Event 7 - Snatch Speed Triple - 2020 CrossFit Games

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The hardest test in CrossFit Games history is here. Five men. Five women. Day 2 of grueling competition is here. Let’s ride.
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goldenboy9 x
goldenboy9 x Dag siden
Are they not aloud to drop the weight behind them and move on instead of having to jump over it?
Co Ngui
Co Ngui 4 dager siden
Roses are red violets are blue if you give a like God will forgive you 0:22xx.
Irwin R. Schyster
Irwin R. Schyster 9 dager siden
its embarrassing hot popular brooke wells is and how bad she sucks
veera vara prasad yadav
veera vara prasad yadav 10 dager siden
JEANIUS FILMS 12 dager siden
I like Brooke Wells
David 12 dager siden
Brooke though.
Donteven Fuckintalktome
Donteven Fuckintalktome 18 dager siden
What are those fruits doing?!
Wael Fallatah
Wael Fallatah 21 dag siden
Very inspiring story Ron and am in the same way binchmarking with personal trainer 💪🏾😎🦾
CrossFit Games
CrossFit Games 21 dag siden
RON!!! We’re so glad to hear that Wael.
julio castillo
julio castillo 22 dager siden
Por favor, el nombre del joven argentino que dijo el dolor de hoy es la fuerza del mañana. Gracias
Lenny 24 dager siden
Tia Toomey cheering Katrin on made my day 🙌🏾💪🏾
Thejas K R
Thejas K R 20 dager siden
Poor form man, it's terrible
keully Holanda
keully Holanda 24 dager siden
If I finished in 5th alive, the would be a win for me!
Willie !
Willie ! 26 dager siden
I gained 200 kcal watching this haha
dedjens 28 dager siden
Mat having more points after event 7 than nr 2 and 3 combined is crazy. Just crazy. Welcome to the Crossfit Games, who wants to come in 2nd?
Wallace Jesus
Wallace Jesus 29 dager siden
Jeremiah Pippen
Jeremiah Pippen Måned siden
Haley's going to put on some more muscle over the coming years and really be a powerhouse competitor
Doc Holiday203
Doc Holiday203 Måned siden
I need to workout!
shmandall FX
shmandall FX Måned siden
Why is Brooke Wells the thumbnail choice for a majority of these videos? Hmmmmmm
Joseph Pollard
Joseph Pollard Måned siden
CrossFit Drinking game: Take a shot every time the commenter says that something is “fast and furious”, you’d be dead by the end of day 2.
Charlotte C
Charlotte C Måned siden
Tia is wicked !!!!!!
Humberto Vargas
Humberto Vargas Måned siden
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ashjudd Måned siden
14:00 While it's cool that the culture is all about finishing the workout, Katrin could have just stopped and still gotten her points. I think the games should find a way to mandate it by for example giving like 1 extra point...especially in these events where there are people eliminated between rounds.
Patrón Pubg
Patrón Pubg Måned siden
No sé que dicen pero la tuya por si acaso 😃
nikolaubtopou Måned siden
The CrossFit games, the proving ground to determine the 2nd fittest man on earth...cause we all know that Fraser is untouchable...
Gabriel Vega
Gabriel Vega Måned siden
I'm surprised Olsen was awarded points for this with the rule that you can be given 0 points if they don't think you are putting in full effort to finish the even. He literally just gave up on that last bar
Cian Dunphy
Cian Dunphy Måned siden
That rule only applies if you’re last place
Lina G
Lina G Måned siden
@Gabriel Vega Yeah :/
Gabriel Vega
Gabriel Vega Måned siden
@Lina G no i absolutely understand that the risk of injury is higher, but he has hit higher lifts than this, and he just walked off before the time cap which feels unsportsmanlike, had he stood on his platform i wouldn't say anything. I also looked into it and the penalty only applies to the athlete in 5th place so that's why he didn't get docked for it
Lina G
Lina G Måned siden
I get that, I just like to think that this is a complicated movement and very heavy weight - it might have been better he gave up afterwards to prevent injury because injury is much higher in this kind of event than an Amrap event, etc
ryan calhoun
ryan calhoun Måned siden
Medeiros looks like the mullet villain from Roadhouse.
Steph Måned siden
It looks like Tia is the only female who didn't catch her snatch in below parallel, or did the others not need to go as low as they did?
Steph Måned siden
*in the first round
Rodolfo Perez
Rodolfo Perez Måned siden
Damn Wells is thick af
Indian Scammer
Indian Scammer Måned siden
Why was Haley the only girl competing in the women's events?
Jeff Neel
Jeff Neel Måned siden
Ron that is great work buddy.
Jeff Neel
Jeff Neel Måned siden
Hey buddy any child would be proud that you were their dad.Keep up the good work.
Unique perspective
Unique perspective Måned siden
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gbhnhg gt Måned siden
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svtkilr Måned siden
He Still ain't no Froning if he would have stayed in the individual he would have won so many more games.
Planet Ratshit
Planet Ratshit Måned siden
He said "Talking about snatches..." at 11:41 when they filmed the girl in an unfitting perspective to see between her legs. The only meaning of that word I know is pretty low...
fangiscool1 Måned siden
That's a stretch
D Q Måned siden
Ewww. Don't stick your Weiner in any of these chicks or it will get crushed. And not in a good way.
STILL Måned siden
One doesn't own emotion, and when one is owned by emotion, it's a reflection of one's belief that one owns them ⭕️
Jeff Måned siden
So I guess there is something I missed somewhere along the way. What was the point to the first six events if, regardless of your standing and point total, a loss in event seven gets you eliminated from the competition? I thought, once upon a time, that the idea was, that if you were in the top 5 or 6 that you were still in the podium hunt until the end of the last event. Adams was in the hunt for a podium finish, she loses event seven and she goes home. If all that counts is event seven then don't force an athlete to waste their time and energy on the first six events. That's just meanness. Personally, I think that knowing that, I would coast through the first six events so that I would still have high-octane gas left in the tank once I reached event seven, then I'd go all out for the win.
Tritan Måned siden
How to hurt yourself game.
Kelsea Nova
Kelsea Nova Måned siden
Noah was doing so well. I really thought if someone was gonna beat matt, it would be noah.
NotForTheWeakOrFaintHearted Måned siden
The camera person failed us on this one. Its literally only five, four and then three people! No need to zoom on just one. We have the replay for that 😡
Love People
Love People Måned siden
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ReynaldoRay Måned siden
Give me the TIMESTAMPS boys 🤪
A Thought Just
A Thought Just Måned siden
Fraser...good Lord!
Pernell 12
Pernell 12 Måned siden
Women shouldn't be in these competitions
Cian Dunphy
Cian Dunphy Måned siden
420protoman Måned siden
omg crossfit ppl are whack... no wonder i hate this shit hahaha....
Pain Måned siden
this 2020?
Quandel badger
Quandel badger Måned siden
kazedmonks Måned siden
The Wario Apparition But Its Really Different nopost.info/throw/maqmfJ7Itax9cqs/video
StonrSimpson Måned siden
41.39 lol Fraser trying to get the win and some extra money on top....Adler having none of it Haha
•• Måned siden
🙄🦾🤬i focus on all of that''
BB Studios
BB Studios Måned siden
Do you all know real athletes laugh at you?
The Asist And Goal
The Asist And Goal Måned siden
Mountain Life
Mountain Life Måned siden
Pretty risky for Haley to put that weight overhead, her elbow almost snapped.
Cian Dunphy
Cian Dunphy Måned siden
They’re trying to fix that at mayhem
•• Måned siden
🤐🦾😤🤬 an actual wurmap""
No Name
No Name Måned siden
Someone needs to change the fact sheet for these announcers. How many times can you forget that Rich Froning has won the Crossfit Games 4 times straight. Tia is NOT the only one who accomplished it. Nor is she the first.
Cian Dunphy
Cian Dunphy Måned siden
She’s the only one in the females. They’re talking about the females not overall
No Name
No Name Måned siden
@Jeff Correct! So, why do we know that, yet the Crossfit commentators have gotten it wrong at least twice in 2 separate videos? That's all I'm saying. I'm pretty sure that's demoralizing to hear over and over for Rich and his family after the sacrifices they made to earn that achievement.
Jeff Måned siden
Froening was the first to win 4. Fraser has won 4 and is going for 5, making him the first to do so. Toomey is the first woman to win 3 and she is going for 4.
Layla Dobson
Layla Dobson Måned siden
Great to hear Tia cheering Katrin on
Joy Lucas
Joy Lucas Måned siden
Bubuhat din ng ganyan locked princess. C brooke wells nkita q xa before p xa mging fighter ng crossfit eh. Pr ung locked princess at pr aq lang tlg height at pacute lang din. Pro nung ngtraining n humahalimaw n bumuhat at umakyat s lubid eh😁😁😁
Alex Lindbjerg
Alex Lindbjerg Måned siden
So, Ron puts minced chicken in a bowl, seasons it, doesn't mix it or anything, puts the block of chicken on the pan. Then he mixes it with two spones. This tells me two things: Ron doesn't usually cook and he doesn't do the dishes :D
Michael Fitzgerald
Michael Fitzgerald Måned siden
As a crossfit fan, I now believe that this is not the test to find the fittest in the world, but just the test to find the best Crossfitter. Probably the most 'crossfit' and boring games ever!
Dingane Nhaúle
Dingane Nhaúle Måned siden
Event 5 was a piece of SH!T hardcore workout and I really liked Haley's competitive nature being showed going after Tia-Toomey. Matt was pissed by the fact that he had to do it again, I could see it in his face. HAHA, good times.
Anjelica Darby
Anjelica Darby Måned siden
Stay calm and smooth transitions. Great job Matt!
Christian Navarro
Christian Navarro Måned siden
i was waiting for Castro to tell them upon finishing they also had to do the triple in reverse
Kimberly Kimber
Kimberly Kimber Måned siden
Stop 😂😂
Marcos Favela
Marcos Favela Måned siden
That top knot is so bad.
Toby Howe
Toby Howe Måned siden
This just looks like injury heaven
That One Texan
That One Texan Måned siden
Haley still finished even when she didn’t make the cut. Olsen gave up.....
Sam Smith
Sam Smith 27 dager siden
@Gabriel Vega It was in the second round, Noah had already wrapped up 4th. That was just for the 5th place athlete. You can't have 4th place getting 0 points and 5th place 15 points.
fangiscool1 Måned siden
@Gabriel Vega he wasn't even close to cleaning the bar on his last attempt, let alone getting it over his head. This would not remotely be considered giving up by any judge. No wonder the crossfit injury rate is so high. You fans actually believe this is "giving up"
Gabriel Vega
Gabriel Vega Måned siden
really surprised Dave didn't decide to give him 0 points for that. I know they were talking about a new rule that the athletes would earn 0 points for just giving up on an event if they were gonna lose.
fangiscool1 Måned siden
He was nowhere close to hitting that lift on his previous attempt
Matias Martinez
Matias Martinez Måned siden
Olsen is a smart player, u need to be a smart one, not a proud one..
Jon Ma
Jon Ma Måned siden
thanks for the coverage but way too many youtube ads on the one event. pls crossfit
theyoungyogi Måned siden
I love how you can see on Kari's face that she'd giving herself a pep talk before she tries again. In those moments you need such amazing mental toughness to keep going. Inspiring.
Anya Deering
Anya Deering Måned siden
Justin is the most gangly baby goat lil guy when he runs!! Running downhill with his limbs every which way as well. Love it!!
Ryan Reid
Ryan Reid Måned siden
Great showcase of your everyday CrossFit athletes (Ron in particular). I think this is the direction to go in. Touché
Freaking Design
Freaking Design Måned siden
So were is avent 8. Othere sites are already posting the highlights.
Matt Werner
Matt Werner Måned siden
adler struggles
Anya Deering
Anya Deering Måned siden
hmm.... I know this isn’t usually a bracketed sport, but I think y’all should review the difference between a half and a quarter...
Anya Deering
Anya Deering Måned siden
@Aspi10 semi and quarter final repeatedly mixed up
XcerptShow Måned siden
9:50 the biggest girl out there and can barely do the work???? #gtfo
Dave Woods
Dave Woods Måned siden
I must have got fitter watching this ...
Justin Dicarlo
Justin Dicarlo Måned siden
Adler is super impressive .. but yeah Fraser really is having his own competition at 6 out of 7 wins
Wesley Gade
Wesley Gade Måned siden
Not to take anything away from Matt, but it is super sad to see both this year and last year that an event win against a much reduced field size shouldn’t count the same as an open field. I miss the events where specialists could have a really showy win and to see where the leaders finish in those fields.
Sonny Borja
Sonny Borja Måned siden
Ohlsen not trying that last weight ... thumbs down!
Tracey Clark
Tracey Clark Måned siden
Add weights in kilos as well i have siri working overtime
Mikko Harlin
Mikko Harlin 26 dager siden
It's .45 in kg. Learn to count so your siri can rest.
Bryan Swift
Bryan Swift Måned siden
Absolute domination by Fraser
fatmah Måned siden
Why is event 8 blocked in my country? Anyone else facing the same issue?
Alisha Edwards
Alisha Edwards Måned siden
Freaking Design a aa
Freaking Design
Freaking Design Måned siden
Can't get it in Canada
Freaking Design
Freaking Design Måned siden
Yep can't fined event 8.
zbeckerd Måned siden
Yes. Can watch in spanish.
fatmah Måned siden
It feels like other competitors want Tia and Matt to win each event! Lack of confidence, insecurity, slow pace..etc I'm starting to hate the champs lol
Aspi10 Måned siden
Lol I know they’re just too dominate. Athletes need to lift their game, I hope they do in future to make it a real competition
Justin Dicarlo
Justin Dicarlo Måned siden
They make the others look slow and sloppy because they are so good. Trust me.. you’d hate them too. They are dominating the sport and seem to be unbeatable. It’s easy money for these guys at this point until someone else comes into their purview. Imagine someone coming in and being better than that camp.. it’s going to be awhile .. but will happen no doubt
Oliver Hernandez
Oliver Hernandez Måned siden
Where is event 8?
TwoFknScoops Måned siden
When’s event 8 pst?
PeterBE Måned siden
15 min
Azrin South
Azrin South Måned siden
Good job haley. I give her 2 more years. Hope she stays consistent and dont over do it. We dont want her to burnout at her age.
Markus Style
Markus Style Måned siden
WTF WTF WTF nopost.info/throw/2J2VpXnau5acibc/video&feature=share
PeterBE Måned siden
She did great but just not fast enough :/
Khaled Alkilani
Khaled Alkilani Måned siden
is it just me that doesn't have event 8?
Paul Kratka
Paul Kratka Måned siden
Request: can we please interview someone other than the heat winner - it's getting redundant (that's polite for boring); and, no offense intended, but Tia and Mat aren't the most interesting or personable interview subjects.
Eric E
Eric E Måned siden
Medeiros looks like a 45 year old 21 year old with that haircut lmao
Eric Tice
Eric Tice Måned siden
Did Fraser drop it on purpose to let Adler get a shot at it?
Jeff Måned siden
Mullet power!!!
Jonathan Wilmoth
Jonathan Wilmoth Måned siden
can we have someone else win something besides Tia and Matt?
Quitaz asdf
Quitaz asdf Måned siden
How many events are in totally?
Kris Thompson
Kris Thompson Måned siden
What am I missing here? ... both men and women, other than Matt and Tia didn’t even try to race. It was as if they were in slow motion. I’m disgusted. Did they just give up? This was painful to watch.
Andrew Gilcrest
Andrew Gilcrest Måned siden
Have you ever snatched these weights?? They are moving slower so they can recover between the barbells since they're really heavy and don't want to miss reps
talldrinkomusic Måned siden
Its about conservation of energy if you are not the clear leader and you don't burn out. Katarin has a back disk injury she was not going to rush.
tower7718 Måned siden
So many ads....
Marietta Corsini
Marietta Corsini Måned siden
ublock origin
Thamir Fernandes
Thamir Fernandes Måned siden
Male Event 7 36:53 Female Event 7 4:50
Lauren Campbell
Lauren Campbell Måned siden
Male Event 7 Quarterfinal 36:53 Semifinal 39:54 Final 45:54 Female Event 7 Quarterfinal 4:50 Semifinal 9:03 Final 12:53
Don Ethier
Don Ethier Måned siden
I think that Haley should work with Shane Orr, not that Rich, Tasha and the crew has done a great job but I feel that Shane can take her to the next level.
Don Ethier
Don Ethier Måned siden
@cnjec I agree yes she is only 19 but if you look at Mayhems way of training I feel that if she trained with Tia ( gold medal weight lifter ) Matt ( Olympic weightlifting trained in College for several years ) and Shane’s coaching this will develop much quicker.
cnjec Måned siden
She is 19. The only thing she needs to develop is her strength. That takes time. She will be fine where she is.
Jainal Patel
Jainal Patel Måned siden
yes , i agree , she would be a perfect fit with there team
Dark White
Dark White Måned siden
she is 19
Tania Owens
Tania Owens Måned siden
I want her hat!!!
Anna Longfield
Anna Longfield Måned siden
Tia's is a rogue boonie. Available from Rogue fitness
Zoltan Horvath
Zoltan Horvath Måned siden
Video quality is $hit.
Frank McFaden
Frank McFaden Måned siden
Why was Mat the only one to wear a belt? Seems very dumb not to, gives him a great stability advantage.
Justin Dicarlo
Justin Dicarlo Måned siden
Doesn’t give him an advantage
Corinne Mussatti
Corinne Mussatti Måned siden
Justin wore one under his shirt. Jeffrey could have one under his shirt.
Sultan Alsasi
Sultan Alsasi Måned siden
I burn 200 calories just for watching them 🤣💪
AxxL Måned siden
I recently revealed the genders of my two girlfriends. It got a lot of hate and now has 30 times more dislikes than likes. I am really sad that people can be so mean. Sorry for using your comment to talk about my problems, dear sultn
Aaa Queenie
Aaa Queenie Måned siden
I’m in the UK. How long till the next event
Anthony Randich
Anthony Randich Måned siden
where is sara?!
Anna Longfield
Anna Longfield Måned siden
Didn't make the final 5
Mark T
Mark T Måned siden
Wounded if the gambling community is having an influence on things? PS You people are SH*T!!!
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