokémon. But ksi would be jealous of the beards.
Luiz Figo
Luiz Figo 26 dager siden
Sean Ryan
Sean Ryan 26 dager siden
Randolph is the image of a rattata
Ryan Goldspink-Burgess
Ryan Goldspink-Burgess 27 dager siden
Can anyone help me I know I’m probably being dumb but what do they mean when they say about the centering
Luxzy 27 dager siden
Josh got squirtle wartortle and blastoise in the same pack
El chapo junior
El chapo junior 27 dager siden
These tumbnails...
Predator Productions
Predator Productions 27 dager siden
Randy: ohhh shit a holo Me: haha shiny cardboard
Bobby Mcbob
Bobby Mcbob 27 dager siden
2 weeks later and hes at 400k+ not 300k. steady grinding
sarah pennington
sarah pennington 27 dager siden
Has he grown just under 200K in two weeks?!!!!! Insane!
MilkCrate 27 dager siden
Ethan seems genuinely happy and you can tell he’s been sucked into the nostalgia of Pokémon
Mr. Priviligert hvit mann.
Mr. Priviligert hvit mann. 27 dager siden
Anyone knows what the song playing in the background is called?
Elucidate 27 dager siden
Liked when Behz sat in 'The Seat' lmao
Smurfy 22
Smurfy 22 27 dager siden
In 2 weeks @Randolph went from 260k to 410k. WHAT A GUY.
Jaideep Singh
Jaideep Singh 28 dager siden
Patrick Weir
Patrick Weir 28 dager siden
These 3 need to be in more vids together
King Dave
King Dave 28 dager siden
replay 10:05 again and again
Asshat :
Asshat : 28 dager siden
28:16 the way they look at each other kinda sus
G vw
G vw 28 dager siden
Contact me of you want to buy or trade a part of my collection (including charizard base psa 9)
Manny 28 dager siden
I'm not even like into this Pokémon stuff but I just watch cause of the tree ppl there opening them
Manny 28 dager siden
FifaMessi010 28 dager siden
Glad pokemon and sports cards are becoming popular again sad I sold some of mines that are worth more now but we keep moving and there’s a lot of nice new cards releasing
Pick3ls 29 dager siden
Please don’t mention Logan Paul, he’s a flog, love the videos mate
giadajademancini 29 dager siden
Another set coming straight from my childhood
It’s McGuire
It’s McGuire 29 dager siden
Only just watching this now, talking about how you were on 260k and the boys were gassed for you, 2 weeks later you’re touching 400k big props to you Randy my son.
K.e.n.z 29 dager siden
11:57 to 12:35 when did you find that dragonite? Seems to magically appear. BS#*+ card pulls. Click bait... weird 🤨🤨
Hourida Ten
Hourida Ten 29 dager siden
24:37 - yes😂
Daniel Medina
Daniel Medina Måned siden
Randy should grade one of his dark charmeleons and give it to ethan because he said it every time that the card is sick and you can see it on his face that he wanted it
EliTE_snipers 65
EliTE_snipers 65 Måned siden
Get to 300k. One 390k now
Jack Whitney
Jack Whitney Måned siden
I see a video with my man Randy, Josh & Ethan and I watch it. Simple as. Also, LOVE how hyped Ethan is for this now
Lastname Firstname
Lastname Firstname Måned siden
I knew Pokémon cards were going to be worth something one day. Even as a kid. I saw all kinds of news about certain sportscards being worth a lot of money because of people collecting them and I was really sure the same would happen with Pokémon. I was merely 10 years old thinking this. I had LOADS of Pokémon cards and all kinds of hollow versions and whatever. I also saved them in good condition and had several books filled with them. But what did I do? My siblings and parents nagged at me like I was some kind of stupid kid thinking it would be worth something. I remember feeling like they thought I was being delusional. They kept telling me to throw them out until one day someone at home threw them all out, I still have no idea who did it. I seriously had the determination as a little kid to keep all those cards and keep them in good condition. Now I'm watching these Pokémon card videos and these memories just keep coming back. Recognizing certain cards I had. I also told some of my siblings a few years ago how Pokémon cards have become worth something and they still acted like I was that delusional kid. I swear, some people just can't think forward.
Jake Boi98
Jake Boi98 Måned siden
15 days late and he says he is at 260 he is now at 390k subs wtaf
Libby Griff
Libby Griff Måned siden
More Ethan 💗
ciaran baines
ciaran baines Måned siden
Randy started doing this to stop being mates with the sidemen is what he said at start
Japheth Blackwell
Japheth Blackwell Måned siden
Ethan is that one kid when all of the friends have a cool toy but duznt have it so he sits at the back and watch
AKBER KHAN Måned siden
I got a box of Pokémon cards idk where they are
Ramon Zavala
Ramon Zavala Måned siden
Make a video with Ethan and you split the pack. Ethan seems so into it
Kaio Chris
Kaio Chris Måned siden
Watched this video like 4 times and Everytime Randy says “Yes!..” I die
cool boss
cool boss Måned siden
He gained 120k subs in a week 👀
ulkerson Måned siden
Bro this is sick that people are bringing back pokemon.
Alexander Wright
Alexander Wright Måned siden
i literally watched a vid form this channel yesterday. and in 1 day its gone up 14K IN SUBS OMGG
Lee Garnett
Lee Garnett Måned siden
20:44 “ I like a Garry”
Leinad Segura
Leinad Segura Måned siden
Good work to my boy randy keep ip the grind we hitting 400k
Ginge Måned siden
28:16 bro the way they looked at each other
MelisaEr Måned siden
xX_DKGAMER_Xx Måned siden
Shane Jones
Shane Jones Måned siden
Dragon Night is my favourite Pokémon
STUPIZ GAMER Måned siden
What camra do you use
Enduro Jay
Enduro Jay Måned siden
It sucks im in the us and his site is in another currency
Diego Dadamo
Diego Dadamo Måned siden
110k in 1 week we killing it ladd
Michael Ungar
Michael Ungar Måned siden
Bruh Randolph got the best cards in the set 👑😭😭😂🤣
Acid Tab
Acid Tab Måned siden
Watching this at 378k subs
TooMuchFlashing Måned siden
14:35 man like Josh got all 3 evolutions of Squirtle in that pack
project8vr Måned siden
Love the Dark Golduck art. Definitely my favorite card.
sam Bo
sam Bo Måned siden
Is it just me they say instantly the centring is off but looks absolutely fine ?
Reegan Ibbotson
Reegan Ibbotson Måned siden
Are yall in eachothers bubbles
Brendan Connolly
Brendan Connolly Måned siden
Next time I watch one of these videos I'll play a game. Every time Randy pronounces Magnemite as "mag nuh mee tay" ill rip an ex card in half. blasphemy
Jordan Wu
Jordan Wu Måned siden
My man really called Cyclops “cybatron” lmaooooooo
Mino1242 Måned siden
kinda want that dragonite
UDC_TrIcKeD Måned siden
He’s on 260k subs then and he wanted 300k by Christmas but now he has 374k congrats to him and he is growing
Team Excel
Team Excel Måned siden
Ethan really seemed like he was having fun 🙄
Adox 28
Adox 28 Måned siden
That team Rocket set might be my favourite
Krona Måned siden
That little bit of music with the dark charizard reveal made me jump man wtf
MysticAR_ Gaming
MysticAR_ Gaming Måned siden
I am addicted to watching these just brings back memories, keep up the good work Randolph 👍👍
Cole Manchester
Cole Manchester Måned siden
I’m so happy of Randolph to grow 100k in 1 week. And to say you grew up where I am growing up now 👍🏻
K 9 1.0
K 9 1.0 Måned siden
Randolph went up 100k subs in a week?!!!
Im.Impatient Måned siden
Wait.. I don't understand.. can someone tell me why the Dark Magneton is so rare?
Im.Impatient Måned siden
@Randolph Pokemon I see, thank you, love the videos btw! Keep up the good work!
Randolph Pokemon
Randolph Pokemon Måned siden
Only 1 in the world has ever got a PSA 10
Hunter MacKenzie
Hunter MacKenzie Måned siden
Why is Randy always so underrated? my guys funny and really just a genuine guy.
Arty Legend
Arty Legend Måned siden
One week ago he was at 260k now he is at 360k this is insane and so well deserved
danmozmufc _99
danmozmufc _99 Måned siden
15:03 anyone gonna mention the fact that he got squirtle wartortle and blastiose
Xsavier Vargas
Xsavier Vargas Måned siden
the end 38:38
zaik irfak
zaik irfak Måned siden
waiting for randolf be the new sideman
Jayce Gorsch
Jayce Gorsch Måned siden
"don't go any where" what if i'm going to get pokemon cards
Kithy Måned siden
doeje75 Måned siden
Can sidemen make i pokemon box opning
ShardOfKingdoms Måned siden
“Get him to 300k” Internet: best I can do is 350k
Joskarr Måned siden
Hollow man Giggs < Holo man Randolph :D
Curtis James
Curtis James Måned siden
You should get Ethan a Pokémon collector starter pack, like get him a binder, a box of cards and sleeves and then record him opening all the cards. He seems like he really enjoyed this and loved the nostalgia of all the cards
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