The Legend of Zelda Timeline (Official Breath of the Wild Placement)

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The Ultimate, Final and Official Legend of Zelda Timeline Video! With all updates from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, DLC 2 Champions' Ballad, Hyrule Encyclopedia and Master Works/Creating a Champion. In this video we go through it All! (SPOILER WARNING)
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Timeline animations and Hyrule Total War cutscenes by Undying Nephalim:
Animattronic - Majora's theme Remix
Hyrule Total War mod by Undying Nephalim:
"Trailer Theme" by Cleffernotes
TheOnlyDeerAlive 30th anniversary medley:
Twilight Symphony:
Ocarina of Time:
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Bloxaur 4 dager siden
For a long time I always thought “I like to think that BotW is where all the timelines finally converge”, and now I can say that I was right
Ayden Morey
Ayden Morey 5 dager siden
I think the narrator in this video was And still is my favorite
Honey Bee
Honey Bee 22 dager siden
No one: LoZ series: Let’s put the beginning exposition in the middle :D
Jayden’s pikachu
Jayden’s pikachu 24 dager siden
Spirit tracks demon slayer mugen train i see no difference
Jayden’s pikachu
Jayden’s pikachu 24 dager siden
The four giants nosepass+gmax grimsnarl
Agent Hahn
Agent Hahn Måned siden
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 2 dager siden
@Agent Hahn You gonna explain how it’s wrong at any point this year?
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 27 dager siden
@Agent Hahn Do enlighten me then, since you obviously know the timeline better.
Agent Hahn
Agent Hahn 27 dager siden
@Jacob Reynolds yes it is
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 28 dager siden
Yeah no
Andrew Kecskemethy
Andrew Kecskemethy Måned siden
Squallycellar 25
Squallycellar 25 Måned siden
What is this weird thumbnail bro
DUMPY LUMP Måned siden
kass is part of the timeline lets goooo
Jayden Måned siden
Download this Video, burn it on a BluRay and watch it on a TV. So you got a great History Movie
Carson Oliver
Carson Oliver Måned siden
Finally, someone who understands the timeline
Ninjajoe Måned siden
wait if they know ganon is about the coup why not kill him? instead of sending link away that was bullshit
ZomBiE_TraSh Måned siden
How did people not notice that? Thats the first thing I noticed when they showed it. Weird...
Frances Mitchellsd
Frances Mitchellsd Måned siden
The acceptable ceiling feraly untidy because commission dewailly work failing a easy viscose. comfortable, detailed knight
DemonKingNemo Måned siden
This is my favorite timeline break down. Ive watched this 3 or 4 times now and I just love it. Others rush through and only talk about the games ( most likely for time constraint so people actually watch) but this is just so insightful. I love it. If I could like this each time I watch I would. And I love that it's all information. No jokes, no snarky comments on a game, no hate, no love, no bias, just straight information. Love this so much
Ephraim Judah
Ephraim Judah Måned siden
I really hope Nintendo retcons all this into separate dimensions. I dream of a new game called "The Legends of Zelda: Infinite Realms" that plays out like "Spider-man: into the Spider-Verse." Each game is/was a single "legend" of Zelda connected by the sacred realm. Link is literally the "link" between realms (since he appears in every game) and must join together with the other incarnations of himself to defeat evil. The story should kick off when Phantom Ganon from OOT breaks the boundary between realms because he was banished in OOT to the " gap between dimensions" when he was defeated. I picture famous items, locations, villains, and dungeons from across all the Zelda games making an appearance in this game with multiple incarnations of Ganon being the final boss (Imagine Ganondorf wearing Majoras Mask!) . Multiple Links, Items, and Zeldas from different realms are needed to defeat him in the end. Tell me this wouldn't be cool. I know this sounds a little like Hyrule Warriors but it needs to be a proper Zelda game.
Anemoia Måned siden
>After Link fools around a minute or so, Zelda grows impatient and guides Link to the towers Also Link: Fools around for the rest of the game by looting everything and everyone lmao Love the vid, thank you for you hard work!
weirdfreak98 Måned siden
So much could've been avoided if they just KILLED their villains instead of sealing them away... but then again if they do that then we wouldn't have these awesome games
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds Måned siden
Ganon has been killed before, he reincarnates
Lotie The Bunny
Lotie The Bunny 2 måneder siden
This give me History cvhanne/documentary vibes!!!......
25c On Discount
25c On Discount 2 måneder siden
i just realized...the phantom armor in the botw dlc is the armor the phantoms wear.... wow. sure many people already new this but i though it was pretty cool.
Loser Trap
Loser Trap 2 måneder siden
This video showed me the origin of botw dragons thanks very much
beatsme2 2 måneder siden
KING DAPHNES NOHANSEN HYRULE! Lol. I love when he says the full name. With Honor!
Ferrell Linebarger
Ferrell Linebarger 2 måneder siden
We need a prequel to skyward sword it'd be cool if they ret conned the original fight against demise to be a fight between the even more original link and demise
MR. SMAB! 2 måneder siden
So wait... There are so many different (reincarnations of) Links and Zelda's, only because Demise cursed them???
ArcticKaiju 2 måneder siden
Weather myth or History in Hyrule. The spirit of the Hero lies with Fi and the Master Sword for a young man named Link to pull it free when evil threatens the land.
Fearless 2 måneder siden
Anemoia Måned siden
On the bright side, we might get more Zelda games that way. Who knows, it might be an epic OoT again Eggy guardian boi is mega chad for daring to split the timeline again lmao
Evan Bailes
Evan Bailes 2 måneder siden
Oh my god it's the Fallout Storyteller... I ALMOST clicked off the video until I heard him..
Mad Society20294
Mad Society20294 2 måneder siden
Finally watch this video from beginning to end thanks for this amazing video I understand more about the legend Zelda story can't wait to play age of calamity on November 20th.
Mango Dango
Mango Dango 2 måneder siden
The fact that I followed that entire fallout series and never knew about this hurts
Galaxy 7
Galaxy 7 2 måneder siden
Twilight Princess intro❤️
Brandon Blume
Brandon Blume 2 måneder siden
Way more than 10,000 years. 10,000 just since the last Calamity. The Era of Legend (all the games in and before the 3 timelines) could very well be hundreds of thousands if not millions of years in the distant ancient forgotten past.
Jonathan Holliday
Jonathan Holliday 2 måneder siden
time to update this video now
The GanJiCiAn
The GanJiCiAn 2 måneder siden
What if there is no timeline and the legend of Zelda is just that. A legend told by multiple people of Hyrule to their children about the heroes who fought against evil to save them. The legend would change by whoever is telling it.
Dean Hamouda
Dean Hamouda 3 måneder siden
Talk about a comprehensive look at the timeline. This was amazing, but I must say, I'm pretty disappointed that the CDi games weren't included lol
Eva C.
Eva C. 3 måneder siden
57:41 I like how Link is reclaiming a memory and the Yiga Blademaster is like “it’s okay dude I’ll wait, take your time”
Dawn of Mike
Dawn of Mike 3 måneder siden
Im pretty sure BOTWs placement would be at least 10k years AFTER the timeline converges. It would make the most sense and still be quite interesting because a crap ton of things clearly happened between that time. I would love to see how the fabrics of each timeline intertwined and likely screwed things up for a little bit. Plus the timeline forming a rupy is... just so fitting.
Lucas Fletcher
Lucas Fletcher 3 måneder siden
This Better not be fake
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 3 måneder siden
The Holy Tree Man
The Holy Tree Man 3 måneder siden
Can we just acknowledge how ridiculous tri-force heroes is
Hyrule warrior
Hyrule warrior 3 måneder siden
I can't wait til you add Age of Calamity!!
Nicholas Hoskin
Nicholas Hoskin 3 måneder siden
What about Hyrule Warriors Legends what about that timeline I was thinking it goes like between orcarina of time and Twilight because of Shade that kind of feeling like getting from it
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 2 måneder siden
@Nicholas Hoskin “who cares what the creators of the series said about their own product?” Ok then mr delusion. I’ll stick with what the creators said, it isn’t canon, never has been and likely never will be, no amount of stupid fan theories will ever change that.
Nicholas Hoskin
Nicholas Hoskin 2 måneder siden
@Jacob Reynolds Who cares with Nintendo said. Just tell me what you think it's not on there or not
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 2 måneder siden
@Nicholas Hoskin Bruh I literally said what Nintendo themselves said, why’re you still hung up on this?? Nintendo said that it isn’t in the timeline, that’s that, get over it.
Nicholas Hoskin
Nicholas Hoskin 2 måneder siden
@Jacob Reynolds Jacob if you think it's not a Canon Tammy what it doesn't have
Kasey Hirt
Kasey Hirt 3 måneder siden
I think it merges all three timelines.
Darian B
Darian B 3 måneder siden
decisive battle
RRaptor86 3 måneder siden
I think that the War of the Ages from Hyrule Warriors should be considered as canon. How else can you explain the Rito being in the same timeline as the Zoras and Gorons? I would place it during the Child or Adult timeline.
Eiohas 3 måneder siden
Can someone please tell me the background music/song at 40:45-41:22 ? :)
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 3 måneder siden
Eiohas No problem dude, happy you were able to find it!
Eiohas 3 måneder siden
Thanks a ton man! It definitely was the guy! :)
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 3 måneder siden
It’s a rock cover of the main theme from Triforce Heroes, done by a NOpostr called Shady Cicada I think.
Jakob Butler
Jakob Butler 4 måneder siden
I want there to be a sequel to Wind Waker on the Switch so bad.
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 4 måneder siden
That storyline came to an end already though
Reginald 4 måneder siden
Bout to be so interesting when Age of Calamity comes out
Ryu Blade
Ryu Blade 4 måneder siden
Here's something I don't get: Zelda is put under a sleep curse, shatters the triforce of wisdom, is kidnapped by gannon, saved by link six months later link has to find the triforce of courage to awaken zelda? O.o how was she doing stuff in the first zelda if she was supposedly under a sleeping curse?
GODOFAWSOMENESS1 4 måneder siden
Wait Link was teleported to Labrynna and Holodrum? I played the games and never knew that now it makes sense why Link’s awakening can only be after the Oracle duology.
GODOFAWSOMENESS1 4 måneder siden
33:56 Link looks terrified of Zelda.
G.S.I Labs
G.S.I Labs 4 måneder siden
Oh my god... the Zelda timeline looks like a rupee!!!!!
Mosiah Torres
Mosiah Torres 4 måneder siden
Better than History Channel!!
SmashBrosFan Metal
SmashBrosFan Metal 5 måneder siden
Zelda: gannon is sealed away forever Gannon: so anyways i started escaping Me: *CONFUSED SCREAMING*
Andrew Jay
Andrew Jay 5 måneder siden
Alfonso...? Really?
Quincy Donaldson
Quincy Donaldson 6 måneder siden
I think I understand the Zelda timeline now, thanks.
Christopher Brasher
Christopher Brasher 6 måneder siden
*I'd imagine that housing prices and rent is really, really low in Hyrule. I wonder if they offer "Ganon Insurance"? I feel like that is something they should, cause you're dang sure gonna need it, lol*
The Organic Sage
The Organic Sage 6 måneder siden
13:26 Jaboo Jaboo, Jaboo
ResetVlogz 15157
ResetVlogz 15157 7 måneder siden
Breath Of The Wild 2 Has Joined The Game...
Jesus Ramirez Romo
Jesus Ramirez Romo 7 måneder siden
Its really stupid they retconned the oracle games It makes no sence that they are diferent links
Link Hero of Spirits AKA Trains
Link Hero of Spirits AKA Trains 7 måneder siden
As far as I’m concerned botw isn’t on the timeline and that’s according to the official Zelda website
Papyrus 45
Papyrus 45 4 måneder siden
I think TBOTW (haven't played it) takes place in sn alternate timeline.
Austin Busselle
Austin Busselle 7 måneder siden
So am i the only one who saw calamity ganons giving up on the resurrection of the calamity? And not the resurrection of the curse as a whole?
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 7 måneder siden
That’s one way of looking at it, however the whole giving up on reincarnation thing was simply a mistranslation, he never gave up.
That Guy
That Guy 8 måneder siden
Wow this video is amazing thank you so much!!!!!!
JAW stuntz
JAW stuntz 8 måneder siden
Due to the fact that BotW has a non-cohesive narrative if you skip major parts to trigger cutscenes, I believe that the Legend of Zelda BoTW is actually just a real legend based on the games in one of the Hyrule Historia Timelines
TDChad 8 måneder siden
I've watched this so many times an it never gets old keep it up!
Brandon 8 måneder siden
"The timeline doesn't matter in Breath of the Wild" is my favorite line in this whole video. It's also why Breath of the Wild is my favorite game in the series - Instead of trying to forcefully tie the games together in a convoluted timeline, BOTW treats the past games as old legends and fairy tales that the people of Hyrule have been telling eachother for centuries. This is why so many locations on the map in that game are named after people and places from earlier games that fans will instantly recognize. It really feels like you're walking through the history of a once prosperous kingdom.
Trey Hebert
Trey Hebert 9 måneder siden
Daamn sidon dont need no name drop
Trey Hebert
Trey Hebert 9 måneder siden
So is this like from an official source or is it just someone making the reanimations look bad on purpose? But its good i like the way its explained
Michael Munroe
Michael Munroe 9 måneder siden
Can I get source links to the music? I can't find them anywhere.
la chaine de melyna
la chaine de melyna 9 måneder siden
1 like 1 abo
mAciek Dreschler
mAciek Dreschler 9 måneder siden
The thumbnail was so god damn cute :/
Izmir US
Izmir US 9 måneder siden
ikr aaaaah
Legendary 9 måneder siden
Yo anyone have the artist or link for the thumbnail image? It's kinda adorable
Mario A. Salazar
Mario A. Salazar 9 måneder siden
This is beautiful, it is art. You interpret the story in your own way. What is one thing that can be interpreted in many ways depending on the person.. ART!
Ivan Perez
Ivan Perez 9 måneder siden
Okay lmao didn't see this video before I commented on the other of 3 years ago.
Aidan Diaz
Aidan Diaz 9 måneder siden
But in BOTW there are alot of easter eggs in the game.
Evilhobo Cheeky
Evilhobo Cheeky 9 måneder siden
I love how it's the story teller from the Fallout series :P I can just imagine him telling the story at a campfire on the wastes.
The Snail Force
The Snail Force 9 måneder siden
44:19 saving my spot
BootsMcNab 10 måneder siden
Until botw 2 comes out this will be updated lol
Crash Override Alien Nation
Crash Override Alien Nation 10 måneder siden
History channel presents: The complete history and timeline of the legend of Zelda
Full1000PlatGuides 11 måneder siden
Jesus the ludicrous amount of effort it must have taken to make this video.
Soulvale 88
Soulvale 88 11 måneder siden
why is the ocarina of time the only place where the timeline splits? Is this just a narrative device to help with the sheer number of zelda games or is there some significant reason ganon was able to win against the hero of time just this once? ( imagining the zelda timeline once one or two more alternate timelines are put in makes my head hurt.)
Samuel Whipple
Samuel Whipple 11 måneder siden
I've heard that "These toy's are too much for you" soundbyte about 13 times
Ma Lord
Ma Lord 11 måneder siden
I want 0:00 song. What is the name for it? I love the intro music.
Elle Marie
Elle Marie 11 måneder siden
ok but can we establish the fact that the downfall timeline has the WEIRDEST games? like what the fuck even was that jumpsuit curse nonsense, seriously, it’s like they split off that timeline just to excuse their weird mistake games, adding in a few decent ones just to make it sound legit
Joe 11 måneder siden
so we gonna get another vid with breath of the wild 2?
AceV822 or lil CAAH idrc
AceV822 or lil CAAH idrc År siden
Y cant link just...kill ganon?
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 11 måneder siden
Were you not paying attention? Demise’s curse would make him reincarnate
Michael walsh
Michael walsh År siden
Halsey Doo
Halsey Doo År siden
I love how ZeLink is huge in Botw ♥
Skylancer727 År siden
Still say the fan timeline with the split at Minish Cap is still the best. Plus it actually gives an in game reason for the split as the Minish Cap had more than 1 ending unlike OoT.
Santina Fryer
Santina Fryer År siden
I think link likes Zelda huging a lot
Widdyness1 År siden
You forgot about when Link saved Kurudai from the Faces of Evil
Johnny G
Johnny G År siden
What I realized from this 1. This timeline is fucking nuts 2. Damn, Wind Waker on the Gamecube was fucking amazing looking, the Gamecube was SO underrated
Le Quack
Le Quack År siden
BOTW is part of the young link/Twilight timeline.
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds År siden
Not really
jodell blanks
jodell blanks År siden
i think its annoying how my friends think ganon and ganondorf are the same beings.... unless they are sorry im not an expert 😞
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds År siden
Technically they are, Ganondorf transformed into Ganon at the end of Ocarina of Time.
Brandon Maboroshi
Brandon Maboroshi År siden
You guys forgot at some point a hero split the triforce of courage into 8 shards and locked them away.
madgameradam År siden
This could be on History Channel! Well done!
Smiley År siden
"the cursed deku tree summoned the *9 year old* link" (;
Despacito Potato
Despacito Potato 11 måneder siden
Brian Robertson
Brian Robertson År siden
it really is amazing how awesome botw link really is
Emily Couturière
Emily Couturière År siden
So if botw is the end of the timeline and botw 2 will come after that..i wonder what they are planning for future zelda games
MegaReaver MickeyBot
MegaReaver MickeyBot År siden
So Beath of the wild continues after the first so we have a new timeline that may take place at the end of any of the 3 previas, or all 3 or none of the 3 that may just be legends and myths. So question is then what about the possibality for brand new time lines to be branched off in the past? Like what if Link returned to Temina and remained there? Or what if Termina itself plays a role in a future game where Termina and Hyrule enteract? What about Links dream journey? what about maybe his next adventure and what happened next? Could Lowrule be featured again but after the placement of Breath of the wild? What about a fourth timeline in general?
It’s actually pronounced as bosphar-OM-ous not bosphar-AM-ous
It’s actually pronounced as bosphar-OM-ous not bosphar-AM-ous
MB2T1 År siden
Since the releases of Hyrule Historia Volumes 2-4, Aonuma has apparently changed his mind. He now considers BotW to be the beginning of a 4th branch in the Timeline.
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds År siden
Tywan År siden
So did the picori happen after skyward sword?
Scythe Scythe
Scythe Scythe År siden
when he was saying the entire breath of the wild story all i could think was: or, "EXCUUUUUUUSE ME PRINCESS!!!"
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