Why did Trump abruptly exit his 60 Minutes interview with Lesley Stahl?

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60 Minutes

6 måneder siden

“[Joe Biden has] never been asked a question that’s hard,” President Trump told Lesley Stahl before standing up to exit the interview. cbsn.ws/3omW78V
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60 Minutes premiered on CBS September 24, 1968. Bill Owens is the program’s executive producer. The correspondents and contributors of 60 Minutes are Sharyn Alfonsi, Anderson Cooper, John Dickerson, Norah O’Donnell, Scott Pelley, Lesley Stahl, Bill Whitaker and L. Jon Wertheim.

Christopher Michael Jordan
Christopher Michael Jordan 9 dager siden
why does the interviewer act like a grumpy child ?
TheJuRK 10 dager siden
Where's the clip of Leslie denying that Hunter's laptop exists? The moment I knew 60 Minutes was a fraud.
K Mathis
K Mathis 13 dager siden
I thought it was interesting that 60 minutes complained about Trump posting the full unedited interview. He was right to do it though. History will remember Stahl’s whiny ‘You hurt my feelings’ as emblematic of this narcissistic age.
Sandra Padilla
Sandra Padilla 16 dager siden
Trump is the best and most of these so call reporters are hypocrites and cowards that do that to him bc they have most of the establishment on their side. Trump did well by leaving.
MKAY 16 dager siden
Jesus for 79 her legs are PHENOMENAL
maria rahel varnhagen
maria rahel varnhagen 18 dager siden
the answer to the stahl question is always domination and never dignity
zodiacza1 20 dager siden
the dude from the hot ones asks much more difficult questions to celebrities than these journalists ever asks trump!!
Tech ShowTime
Tech ShowTime 21 dag siden
chris milhorn
chris milhorn 22 dager siden
lol as if cnn wasn’t just exposed
Barbara Vanessa
Barbara Vanessa 26 dager siden
Be careful?I don’t like this woman, I don’t trust her and I don’t feel safe with this type of media.
Barbara Vanessa
Barbara Vanessa 26 dager siden
I don’t like this woman
Joe Verna
Joe Verna 26 dager siden
Torry Jobe
Torry Jobe 26 dager siden
I'm glad that orange clown is gone.
Bobby Bekins
Bobby Bekins 27 dager siden
Leslie Stahl is a 🐦brain... period...end of story...
Bobby Bekins
Bobby Bekins 27 dager siden
She has a fake nose for Fake News...trick looks like Michael Jackson 🤭😁🤣
Bobby Bekins
Bobby Bekins 27 dager siden
Fake News!!!
Dean Smiley
Dean Smiley 28 dager siden
Trump is a boss!🤣
sea2428 Måned siden
Cancel 60 Minutes!
Oscar Diosdado
Oscar Diosdado Måned siden
Lol let's go meet for 2 seconds
Joshua R
Joshua R Måned siden
In your face idots
Silkwood Art
Silkwood Art Måned siden
H&M Jr.
H&M Jr. Måned siden
gmchixx Måned siden
I LOVE THIS GUY....!! He speaks his own damn mind, and never allows the media people to walk allover him like that...😅😅😁😄
Anieca Vernon
Anieca Vernon Måned siden
He had better things to do
Ian Calland
Ian Calland Måned siden
😂 world leader
David Obichukwu Omego
David Obichukwu Omego Måned siden
Who else felt the cryptic sass in the "Be Careful"?
Ethan Gaming YT
Ethan Gaming YT Måned siden
That must be the reason why he lost the election
Marco Sanchez
Marco Sanchez Måned siden
Can’t believe this idiot was made President shows how dumb the Republican Party is
Fixate Måned siden
Be careful was a threat.
cedrock Måned siden
So much for his “voice” on Twitter. He’s been silenced.
Fixate Måned siden
And you think that is a good thing?
Jasmine Scholz
Jasmine Scholz Måned siden
It feels like a skit
jayteadesigns Måned siden
He couldn't handle being asked questions that if he answered them would make him look bad, real bad! So he pulled the same stunt on Leslie, but instead at yelling fake-news at her he did the next thing that he does and that is to just walk out. What a lying coward he is!
charles Williamson
charles Williamson Måned siden
The man is a vile corrupt weak lying shitebag.Cadet bonespurs does not have one bone in his so called spine a total vile invertebrate.
Jason Villegas
Jason Villegas Måned siden
It looks as if he stood her up on a date
Nick Dodd
Nick Dodd 2 måneder siden
I’m a black transgender democrat and I think 60 minutes should stop deleting Pro-Trump comments on this video.
Rich Piana
Rich Piana Måned siden
Joseph T
Joseph T 2 måneder siden
So sensitive yikes.
Ndipiwe Mjekula
Ndipiwe Mjekula 2 måneder siden
"Be careful" 👀👀👀
Hugo G
Hugo G 2 måneder siden
aww Donald Dumb, what's wrong buddy you can't handle a strong woman???
susan ferrie
susan ferrie 2 måneder siden
He's a rat
susan ferrie
susan ferrie 2 måneder siden
Trump the coward that's how he walked out
Parr D
Parr D 2 måneder siden
Oh the contempt that the liberal media have for this fine president this b**** Leslie Stahl I can't stand her who could blame Donald for wanting to walk out of a so-called professional interview who could blame him you stupid Liberals are going down indictments coming soon
Buildinup6 2 måneder siden
He’s damn right! No asks Democrats hard questions they just give them bjs
Buildinup6 2 måneder siden
@susan ferrie you make no sense
susan ferrie
susan ferrie 2 måneder siden
@Buildinup6 no you didn't are you going to stop lying
susan ferrie
susan ferrie 2 måneder siden
@Buildinup6 that man didn't avoid your question but you never got back to him coward
Buildinup6 2 måneder siden
@susan ferrie you're just stalling so you dont have to answer my question. Its funny how libards are so blind.
Buildinup6 2 måneder siden
@susan ferrie Your wrong. LOL i did say something about "the man" I said he did avoid the question just like biden and yourself. FACT CHECK lol go back and read.
Team democratic
Team democratic 2 måneder siden
😂😂😂 runs from Question
Miguel Acosta
Miguel Acosta 2 måneder siden
I get trump cause their going soft on sleepy joe but they hit him with hard questions
Oshungurl 2 måneder siden
His sphincter-mouth is getting just keeps getting looser.
deathmetaldouglas69 2 måneder siden
She gives him an attitude when he gives her tough answers. If you wanna ask "tough questions" then be prepared to get "tough answers". If this is supposed to make him look bad it fails miserably and epically. The whole interview nails what I am saying. nopost.info/throw/sNyTn2mernufYM0/video
M Smithy
M Smithy 2 måneder siden
Rolls her eyes about China. What's up now?
Cindy W
Cindy W 2 måneder siden
Ajax Francis
Ajax Francis 2 måneder siden
DMAC TEXAS 2 måneder siden
Cry baby
Fredy Pisacano
Fredy Pisacano 2 måneder siden
Go Trump stand up to bullies
mustafa2146 2 måneder siden
0:15 no wonder I haven't heard from trump in so long
Patriot Girl
Patriot Girl 2 måneder siden
Leslie, you did discredit yourself. You were pretty good. You sold out to the elite. Shame on you.
HD MGTOW 2 måneder siden
Media is the enemy of the people
David Williams
David Williams 2 måneder siden
Trump's dementia is getting worse and worse.
Afonso Gonçalves
Afonso Gonçalves 2 måneder siden
That's no way to talk to a president in power what a childish woman I am sorry for her
1 Park
1 Park 2 måneder siden
Thats no way to talk, thats no way to talk
fastfeh1 2 måneder siden
And there is the true Walk of Shame
Rotwiler 2 måneder siden
Wonder if Biden will have any accountability. So far I haven't seen any.
BW CAMPBELL 3 måneder siden
Looks cut and paste
Suzanne Cutler
Suzanne Cutler 3 måneder siden
#AvaBenincasa #JoeBenincasa #FamilyCourt #ErasedMom #parentalalienationawareness #ChildAbuse
TheDarkknight04 3 måneder siden
I dont blame Trump for leaving. Lesley right from the start was there to get at Trump and not ask him questions about the country and just look for anything to criticise him. And showed no respect at all since Trump entered the room. Absolutely disgraceful from Lesley. Theres your answer why. Trump was spitting the truth, the media favours Biden and will do anything to protect his dodgy past and ask him the most basic of questions. So biased its unbelievable
Bobby Chang
Bobby Chang 3 måneder siden
Trump was so kind, imagine if this top level interviewl happened in DPRK.
Foxtrotuniformcharliekilo 3 måneder siden
Because she isnt easily deceived... i mean convinced.
Mick Lovin
Mick Lovin 3 måneder siden
Funny how nobody is addressing the fact that what trump said is true, the media favors Biden and doesn’t ask creepy Joe real questions. But they love riling up trumps feathers. I’m not sure if you guys are really that stupid and don’t see how biased they are or if your cases of TDS are really that serious to where you’re ok with how crooked it’s gotten.
vonnye ricegardner
vonnye ricegardner 3 måneder siden
Needed to change his diaper
Daniel LaRusso
Daniel LaRusso 3 måneder siden
Dont confuse him..
Roy Martinez
Roy Martinez 3 måneder siden
She was negative from the start, instead of asking how's the country doing.. She said are you ready for some tough questions from the get go..I don't blame Trump for leaving👍
drewski 15
drewski 15 3 måneder siden
He left this interview because he can't handle truthful questions they hit his truth nerve but he does nothing but denies everything
Makeup Mobster
Makeup Mobster 3 måneder siden
The gaslighting is real. Pay attention people. He is telling her what she wants. He is telling her she discredited herself. He is accusing her of all sorts of things. He’s telling her the way she is speaking is no way to talk. Pure Narcissitic gaslighting.
Makeup Mobster
Makeup Mobster 3 måneder siden
The media is fake.....as he sits around speaking to the media...
wisdompromotions 3 måneder siden
This man is never held accountable! They show us the clear clips of what he exactly said and how he said it. SHOW HIM! He went away thinking the same as he did when he squirmed his way out of it and out the door! You have to be better prepared and do better!
Mr Drep
Mr Drep 3 måneder siden
And look what happened. Social media stole his voice
Drizzy 3 måneder siden
This feels like one of those dank meme edits
Marco Dorian
Marco Dorian 3 måneder siden
Such a viscous interviewer. So passive aggressive!!! I have watched the whole uncut version... this is such a shame of an edit 😳😳😳
DA WaloFacts
DA WaloFacts 3 måneder siden
Trump will always Trump
Joe Della Selva
Joe Della Selva 3 måneder siden
What is known is that the Apple Mac belongs to Hunter Biden (ie: receipt with his signature).. The Biden-Harris Campaign never said that it was not Hunter Biden's computer. They could have disavowed everything but said nothing so as not to lie. Democratic operatives went on offense to call it a Russian interference tactic. Lesley Stahl with CBS told President Trump the Hunter Biden story was debunked. When was it discussed and how was it debunked during that discussion?
Scott Goodrich
Scott Goodrich 3 måneder siden
Big baby.
allen co
allen co 3 måneder siden
So ruude Donald Trump !!!
Rosa Velasquez
Rosa Velasquez 3 måneder siden
She's pathetic & disrespectful.......
Becca C
Becca C 3 måneder siden
How dare anyone ask the head of our country a tough question 😆
Señor BeanS
Señor BeanS 17 dager siden
@Doug Collins you should've ask biden questions on a biden video ..you just came with whataboutism and even failed to realized it 😂
Dean Smiley
Dean Smiley 28 dager siden
Okay!! let's ask Joe a tough one...shall we??😆
Doug Collins
Doug Collins 2 måneder siden
@Becca C you Biden voters are not real lol. You talked about everything accept answer the question now you're gone. This is like the million time a Biden voter has done this to me 😂😂😂😂
Doug Collins
Doug Collins 2 måneder siden
@Becca C the media has your mind distracted . The media consoled you to be mad and sad about George Floyd but gave you a sense of carelessness to the black business owners who had their businesses destroyed in the aftermath . Kamala encouraged riots to continue!
Doug Collins
Doug Collins 2 måneder siden
@Becca C the video has nothing to do with my question . How do you feel about the policy's Biden has implemented?
Top of the line trans port
Top of the line trans port 3 måneder siden
Fake News 💩
JB 3 måneder siden
He’s such a temperamental child, good riddance narcissistic, orange, twice impeached lame duck
Ashmit Kumar
Ashmit Kumar 3 måneder siden
Sore loser and coward
Angel Hyland
Angel Hyland 3 måneder siden
Bcoz they're all part evil plan they will do whatever it takes to disrespect the president.
Kazi Samir
Kazi Samir 3 måneder siden
Well... Now he's literally quite without Twitter.
Gamerrr Dude
Gamerrr Dude 3 måneder siden
Is this 60 minutes or 60 seconds?
Kazi Samir
Kazi Samir 3 måneder siden
nopost.info/throw/q8qim2etrm5oh6c/video This is the "60 minutes" interview.
Rachael Venus
Rachael Venus 3 måneder siden
Damn this man is always ready to jump down someone's throat!!!!😤
April West
April West 3 måneder siden
Picture being married to that thing.
Jurisha Yarbrough
Jurisha Yarbrough 3 måneder siden
That's realness! Love it! 🤣 "That's enough of this interview I think we have enough"...The media and the puppet government officials are boiling because he's not a puppet for the lobbyist and for their global elitists agenda!
Zunair Ahmed
Zunair Ahmed 3 måneder siden
Now he doesn’t have social media
Katcha W
Katcha W 3 måneder siden
Abc is a horrible channel. You are so done
Tina-Marie Baginski
Tina-Marie Baginski 3 måneder siden
She is so openly biased . What a joke .
Tu Anh Duong
Tu Anh Duong 3 måneder siden
This has aged well
Ellie McCarthy
Ellie McCarthy 3 måneder siden
Now watching after the riot on Wednesday & his Twitter has been banned .
Dean Smiley
Dean Smiley 28 dager siden
@P Watson aquitted twice
Makeup Mobster
Makeup Mobster Måned siden
@Alexander Stasevich awwww poor little trump supporter. Do you even know what ignorant means?
Randy Marsh
Randy Marsh Måned siden
@I Own Drumpf the future of white people aint so bright
Sujay Bhowmick
Sujay Bhowmick 2 måneder siden
@Ronald Drumpf let's see.
Sujay Bhowmick
Sujay Bhowmick 2 måneder siden
@Ronald Drumpf the only dorks will be your grandchildren in conc... Camps.
Ricky S
Ricky S 3 måneder siden
LOL LOL LOL LMAO!!!!! Well at least he was cool as he simmered in smoldering anger LOL omg -- at least he didn't yell and lash out like R Kelly, hoppin' around on the floor' hittin' his chest screamin' out "I'VE GIVEN YOU PEOPLE 20 YEARS! 20 years OF MY LIFE! " omg this man got me cryin' hilarious big ole alligator tears in my own dam house. Lawd have mercy Trump is one a funny dude. That prez got waaaaaaaaay too much confidence which could lead to his downfall. This dude was born with no filter
J SMARTIN 4 måneder siden
He's a spoiled child. 4k tv is not the best for viewing Trump's close-ups.
Lisa Velasco
Lisa Velasco 4 måneder siden
Lesley is an embarrassment!! She attacked our President in a disrespectful manner. She discredited herself!!
N A 3 måneder siden
Eggamyer 4 måneder siden
Trump destroyed 60 minutes
K Mcleod
K Mcleod 4 måneder siden
I liked this!
Gordon Kinghorn
Gordon Kinghorn 4 måneder siden
There is no one I detest more on this planet than Trump, what a nightmare of a man! Loathsome freak at best.
K T 4 måneder siden
What the media has done by not treating the president of the United States with a shred of dignity or respect has not only divided the country but also hurt their own reputation. I use to watch CNN and MSNBC for information but after I personally caught them in lies and even editing video's to create a narrative they wanted instead of the truth it made me sick. I could never trust what they say again because they have Never made right or even apologized for their actions.
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