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Teaching you the only skill moves you must know in FIFA 21 to dominate your opponents on any level.
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Zariyab Mohammed
Zariyab Mohammed 4 dager siden
Why is it when I do L2 plus fake shot my player does something else
Adam Morawski
Adam Morawski 9 dager siden
What is the best skill to make with a 3 star skiller?
Ghost 9 dager siden
i bought neymar so im trying to learn skill moves
Ali Moradi
Ali Moradi 9 dager siden
Thank you
Omer Elsayed
Omer Elsayed 10 dager siden
Why do you need to cancel the croqueta ? 😅
Wale Man
Wale Man 10 dager siden
The heeel to heel always does a rainbow flick for me
Ahmed Albhadly
Ahmed Albhadly 11 dager siden
🌹BorasLegend🌹 Do you know that I had already watched this tutorial skill moves video on time and I am here again for a reason. Thank you for your help. You can’t imagine how much thankful I am. I’ve been watching it again and it’s much easier to me understanding those skill moves which shows how much I improved during the past two months period. Love ya m8. Bis bald Legend.
Midas X
Midas X 13 dager siden
2:09 in the video, anyone knows what matchkit that is from Boras is using
Hamse Ahmed
Hamse Ahmed 16 dager siden
fifa tips
Darin Karim Bodaskolan 7B
Darin Karim Bodaskolan 7B 16 dager siden
din flickvän är min lillebrors lärare hon jobbar i bodaskolan och heter moa älskar dina videos
Darin Karim Bodaskolan 7B
Darin Karim Bodaskolan 7B 16 dager siden
hahaaha vet du att jag är din granne bor gatan uppe du bor i ett rött hus ni har renuverat i framför huset ni hade gjort ett håll svara om jag har rätt
Dont Watch
Dont Watch 17 dager siden
Thanks but Id rather just flick the shit out of the analog stick
Winston T Martey
Winston T Martey 24 dager siden
just looked like he was button mashing
Winston T Martey
Winston T Martey 24 dager siden
i just didn’t see anything he was doing
Jay Clipz
Jay Clipz 27 dager siden
Never do advanced rainbow flick in game it never works
Decay Xyxy
Decay Xyxy 28 dager siden
I still can’t do a fake shot every time I try I always accidentally press X first and pass
Nova 29 dager siden
Shitty video we can’t clearly see ur fingers
Bada Bing
Bada Bing Måned siden
Can anyone tell me how come his game play is so friggin fast? My gameplay on xbox is like half of his speed.
Fairus Rashid
Fairus Rashid Måned siden
I feel u man. My gameplay on ps4 is freaking slow.
Bada Bing
Bada Bing Måned siden
Roulette is broken in fifa 21 ultimate career mode, the moment you get in the posture to perform roulette the defender just stop leaning and takes a step back and bumps into you. I dont know if its a glitch because there is no way a 70 rated cb has this perfect balance to stop himself instantly and position himself to stop the roulette.
Deirdre O connor
Deirdre O connor Måned siden
Great sill video
Ahanaf Rahman
Ahanaf Rahman Måned siden
Thanks a lot bro.
hrishiv Måned siden
the main reason the heel to heel is so op is because of drag backs being so strong
Maarten K
Maarten K Måned siden
Bet you haven’t seen this one VDD Virgil van damme 😛
niklas johansson
niklas johansson Måned siden
All of these are useless if your opponent has one of the following things, varane and gomez
Mohamed Alhasni
Mohamed Alhasni Måned siden
What are your controller settings?
selman selikoglu
selman selikoglu Måned siden
Iniesta move 🔥
XD Stefan Serban
XD Stefan Serban Måned siden
Nobody is talking about i guess u can say cancelled stepovers like the opp expects u to remain in that position but bc u cancel them u can turn left or right rlly fast.another one is the ball roll but u move the opposite side of the tricks opponents
Syaufi Shaharuddin
Syaufi Shaharuddin Måned siden
6 star skill move: press Option while your offline opponent is about to shoot
alifalain Måned siden
What setting controller u use? Alternate or classic
Diego Moran
Diego Moran Måned siden
Every time I try to do any move my player just taps the ball in front, any suggestions?
Omosola Femi
Omosola Femi Måned siden
FIFA 21 doesn't require any skill, just flick the right analogue as you please, and you are cleared for goal. LMAO,
TheeDevilWearsPrada Måned siden
I'm having a really hard time attacking in this game. Everyone says its easy but I only manage like 2 shots per game and can't even get out of my own half because everyone just presses super high. And of course the defense in this game is garbage. I miss Fifa 15. Theres a reason why I switched to PES. Gameplay is so much better. Can't wait for next gen PES 22. Its gonna be crazy.
Giorgi Tsereteli
Giorgi Tsereteli Måned siden
Hello and thank you for everything you are doing for beginers and even advanced players. I have one question , apart from ad, how could I have private teaching classes, if someone recommend anything do it please
Sean P
Sean P Måned siden
I want to thank you. I have been in the practice arena practicing all of these skills for the last 3 hours. Just rinse and repeat until I feel comfortable. I really think this is going to take my game to the next level. La croquetta seems to me to be the most consistent. The ball roll works most of the time around the keeper but not guaranteed.
Luis Castillo
Luis Castillo Måned siden
am I the only crazy person that would like to see an arena setting for practice in HORIZONTAL view not VERTICAL? I mean we play in horizontal, why the hell should we practice the controls in a way that makes it more difficult. It doesn't make any sense. I know there are other modes to get to this, maybe the new Volta, but shit just add this setting for Arena.
K_O Games
K_O Games Måned siden
Who challeng me in FIFA 21 ... this is my ID K_O_IQ91
FixTechGaming Måned siden
Connect to the server is a 5* skill move
exponents2046 Måned siden
Do u only show buttons for PS? What about Xbox?
CrossKennedy Måned siden
What, why are you using square!!
redeye nation
redeye nation Måned siden
this video highlights exactly why this is the worst fifa of all time! not only are the skill moves way to easy to perform and get away with they are glitched out lmfao!!! how shit are these devs when they have a copy n paste game every year and still fuck it up. its a fucking joke!
Trickz4days 2 måneder siden
Very hard to copy when ur in professional view. Having one in the view that the actaul game is played would help to get some reference
JJacob23_ 2 måneder siden
Thank you
Peter Neururer
Peter Neururer 2 måneder siden
this game is so broke cause of this...
Gandalf The Gay
Gandalf The Gay 2 måneder siden
the running fake shot can be done by holding LB while performing the fake shot, instead of hold the left stick at the perfect angle
Content boys
Content boys 2 måneder siden
Practiced everything havent learned it my player just doesnt want to do it
Edson Cordero
Edson Cordero 2 måneder siden
Can someone pls tell me HOW TO KNOW WHEN A PLAYER IS 2 STAR OR 3 STAR
xSlayer 2 måneder siden
press r3 or right stick on the player card
opticamaj1337 2 måneder siden
"1:53" Iam really happy to announce to you that the very best team I never regret working with they are very great *p y p t o l m o n . x y z* අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක
Charlie Hendra
Charlie Hendra 2 måneder siden
A good way to score is ball roll then chip because for me the keeper usually comes out so it an easy goal oh and mainly at 6 yard box
Syahrulnizam 2 måneder siden
Put the button on the screen bro... easier to understand
Byus 2 måneder siden
How is he moving so damn fast
Sagar Dahal
Sagar Dahal 2 måneder siden
How do I do this skill move? Please look at skill move Ronaldo did
Noel Tran
Noel Tran 2 måneder siden
Here's Exactly How I Am Making 300,000 Coins per day in Fifa21 Ultimate Team
Kaden_sb 2 måneder siden
And then you get the people that just sprint up the wing with adama
fartmatter6 Dag siden
Ah yes, the people that haven’t moved in from fifa 20 playstyles
DatSky 2 måneder siden
Thanks but these are written in Fifa tutorials too and some of these exist since Fifa 10 or even before
Ginanjar Aryamarta
Ginanjar Aryamarta 2 måneder siden
Do you play season online?
Hugo Loureiro
Hugo Loureiro 2 måneder siden
Skill moves change according on which side of goal I'm attacking. Can you change it to always be the same?
haikal nasir
haikal nasir 2 måneder siden
I love attacking in this new fifa 21 and also hate when defending lol
Bodach Glas
Bodach Glas 2 måneder siden
I usually use skill moves to get tackled
Arogant Gacek
Arogant Gacek 2 måneder siden
I think you forgot about a stepover skillmove. Its very effective and also can give you some speed boost.
DAVIDMAMB 2 måneder siden
What’s the use off skill moves when the game don’t respond 🤬
Smith Emmanuel
Smith Emmanuel 2 måneder siden
You are the Boss❤️💀
The-blackbird15 2 måneder siden
Or just hold the agile button 24/7 and nothing else is needed.
asterisp 2 måneder siden
Hello @BorasLegend! love your videos. Could you please let us know how your keybindings are? For example seeing your video when you say all these keys press L2 etc etc which exact key is your L2 in your settings. I am having trouble with this because I use custom keys on PC with a PS4 controller and it gets really hectic to figure it out what I should look for. Thank you so much and I hope this isn't much trouble for you, it will only take you like 2 min to do that :)
Henry ter Horst
Henry ter Horst 2 måneder siden
Where is drag back?
Miguel Hernadez
Miguel Hernadez 2 måneder siden
bad video
Shadwayne 2 måneder siden
I wish I could find horrible players who cant defend My rivals in my country will not fall for such tricks often
Dane Harvey
Dane Harvey 2 måneder siden
"Can also do a 360 ball roll, but this makes no sense" 😂😂
Ethan Serrano
Ethan Serrano 18 dager siden
ismail koulali
ismail koulali 27 dager siden
Mohammed Ammar
Mohammed Ammar 2 måneder siden
okay can someone tell me what the flip is wrong with the market!!? i paid 104k for bale he is now 16k i paid around 119k for havertz hes like 39-50k why has the price dropped this much its legit never happened in other fifas im pretty sure made such a fat loss
Arber Lunji
Arber Lunji 2 måneder siden
This is the most garbage Fifa ever made the defense is broken everything its bad beyond bad bad bad I hope they fix it EA fooled us please dont waste money even 5 $ I stopped playing i play fifa20 I always play fifa since 2014 I got the console
Mohamednoor Arale
Mohamednoor Arale 2 måneder siden
They made the elastico ass asf. I don’t use many skills from 5⭐️ anymore
RetiredMLGamerYT 2 måneder siden
Great Video man!! Would love for you to check out some of the goals on my channel!!!!👀😏
Hilding Hallerberg
Hilding Hallerberg 2 måneder siden
haha boras your svengelska on 1:29 haha
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 2 måneder siden
Amsar Gapar
Amsar Gapar 2 måneder siden
my current record 23-2 . thank you for everything botas!
Yahya Vali
Yahya Vali 2 måneder siden
Ryan Bowie
Ryan Bowie 2 måneder siden
Honorable mention: the Berba spin 🤘🏾
Bigdaddycj 2 måneder siden
The only skill move I need is throwing my controller from playing fut champs
Bảo nguyễn
Bảo nguyễn 2 måneder siden
my legend hope you still alive until FIFA 3021
biggun972 3 måneder siden
Short, Concise and Precise information. Thanks Boras !
Ryan Mc
Ryan Mc 3 måneder siden
Rip the scoop turn 😕
Daniel Kruse
Daniel Kruse 3 måneder siden
0:29 Running Fake Shot (1 Star) 1:36 Ball Roll (2 Star) 3:00 Roulette (3 Star) 3:44 Heel to Heel (3 Star) 4:37 Scoop Turn (4 Star) 5:38 La Croqueta (4 Star) 6:08 Cancel La Croqueta (4 Star) 7:21 Elastico (5 Star) Have a nice day :)
Eduardo Pineiro
Eduardo Pineiro Måned siden
عبدالله Måned siden
Thanks Dani
V1SI0US 2 måneder siden
Thx man
JJacob23_ 2 måneder siden
Thank you
Olivier Nooijen
Olivier Nooijen 2 måneder siden
xajeyx 3 måneder siden
Stopped watching the minute you recommended the Roulette and Heel to Heel. And that very first one? The fake shot? Yeah, that's a 5* skill move mate. Clueless
Ibrahim Tunc
Ibrahim Tunc 3 måneder siden
Elastico got nerfed
dl CRIXUS lb
dl CRIXUS lb 3 måneder siden
Whenever I try the Elastico skill it does the roulette.. Am I doing it too fast or something?
Munawwar Mookhith
Munawwar Mookhith 2 måneder siden
Practice in the arena to get the angle right... it's kind of a similar movement on the controller but different angle
Lewis Pallett
Lewis Pallett 3 måneder siden
Good tutorial 👍🏻
Sly 3 måneder siden
why do people still play fifa Its basicly Volta footbal with 22 players stupid as hell they should of implement skill moves cooldowns or fatique complete shit show this.
Sayem Bhuiyan
Sayem Bhuiyan 3 måneder siden
is fake shot with shooting to passing button same as fake shot using crossing to passing button?
Connor P
Connor P 3 måneder siden
What kit was you using at 1:10? White, Blue and Red. Was it USA?
EricGG 3 måneder siden
so sad that they got rid of the spin skill move.... :(
Tomas Bartos
Tomas Bartos 3 måneder siden
can anybody tell please which kit is he using in this video? i mean the white-blue-red one :) . thanks
Kody Murphy
Kody Murphy 3 måneder siden
im doing the bridge skill where you double tap rb its insanely overpowered in a 1v1 situation
ZeSpecialOne 3 måneder siden
How can you forget Berba Spin/McGeady Spin Boras?! 😆 It is one if the most effective skills cutting into the box from the wing, my #1 go to skill.
Siddharth Nair
Siddharth Nair 3 måneder siden
The best 6star skill move - Pressing all buttons when defender charges
DXNI .- 22 dager siden
Its so unpredictable even you dont know which side you end up running
Onu Fortune
Onu Fortune Måned siden
Highly recommend *Grag_techz* On iG he’s trusted and legit got my account fixed perfectly he is reliable
altranotizia altranotizia
altranotizia altranotizia Måned siden
@Siddharth Nair mm’
xJJ6aSuLZx Sullie
xJJ6aSuLZx Sullie Måned siden
You forgot to mention shouting at your pad... tv... mom... dog... mail man lol
Neo Sourabh
Neo Sourabh 2 måneder siden
@Buzzforce good for you mate
Dislocated Weasel
Dislocated Weasel 3 måneder siden
I've just came across this video. Havent watched it. But you nearly have more views than subs which means most pathetic fifa players need these skills to win. Pathetic
Wi BoTo
Wi BoTo 3 måneder siden
When is fifa live on twitch for FGS packs
Rashyfan 0908
Rashyfan 0908 3 måneder siden
What country are you from???
Pro BoraTR
Pro BoraTR 3 måneder siden
Boras my name Is Bora
Braedyn Hausmann
Braedyn Hausmann 3 måneder siden
Sick tutotial
jaryd12345 3 måneder siden
Hi Boras. So I need motivation to learn how to implement skill moves. At the moment I don't use them almost at all except the odd ball roll and I finish Silver 1 or Gold 3 every weekend league, what you reckon I could expect to get to if I put the work in on using skill moves? Thanks 😁
Máté Tölgyesi
Máté Tölgyesi 3 måneder siden
U must learn defending first ,always defend with L2 or LT
Jieren 3 måneder siden
it seems the drag back is now much less efficient than fifa 20, the motion is much slower now
jaryd12345 3 måneder siden
Also the fact you need to hold both shoulders now just throws off your input speed that split second that makes it tough, too.
Urin Denial P
Urin Denial P 3 måneder siden
They don't work well when you get on a server with delay. Anyone with a compatible Asus router for Merlin firmware can block the bad servers. Twitter @delay_fifa
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