Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII-3 - The Movie - Marathon Edition (All Cutscenes 1080p HD)

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So here it is, the final Marathon Edition Movie for the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. It's time to see the last chapter in Lightning's story. I hope you all enjoy :) Here is the description from part 1 of the episodic version, should answer some questions about the movie:
1) This movie contains subtitles. Ever since I made my Final Fantasy XIII movie without them I have regretted it, and prefer to have my videos reach as many people as possible. This includes those with hearing difficulties and that have English as a secondary language. I appreciate that subtitles detract from the visual experience, but I don't have the time to upload 2 separate versions, so I have to go for the one that will allow the greatest number of people to understand the story.
2) As the FFXIII games have progressed it has become more and more difficult to turn them into movies. This game is pretty bad for any in-game stuff. They have introduced a new bar on the bottom left of the display that is present at all times and cannot be removed (unlike the map). The autosave icon is also intrusive, and is still present 5-10 seconds into a cutscene. There isn't a lot I can do about this, I have obviously removed all loading screens where applicable. The battle system is also very cluttered with a crowded UI and a lot of information on screen. For the Boss battles I started out by removing them entirely like I did for most of FFXIII and FFXIII-2, but afterwards changed my mind since they were a fairly important part of the quests, so I kept them in, but as "highlights", showing only major attacks/staggers etc. Only a few minor boss battles were skipped early on.
3) I believe that listening to the in-game conversations and getting to see the environments add greatly to the experience so I will take my time and make this movie version to the best of my ability. Since the game features a running clock and cannot be completed until the 13th day, I put in some sidequests where applicable to space out the main story events and pad the story out a little more. Despite this I completed all the main quests by day 8 so I had to skip the last few days, for days 9-12 only the important story cutscenes were shown, since it was sidequest only for those days... I am almost certain that someone will put out a shorter cutscene only version, feel free to watch something like that instead.
Thanks for reading, and I hope that answered your questions about why things are the way they are in this version. It's not as clean as I would have liked it to be (FFXIII was the best in terms of creating a movie, this one has been the worst so far, not even quick time events that I could keep in for action sequences)... I hope you stick around and watch this series the whole the way through, this is the last Final Fantasy movie I'll be making until the long anticipated Final Fantasy XV (except for re-uploading my FFX Movie with the HD remastered edition).
Lighting has awoken from her seemingly eternal sleep and has returned once again. A servant of God, she must save as many souls as she can from a world approaching the end of days. She begins her mission by meeting Snow, her sister's fiancee... It's not entirely clear how he is still alive, and things get even more confusing when it becomes apparent that Hope Estheim is providing "radio" support... After our initial encounter, Lighting warps back to the Ark, where Hope awaits her, and he explains some of what we've been missing, and fills Lightning in on the details of her mission.
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dansg08 4 år siden
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Lenny Mosca
Lenny Mosca Måned siden
@Friendly Creature I made the same mistake myself the first time I played the game I got soap in depth with trying to find all the hidden armaments and weapons and abilities that I lost track of time at least you can start from the beginning but everything you've already learned thank you for this new gameplay good luck next time you try
Friendly Creature
Friendly Creature Måned siden
Stupid I or the game is stupid ? I spent 11 days exploring only 3 regions (finished mais missions), and on the 12th day i went to the dead dune. By the end of the day, they said Game over. What am i supposed to do now ? I don't wanna repeat the game from scratch.
Lenny Mosca
Lenny Mosca 3 måneder siden
I make it a tribute to the movies you made based on Final Fantasy XIII on my NOpost is it okay to use the stuff I can't do the stuff on my own I'm a complete idiot and you're talented genius and I'm bonehead I want to thank you I play Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns so I know what you're talkin about but at least you got the with many different costumes I was wondering did you notice as you're walking around in certain caution people have tendency to comment on the clothes Lightnings wearing hear something else if you spend the analog controller white light and standing still she'll get dizzy and shake your head if you stand still with lightning when she's wearing certain clothes has she makes poses to I was wondering if you noticed that throughout this game did you also notice you can actually get High Summer yuna summer address for for her to wear and yuna Gunner dressphere from Final Fantasy X-2
Ph4lip 3 år siden
dansg08 You mean 9 hours and its not ff15 its ff13-3
Kayus 83
Kayus 83 6 dager siden
Thanks for the video ! After 3 hours of playing, I had to withdraw. When I was told " you have to be here and there at ... :am/pm and after experiencing the most non-FF like battle system ( along with FF 12/13-1/13-2, 15 ) , I couldn´t play it any longer. Also not, because I don´t believe in a god but I have to free souls to send them to another world, but I don´t know without Lightning having a proof, that what "god" told her is the truth ! This is blind and stupid behaviour. . So, why Lightning believes this blindly without questioning herself, why she thinks, she is right. She doesn´t do that. This, I cannot understand. Just because of Sarah. ( Greetings to Shadow of the Colossus ! ) After watching the nearly 9 hours of this "movie" version I gotta say, this game for me is way too spiritual and too religious. FF X also was religious and spiritual, but not that much with reincarnation / soul / chaos ... stuff. In FF 13-3 , Square Enix clearly overdid that. Another big problem I have with this game is the time-system and the pressure which is a result I felt inside me. I don´t know, if I should focus on main- or sidequests or both because of the short days. And I don´t see, why Square Enix made only 13 days. Is it just to replay the game, doing ALL the quests with two runs ? Sorry, that is just ridiculous. It takes too long without help from the internet or a guide book. They could have done it so much better without the time limit. Whats the problem telling us , that time is short , but not set a time-limit ? I don´t see one. Most of the game, you have to do sidequests. Talking with non-relevant NPCs, who you have no relation with. And it forces you to do that to get strong enough, I hardly guess. Sorry, that is just bad. I(!) want to decide, what quests I do, not want to getting stressed be the game to decide to safe this or that irrelevant person -.- For me, that is stupid. I´m glad, having not played this game any further and thrown this and the other 2 FF13 games right into the garbage can.
Kyojin 11 dager siden
damn thats some power ranger action right there
rajon ali
rajon ali 19 dager siden
The freezing duck undoubtedly curve because town booly consider toward a parched amusement. kind, helpful circulation
crenmao 19 dager siden
Part 1: save lil sis Part 2: save big sis Part 3: save lil sis And I loved it
Tadao Ōkami
Tadao Ōkami 20 dager siden
How did you make this movie ?
Witkowski Voltz
Witkowski Voltz 23 dager siden
The used gray provisionally jog because option primarily chew during a four frail speedboat. unaccountable, tough vibraphone
Joshua Newton-Key
Joshua Newton-Key 24 dager siden
Dude was defeated by some tapioca pearls
Friendly Creature
Friendly Creature Måned siden
Stupid I or the game is stupid ? I spent 11 days exploring only 3 regions (finished mais missions), and on the 12th day i went to the dead dune. By the end of the day, they said Game over. What am i supposed to do now ? I don't wanna repeat the game from scratch.
lwvmobile Måned siden
Use the crystal of atonement and restart from day one with all your stuff. Ligntning will even make a passing reference to Hope about having Dejavu, and he will say that perhaps they had lived out this thousands of times. You can start over with all your items and improvements and speed through the same stuff again and have plenty of time to finish the game.
Well that's it
roberto ricardo
roberto ricardo Måned siden
Did all the main quests and 90% if side quests by day 6, didn't want to spend hours and hours of farming just to do final day so i uninstalled and came here
Zozona Lakmi
Zozona Lakmi Måned siden
"I know that soon we'll be together." They weren't together in the end?!!
Alex Pastora
Alex Pastora Måned siden
Honestly, Lightning is so beautiful in a dress
Danny Simion
Danny Simion Måned siden
Whew, after three parts in this series, we are finally seeing the ending five centuries later. I love it! Such an epic battle and touching reunion. Serah definitely played a pivotal role in all three whether active or inactive in the storyline. Seeing Mog, Noel, Snow and Lightning finally seeing her back in the end is touching. Mog & Serah's goodbye is definitely a poignant point for me after their adventures come to an end. Gorgeous graphics! Kinda would like to see them in a new adventure of sorts but I'm okay with the ending in a new world for them.
Gary Tsang
Gary Tsang Måned siden
Hope : blah blah blah Lightning : so you are saying blah blah blah
Danny Simion
Danny Simion Måned siden
Hahaha. Hope, strangely felt like a shell in this game. Weird, right?
Tanya von Degurechaff
Tanya von Degurechaff Måned siden
the best part is Yuel got her happy engind with whathisface in New World as goddess of death
MQLin910 2 måneder siden
MQLin910 2 måneder siden
Ugh this battle system was SO much fun and so underrated
Danny Simion
Danny Simion Måned siden
I love it because you get to play costume with Lightning alongside move sets! Reminds me of FFX-2 when the girls get to transform to different costumes as well.
Konstantin Zarski
Konstantin Zarski 2 måneder siden
Möbel und verschiebungen
Konstantin Zarski
Konstantin Zarski 2 måneder siden
Gss auf endlichttttt geil raus mit ohne maus und 2 jahre gss bis
DeejusWeejus 2 måneder siden
Light & that chocobo storyline was too cute. I want my own chocobo!
Elite Division
Elite Division 2 måneder siden
Wait there's. 13-3?
Danny Simion
Danny Simion Måned siden
Hahaha! Where were you this whole time?! lol
Leinear Unrai
Leinear Unrai 2 måneder siden
Amazing and yet still disappoint. AUGH! I wanted to see them married life!! x-x gosh...
Danny Simion
Danny Simion Måned siden
Thats the part I would have love to see!! All that storyline and we don't quite get the storyline we get. If anything, it makes me question if they will meet each other in different circumstances now that they are reborn and don't remember the past life.
Corona Chan
Corona Chan 3 måneder siden
This is the only FF I ever platinum'd. I played the ever living shit out of it, I don't know how many hours I put in, but it was a lot.
Danny Simion
Danny Simion Måned siden
Damn, I give you props This game looks like a lot of work. lol
Lenny Mosca
Lenny Mosca 3 måneder siden
The most amazing thing about this game is the gods don't even have the power to resurrect someone from the dead who ever came back at the end of this game is not really Serah
Lenny Mosca
Lenny Mosca 3 måneder siden
And the theme of the evil savior is my favorite instrumental on healthiest some great music this but this was amazing thank you
Critter Whisperer
Critter Whisperer 3 måneder siden
8:01:01 such a smooth transition!!!🤘😍😍😍
MMO Archives
MMO Archives 3 måneder siden
disc 3 has ended, would you like to save your progress and play again in a new plus game?
Danny Simion
Danny Simion Måned siden
Hahahah OMG, wouldn't that be something. You get to play new game plus with additional ending and a secret secret ending.
IamHappenstance 3 måneder siden
Thank you even though i couldn't play the game i was able to know the story. When we forget memories they became stories but maybe sometimes they became more. Thank you. :)
Nina Nguyen
Nina Nguyen 4 måneder siden
If this was real, did Lightning ever sleep throughout her quest to the end of the world? 🤔
Danny Simion
Danny Simion Måned siden
Doubt it, she actually says she wasn't human and since she's pretty much savior status - no. need to sleep.
Michael 4 måneder siden
The voice actor did Mog so dirty omg
Danny Simion
Danny Simion Måned siden
I actually like the actor who did Mog. Charming, innocent and brings a different spin on usual Mogs in previous games.
Queenie Joy Miravite
Queenie Joy Miravite 4 måneder siden
I hope someday Lightning will have her lovelife. 😍🥰
Nathan Paul
Nathan Paul 4 måneder siden
Danny Simion
Danny Simion Måned siden
left you speechless? me too.
PapaPat 5 måneder siden
3 games, no wedding, and we dont even see a proper reunion in the new world. absolutely phenomenal though.
Danny Simion
Danny Simion Måned siden
Closest wedding we're seeing is Vanilla and Fang embracing one another before the end of the world.
Matty ASMR
Matty ASMR 5 måneder siden
At the very end, when that single tear streams down Lightning’s face after the flashback...worth everything to me. Brings me to tears, especially knowing her backstory.❤️
Danny Simion
Danny Simion Måned siden
Yup, she finally can look back and remember these events before the end of the world and realized it now that she's found her soul and purpose in life with her friends and loved ones nearby.
Happy Startling
Happy Startling 5 måneder siden
Damn Square really know how to slap us with dem feels the ending was so amazing, and the animation was so good. I love ff 13 and ill never forget how much it contributed in my life. So frickin good. 😢😭😭😭
Robert Cooper
Robert Cooper 5 måneder siden
Lightning is such a boring character
Hallo Hello
Hallo Hello 5 måneder siden
MTwan Suk.
MTwan Suk. 5 måneder siden
Really good work and very impressive..amazing ideas and designs, looked real indeed..really good job done by the excellent teams of yours.
Enas r
Enas r 5 måneder siden
Starts with a train. Ends with a train. *sobs*
Enas r
Enas r 5 måneder siden
Is that lifestram I see floating at the end??? They found a new planet and that's how FF 7 came to be.
Hallo Hello
Hallo Hello 5 måneder siden
s. m.
s. m. 6 måneder siden
God's name in this world is YHWH, God of Yisrael which means strife.
Nicholas Munoz
Nicholas Munoz 6 måneder siden
Wait a fucking minute. You mean to tell me lightning was a clothes model in Japan because the 13 trilogy is IRL before the big bang? The fabulous crystalayse or whatever its called really was a fucking mess.
yiyiyao 7 måneder siden
T_T loved the ending. Honestly felt like with each FF13 sequel, the story got better. The characters and their emotions, their evolution throughout the story is so relatable/believable. Heart-wrenching how Lightning has to fight most of her old friends. Beautiful how Lightning realizes that she's locked away her weakness to try to be strong, but she actually needs other people. You really believe their friendship and love after all the hardships they've gone through together. Also, is it just me or did a lot of the environments look like California? I felt like I was in Yosemite or Joshua Tree National Park at some points. Finally, loved the jazzy rendition of the chocobo song and the white chocobo. Q_Q masterpiece.
kim menstell
kim menstell 7 måneder siden
After three games and I can't tell if Fang and Vanille act like sisters or lovers? I wish it was spelled out to me.
Vam Pyr
Vam Pyr 7 måneder siden
The epiloge makes me wanna wish after death you can go to a place of your imagination
Justin Mere Water Computer
Justin Mere Water Computer 7 måneder siden
its fine you vermen would tilt you head, no deal
Justin Mere Water Computer
Justin Mere Water Computer 7 måneder siden
its like she's raping him
Peglord 7 måneder siden
I decided to watch the cutscenes instead. I've finished ff13 and ff13-2. But dropped lightning returns at like 3/4 of the game. Mainly because half of the time, I don't know where to go and what to do lol. Almost everything has a time limit and there's hardly a clue on what to do or where to go. Well, I only played the ff13 games because I liked the combat system and I was craving for an ff game at that time because I finished almost all of them. So I'm really forcing myself to play ff13 trilogy. Also, I am bothered whenever I see Serah and snow together. It's like looking at Batista and a petite girl together. Serah looks like she will be blacked when they have sex lol. I don't have complaints though if Noel is her love interest. They could have done that in ff13-2 perfectly and made Snow a regular party friend in ff13. The bottom line is, I don't regret dropping this game at all lol. After all, I hate a lot of things about the whole trilogy but I'm not mad that I played and finished the first two.
Danny Simion
Danny Simion Måned siden
At least youre honest. This game was divisive whether its storyline or gameplay linearity or just a mix of both.
Nega Rell
Nega Rell 7 måneder siden
Thanks for this upload...i finally understand why everyone loves Lightning, her character arc is phenomenal
Magical Spell
Magical Spell 7 måneder siden
Oh god after whatching this the bunch of heresy in this 9 hour And what an ugly god is this .how could the creator sleep after all this infidels .and at the end human become a god no way glad it is just a story
Travis Rehder
Travis Rehder 8 måneder siden
Omg is that Earth? 🌏🌏🌏🌏🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍
Travis Rehder
Travis Rehder 8 måneder siden
There should be a story line about Younger Lightning
Shafiq Apandi
Shafiq Apandi 8 måneder siden
This is the best final fantasy story that i ever seen. Thank you for this beautiful video you had made. Cheers to all.
Mister Celebrity
Mister Celebrity 8 måneder siden
That God was insane, should of thought more
Mister Celebrity
Mister Celebrity 8 måneder siden
I scratch God's back he give me whatever I want. Man I wish God have the ego to do that. I should on that
JooJoo Flop
JooJoo Flop 8 måneder siden
Worst thing is that damn TIME thing.. why!? What direction was you going.. feels like a mythic dungeon in wow but less fun! LoL 😂
xophaser 8 måneder siden
wait there were 3 ff13 games? were the other 2 spin off, dlc or full games in themselves? I didn't like the OG ff13, so I stopped following FF series, until ff7 remake.
Danny Simion
Danny Simion Måned siden
Hahaha, I don't blame you. Most people don't remember the next two after the original as the gameplay was either a love it or hate it type, Characters are also a mix for people. I thought each game was pretty alright although FF13-2 was my favorite amongst it all.
xophaser 5 måneder siden
@Revyi Cross thanks
Revyi Cross
Revyi Cross 5 måneder siden
Each game is a stand alone game. This game have completely different combat and the most open world of any ff game.
Ynk Gzt
Ynk Gzt 8 måneder siden
People who are complaining about the 3 don't know what "Final Fantasy" means. Be more creative than that, put out something like that and only then you can complain.
Diana Brutus
Diana Brutus 8 måneder siden
Richard Shiflett
Richard Shiflett 8 måneder siden
FF13-II and Lightning Returns never happened. FF13 is the only game that is canon.
Danny Simion
Danny Simion Måned siden
True, each game is a standalone and can expand storylines based on possibilities. Original one definitely would be canon as the other two are what if scenarios.
Sam Adams
Sam Adams 8 måneder siden
Soooo they fully turned into the life stream at the end... 👀👀 FF13 is an ancient prequel to FF7 I’m calling it
Carlos Ogilvie
Carlos Ogilvie 8 måneder siden
Final fantasy XIII decent story but bad gameplay Final fantasy XIII-2, regular story (good villain) but good gameplay Final fantasy XIII-LR regular story, regular gameplay
Silver Ride
Silver Ride 8 måneder siden
Still my favorite series besides FF7.. 13 series is so underrated though its so beautiful. Lightning is such an amazing character. And the ending is just so peaceful after a series with long heart breaks. I wish this game could be remastered
abbie credidio
abbie credidio 8 måneder siden
Sad that we didn't get to see them in the new world all together. But I guess that leaves it all up to the imagination of the fans. You never know, they may release a movie one day 🤔🤷‍♀️
abbie credidio
abbie credidio 8 måneder siden
Noel, she's too young for you my man.
Charlotte Rossi
Charlotte Rossi 4 måneder siden
@Gab I saw 15-17 somewhere for Yeul, seems like the info is not very clear
Gab 5 måneder siden
I guess? She's 15 and he's 18
Lucia Krause
Lucia Krause 8 måneder siden
After watching this like 8 times already, the part with Mog and the Moogles still makes me laugh.
Queto 9 måneder siden
Lightning in high heels 24/7
steve morringstar
steve morringstar 9 måneder siden
Bloody good ending :), I was moved to tears.
Mecheri Amor
Mecheri Amor 9 måneder siden
C'mon ppl he just uploaded 9 hours movie and you disliking his video for god sake
Fan Xiong
Fan Xiong 9 måneder siden
"Make it stop? Do you want a bandit or a holy woman?" --- best Final Fantasy line ever!
Nidia Valle
Nidia Valle 10 måneder siden
I enjoyed this :> Tbh i started watching the ff13 trilogy bc of kingdom hearts and it was fun to see where nomura got ideas for both ddd and khux. Gotta love that he's using ideas from the most hated ff games (ffxv and ff10-2 are next on my list!) for his overhated series lmao
mayuyucore 10 måneder siden
This triology will remain my favorite FF game. It is confusing at first but in the end it all makes sense. The OSTs are super good too.
Smemosepia 10 måneder siden
5:26:10 said the girl who hugged Hope (in the first game) that she knows from like... a bunch of days
Nick 10 måneder siden
Am I the only one kinda pissed they wasted the last days? I mean there's literally a 14th day you can obtain
JayFloPro 10 måneder siden
yeah I mean they said they were once together side by side then I watch this and all hell is lost I was already screwed with the end of part 2 now freaking Snow is like some dark lord now, and like the comments said, "where was the wedding"... what happened to Sazh and his son... How did Hope become who he became... their stories have a lot of stuff to fill in unless I was suppose to play a different series or watch something else.. However I still think this series was the best of all, well next to the classic FFVII with Cloud, to which I can't wait til it comes out
JayFloPro 10 måneder siden
Oh shit I had to rewind the end, I missed where they showed Sazh and his son They laid into Bhunivelze though dang!
Emily M
Emily M 10 måneder siden
This whole game is awesome, but that section between 8:42:55 and 8:46:15? That is absolutely gold. The reunion and wrap up worth waiting three games for.
Farid Firdaus
Farid Firdaus 10 måneder siden
when you knew its your game already had a movie longgggggggg beyond
Neriehem 11 måneder siden
Loved it. Again. 4th time watching (I know I commented on XIII-2 video, but I had yet to watch LR and couldn't help myself commenting). So where was I... 4th time watching, 4th time crying and feeling lost. Amazing story, probably set back by the combat system. Which is really polished by FF XV I feel, maybe even enough for VII remaster. I don't know why (ok I know, due to graphics) I couldn't bear to watch the movie edition of FF VII and any FF other than XIII trilogy and XV. Not that appealing to me. Does someone else also have the same feeling? Like, others are not up to par. I guess it's only because I don't know the stories yet. But I will, one of these days. :)
Raymond Chung
Raymond Chung 11 måneder siden
We should give you money cause you did so much work to do this video :)
Raymond Chung
Raymond Chung 11 måneder siden
The script got the game is very detail and damn good actually
Lunar 11 måneder siden
HOW DO YOU FINISH THE GAME IN 1 DAY ;-; you must be tired ;-; i cant even beat it in one day
Lunar 11 måneder siden
welp now my xbox 360 wont work its broken and i cant play lightning returns ;-;
Gamemaster 648
Gamemaster 648 11 måneder siden
Mom said I can watch one more video before bed
Avery Kane
Avery Kane 11 måneder siden
So as one who disliked thirteen when it came out, as well as 10-2; let me share some wisdom, sometimes a story doesn't connect with you immediately that doesn't mean it won't later. Don't judge so harshly, always give something a chance, even with your doubts, you may be surprised. Years later and now, I can honestly say I love Final Fantasy 10-2 and the thirteenth trilogy. :-)
Lenne Higgs
Lenne Higgs 11 måneder siden
All I can say is, wow.
Light Phocnix
Light Phocnix 11 måneder siden
I miss lightning, hope, and others :"
Link11747 11 måneder siden
Bahktis story is just depressing
TheSoraDestiny År siden
This has the best ending of every videogame ever. Thank you Lightning!
ff789n10 År siden
I put 300 hrs into this game
Javier År siden
I never understood myself why i didn't finish LR when i'm so close to finishing it (left to fight Bhunivelze). Now i know why, I didn't want the series to end but am glad for the way it ended. I will miss Lightning and gang.
chucklesoakley År siden
I have this game with the guide book and I still dont want to play it.
MrYoshiYoshi År siden
Doctor: You have a day left to live. Watch the entire FFXIII Trilogy movie.
Senorita Rat
Senorita Rat 6 måneder siden
You can’t even do that because it’s 25 hours not 24 lol
1:27:14 “I’d never run from anything.” Gets chased by a guard
Tantei GH
Tantei GH År siden
I’m glad they didn’t forget about Hope’s parents. Was nice seeing them again after all that time.
Tantei GH
Tantei GH År siden
SoNGY 8 År siden
And that's how Lightning became a fashion model for Louis Vuitton
Andrew Segovia
Andrew Segovia År siden
One of the best games in my opinion. Such a rich story
Zack Fair
Zack Fair År siden
1:31:15 Noel and Lightning at the graveyard 2:57:16 The Parade 3:59:59 Noels past 4:02:40 fighting Noel 4:09:17 Noel defeated 5:16:06 Snow defeated 5:20:00 Saving Vanille 6:23:35 Entering the Temple 6:27:25 Yuel 6:40:00 Yuel 6:45:06 Yuels sin 6:48:20 Confronting Caius 6:52:47 Caius defeated 7:22:03 Lies 7:26:38 Meeting Serah 7:32:40 Meeting Yuel again 8:14:00 Saving the souls 8:38:40
PerunaMuayThai 5 måneder siden
@Gab Thanks. I think I mis remembered haha
Gab 5 måneder siden
@PerunaMuayThai In Requiem Of The Goddess but she said "my final hope..."
PerunaMuayThai 9 måneder siden
It may not be this game, but in this series doesn't Lighting say the words "Final Fantasy" at some point? I swear I remember this but I could just be gaslighting myself. Any clue Zack?
carlotta4th År siden
Man, they sure like explaining the same thing like 3 different times. It gets a bit tiresome.
Suntaka År siden
Tks u. but i wish the movie got japanese dub and english sub :
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