Froning vs. Fraser-CrossFit Open Workout 15.1 Live Announcement

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3 måneder siden

Reebok CrossFit One played host to the epic matchup between then four-time CrossFit Games champion Rich Froning Jr., and the man who took his place at the top of the podium when Froning left individual competition: Mat Fraser. Enjoy this replay of the Open Workout #15point1 live announcement.
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Richie 3 måneder siden
Incredible demonstration of skill and strength by both participants 👍🏼
Superhuman Unchained
Superhuman Unchained 19 timer siden
Great athletes
official vegthenx
official vegthenx Dag siden
Anyone else not really impressed?
TheMamour113 2 dager siden
i'm tired for them; this is sick
Sanoevzy Imam
Sanoevzy Imam 3 dager siden
Love you Fraser...😉🤗
Luther Smith
Luther Smith 3 dager siden
Cross, high reps! Calisthenics strict reps
David Velarde
David Velarde 4 dager siden
CAPTAIN BICEPS 4 dager siden
I lifted for biceps🦾 135 kg. Can you?
Mrbigolnuts 4 dager siden
Cross fit is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen, but Rich Froning is a true super human, wonder why he avoids going on Joe Rogan?
TheWatermelon3 4 dager siden
Where is the obligatory 'i paused the video to give them a break' comment?
Борис Ковалёв
Борис Ковалёв 5 dager siden
Brennan Huff
Brennan Huff 6 dager siden
When do the shirts come off and the strutting starts ?
Brennan Huff
Brennan Huff 6 dager siden
Who is the countries best exerciser?
Derek Taylor
Derek Taylor 6 dager siden
I was surprised how small the men are who compete at crossfit.
J. Rose
J. Rose 8 dager siden
Throwing a sweaty disgusting t-shirt into the crowd makes me laugh lol. Eat your heart out ladies
David M. Vera
David M. Vera 9 dager siden
Matt had that if he did not slip! Great Show!
Duvidade Qualidosa
Duvidade Qualidosa 10 dager siden
eu sei q voce veio aqui pelo artur
Maximilian Grübe
Maximilian Grübe 11 dager siden
Just wondering, no one wears a mask - is this an old competition or am I missing smth regarding COVID? :D Btw: Beautiful to see ppl without facial masks!
MXXRE Music 10 dager siden
This is from 2015 I’m pretty sure
Arthur Manville
Arthur Manville 11 dager siden
Respect for them both. But this is a dumb sport and boring to watch.
JonnyPublic 11 dager siden
CheM Icals
benarji kumar dooru
benarji kumar dooru 12 dager siden
Both are just incredible...
wojak 12 dager siden
Dave Castro is such a doucher
D D 12 dager siden
I smell...back pain...
Bato Del Castillo
Bato Del Castillo 13 dager siden
What a beast are that both 🐺 🐻 What a perfect chest / arms have Rich 💪🏻🔥
David Soudek
David Soudek 13 dager siden
The battle to see who’s joints tear out first!
Emiliano Lopez Alaniz
Emiliano Lopez Alaniz 13 dager siden
no sabia que jaime lozano levantaba tubos... un grande
Chris Mars
Chris Mars 14 dager siden
I can't barely breath just watching. Looks so hard
airs2k 14 dager siden
Fraser. What a beast.....This two have a level of fitness I'm jealous of
Tomas Mac Giolla Bhride
Tomas Mac Giolla Bhride 15 dager siden
Tried crossfit once... Never had lower back trouble with any other sport. Once my lower back started to twinge I was out... Pity them in a couple of years
Scotty Jonas
Scotty Jonas 8 dager siden
You are weak. They are strong
Patrick Jensen
Patrick Jensen 16 dager siden
Me: Man, it's 3:50, I need to sleep... NOpost: ...but have you seen this crossfit video tho?
Валерий Сукрутов
Валерий Сукрутов 17 dager siden
Froning OG
Andrew 17 dager siden
Iron Wolf would smash both these guy's
Well Utopia
Well Utopia 11 dager siden
Prison wolf does cardio all day. Crossfit and Prison wolf are both jokes.
Your Gym Buddy
Your Gym Buddy 17 dager siden
This is the pinnacle of fitness 👌🏼 perfect showcase of strength, endurance, power, speed and more!! 🤯
blackler_brah 18 dager siden
EPO kings
Павел Астахов
Павел Астахов 18 dager siden
No words ... Mega tough guys !!! Well done !!!
Orthopraxis 19 dager siden
This is what all the morons at the gym are doing? Glad I found out so I can laugh at them each time i go.
Trump IsYourDaddy
Trump IsYourDaddy 14 dager siden
Se Perfecto
Se Perfecto 19 dager siden
They have to be in anabolics
Chance Byrd
Chance Byrd 19 dager siden
This is 21.3
Cori Raines
Cori Raines 20 dager siden
When you can’t cut it in competitive power lifting........ always cross fit to fall back on. No form required
Trump IsYourDaddy
Trump IsYourDaddy 14 dager siden
Right? What a joke.
repetemcfly 20 dager siden
i finish 15.1 in 8 minutes
alex johndon
alex johndon 20 dager siden
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Orthopraxis 20 dager siden
Admirable, but for what purpose?
Zach Morris
Zach Morris 19 dager siden
It's a sport
Leigh Lindsay
Leigh Lindsay 21 dag siden
The ludicrous mayonnaise ultrascructurally bat because bass muhly moan beneath a sweet egypt. careful, therapeutic tenor
grunge9357 22 dager siden
no kipping?
ZL Scales
ZL Scales 22 dager siden
So this is what it looks like when you're the best at exercising....
SnarfBeats 10 dager siden
Lol, that's what I was thinking
Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt 22 dager siden
Captain BP&J
Captain BP&J 23 dager siden
These guys are juiced to the gills.
No Name
No Name 23 dager siden
JuiceFit is finally going out of fashion.
Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson 23 dager siden
I want to see a 6' and above competition. These little guys only have to move so much. I said it.
fangiscool1 22 dager siden
Just watch some lower ranked crossfit competitors
German Mejia
German Mejia 23 dager siden
The OG. Froning.
TB Bucs
TB Bucs 23 dager siden
haha, come on, competing gym workouts now? They have managed to create another 'sport' from a daily activity, what's next seeing who can drive their car the fastest?, oh, that's right, there is car racing already. Why can't daily functions stay daily functions, why do marketers have to turn everything into a competition, the next time I am on the ab machine at the gym if some overhyped sweaty accountant comes up to me and screams at me that they will conquer the ab machine faster than me, I'm done, I just hope it doesn't turn into bathroom activities.
Alex Gibbs
Alex Gibbs 23 dager siden
There were a total of zero reps in this entire video
ArtGuitar 101
ArtGuitar 101 23 dager siden
Lungs on fire!
Ian Way
Ian Way 24 dager siden
Damn this is nuts
Arjun Raj
Arjun Raj 24 dager siden
Even though im against CrossFit.. i gotta admit this is what peak human performance looks like
John.L 23 dager siden
Why if i may ask?
William Myers
William Myers 24 dager siden
Why am I here watching other guys work out???? All this wasted energy... I always tell CrossFit guys to spend the weekend at my house doing real work and I’ll even feed them....
davidhunternyc 24 dager siden
Dang. I've never seen a CrossFit competition before. I'm in shock. I can barely lift a shampoo bottle.
davidhunternyc 23 dager siden
@AWES0ME SAUCE You're awesome, Awesome Sauce! Thank you for the encouragement! All the best to you.
AWES0ME SAUCE 23 dager siden
@davidhunternyc I was born in Brooklyn and grew up in Staten Island. I feel ya man. Everything is expensive there. Don’t give up and you’ll find something. I’ve done yoga before. Not my favorite, but was challenging.
davidhunternyc 23 dager siden
@AWES0ME SAUCE I used to live in Cali too and yes there are plenty of monthly gym memberships that are cheap there. You can join a gym here for fairly cheap but if you want to join classes it's expensive. I tried yoga once. It was $30 for an hour and it was really only 45 minutes. Absolutely stupidly expensive so I did not go back. You were packed in like sardines too. It's insane how much money it costs to join classes of any kind here. Of course it's Covid so everything is closed but I'm looking into getting into beginner rowing classes on the Hudson River once it gets warmer. Indoor rowing classes aren't an option because I would have to travel on the subway for an hour to get there. Ugh, I keep looking. My friend is trying to convince me to try yoga again in front of my TV. I'll try that. I've got to do something. Covid has destroyed my motivation to do anything. The last time I saw someone was on the 4th of July.
AWES0ME SAUCE 23 dager siden
@davidhunternyc may I make a suggestion. First find what you enjoy. Then build from that. For me Muay Thai is my passion and from there I run and lift weights. But all stems from my Muay Thai which class unlimited for me in Cali cost me $105 a month, if you look hard enough for something, you will find it. Ask for help, ask around. People are willing to help you.
davidhunternyc 23 dager siden
@AWES0ME SAUCE I wish I were motivated to try Crossfit but I'm not. I'm one of those people that need to be pushed. Also, in NYC, it seems that every exercise class cost $20 - $30 an hour. I get it. Businesses have rent to pay but I can't afford this much money every day and, being a former competitive swimmer and waterpolo player, I know how much time is required to get proficient at something. 1 hour a day isn't enough.
andy klink
andy klink 24 dager siden
My back just hurts watching lol
BestMTGDecksEver 24 dager siden
I think I became more dumb watching this
pinklightfever 25 dager siden
This shit is so stupid lol
Spidey Fist
Spidey Fist 25 dager siden
Fraser did a great job! So close!!!
Eisern Front
Eisern Front 25 dager siden
All cost counted ZERO
Alec douglas
Alec douglas 25 dager siden
Froning be swinging a little too much on toes...
beastly4456 25 dager siden
Not a sport, change my mind
Adam Rivera
Adam Rivera 25 dager siden
Who the fuck wants that shirt
Jeanne Lmte
Jeanne Lmte 25 dager siden
21.2 is 15.1, I see it coming haha
Truth Lives
Truth Lives 26 dager siden
Froning is the truth
popo1310023 26 dager siden
Froning been doing this for years. I think hes aged quite a bit not the same as his youth
Peter B
Peter B 26 dager siden
Are these guys tested?
Working Man
Working Man 26 dager siden
Repeat on the way
Balsham91 26 dager siden
Unbelievable fitness...but something about this is just fuckin stupid
fulanito1417 26 dager siden
Froning Matt’s daddy
Shane 26 dager siden
crossfit is stupid. prefect way to hurt your self.
m∆ppy☥ 26 dager siden
maybe I should put this pizza down
Calisthenicsnoob 27 dager siden
Ppl really want their sweaty shirt?
Emanuel Quintero
Emanuel Quintero 27 dager siden
Is that black judge omari Hardwick or am I trippin?
Wild Bhoomi
Wild Bhoomi 27 dager siden
Froning won purely on the format, smart platy.Fraser is waaayy tougher
El Cucuy
El Cucuy 25 dager siden
Tougher? You mean stronger? Tough isn't that relevant, these guys aren't fighting .
Joseph Gallardo
Joseph Gallardo 27 dager siden
💪🏻Buff white guy, black shorts with the beard is definitely going to win this one!
Clinton Phoenix
Clinton Phoenix 27 dager siden
No way these motions are good for your body.
Josh Chapman
Josh Chapman 27 dager siden
@Clinton Phoenix no I don’t think so either, I think these high level cross-fit athletes are just a different breed.
Clinton Phoenix
Clinton Phoenix 27 dager siden
@Josh Chapman I get it, but sporadic movements like this with weights long term cannot be good.
Josh Chapman
Josh Chapman 27 dager siden
That’s the point of CrossFit. You gradually shock your body into strengthening it where it wouldn’t otherwise be strong so you can endure whatever weird shit you can throw at it
Asad Ali
Asad Ali 27 dager siden
Amazing respect for both 👏
Daniel Vilela
Daniel Vilela 27 dager siden
So you CAN remove the weights from the bar without holding it letting it fall huh?
Al A
Al A 27 dager siden
Wtf the point of just doing a bunch of low weight reps for along time
Adam Blois
Adam Blois 24 dager siden
Courtnay Power
Courtnay Power 27 dager siden
tougher than it looks
J Rocha
J Rocha 27 dager siden
Froning is retired right ?
Geno Capri
Geno Capri 27 dager siden
Dalding the sign of hormone therapy
Gary Michael Flanagan
Gary Michael Flanagan 28 dager siden
Jeff Cavalier is probably cringing at all the hip flexor action in the first move haha
Gary Michael Flanagan
Gary Michael Flanagan 24 dager siden
@Dubya he always talks about proper form for leg lifts. You are supposed to lift from the abs and “show your ass”. Check some of his videos to see what I mean. Jeff knows his stuff. A lot of people do leg lifts wrong.
Dubya 27 dager siden
I don’t get it. Why would he cringe?
Chuggy Man
Chuggy Man 28 dager siden
Fitness man on earth is such a bogus title lol
Balkan88 28 dager siden
The crowd look like clones lol
Keeks Keeks
Keeks Keeks 28 dager siden
The power of jre.
BirdDawg 28 dager siden
Looking forward to seeing future champion's body types. Are short legs an advantage or is Matt just the ultimate savage...
fangiscool1 22 dager siden
Generally for Olympic lifts, yes
Andres Herrera
Andres Herrera 28 dager siden
This was a great time, when the open had good workouts.
Ellen Chen
Ellen Chen 23 dager siden
And still got Reebok.
ESFitnessSavage 28 dager siden
fraser's leg raises look mechanical
Mory 28 dager siden
Mat is KING.
The Punisher
The Punisher 28 dager siden
Fraser looks Greek af
Евгений Лебедев
Евгений Лебедев 29 dager siden
Рич - король. Все время давал вести немного фрезеру, но не отпускал и в конце победил!
Larry Chandler
Larry Chandler Måned siden
Toes 2 bar are the lamest things to watch.
GearrahHereMan Måned siden
Geez I'm exhausted just watching. I need a break. 🤦🏾‍♂️
Gibson Fit
Gibson Fit Måned siden
My whole issue is they have no control it’s all momentum based I feel it’d be more impressive with controlled movements. More specifically the toes to bar
TheCureThatKillz 9 dager siden
@t M I was a competitive bodybuilder for 13 years. I am extremely knowledgeable in regards to these topics. I’m not wrong. The people that go to your gym in their 40s, 50s & 60s are irrelevant to my previous comment. CrossFit is extremely new. It hasn’t been around long enough to see the long term, permanent effects that it leaves on the human body after one retires from doing it for 30+ years. Take a good look at the struggles that a lot of retired pro bodybuilders have with their bodies. It’s pretty crazy. And those people are ones who understand that form builds muscle and understand how to properly do things to avoid injury. I know exactly what I’m talking about and I’m not wrong.
t M
t M 10 dager siden
@TheCureThatKillz wrong. There are plenty of guys that go to my gym that are 40’s, 50’s, and even 60’s. Also wrong about form. Not that arguing with You will get me anywhere. Just know you’re wrong.
TheCureThatKillz 25 dager siden
100% agree. So many CrossFit exercises are momentum based. Throwing form out the window. If they used proper form they wouldn’t be able to do half of what they actually do. But then again, that’s what CrossFit is: lift as much weight as you can as many times is your can in the quickest amount of time possible. Doesn’t matter how you move it or get it up. Personally, it makes no sense to me. Proper form is so so very crucial. Their bodies will be done by time their 40. Enjoy the rest of life struggling to function.
Jibrahn Escalante
Jibrahn Escalante Måned siden
2 🐐’s
sumit agarwal
sumit agarwal Måned siden
Thesee are super human s
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