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Relive part one of Roy Keane's best moments on ITV from the Champions League, World Cup, Europa League and Euros including famous clashes with Ian Wright over England, his obvious loathing of Liverpool and Arsenal and a collection of some of the best quick-witted punditry across the world of football.
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Duff Battye
Duff Battye 2 dager siden
"Liverpool are going nowhere fast...". erm
B Zilla
B Zilla 3 dager siden
Lol...a dream meeting with Roy...bottle of Jameson and we drink in silence
B Zilla
B Zilla 3 dager siden
Roy was so right...they got carried away...I will never forget it's coming home 😂😂😂
Irish Sean
Irish Sean 3 dager siden
He's great entertainment, belter crack....
Edward O'connor
Edward O'connor 4 dager siden
Ian Wright am never wrong! He didn't like been told the truth by Keane.
667 Illuminati
667 Illuminati 5 dager siden
Roy keane is the irish version of michael in gta 5
nuclear tripod
nuclear tripod 7 dager siden
“Liverpool are going nowhere fast” They go on to win the champions league and the league in the next 2 years
Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher 9 dager siden
2:58 4:38
David Mccallum
David Mccallum 10 dager siden
How much they are their words van dike made us win the champions league and the premier league but still love roy Keane
Nihh Nihh
Nihh Nihh 11 dager siden
Roy Keans Son “ I passed All my classes with passing grades “ Roy Keane : “ well dats yur Job “
Jude Courval
Jude Courval 12 dager siden
I wish this video would never end😂
Ben Smith
Ben Smith 12 dager siden
Lee dixon and roy keane saying van dijk wont make a difference......
Ikenna A
Ikenna A 12 dager siden
Maria Stewart
Maria Stewart 13 dager siden
He is very funny.
WOLVESFC 14 dager siden
yer a baloon yer
Leon Kaminski
Leon Kaminski 14 dager siden
Roy's girlfriend: "I love you so much Roy" Roy: "I've never heard so much rubbish in my life..."
Josh Henthorn
Josh Henthorn 15 dager siden
5:21 is my personal favourite haha ! Liverpool won’t even get past the group stages 😂
Rizmanta Pratama
Rizmanta Pratama 15 dager siden
Sir Alex Ferguson won 38 trophies with United within 26 years. Roy: "That's his job"
Bayern Munchen
Bayern Munchen 16 dager siden
It’s not hate that is in him. It is extreme understanding that in everything you do, you have to be focused and keep your celebrations simple and in the end.
Aaron Worth
Aaron Worth 16 dager siden
Watched this for comedy and learned how wrong his opinion on Liverpool was ✌️
Crazedsnail 16 dager siden
van dijk won't make a difference to liverpool? ok Roy.
King Kong
King Kong 17 dager siden
The most honest Football pundit not afraid to say what's on his mind!! He should have his own Podcast KEANO
FReSh JiVE 18 dager siden
Manager was including charity shield as a major you're in trouble
Roni Stone
Roni Stone 19 dager siden
The Liverpool comments make me laugh haha
jackie barren
jackie barren 20 dager siden wear a FUCKING POPPY?
AudiS4 21 dag siden
"Relax yourself"
James Cross
James Cross 21 dag siden
How wrong was he about Liverpool in 2018 haha
Mr. i
Mr. i 21 dag siden
When Keane was born he grabbed the scissors and cut the cord himself
Arrón Black
Arrón Black 22 dager siden
Roy Keane as a pundit is first class 😂 of only the could have him and Carragher in a room 24/7 arguing about football 😂😂 he’s absolutely brilliant there at the 2018 World Cup, says what everyone else in the world thinks about engerlund
Bizzle Tree
Bizzle Tree 23 dager siden
saying wilshire was the most overrated player on the planet was hilarious to be fair LMAO
Danny Brown
Danny Brown 24 dager siden
I don't think I've ever seen this man laugh lol
Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin 24 dager siden
anil2 25 dager siden
They questioned Liverpool in 2018, and Van Dijk wouldn't make a difference. 2 years later... lol
Velai386 Repai469
Velai386 Repai469 26 dager siden
Roy Keane gets up at 5am each morning to wake his alarm clock up
KygoDragon4 26 dager siden
Well done for stealing the top comment on this video and still managing to get zero likes when the original got thousands 👍 hold this L.
Woohooo 27 dager siden
Keane is right on England. England beat bums on the way to the semis. Lost to all the organised teams they played.
Love Yourself
Love Yourself 27 dager siden
How is Ian Wright a pundit? He's just a big kid
Tony Marsh
Tony Marsh 28 dager siden
Tree trophies
Ruben Van der Straaten
Ruben Van der Straaten 28 dager siden
Funny how Roy was bashing liverpool's defense in 2018, considering 3 of those same lads are now Team of the Season lmao
Tom Wells
Tom Wells 29 dager siden
He looks like a clown about Liverpool now
Alex Gibbons
Alex Gibbons Måned siden
“Why do we have to listen to that garbage, it’s just utter nonsense he’s talking “ on about mourinho can’t stop laughing 😂😂😂
Daniel Howe
Daniel Howe Måned siden
I love Roy Keane's passion and loyalty! He may be scary lol but he loves football!
Jaime Grimes
Jaime Grimes Måned siden
roy keane: proposes to girlfriend. girlfriend:starts crying with happiness. roy: are you going to answer
Sir Wick
Sir Wick Måned siden
Roy Keane wakes up angry and goes to bed absolutely fuming
Steven Daly
Steven Daly Måned siden
Sorry Roy, what was that about Liverpool winning the league and Champions league? And laughing at who? 😄 That aged well....
Jonny Beaver
Jonny Beaver Måned siden
Can’t stop laughing at the Liverpool comments. Klopp’s coaching + Virgil + Alisson and there were back to back CL finals, one of them won , plus the PL and two other cups. Keene’s a fool ... but a funny one.
viva warrior
viva warrior Måned siden
they laugh but hes right, so was slavan he said england would be dangerous from set pieces
raymond sweeney
raymond sweeney Måned siden
so wrong about Liverpool ! but a legend all the same , ( Evertonion )
P S Måned siden
Amazing how much of a difference Van Dijk ended up making. These comments were reasonable at the time
Ryan Neill
Ryan Neill Måned siden
Roy Keane in 2018: “Liverpool win the league? No chance...” that aged well...
Alexander McNamara
Alexander McNamara Måned siden
Evra trying so hard not to burst out laughing when is talking about Boateng in that end clip
Daniel Gillen
Daniel Gillen Måned siden
Good man Roy!! Telling it like it is!! 😊
Haroon I
Haroon I Måned siden
Roy kean to become united manager drop a LIKE👊🏽💪🏽
Tekkerstv Måned siden
Roy Keane is the only man Chuck Norris is afraid of
Matthew Heath
Matthew Heath Måned siden
Roy "final" keane
Liryc Måned siden
Roy is money he can go on any Channel now, they all want him.
gracesimon78 Måned siden
Liverpool going nowehere fast lol,howd that work out Woy
DaveTheRave Måned siden
When Roy was born the midwife said, “It’s a man!”
Operation Arsenal
Operation Arsenal 26 dager siden
Shane Sawyer
Shane Sawyer Måned siden
Every time I see Adrian Child on screen, I just want to strangle him. How did that guy get a job in football and stay for so long
WayneMac1992 Måned siden
How can you take anything seriously when he's an Cork Irish Native Wearing a poppy... sickening.
RG Blinker
RG Blinker Måned siden
Devils Reject Reacts
Devils Reject Reacts Måned siden
If this was espn or sky Keane and Wright would of had a heated debate as opposed to what it was a bit of banter
Thomas Price
Thomas Price Måned siden
KEANO Legend
mark lynch
mark lynch Måned siden
i think he should be man u manager and let him have full control just like fergie did with the knowledge from clough and fergie he whould be untouchable with money and power true leader of men
bullshitworld Måned siden
Sooo, one player won't make a difference you wanker. Its Van Dijk you talking about, he alone can make a difference
Matt S
Matt S Måned siden
What a nob 😂😂
SI Fashion
SI Fashion Måned siden
All comments about LFC hahah eat shit, VVD will make a marginal difference lol
lee mellor
lee mellor Måned siden
Ian wright just knows how to push kean into a rant 🤣
Radi Shah
Radi Shah Måned siden
2:00 Wrighty is lucky he got out of that in one piece
NO FEAR Måned siden
How much do Manchester United miss the likes of Roy Keane ? 😔
oldmansouthside Måned siden
"'you're a grown man, you've played the game"
#ProudWhiteMan Måned siden
Keano v wrighty is class.
Ashley Jarrett
Ashley Jarrett Måned siden
Roy 2018 big boys b laughing st Liverpool, the all bowed down b4 Liverpool except Madrid so we went fkr revenge in 2019 n yet again the big boys bowed down to the kings, n we went on to dominate Europe, the world n England 😌😂
John Cassidy
John Cassidy Måned siden
I noticed Keane never mixed it with Vinny Jones Martin keown or Duncan Ferguson....
RG Blinker
RG Blinker Måned siden
4:30 is incredible
Nuno Tonelo
Nuno Tonelo Måned siden
minute 3:32 on Mourinho... the garbage that you didn't like to listen to, is the Manager that end you!!! MU and Arsenal rivalry end in 2004 to be all against Chelsea and is the same manager that gave the MU fans the last silver they gonna see for the next 5 years (at least) and now gives you 1-6 at home with Spurs two weeks ago. Sometimes or mouth runs even more than you. And Roy... You were a great player!!!! But when Mourinho tells you something about football... Shut the f... Up and learn!!!! There are no two ways about it!!! Guardiola or Kloop need two years to win, Mourinho won two years on the roll in is first two years in Chelsea and if you don't understand the difference... just shut the F;;; Up
glyn hayes
glyn hayes Måned siden
I challenge you to make a compilation on Roy Keane making positive remarks.
Chathura Vishwanath Jayaratne
Chathura Vishwanath Jayaratne Måned siden
Usian Bolt : 9.58 baby Roy Keane : That's your job!
Stoner YouTube commenter
Stoner YouTube commenter Måned siden
When I’m feeling down and lazy I ask myself “what would my boy Roy do?” And it motivates me to get shit done
Staff H
Staff H Måned siden
Final,great comic timing
Raws Måned siden
8:00 eat your words Dixon!
L3V3LZ 2DISHIT Måned siden
"If Liverpool were playing in my back garden i wouldnt watch them" -Roy Keane 🤣
Syren1593 Måned siden
Fred the Pup
Fred the Pup Måned siden
Fred the Pup
Fred the Pup Måned siden
Fred the Pup
Fred the Pup Måned siden
Fred the Pup
Fred the Pup Måned siden
Danny Jay
Danny Jay Måned siden
Just because Ireland can't get into world Cup lol
Danny Jay
Danny Jay Måned siden
@earman8 ya shit ya little muppet
earman8 Måned siden
The euros ya cabbage .
GWHUFC Måned siden
best midfielder ever in the premiership....absolute f*cking legend
KygoDragon4 26 dager siden
Not even half the player Viera was. Also Gerrard was even better than Keane.
Joe Brisindi
Joe Brisindi Måned siden
6:02 hahahaha
Nigel Nyoni
Nigel Nyoni Måned siden
*Song that Keano doesn't like comes on the radio* Keano: I've never heard so much rubbish in my life... why do we have to listen to that GARBAGE
Nigel Nyoni
Nigel Nyoni Måned siden
Gary and Ian were super entertained, especially when he said "fInAL" sarcastically
Nigel Nyoni
Nigel Nyoni Måned siden
I would consider retiring from football 😂😂😂
kojack 74
kojack 74 Måned siden
People are forgetting how good he was, he has the right to make his comment's.
Broodje Feta
Broodje Feta Måned siden
"one players doesnt make a difference" well look how it turned out .... virgil bossing liverpool defence for 2 years almost flawlessly (not counting this year since it just started and they also just got smacked)
Albert Bowe
Albert Bowe Måned siden
Happy Birthday to Roy Keane. 🎂 Roy on the surprise party his family threw for him: “They started throwing around confetti as soon as I walked through the door & began to sing, acting like they’d just won the league. It was completely over the top, pathetic & embarrassing.”
Leenkesh Ramlagun
Leenkesh Ramlagun Måned siden
7.50 oh dear Lee Dixon.
Jon Reid
Jon Reid 2 måneder siden
2:55 That Lee Dixon back rub is comedy gold
Colin Anderson
Colin Anderson 2 måneder siden
Keane 2018 '' Liverpool? League? Champions League? Ah Forget it.'' ''They're going nowhere fast'' ''Drifting nowhere'' 2019 - Liverpool - Champions League winner. 2020 - Premier League winners.
john moore
john moore 2 måneder siden
Dixon: "put van dijk in that defence and he would make them marginally better" that aged well
PROJECT TRACER 2 måneder siden
5:26 Well look who is laughing now
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