Rolling Stone's Top 500 Albums List Is Rough

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The full list:
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KDO 6 minutter siden
I knew there was no way he could make this video without mentioning Drake being on the list lol
Melómano Mau
Melómano Mau 15 minutter siden
they dont even include Spiderland or The Money Store smh
Dusan Stanisic
Dusan Stanisic Time siden
Why get so triggered over a list though? Like you guys could come up with better ones. You would purposefully ignore every famous artist people have actually heard about and just put some random people you like and label them "influential". Like there is no way to hear every album ever, there is no way to remember every album ever, and even regularly listening an album you will still forget those songs overtime. I've maybe listened to a couple of these albums at most so I don't know neither do I care about this list. And the point of this list is to basically gather every safe option they can think of so people can use them as reference points to discover new underground hipster things they actually like and use them as part of their personality when they're boring to talk to. It's not rocket science. I swear fantano fans are the most elitist and insecure people ever.
Piero Sarmiento Ayala
Piero Sarmiento Ayala Time siden
Nevermind better than Kid A and Ok Computer....... *okey?* Abbey Road the best beatles album.... *mmmm???* In the Court of the Crimson King doesn´t appear *_Chicken Little has left the chat_*
Sianspheric Time siden
No Aphex Twin is a bloody travesty of music criticism. How on earth at least Selected Ambient World 85-92 doesn't make the top 50 let alone the top 500 completely baffles me. It's as if to Rolling Stone electronic music simply never existed and let alone ignoring the most groundbreaking electronic music artist of all time cements that stance.
Nathan Haller
Nathan Haller 2 timer siden
Scrolls by The Downward Spiral and says nothing about how it's NOT in the top 50
J 2 timer siden
What do you mean no Talk Talk. You don't mean there's actually not a single Talk Talk album on the list right? Talk Talk, the only band that I can actually say I think released one of the best albums ever, of all-time, EVER is N O T on a best-of list? TALK TALK WHO RELEASED SPIRIT OF EDEN AND LAUGHING STOCK? TWO OF THE GREATEST ALBUMS OF ALL TIME?
Can I get an Amen
Can I get an Amen 2 timer siden
Madonna was on the list 3 times queen 😌
Another Book Review
Another Book Review 3 timer siden
The placement of Elephant was probably the most baffling to me. If the argument is to re-do a list that you did 17 years prior in order to make room for recent records, why is Elephant, which is probably one of, if not, the best rock records of the last 20 years not higher? I think Back to Black by AW deserves her top 50 spot but, Elephant is right up there, imo, for album of that decade.
Cory Checketts
Cory Checketts 4 timer siden
I just finished the 2012 list and I was blown away by the comp albums. The 90s was full of these nostalgic comp releases and it really tainted my view of the RS 500 list. You’re right, it’s lazy and just filler.
Jack Michael Carr
Jack Michael Carr 4 timer siden
I think personally they should have 2 lists. One for the last century and one for this century
Jack Michael Carr
Jack Michael Carr 4 timer siden
I can never get the page to load properly
Matthew Whiting
Matthew Whiting 5 timer siden
Wow where is Sophie?
BMprod 6 timer siden
how's graduation not aging well anthony. blasphemy
Andrew Monakow
Andrew Monakow 8 timer siden
The funeral on 500. ((
Rafa Romo
Rafa Romo 10 timer siden
Make your version of the 500 best albums of all time with Hispanic, African, Asian, etc. albums.
Rowe 4900 Snack Candy Vending Machine
Rowe 4900 Snack Candy Vending Machine 10 timer siden
Metallica is the only metal band the people who make these lists have heard more than one song from.
osp80 11 timer siden
there's never been a good jazz song.
Alex Denney
Alex Denney 11 timer siden
Alanis Morissette at #69? Nice.
Austin Williams
Austin Williams 12 timer siden
Bladee isn’t even on the list 😒
Swaggy Pea
Swaggy Pea 4 timer siden
What’s up with bladee? I’ve listened to his stuff but everyone is talking about him
TheGradyBaby 13 timer siden
Seeing Arcade Fire at 500 with Funeral, and Taylor Swift in the 90s made me give up on this list, personally.
cocamojoe 13 timer siden
While I generally agree with your comment about greatest hits albums, Bob Marley’s “Legends” and the 1972 Greatest Hits from Simon & Garfunkel are legit classics in their own right, imo.
D P 14 timer siden
What abt artists from europe......
LordSnoodles 14 timer siden
Being critical of Rolling Stone's list of anything presupposes some amount of respect for what Rolling Stone has to say. Silly man.
Kristofer Harvey
Kristofer Harvey 15 timer siden
It's rolling stone they're not known for Stellar taste.
Willem Krantz
Willem Krantz 15 timer siden
This list is fucking horrible end of story.
Lynne Marie
Lynne Marie 16 timer siden
close to the edge at 445 should be illegal tbh
Ash 16 timer siden
why don't we just start out offended that rolling stone is considered any kind of relevant to music criticism anymore, let alone the absurdity of any of their lists being anywhere close to authoritative anyway? im coming from a place of little reverence for these "critical" institutions in the first place, but rolling stone..? I think we can stop legitimizing them, ironically or not.
Pearce Fitzpatrick O'Donovan
Pearce Fitzpatrick O'Donovan 16 timer siden
I didn't know this existed , interesting
Aine F
Aine F 16 timer siden
Stevie Nicks voted for Harry Styles, twice.
Angel Cueva
Angel Cueva 17 timer siden
Gotta be honest for once i agree with you Fantano, no Richard d. James on the list like wtf
Art Irony
Art Irony 17 timer siden
I really love Springsteen but Born to Run at 21st is just dumb to me since IMO its the worst album of his classic period and if that spot was gonna go to a Springsteen album it should have gone to The River
RedLightning17 17 timer siden
If I had control of this list, I'd make MBDTF #1 followed by Limp Bizkit's entire discography and Logic's Supermarket at 10. Just to see Fantano's melon head explode.
The Graceful Savage
The Graceful Savage 17 timer siden
I totally agree on your point about compilations. For me, including compilations in any 'top' list automatically makes the list lose credibility. Imagine asking someone what their favorite The Who album is, and they answered "Greatest Hits & More." Its just so far outside the concept of critically thinking about and discussing the album format.
Pastor Of Crows
Pastor Of Crows 18 timer siden
Also the fact that anyone thinks drake is worth even the top 50,000 albums of all time kills me inside
Pastor Of Crows
Pastor Of Crows 18 timer siden
Graduation is honestly my #2 Kanye album. I don’t know how you can call the sounds on it dated and compare 808s? Only song I find to REALLY be dated is drunk and hot girls, but honestly some of 808s I find unlistenable because it’s just dripping with auto tune in a sort of ugly and overdone way. It was definitely more influential, and I do realize this is all just my subjective opinion, but I can very easily put graduation there. Maybe not at #200 ish of THE BEST ALBUMS EVER but if Kanye’s gonna be on there I’d want graduation and TLOP
MOTC 18 timer siden
No queen in the top 50??????
Rodrigo Rezende
Rodrigo Rezende 19 timer siden
When you said it needed more representation I thought there would steel have a few albums from non-western countries... but rhes ZERO albums from Brazil, ZERO albums from Japan, just to name a couple hugely influential countries... I know it's an american publication, but that's just ridiculous imo
Matúš 19 timer siden
Bjork not in top 150? wtf
Oskar Smith Sørensen
Oskar Smith Sørensen 19 timer siden
I can't believe peter brötzmann's machine gun didn't take the no. 1 spot.
Giorgi Bulia
Giorgi Bulia 21 time siden
I have been looking though the entire list several times as I couldn’t believe my eyes: no Quadrophenia by “The Who” :) That’s is wrong on so many levels.
Cubehead666 21 time siden
Live Through This placed higher than In Utero. Let that sink in. Also, Rolling Stone still can't help taking every opportunity they can to paint Kurt Cobain as a whiney, self-loathing junkie who hated success and hated his fans. To this day they perpetuate that myth. CL has her hand *so* far up Rolling Stone's butt!
Fabricio García Cortés
Fabricio García Cortés 21 time siden
Ok so whats your favorite Madonna album? an intelectual: the immaculate collection 🥴
Jacob Bridleman
Jacob Bridleman 21 time siden
The editing is what is rough melon
TitanKiller 22 timer siden
Bad Graduation take, just because 808’s is more influential doesn’t make it better
walter hank
walter hank 22 timer siden
Die Lit should be #1
Call of Dutyyy
Call of Dutyyy 22 timer siden
Bruh they ranked a Jay z album higher than dark side of the moon😭I’m done...
Childe Harold
Childe Harold 23 timer siden
So what Japanese record belongs on the list? Which South American one? (Caetano?)
Childe Harold
Childe Harold 23 timer siden
Top ten today and for al time: 1. Justin Bieber record, 2. Ariana Grande, 3. Beyonce, 4. Harry Styles, 5. Usher, 6. Britney Spears, 7. NKOTB, 8. Drake, 9. Milly Vanilly, 10. The Beatles.
alex donoso
alex donoso 23 timer siden
I want a Fantano top 500 albums of all time
mook ielagoo
mook ielagoo Dag siden
Spot on, well said Melon...Where's the diversity in the list??? I won't give any credit to RS after this.
Halid Yusein
Halid Yusein Dag siden
They did my boy RDJ dirty on this one. SAW 85-92, RDJ Album anybody?
Est Tse
Est Tse Dag siden
Bad Bunny's album is pronounced "POR SIEMPRE" means "FOR EVER".. and yes, I agree on everything said in this video.. Bad Bunny should not even appear in the 500 grestest of all time. Totally boring, uninspired and empty.
Vibgyor Hz
Vibgyor Hz Dag siden
*Kanye Graduation should be top 10. Fight Me*
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Dag siden
many people to the music of Bob Marley and was the soundtrack for multitudes of parties and people growing up.
Gargenville Dag siden
It's not like I'm 100% on board with this list either but some of the picks in the comments are far worse than anything RS did.
DstEdd D
DstEdd D Dag siden
yo, Melon. People actually waiting for your top 500 not Stones'. Will we get it in this life or another ?
DstEdd D
DstEdd D Dag siden
@bocoy noiu He meant LZ 2 is overrated. I think he likes Graffiti or 4 more.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Dag siden
Led zeppelin " over rated " Yeah ok lol
WarAgainstBabylon Dag siden
Aphex Twin deserved to be there. He has at least three masterpieces in his discography in my opinion.
LaciousC Dag siden
No Queen album. What a joke.
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname Dag siden
I cant believe Moonman ranked so high
Accordion Dag siden
Flower Boy or Igor should've made the list, if they can add Blonde and multiple Kanye albums, a Tyler album fits
Doc Dag siden
Everyone has their own taste....but no Crime of the Century .....come on.
Ethan Work
Ethan Work Dag siden
>close to the edge at 445 I crave inhuman levels of violence
For The Love Of Noise
For The Love Of Noise Dag siden
No Aphex Twin, Orbital, Autechre, or B12 is disappointing....but this list is BS anyways.
Jack Watson
Jack Watson Dag siden
The list is voted by 300+ musicians, experts and industry stuffs, only lees than 8% voters are from Rolling Stone, so I'm confused why people just suspect the Rolling Stone itself? And also, it's the GREATEST of All Time, Not the BEST of All Time, so when you think some albums are overrated or underrated, it's just your opinions, the whole list takes 300 people's opinions, not just some "music lovers" (Actually I think too many people underrate the albums with great performance on BB200 like Drake, Taylor Swift...Their works are highly accepted by the GP and has great impact on the music industry. The best albums last century often have hugh numbers on sales, such as The Beatles. If an album has a high score on Pitchfork, RC or rym, it may be a great album, but if the album has limited effect on the music industry, has small sales numbers, it is not proper to list the album on THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME)
FiveNode Dag siden
you forget you rated harvard dropout over over mbdtf, dont humble yourself melon
Rube Waddell
Rube Waddell Dag siden
These lists are good to get ideas as suggestions for things to listen to but as to quality...well, all opinion isn't it?
Travis Dag siden
Last time around The Beatles dominated the top 20 of the list. Now only Revolver and Abbey Road meet the criteria. There's so many albums ahead of Sgt Pepper that should not be ahead of it too. Especially since some of those albums were heavily influenced by Sgt Pepper
Travis 15 timer siden
@William Magee It doesn't necessarily mean worse, yeah I agree
William Magee
William Magee 15 timer siden
Heavily influenced by does not mean worse. That’s just so incredible stupid
Nike Neon
Nike Neon Dag siden
Guys forget about King Crimson. WHERE THE HECK IS IRON MAIDEN
vampiras coffin
vampiras coffin Dag siden
Led zeppelin " over rated " Yeah ok lol
Warstub Dag siden
Without doubt Bob Marley and the Wailers 'Legend' deserves its status as one of the greatest all-time albums. Even as a compilation, in fact as a compilation, it introduced so many people to the music of Bob Marley and was the soundtrack for multitudes of parties and people growing up.
alan vroman
alan vroman Dag siden
But I really like homecoming :(
Woo Wrld
Woo Wrld Dag siden
Disrespectful that they didn't have nav on the list
William Magee
William Magee 15 timer siden
Nate KANG Dag siden
Basically, the new list is a joke. It took the already-mediocre existing Top 500 list and just shit all over it even more. Nice video, Melon.
Ben Irwin
Ben Irwin Dag siden
Imagine reading a list of 500 albums and having listened to almost all of them
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia Dag siden
Yo that was criminal how you did the eagles. Hotel California is legendary! Please explain how Hotel California is generic.
Farva81 Dag siden
Compilations were also on the last list which I also didn’t understand. Comps shouldn’t have even been considered.
Anthony McGlinch
Anthony McGlinch Dag siden
I'm learning to not put too much stock in those kinds of lists
carson ables
carson ables Dag siden
My favorite album of all time, Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, was finally moved from the top 100.
Christopher Moore
Christopher Moore Dag siden
The list was voted on, not curated. That explains all the weird placements, exclusions, and compilations.
Benjamin Dixon
Benjamin Dixon Dag siden
all of asia = japan. Ok melon I see what your doing...
Benjamin Kinney
Benjamin Kinney Dag siden
i like graduation :(
David P
David P Dag siden
I think I'm speaking for the whole beatles fandom saying this list is awful
Zach Levy
Zach Levy Dag siden
I actually really love ‘Chief’ by Eric Church. Just puts me in a good place. ‘Mister Misunderstood’ is on my desert Island list thought. So great
Lantern Jaw
Lantern Jaw Dag siden
...I'd love to see the albums/bands extracted from the list which RS originally slagged off in contemporary reviews. That would warm my heart.
doubllechief Dag siden
Imagine being the guy who thinks that “Graduation” is one of Kanye’s worst albums... 😂😂👌
mike tomlin
mike tomlin Dag siden
Rolling Stone is a mainstream music mag, not a serious publication
happyrobot Dag siden
Nevermind as the #6 top album of all time.... what the fuck is this
Reg Lepage
Reg Lepage Dag siden
Cosmos Factory!!! Lol
Laura Wachter
Laura Wachter Dag siden
The fact that Unknown Pleasures is before Closer is a travesty. I love Unknown Pleasures, but Closer is a work of art. Also where was Iggy Pop's solo work?
William Magee
William Magee 15 timer siden
It’s not that much of a crazy take
Pokemanic33 Dag siden
Compilation albums should be disqualified from any album rankings
William Magee
William Magee 15 timer siden
*greatest hits compilations
Rizimar Dag siden
In this episode, Anthony mistakes a gigantic paid advertisement in an out-of-touch publication for a genuine list of good albums. Dismay ensues.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Dag siden
Nah, anglocentric is the correct term here. Most English speaking people wont listen to an album except if it's either in English or instrumental
parkshadow Dag siden
LEMONADE being higher than Off the Wall just doesn’t sit right with me tbh.
Type-moon Fag
Type-moon Fag Dag siden
The bends is the highest ranked radiohead album What, is this a joke by ricky gervais?
Coleman Hawkins
Coleman Hawkins Dag siden
Anthony, I know you wanted Supermarket and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind as #1 and #2, but that’s unrealistic. Not every list is going to have the albums you made on it.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Dag siden
Jardine Dag siden
The #1 album of all time has got to be The Rolling Stones' compliation album of every album on this list
cool lemon
cool lemon Dag siden
Melon, you can't just put Weezers Blue Album on every single place
no-name-mfs get-out
no-name-mfs get-out Dag siden
Peppa Pig the album is not there, disappointed
Warp75 2 dager siden
Rolling Stone magazine is garbage. British music journalism has always been far superior. That’s not saying much either recently. Music journalism has gone to shit.
datpmf 2 dager siden
Ratings are bullshit in and of themselves unless there is a clear metric to compare.
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