Half-Life & Portal - The Complete Story (What You Need to Know!)

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8 måneder siden

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After nearly 13 years of waiting, Valve is finally giving us a new installment in the Half-Life franchise. While it may not be Half-Life 3, Half-Life: Alyx takes us back to City 17 and fills in the gap between the first two mainline Half-Life games. But what about everything else? Well, that's what we're here for; let's take a run down memory lane with the entire story of the Half-Life (and Portal) universe!
0:00 Intro
0:36 Black Mesa & Aperture Origins
0:58 GLaDOS Awakens (Portal 2: Lab Rat)
1:35 The Morning of May 16th (Black Mesa/Half-Life Decay/Half-Life Blue Shift)
3:09 The Resonance Cascade and After (Decay/Black Mesa/Blue Shift/Half-Life Opposing Force)
10:18 The Seven Hour War (Half-Life 2)
11:22 Doug Rattmann's Plight (Portal 2: Lab Rat)
11:57 Chell is Tested (Portal)
13:08 Rattmann Helps Again (Portal 2: Lab Rat)
13:47 Gordon's Second Assignment (Half-Life 2)
20:13 Gordon and Alyx's Return to the Citadel (Half-Life 2: Episode 1)
22:04 The White Forest Operation (Half-Life 2: Episode 2)
27:07 Chell Awakens in the Far Future (Portal 2)
32:51 Outro
Marc Laidlaw's original plan for Half-Life 2: Episode 3:
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Suggestive Gaming
Suggestive Gaming 8 måneder siden
Please *avoid posting* Half-Life: Alyx spoilers. I know it's exciting having new information on the story, but most folks watching this video are doing so _BEFORE_ playing the new game. Have some respect for their playthroughs and let them enjoy something they've probably waited over a decade for.
Casper Svendsen
Casper Svendsen 24 dager siden
I have played all the games except HL:Alyx, but wow the story is complex. Like something out of the X-Files, but on steriods... And now you convinced me to invest in a VR set and play the damn game...
shrunkenmonkey5 2 måneder siden
Why did you not like half life Alyx? I mean I can understand how people would say valve is just stalling, but I thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay and story, although I would rather have it be standalone
Matt Dove
Matt Dove 3 måneder siden
Wait, you weren't a fan of HLA?! How is that possible.
F. Palmero
F. Palmero 3 måneder siden
@WorldTravel1518 Sounds like someone is salty they died to a moon rock instead of a Chad headcrab.
Eddsworld Fan Boy
Eddsworld Fan Boy 3 måneder siden
Half-Life Blueshift Starts Before Half-Life Not The Other Way Around.
Dr. Bread
Dr. Bread Time siden
7:55 in the black mesa game when gordon is about to go in the portal you need to turn around to see adrian shepherd
Ricardo Amaral Andrade
Ricardo Amaral Andrade 3 timer siden
They should make 4 or 5 movies of this entire story! I beg this! It would be SO COOL!!!!!!!!
Abrar Ab
Abrar Ab 4 timer siden
They need to make movie of this game i really want to watch it damn awesome fuck bith
Elitely 6 timer siden
Technically BlackMesa made portals REAL portals before Aperture. Except it ended in the enslavement of humanity
Zavier Jacques-Azerad
Zavier Jacques-Azerad 23 timer siden
wait so how come the portal character never got attacked by those head crabs
UliMonto XZ
UliMonto XZ Dag siden
Alguien que haga subtítulos en español?
sean leong
sean leong Dag siden
So long story short, Black Mesa F up whole thing with their portal device and Aperture science portal device is the successful one?
Amit Tank
Amit Tank Dag siden
Thank you for making this video it really helped me understand the story
Water Dag siden
The mastery of machinery is machinery with no need for a master. -me, a complete fool.
SandboxArrow 2 dager siden
One of the best game lores.
SwabPocket _
SwabPocket _ 2 dager siden
If I’m keeping it funky fresh, I had no fucking clue what I was doin half the time in half life 1 and 2
Reiss Spangenberg
Reiss Spangenberg 2 dager siden
Am i the only one that tinks dog’s head is a core
galaxy fox
galaxy fox 3 dager siden
but wasn't the borealis brought back in i think blapature mesa in one of the chambers ? and at the end was the elevator that chell was in a fake in im assuming thiking with time machine
The Fancy Ghost
The Fancy Ghost 3 dager siden
valve is clearly playing favourites with hl and portal
Cyan 4 dager siden
Black Mesa and Aperture should team up. They could produce amazing science and make awesome tech to kill those aliens
Dominik Bożek
Dominik Bożek 4 dager siden
Szkoda że nie po polsku
Cuverd Pants6525
Cuverd Pants6525 4 dager siden
Everyone chant with me we need episode 3 we need episode 3 we need episode 3
Mr illegalsevens
Mr illegalsevens 5 dager siden
The 968: in terms of brain we have no brain
Shashi Verma
Shashi Verma 5 dager siden
Pls story of crysis
Honza Pecháček
Honza Pecháček 5 dager siden
Finnaly i know what half life is about
Bob The Bob Man
Bob The Bob Man 5 dager siden
Wow, this game looks pretty fun, hope they make a sequel to it
Kevin The Sea Cucumber
Kevin The Sea Cucumber 5 dager siden
69k likes and 969 dislikes. Nice.
Lokman Freeman
Lokman Freeman 5 dager siden
the 969 dislikes are the people who use hacks in half life games
Adynburd 5 dager siden
Where does Benrey come into the story?
Hyde Rainja
Hyde Rainja 5 dager siden
Thank you
Ben-Melons 5 dager siden
By the way, in old aperture you would've heard an argument between Cave Johnson and Caroline about being turned into GLaDOS. But they removed it because it sounded more like Caroline was being sexually harassed or assaulted.
nothing and nothing
nothing and nothing 6 dager siden
Achievement : did we just lose .
LiterallyMyName LiterallyMyLastName
LiterallyMyName LiterallyMyLastName 6 dager siden
Who will win? A multi-universal empire Or one testy boi
Random_Person 73
Random_Person 73 7 dager siden
I still can't believe that Portal 2 takes place 50,000 years after portal 1.
Memez Forall
Memez Forall 7 dager siden
How about Half-Life: Alyx?
Ivan Petrov
Ivan Petrov 8 dager siden
Black Mesa: aliens people aliens! Aperture science: SKYNET people SKYNET!
Destroyer Hu
Destroyer Hu 8 dager siden
Can someone make an animation where the portal turrets charge out of their facility to help bring earth back to its natural state?
somethingtodiefor1 8 dager siden
Also also, from what I know - Opposing force is not canonical if I am not mistaken.
somethingtodiefor1 8 dager siden
A super small correction. Gordon Freeman is captured almost the same time as Barney gets caught in the reflux. Barney during one of his teleportations can see the military drag Gordon to be squished in the compactor.
DeathGodRiku 8 dager siden
Whoa, hold up! 50,000 years? THAT'S how long Chel was in stasis? I thought it was something like 50 years
PTFOdity 7 dager siden
Nobody knows the actual date
Garyson Kochschinken
Garyson Kochschinken 8 dager siden
I kinda want a portal game based around rattman
Szpieg2000 8 dager siden
Tf2 is in the universe too at least Apeature science is in the tf2 universe
Steven Harrison
Steven Harrison 9 dager siden
If they did go to the Borealis they would probably die who knows how many tourists are in that thing Hell it’s owned by GLaDOS when GLaDOS figures out where it is she will not stop until she has it
A5 10 dager siden
damn, they really fucked up *H A R D*
piotrqra 11 dager siden
Chell leaves the under ground and dies beacause of and alien end
jackyboi 123
jackyboi 123 13 dager siden
How the f can some scientist in some orange suit thing can beat the combime BUT THE WORLD CAN'T?!?!?!
jackyboi 123
jackyboi 123 7 dager siden
@I Use Hacks good point
I Use Hacks
I Use Hacks 9 dager siden
Because its the combine. And against an overwhelming force you tend to use guerilla warfare. You don't exactly send your 100 troops to fight an army with 100000 troops. You will lose. But if you send 10 troops to destroy major supply lines, and maybe a few assassinations, its no longer 100 troops vs 100000 troops. Its 100 troops vs a severely crippled 100000 troops. Not easy, as evident by the fact gordon did not 100% beat the combine, but its doable.
Jack Of No Traits
Jack Of No Traits 14 dager siden
2021 a portal 2 fan made is coming out called portal reloaded and Damn it looks good!
JackOps 14 dager siden
Jeez, talk about story telling...
chim Phan
chim Phan 15 dager siden
Though I like how as Glados dies in Portal, her distorted voice lines imply she could have stopped the combine had Chell not killed her.
NicksAlleyway 15 dager siden
Wait..... I'm so dumb forgive me, but it that one only black guy from black mesa supposed to be eli?
The Retro Skipjack
The Retro Skipjack 15 dager siden
6:11 which game is this part from, because I played, OPFOR, Blue Shift, and Half Life and did not see this scene in any of them.
The Retro Skipjack
The Retro Skipjack 13 dager siden
@Haja thanks!
The Retro Skipjack
The Retro Skipjack 13 dager siden
@Haja so its not on steam?
brim 15 dager siden
the doom slayer: RIP AND TEAR! THE ALIENS UNTIL IT IS DONE!! ""the only thing they fear you in the backround'' do yall like blood and gore i do
brim 15 dager siden
i hope the aliens in half life discover argent energy and meet the doom slayer and shit there pants
brim 15 dager siden
ramirez get on your oppressor mk2 and grief the alien cargo
brim 15 dager siden
ramirez call in a orbital air strike
brim 15 dager siden
ramirez call in a a10 warthog
Gamer xd
Gamer xd 15 dager siden
The dislikes are from the people who didn't get their free burgers.
NicksAlleyway 15 dager siden
Or free cake
MrUmbrellaDude 16 dager siden
Am I the first to comment?
Louis Bruh
Louis Bruh 17 dager siden
So.. Half life Ep3 is coming soon?
Chain Chomp
Chain Chomp 17 dager siden
Uh oh
Arthur Stuart
Arthur Stuart 18 dager siden
He sure did make life take the lemons back
Solomon Furman
Solomon Furman 18 dager siden
could you please stop having so much unnecessary info on half life? portal is more interesting anyway.
DoomPro 19 dager siden
why dose your half-life 2 look so much better?
DoomPro 10 dager siden
penginn 122
penginn 122 19 dager siden
Gotta be honest black mesa portals are lacking
pokosinski 19 dager siden
imagine chell coming back to earth just to discover there was a fkin alien invasion while she was gone
just some guy
just some guy 19 dager siden
But like can we talk about the genius of Portal 2s ending, like the song that the turrets sing literally being just Glados saying how much she loves Chell, proving she didn’t actually delete Caroline but made it Italian because she’s too petty to say it in a language Chell actually understands
The bright light in the dark
The bright light in the dark 20 dager siden
So I say Wheatly survived the encounter with GLaDOS kinda wrong. When in the elevator Wheatly talks about him having a clone and the really Wheatly now has the job to look after human test and get rid of the bones
Your local federal agent
Your local federal agent 20 dager siden
my guy just explained 2021
Egany 20 dager siden
Cant Wait till part 2
Ammon Felt
Ammon Felt 20 dager siden
He forgot to add Gmod, bruh that is the most canon game in the series...
Влад Вулкан
Влад Вулкан 21 dag siden
that G-man pisses me off
Lorenzo 1222
Lorenzo 1222 21 dag siden
The. Best. Game. Ever.
Asri 22 dager siden
15:45 doesn't he look alot like the doctor in dying light I forget his name
YuriOnEdge 22 dager siden
I'm pretty sure that Shephard defeats the Gene Worm after Freeman defeats Nihilanth...
The empty Nothing
The empty Nothing 22 dager siden
Shepherd’s fate is unknown still, which meant that, he might be coming back in the next half-life sequel after alyx.
Gigo 63
Gigo 63 22 dager siden
One of my friends always says "I prefer Half-Life to Portal: Half-Life has an actual story while Portal is just a funny puzzle game." *Can't wait to tell him that Portal ia canon!*
The Sezenians
The Sezenians 23 dager siden
I have several questions.. - Is Portal Mel not cannon? - Is this really all we know about G-Man? - Does Portal really influence this little in the overal story?
DisIsMarcoBoi 23 dager siden
Fun Fact: Originally, G-man was supposed to meet Chell before Wheatley comes in.
VortX 24 dager siden
They couldn't just call it Half Like 3
Acire Sateur
Acire Sateur 24 dager siden
Corporal Shepard has the saddest ending 😫 whyyyyyy 😭😭
Jacurus Zenris
Jacurus Zenris 25 dager siden
So Portal 2 takes place 50,000 years after Half-Life 2? Everywhere else I look says it is only 20 years after Portal.
Brexo 26 dager siden
The H.E.C.U are supposed to kill the low level scientists and extract the high leveled ones.
Michael Wittmann
Michael Wittmann 27 dager siden
Can't wait for episode 3!
LionelMessi roblox
LionelMessi roblox 27 dager siden
wonder why gordon and everyone hes with keep getting knocked out
Fetra 27 dager siden
what about Hunt Down The Freeman
Suggestive Gaming
Suggestive Gaming 27 dager siden
What about it
TONSTAR LP 28 dager siden
There is portal: thinking with time machine
Paco Arellano
Paco Arellano 29 dager siden
In the intro you hear the valve theme
Caron Sullivan
Caron Sullivan Måned siden
aleksander Okonek
aleksander Okonek Måned siden
That's a very long story ✅😁
Gaming Balkan
Gaming Balkan 25 dager siden
Are you seriously copying someones elses comment? i hope you was a mistake
Glorb 456
Glorb 456 Måned siden
I played the portal 2 level pack from LEGO dimensions yesterday. It seems there is a continuation of the story in it.
Gryphon Måned siden
Same but it's not canon cause of what happens
Dr Dalmation
Dr Dalmation Måned siden
Somewhere out there, there’s an alternate reality where Cave Johnson began half life by burning Black Mesa down with his lemons
Raynster Rayner
Raynster Rayner Måned siden
Mosmen was here? At Aputer science?
RipAzure Måned siden
Jesus christ this is too deep
Crispy Måned siden
Oh my god valve can count to three
A kid playing games
A kid playing games Måned siden
People in the ISS must be looking in terror about what happening on earth
salty Måned siden
wait wait, so if Portal 2 takes place 50,000 years in the future, then that means Chell is just stuck alone in the cornfield with no other humans on the surface
Tanman Blondman
Tanman Blondman Måned siden
Taťka Medvěd
Taťka Medvěd Måned siden
thats a lot of lost conscioussnes
Grey the Medic
Grey the Medic Måned siden
Anyone remembers Dr Vortigaunt
ULTRA2201 Måned siden
Who will win ? An inter-dimensional super empire or A nerd in a orange suit
Howells Military topic
Howells Military topic Måned siden
Honestly id rather die in the incident
Halo tepin
Halo tepin Måned siden
A lot of losing of consciousness
A.N.L.A Anti Neo Liberalism Association
A.N.L.A Anti Neo Liberalism Association Måned siden
I think because of the events of half life alex we might be going to apature science in the event half life 2 ep 2 part 2 electric boogaloo happens
A.N.L.A Anti Neo Liberalism Association
A.N.L.A Anti Neo Liberalism Association Måned siden
One gripe portal 2 is not confirmed to take place 50,000 years on the future it most likley only takes place 100 years after portal one whitch its self took place a bit before or after half life 1
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