The Bizarre World of Fake Martial Arts

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Super Eyepatch Wolf

11 måneder siden

Fake Martial Arts. What a wild time.
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Deadspin Article on China and Xu Xiaodong:
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No Touch vs Actual Fighter
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Super Eyepatch Wolf
Super Eyepatch Wolf 11 måneder siden
So, just to say, if you see the amount of add breaks in this video, that's not me. The video was claimed by UMG, so I get zero money from it. If you're interested, you can support the channel directly here: Just wanna say thanks to the people who support my patreon, other wise I literally couldn't afford to make vids like this. . But if it's not your thing, no sweat at all, thanks for watching my vids
123 456
123 456 2 dager siden
Hey- Super Eypatch Wolf. I wish more of your videos were about real life stories like this, instead of cartoons. This video is just a absolute gold mind. Your knowledge of Psychology is outstanding.
Dandy Noble
Dandy Noble 3 dager siden
I don't know if you'll see this, but I hope you do and take it to heart for future videos. Using music as a joke, to emphasize a point, or because it fits the visuals is not compliant with fair use. Consider how shows and movies have to pay tons of money to use music for those purposes. The only-- and I do mean ONLY-- time it's fair use to use any audio or visuals you don't own is when you are reviewing or critiquing aspects of the content itself, or for education about said content. Your use of news clips is the latter. Your use of "Bodies" is neither. Ergo, your video is educational but your use of the song is not. Hence, the owners of the song, Universal Music Group, were in the right to claim it. The price to use songs in movies, shows, or commercials is by the second, so it likely would've cost you thousands just for the 14 you used if you had to go through the legal route instead of just getting claimed. Please don't make this mistake in the future. Your content is great, and I hate seeing quality creators make such a simple mistake.
AJK76 4 dager siden
11:38 when you were talking about that violence could disturb someone i thought that this guy (with magical powers) is gonna get killed or something and when fight began in the minute i gave my heart was bumping hard and fast. Thank god (which doesnt exist) i was wrong
Devotions 7 dager siden
The "Chi" stuff reminds one of Benny Hinn "Slaying" people "in the Spirit...."
Clooz 8 dager siden
We all need to root for and spread the word about Xu Xiaodong Because of his sacrifice and hard called, "real" martial arts are being exposed... Xu Xiaodong is the Chinese man who has been proving many martial arts as fake...yet now tha CCP and China has gone out of their way to punish him for telling the truth... the "social credit," system has been abused to ruin him...his own FACE has been banned from TV and all he has to wear face paint.. he is banned from public travel. Isn't allowed on planes...and so much more... Thinking about it...this whole occurrence was a sort of warning about how "saving face," and "maintaining reputation." Is more important than reality....first it was fake martial arts...but now it is lying about their GDP...Lying about Covid deaths, pushing the WHO to lie about covid. Lying about their economy. Lying about companies...and so much more. Xu Xiaodong the middle aged mma fighter who has had his life ruined by the how fake many martial arts masters and styles were... Which also exposed that the CCP would ruin anyone that exposes the truth...would do anything to maintain reputation and to "save face." Covid was so horrible....the only silver lining was that it has exposed the CCP...for some reason investors and many others have just believed anything said by the CCP Chinese government.. Covid has made the "high trusting western society.," realize that the CCP would do absolutely anything for personal gain. So now that beyond COVID19, people will question EVERYTHING that is claimed by the CCP But just like with Xu Xiaodong.. The doctors who had tried to spread the truth about covid19....were first ARRESTED AND FORCED to sign a fake confession (a very common practice by Chinese police.) The CCPs police are completely unbelievable...they just serve the party. The common "anti corruption." investigations, are just faction infighting...really scary. BUT AFTER these doctors who had just MENTIONED covid and NOT ACTIVELY HIDDEN THE TRUTH AND REFUSED TO LIE about covid19 ...those doctors "died from covid..." while in reality they were killed by the government/not treated on purpose. The international community should be very afraid of how these 2 individuals had been treated. If the CCP treats their own citizens like that...imagine how they would treat foreigners or foreign nations!!! VERY SCARY! We should all work to not be reliant on China... The idea of ruining someone's life with the social credit system...or forcing someone to way too common. Just like the "Epstein didn't kill himself" meme, proving that their are people who were scared of what he knew and could tell blackmail wise... We should all make sure that the sacrifice of Xu Xiaodong, the covid doctors, and of Chinese human rights lawyers ARE NOT IN VAIN!! F the CCP! They are horrible for China. Any Chinese citizens that support the mistreatment of Xu Xiaodong... have been brainwashed and are enemies of China...they are simply easy pawns/useful idiots to help the CCP keep an iron grip against China. It is super sad
jeyfor osu
jeyfor osu 19 minutter siden
They are all stand users lol
Wise Guy
Wise Guy 24 minutter siden
Good god this is embarrassing!
Kek.B.I 30 minutter siden
27:56 When you spawn in a Minecraft world for the first time.
Theis Rønhede
Theis Rønhede Time siden
17:11 I mean that's pretty cool as well tbh
Jacopo Cesselli
Jacopo Cesselli 2 timer siden
The most outrageous and hypocritical side to Xu’s story is that nowadays it’s actually hard as hell to find legitimate, Traditional Martial Arts in China, as the all the best masters of Martial Arts were systematically persecuted, sent to work the dirtiest farm jobs handling pig shit to shame them, interned in Laogai to be “re-educated”, and especially KILLED OFF by the Chinese Communist Party from 1949 onwards until well into the mid-1980s! Now, if anybody thinks that the CCP has even ONCE apologized for brutally destroying the same “traditional Chinese Culture” they now claim to uphold, I have a long and wide bridge to sell to you.
Darklink536 2 timer siden
Can't wait to go to war with a country practicing this and we get decimated by goddamn Force users
NODA_Republic 2 timer siden
This is a fucking kickass video.
ピピヅヅカカ 3 timer siden
12:08 "Disbelief that I've just been struck by another human." _Ah fuck, I can't believe you've done this._
JungleINSECt Spikewall
JungleINSECt Spikewall 10 timer siden
Ngl id like too know hydrics tricks just too fuck with people lmao
JungleINSECt Spikewall
JungleINSECt Spikewall 10 timer siden
There is 1 presure point knock out that works. Its called punching somebody in the face rlly hard
MochaWaifu 10 timer siden
I came to laugh at fake martial artists, not cry. I really hope Xu and his family stay strong. The country should be glad he is protecting the honor of Kung Fu.
master ugly
master ugly 10 timer siden
They've watched too much anime, chi is life energy that isnt possible to channel through your body it's what you mainly use to clean inside yourself of impurities and all that other stuff that's all I know of chi
James 11 timer siden
Can't wait for movies showing how badass Xu is to start coming out in about 10-20 years.
Casey wasey
Casey wasey 12 timer siden
Honestly screw the Chinese government. I know pit doesn't need saying but it's one of the few things that actually get me angry.
Viktor Gasmin
Viktor Gasmin 13 timer siden
Is that RTZ at 18:49 ??
hihibye2324 14 timer siden
There is still a level of realism in professional wrestling. Stuff like this just BS.
Jordan Bozeman
Jordan Bozeman 15 timer siden
Thanks for opening my eyes a little more
Zaik 15 timer siden
Honestly fuck China and his disgusting government, creepy ass country.
BeagleBear Gaming
BeagleBear Gaming 15 timer siden
hehe get what they deserve for lying
Saurus 18
Saurus 18 16 timer siden
I hope too God that Xu gets a movie. He's story about fighting the government lies, the public and all this by his own sweat and blood is an inspiration. It's a man fighting a whole country. Who has suffered and is being killed by his motherland. No matter if he fails or prevails, for me he will always be a Hero and the BEST MMA fighter in the world.
Sir Clifford Drake Malcolm Jackson
Sir Clifford Drake Malcolm Jackson 16 timer siden
The deadliest DEFENSE too! The ballet of killer horror! How is defense deadly?? Man, people sure are weirdos!
etienne 23
etienne 23 17 timer siden
5:02 Rip and tear until it is done.
freshtendrills 17 timer siden
Come to America Xu. We haven't reached this disgusting point yet. Even though we're speeding towards it.
Empathy Tobacco
Empathy Tobacco 17 timer siden
Well, i guess if the antidote of any mythical and life threatening supernatural powers is just being a sceptic (or put your toungue in different position) that makes the whole schabang pointless isn’t it? Why would one dedicate oneself to learn a self-defence/offensive art if your target can neautralize it without even trying?
Michaela Miller
Michaela Miller 18 timer siden
11:19 he says "no holds barred" and shows an arm bar!! I see what you did there. :)
Not a Chump
Not a Chump 18 timer siden
The karate chop to the neck is no joke, shit sucks.
d Time siden
yeah. but that still needs some force behind the hit. the fake stuff says that it doesnt
mmartinez9802 18 timer siden
Woukd love to go into a rant about China but. The usa.. is gonna be china soon. So i gotta practice my tai chi
Anagram Confirmed
Anagram Confirmed 19 timer siden
Remember this, America. Remember that you CHOSE what's coming. You chose it and you deserve it.
David Snyder
David Snyder 20 timer siden
Fuck China Fuck the CCP Fuck Winnie The Pooh
FL1Pr 20 timer siden
All these fake martial arts instructors are basically Hercule/Mr.Satan from DragonBall
John Bradley
John Bradley 21 time siden
cmon guys build a gofund me for Xu. he deserves it and he really needs support
Kaya just Kaya
Kaya just Kaya 21 time siden
If i am correct, we also see this harassment in form of an manga called Baki. Where the chinese martial artist won against this guy (ofc its not 100% him. As proof, olivia is a real person was not that jacked like in the anime/baki)
unique Engineer gaming
unique Engineer gaming 23 timer siden
Baki plot
Antwan Peay
Antwan Peay Dag siden
Dude beatin up old men 😅😅😅
Odd Dag siden
That last guy made me legitimately depressed.
Cephlapa P.
Cephlapa P. Dag siden
These guys wanna be anime characters soooooo badly
Missionary_Manifesto _
Missionary_Manifesto _ Dag siden
I feel like the Kung Fu arc in Baki had something to say after watching this video. Keisuke Itagaki probably was trying to tell readers that Kung Fu is an outdated form of martial arts. Especially the part where pickle, the cave man, defeated a Kung Fu master.
Robert E.O. Speedwagon
Robert E.O. Speedwagon Dag siden
People who believe they have “telekinetic” or anything else like that need to be proven wrong by a beating.
Robert E.O. Speedwagon
Robert E.O. Speedwagon 15 timer siden
@Risotto Nero thank you for your support.
Risotto Nero
Risotto Nero 18 timer siden
You tell them Speedwagon
Shaun Dag siden
China is a joke. Everyone and everything is way too controlled by the government.
Alex Read
Alex Read Dag siden
Psychic beats Fighting, but... Chingling doesn't beat Heracross.
Joshua de Jesús
Joshua de Jesús Dag siden
Holy shit, that Shu guy is literally locked in a never-ending battle. Like in the movie 'The One'.
Renato C.Francisco
Renato C.Francisco Dag siden
Great video as always. (・∀・)
ApollosRoman Dag siden
Kung-Fu's Benny Hinn
Zomboy_TYT Dag siden
I still don't know why sometimes irl Fighting turned to Coordinated attacks to Tactical Body Humping sex scenes.
Mitusonator Dag siden
Wouldn't Mao be actually infuriated that Chinese government promotes such reactionary traditions?
Ducky Duck
Ducky Duck Dag siden
Honestly Xu story inspires me too see a story of a hero hated by his country, robbed of his personal treasures,forced to be considered a clown and all just to save his people from being brainwashed
Sickboy Dag siden
Aaaand that's why democracy will never work
dark1810 Dag siden
man china seems such a good and enlightened place im so glad we tend to bend over backward for such amazing poeple
Erysimum Dag siden
this fake martial artist reminds me of a church with fake healers. They make me cringe a lot.
red label
red label Dag siden
CCP is fake 🥝
Pain Dag siden
Funny thing i got a jiu-jitsu add before watching it
Javed Ossen
Javed Ossen Dag siden
25:00 Think twice before punching an old man.... and taking on an entire government.
Alex Crow
Alex Crow Dag siden
More reasons to hate china
supercalifragilistic expialidocious
supercalifragilistic expialidocious 2 dager siden
Damn... I really feel bad for Xu... If only these fake martial arts were shut down and proven fake, none of this would've happened...
Stanfordz Barzo
Stanfordz Barzo 2 dager siden
Someone who can get in contact with Xu... Please... introduce him to DOOM music... Because he'll realize that the only thing Tai Chi Masters fear... is HIM
J G 2 dager siden
Its not sad. You're watching a scam artist get exposed.
Kais G
Kais G 2 dager siden
5:15 wow you used Fetus from Tekken 4 brings back so many memories 😓
DecepticCeast 2 dager siden
How about we stop caring about these "Psychic martial artists" and give the people they're fighting chances to play as stuntmen in movies
Sam Iam
Sam Iam 2 dager siden
Not a better documentary made! Well done sir. 🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷
Wayte13 2 dager siden
You'd think if the traditional arts were actually superior they'd be able to find a master that can beat an ok-at-best MMA fighter.
Boyko Sokolov
Boyko Sokolov 2 dager siden
This Xu is a very inspiring man.
peaceful dirt block
peaceful dirt block 2 dager siden
There using there stands to attack
Razor Raiden
Razor Raiden 2 dager siden
They has stand,u cant see them,coz...u r not stand user
Hazmat Lλd
Hazmat Lλd 2 dager siden
I jumped and backstabbed someone in Call of duty. Does that count as marital arts?
Johann der Jäger
Johann der Jäger 2 dager siden
Just ask Steven Seagal, he's an expert in the art. He's as good at actually fighting as he is at making movies.
Rayga 2 dager siden
As an indonesian, every time there's a clip from my country, I just looked away & closed my eye
Cjxtreme66 2 dager siden
They have a future in religion if this martial arts stuff doesn't work out
Elias 2 dager siden
Xu's Face at the end that smirk he knows he won that fight, nothing but absolute respect for him.
ZenbuZenvo 2 dager siden
5:00 so...this guy is literally just a mountain lion?
gotty go hard
gotty go hard 2 dager siden
This is mini documentary quality
Sean McClure
Sean McClure 2 dager siden
China is so broken. They know that the mystique of their martial arts is big money. When they are proven to be junk by someone who knows what they’re doing, they make him apologize and pay restitution to the guy who challenged him to a fight in the first place. That should sum up China in a nutshell.
Reima 2 dager siden
I suspect Mr. Satan from DBZ is based off of Count Dante
Joachim Thome
Joachim Thome 3 dager siden
Almost all people are morons most of the time and believe the shit they are told in repetition...look at the whole coronascam.
Jay Smith
Jay Smith 3 dager siden
Think about this video and people who enable these “no touch” masters the next time you’re told to use special pronouns or that someone Is suddenly a different gender because they decided they were yesterday.
Joshy Josh
Joshy Josh 3 dager siden
They need to make a movie on Xu. I would watch that in a heart beat.
ZAW YE HTET 3 dager siden
They are fake no matter how you see it. If you believe it,well you need to check your brain.
Ben Louw
Ben Louw 3 dager siden
3.1K cultist did not approve of this video.
Kevin Ferris
Kevin Ferris 3 dager siden
Why is the cult of nationalism always propagating delusional ideals?
Varyk Walker
Varyk Walker 3 dager siden
Tai Chi isn't a fighting technique. It's a relaxing/teaching technique. It teaches you things you can use in fighting, but you can't use straight up Tai Chi in a fight. It's hella fun as an exercise though so hey go off.
Prime 3 dager siden
I thought martial arts was meant to hone your body, mind, and spirit and was a way to improve the overall self. But these ppl just wanna make anime real lmao
buntado6 3 dager siden
The US thinks taking guns from people would cripple their capability for defense... But I bet they never fathomed there could be something worse than that: being deliberately taught to fight inneficiently.
flashfire157 3 dager siden
Not going to say who I am because privacy, but every time I step into the octagon I secretly hope the person I'm fighting believes in this stuff so I can crater their face while they fake hit me.
The fella formerly known as Fifn
The fella formerly known as Fifn 3 dager siden
Lmao I'm sure you're definitely not just larping on the Internet. Pretty sure you'd know beforehand that your opponent is a real fighter and not one of these people....
pepsi Atlas
pepsi Atlas 3 dager siden
Sorry. 70 fights? He's a fat 40 year old and he keeps effortlessly twating masters. How delusional are these people
Malfunctioning Android
Malfunctioning Android 3 dager siden
Tai-chi, kung-fu, and other bullshido is for lazy people.
Baguette 3 dager siden
When a 7th grader watches one naruto episode:
ozerum Balsalm
ozerum Balsalm 3 dager siden
You underestimate his power, he has the power of GOD and ANIME on his side.
The Bman 006
The Bman 006 3 dager siden
DoN't MaKe Me UsE mY rAsEnGaN oN YoU!!!
Skid Row H
Skid Row H 3 dager siden
How people felt for this is beyond stupid lol
Aaron Orrantia
Aaron Orrantia 3 dager siden
Justice for Xu!!
The Kickboxing Community
The Kickboxing Community 3 dager siden
Let the finger hit the mute, let the finger hit the.... Let the finger hit the... *MUUUTE*
Ever Dee
Ever Dee 3 dager siden
Chuunibyou X100
Tom G
Tom G 3 dager siden
Absolute trash from the Chinese media with that draw.
ozerum Balsalm
ozerum Balsalm 3 dager siden
It's china what did you expect?
Shel Parks
Shel Parks 3 dager siden
I just don't understand why students really believe in this crap, and then flop and flip around. Unbelievable.
Ergo- -Certainly
Ergo- -Certainly 3 dager siden
Xu’s is a real master, taking down false martial arts masters that are meant to represent Chinas past, only showing how fragile China is when it comes to their past
Ronald Klatt
Ronald Klatt 3 dager siden
Excellent video! I feel awful for Shu, I had no idea it got that bad for him. The Wing Chun master is also an absolute clown... what happened to honour?
Ligerton 4 dager siden
The Chinese government in xu's situation also aren't acknowledging the actually affective types of Kung Fu that are practiced instead only propagating the fake ineffective ones because in the end that gives all the power to the government
Ordinary Person
Ordinary Person 4 dager siden
There are aspects of Dragonball what are based in very real abilities. As for what happens in these instances, look at what is happening in the U. S. Thought control technologies are real, oldest tricks in the book, and should you convince somebody to forfeit their responsibility you can effectively convince them to lose before putting up a fight.
Ordinary Person
Ordinary Person 4 dager siden
"..upon whom the entire story of Bloodsport was based."
Jake Beleren
Jake Beleren 4 dager siden
If the martial arts students believe this nonsense I think the masters have potential for mass hypnosis rather than martial arts
Layal Alawi
Layal Alawi 4 dager siden
Layal Alawi
Layal Alawi 4 dager siden
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