Preparing for my second lockdown by playing lockdown games

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Preparing for my second lockdown, the gamer way (sunglasses emoji)
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Gamen Snootdroop
Gamen Snootdroop 3 dager siden
I like how the middle of the quarantine simulators has Death Squared because we're all dying for the second time!
Mary Razoronova
Mary Razoronova 4 dager siden
Thank you so much ❤
Aman Gyani
Aman Gyani 7 dager siden
yahoo12345jojo 15 dager siden
8:09-8:16 **has Until Dawn flashbacks**
Flooffers 17 dager siden
man you are my most favourite channel on this platform I love to watch your vids and I love how it starterd of by binge watching your harry potter vidoes. Just want to let you know that you're a real champ and I love your channel so much. keep doing what you're doing you are the most amazing person on this platform. Love your content
Flooffers 17 dager siden
also I know you wont read this cause of billions of comments spamming your notifications. I just wanted to let this out to the public so thank you for your amazing content
runforitman 20 dager siden
Economics: Spelt correctly Kevin: 1:56
ewrwr asggre
ewrwr asggre 21 dag siden
looked like david504 on the thumbnail
Johnathan the memelord
Johnathan the memelord 25 dager siden
Imagine not being in quarantine This post was made by amarica gang
Sarah McConnaughey
Sarah McConnaughey 25 dager siden
Gotta love propaganda games for a fake "virus".
B Mo10
B Mo10 28 dager siden
The daughter who hasn't moved in three days is a quarantine mood.
Nailzn 28 dager siden
He's singing Happy Birthday because Larry David taught us to sing it twice while washing your hands.
Gracekim21 29 dager siden
You guys are heading into lockdown too?
Franz Pattison
Franz Pattison 29 dager siden
11:46 super white guy says to super black girl "I'm your dad" Looks like Kevin got kucked. Time to have a talk about genetics and infidelity
Heather _
Heather _ 29 dager siden
Nice job surviving, little popcorn.
Alex Burr
Alex Burr Måned siden
“I’ve been completing my chores so *fast* that I actually don’t have to eat by the end of the day. So I’ve just been *fasting* “ HAH combined with the perky music, it’s just brilliant XD
Izen Salinas
Izen Salinas Måned siden
Him yelling I don’t want to hear bad news while pressing the headphones closer to his ears lmao 😂
Cleytus Pretorius
Cleytus Pretorius Måned siden
Kevin pepe popo in among us made a youtube channel
Nadia Mahaffey
Nadia Mahaffey Måned siden
Am I literally the only person questioning their perception of reality and wondering if NOpost ever even moved the comments section?
Me Coder
Me Coder Måned siden
Excuse me second lockdown! Here in America lockdown never ended. Well I guess that’s our fault because “MASKS INFRINGE MY RIGHTS!!!”
Fatiema Esa
Fatiema Esa Måned siden
Did anyone else think that the voice Kevin made for the wife at 14:42 sounded a lot like RTgame's voice? Just me? Okay
PandaBear905 Måned siden
Please play war of the monsters
Shim g
Shim g Måned siden
I just got a notification for this video NOW, 5 days later
Alexis Kelley
Alexis Kelley Måned siden
The cashiers are moody because hundreds of other people just asked them for toilet paper too (I understand all to well)
DeathnoteBB Måned siden
9:18 he’s whistling happy birthday because you’re supposed to wash your hands in the time it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice
In Vis
In Vis Måned siden
Lol is my dad the character in the last game especially his response jk
꧁Legendary Zelda꧂
꧁Legendary Zelda꧂ Måned siden
I napped earlier...😨 so glad I survived!
Gabriel Alfonso
Gabriel Alfonso Måned siden
Lock down is bs COVID is bs go back to your lives so tierd of this fake bs
Bridgett Leigh
Bridgett Leigh Måned siden
I came across an interior design YT channel named Jayme Pickens and I wonder if she is related to Jim Pickens 🤔
Zilla IsNumberOne
Zilla IsNumberOne Måned siden
My shopping list is just eggs ... what are you HowToBasic ?
Jude Thayer
Jude Thayer Måned siden
'hungry hungry hungry hungry' is turgs diary
Anonymous Girl
Anonymous Girl Måned siden
Very nice
RedStool Måned siden
don't wash your hands every time.. you're dead, don't keep away from others.... you're dead. that's the kind of message we need right now.
Aqua Puppy
Aqua Puppy Måned siden
"H: Help.... IT DOES NOTHING!" Totally accurate quarantine simulator.
Just Somebody
Just Somebody Måned siden
The achievement "the sacred mountain" when he ran into the toilet paper mountain 😂
Ninja Cookie
Ninja Cookie Måned siden
I remember when Covid was just starting and we had to tell the kids at the daycare I work at to sing happy birthday while washing their hands so they could clean them long enough.
Shepherd Sam
Shepherd Sam Måned siden
In Germany lockdown #2 starts tomorrow. They call it "lockdown light" as grocery shops, clothing shops, hair salons, pharmacies, etc. are still open and you are still allowed to leave your house. Meeting other people is constricted though. And places like tattoo shops, massage studios, restaurants and cafés, gyms, theatres or cinemas are closed.
Jeffery Crouse
Jeffery Crouse Måned siden
Kevin. One Irish boi doing more than my entire US government to keep people safe. 10/10 would sub again
Yiheng Zhou
Yiheng Zhou Måned siden
2:39 "choose your career....I'm gonna go with this one because I don't know what it is" ...that hit different...
Anale Måned siden
Day 314 of inviting kevin to west aus for a pint
Draconifors Måned siden
Of course there would be quarantine games, and bad ones at that (though the last one was great compared to the first two).
felpshehe Måned siden
NPC: aproaches Kevin: GET AWAY YOU LUNATIC! that is literally me IRL
Ella Mumby
Ella Mumby Måned siden
why they all moody? lol i take it u never went to the supermarket in lockdown. customers were horrible. someone threw a trolley at me
0:57 my parents when I was born
Artemis Tano
Artemis Tano Måned siden
this aged well
Rebecca Alers
Rebecca Alers Måned siden
The malfunctioning "help" button in the first game is a big mood
dwi rachmelia
dwi rachmelia Måned siden
But that one patreon who paid real money to make Kevin said "Kevin loves soup" tho.
Amon Odin
Amon Odin Måned siden
If I do not sleep I will die
50ShadesOf Randy
50ShadesOf Randy Måned siden
"Chores done and guitar stuff gathered and I didn't even piss myself" That's a mood right there
Ilana Marie Bowers
Ilana Marie Bowers Måned siden
Yup... Chicago just went into shutdown again here, too. ;___; time to file for unemployment 'til it blows over again.
Maria Alexandra
Maria Alexandra Måned siden
TheChel555 Måned siden
ChristiRenee93 Måned siden
I'm pretty sure my 3 year olds clap while washing their hands. It would explain why the classroom floor is constantly wet.
rare breed
rare breed Måned siden
Im gone in the first minutes 💀
Francisco Herrera
Francisco Herrera Måned siden
9:49 Kevin, you became the thing you feared the most.
Fayolah Måned siden
1:55 What a lovely way to pronounce economics.
Gloria Matthews
Gloria Matthews Måned siden
Great video. A good game that I think might be good to play on your channel is epic Mickey for the wii
Kaiser Krysalis
Kaiser Krysalis Måned siden
Shame you didnt play Rainbow Six Lockdown.
Vertigo Shadow
Vertigo Shadow Måned siden
That optimal speaking voice was cute
B_ecs Måned siden
Hell yeah, Level 5 here we are.
Iridocyclitis Måned siden
*The Naruto Swing*
Sam Måned siden
I’m confused as to how he died in the first game... was it the smell?!
dasfowler Måned siden
"Trying to find the balance between sleeping enough and not sleeping to much was exhilarating" and with that, Kevin nails my 2020 mood.
Bianca Waller
Bianca Waller Måned siden
play rusty lake games !
Pizz -_-
Pizz -_- Måned siden
Unity’s particle system
Hailey Potter
Hailey Potter Måned siden
What is this "2nd" lockdown you speak of? The first hasn't ended yet
The Sparkling Stalker
The Sparkling Stalker Måned siden
8:07 Sounds like Kevin all right
Jim The Gray
Jim The Gray Måned siden
Hm, cornovirus simulator is accurate: no toilet paper, no ones social distancing and GAME OVER FOR NOT WASHING YOUR DAMN HANDS!!!!! 😂
Jolly CoOperator
Jolly CoOperator Måned siden
It came from Chiiinnaa
Kailah Butler
Kailah Butler Måned siden
14:18 - "Where's the dryer? Oh, it's down there. Hurry, hurry hurry, I don't want to eat today." My eating disorder poking at me when I'm finding chores to keep myself busy because I don't want to think about food.
Niko Las
Niko Las Måned siden
I feel like these games are made by people who think they die from the simplest things
idk ok
idk ok Måned siden
Jacob Hanshew
Jacob Hanshew Måned siden
11:55 just like a real father!
agentsanta47 Måned siden
I'm going to show this video to my future children to explain to them what the pandemic was like.
Marta Bartoszewska
Marta Bartoszewska Måned siden
Day 481 of asking Kevin to play God of War 2005 and day 81 of asking him to play AI Dungeon
Sandjah Måned siden
Your facediaper triggers me
Dayton Gifford
Dayton Gifford Måned siden
Video # 48 of asking Kevin to collab with the American youtuber GrayStillPlays
Ada.mp4 Måned siden
Oh your Irish to Entering Irish mode Loading Howwa ya me laddy
Winter Star
Winter Star Måned siden
Me at work: Maintaining social distancing to the best of my abilities Customers: 8:23
DerpySnake Måned siden
What happened at 0:41?
Petalface ?
Petalface ? Måned siden
Outinspace Måned siden
Who else gained the quarantine 15#?
CatMuto Måned siden
7:00 - When your brain has gotten so broken from quarantine that you don't even remember what those things at the end of your arms are.
Vilhelm Olsson
Vilhelm Olsson Måned siden
Can 👏😬 we 🤠🤔 start 😁👀 a 😳🗿 bruh 🔥👏 chain 😎✋ below ❓🥴
cohen anderson
cohen anderson Måned siden
The third game there's something that tells me that's not his kid
cohen anderson
cohen anderson Måned siden
Harry Router. The boy who lagged
Asher Surber
Asher Surber Måned siden
Kevin didn't like being called "my little popcorn" It's good then that he didn't see "my dear *_testosterone corsair_* "
vazcj Måned siden
Hey Kevin if you get bored in the quarantine can you please try Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines? It's one of my fave games
SHUNGITE Måned siden
Hay kev play moons of madness
cohen anderson
cohen anderson Måned siden
Call me Kevin made by Unity
WeatherGirl Måned siden
The dude's wife is mean.
Charles I Guess
Charles I Guess Måned siden
my god he made something original
Aidan FARNAN Måned siden
Whenever I see Kevin play a game with a supermarket simulator built in, i fear the moment the Black mist will come out of the cereal boxes, and the bacon will start flying everywhere. Also, i would have loved it if, when he got back from shopping the third time, if the only cooking option had been soup.
Just Wormchild
Just Wormchild Måned siden
Play some tattletail :)
Blake Johnson
Blake Johnson Måned siden
DiamondAppendix Måned siden
"On a scale of 1 to pretty good, I think it's a W"
Dankster Måned siden
We need more of the Bad Cooking series
Erin O'Reilly
Erin O'Reilly Måned siden
Since last Wednesday we ( so Ireland) have been in level 5 lockdown so that means your not aloud do anything really so past kevin prepare yourself😂
Gary King
Gary King Måned siden
You’re lucky your profession allows you to continue working from home. It sucks how many people are losing their jobs :(
Les Baguette
Les Baguette Måned siden
Kevin - Little Hope is out. Soon pls
Sleepy Goose
Sleepy Goose Måned siden
Yes Kevin, i to practice clapping through the water to wash my hands.
there is no game
Call Me Kevin
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the most realistic life simulator ever made
Shrek but it's just weird video games
Call Me Kevin
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Desperate Housewives but I am the worst wife ever
Among Us but I am a horrible doctor
Call Me Kevin
Ganger 298 k
streamer life simulator was a mistake
Call Me Kevin
Ganger 704 k
I am the neighbor from hell
Call Me Kevin
Ganger 491 k
Bad guy at school is a bad game
Call Me Kevin
Ganger 663 k
bigfoot hunting tv shows were a mistake
I'm Done Making Good Videos
Ganger 2,4 mill
I Made 100 Players Escape An Impossible Maze!
Apple Destroyed my Expectations.
Linus Tech Tips
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