Asmongold Chooses His Shadowlands Covenant

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THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION! After the release of Shadowlands Asmongold must choose his covenant between: the Kyrian Covenant, the Necrolord Covenant, the Night Fae Covenant and the Venthyr Covenant. Covenants are one of the most important features of the new WoW expansion along with its soulbinds and conduits system. Will Asmongold regret his decision or did he choose actually the best covenant with the best conduits and the best soulbinds?...
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super mario
super mario 28 dager siden
Pseudonym 28 dager siden
It's like the job fair at school
mcsofty Måned siden
Man this isnt an MMO are you fucking serious? LOL
iBeToxin Måned siden
It’s amazing to me how people are making venthyr jokes when the majority of you virgins are either in fairy club or generic alliance lamp club
Joey M
Joey M Måned siden
Hey buddy only virgins call other people virgins lol keep on about mage and rogue nerfs in TORGHAST while you're at it
magnahoof Drim
magnahoof Drim Måned siden
Maldraxxus forever!
duy le
duy le Måned siden
king of random
alksdjf;alsdjf Måned siden
He picked Venthyr, go watch something else.
fluff thebigone
fluff thebigone Måned siden
To bad venthyr are literally the worst for most dps classes
Matthew Yarek
Matthew Yarek Måned siden
im gunna join ventythr why>??? BLOOD DK
Inachu Ikimasho
Inachu Ikimasho Måned siden
Plot twist. What you choose in game also sends you either to heaven or hell in real life.
shawn stephens
shawn stephens Måned siden
Just pick the Covenant Icy Veins says you should.
Max Kid
Max Kid Måned siden
the most diffcult choice of all i will say chose wisely
DuoSpear Måned siden
Maldrax armors are good for trolls. Hides their pig feet
M M Måned siden
fuck the soup cans that chime in via discord during his streams\videos now.
MrCopperwheels Måned siden
is expansion worth boysz?
Syrus 27 dager siden
hvd iv
hvd iv Måned siden
All these streamers already said where they were going months ago. These videos are hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣
WidowRegan Måned siden
A shame that Necrolords suck for Warriors and arms warrior.
Madao Måned siden
Every bit as disappointingly hollow as i suspected it would be, and to top it off, the loot bags ignore loot specc, noice! congrats blizz, you've done it again, made another shitty expansion, good job....
8100machinist Måned siden
max level, full mythic gear, one day after release....... multi-boxxers ArE THe PrObLeM....
Ben Sting
Ben Sting Måned siden
"Starving his own people" Reminds me what Stalin did with Russia.
justin waugh
justin waugh Måned siden
Try being frost DK and get a 2 hander every time you open a box. Blizz wont fix this and i am sick and tired of it..
Tim Nikolaev
Tim Nikolaev Måned siden
does asmongold have a life?
makaveli don
makaveli don Måned siden
whats with this guys eyebrowss?
Wolf Måned siden
I still don't know what to go with! Vampires or necro for my death knight :( armor wise I love the necro. Mount wise I love the vampires. :( any suggestions
Acridobject Måned siden
kind of annoying expecting the expansion to be about leveling with a covenant but instead having to grind through all the questlines you don't care about in order to do them once you get to 60, as a man who avoided all the guides during beta to avoid spoilers I went in thinking you choose the covenant at the start but instead I got thrown into blue angle land and its kinda boring.
what is hooman doing??
what is hooman doing?? Måned siden
6:48 nice one random person from chat
Jack Vai
Jack Vai Måned siden
I have to hand it to AG; he's no typical fanboy... Most of them are squatting in their parent's basement... He's ground-breaks squatting in his parent's... attic. Good video.
TiagoSkyWalker 88
TiagoSkyWalker 88 Måned siden
Damn vampire lovers
Isaac Wall
Isaac Wall Måned siden
Personally I would choose the night fae.
Johnny Martinez
Johnny Martinez Måned siden
It gave me two staffs. I'm an enhance shaman
Maru Raiden
Maru Raiden Måned siden
The Primus was murdered. You'd know that if you paid attention and didn't skip through every other cinematic.
JD21 Måned siden
"Yeah ima fix it, you guys are eternal enemies but I'll fix it"
John Jelic
John Jelic Måned siden
Never trust a guy who talks with his eyebrows...
Matt S
Matt S Måned siden
@morgan betsinger lmfao same. also the thumbnails are always so cringey, but that's besides the point.
morgan betsinger
morgan betsinger Måned siden
I want to watch more of his videos but I cant stop staring at his moving eyebrows lol
Matt S
Matt S Måned siden
for real though. reminds me of someone with Tourette's syndrome.
Sorpa Måned siden
Follow a guide, choose what's best for your class because in the end. Only progress matters..
Muhammad Derrin Toshiro
Muhammad Derrin Toshiro Måned siden
new to the channel, whats up with the eyebrow movements lmao. is he ok?
bubu mic
bubu mic Måned siden
Same thing wow has been doing since the latest few dlc ... A new enemy, a new base to upgrade, a downgrade in damage and whatever you did and worked for before is rendered useless . I`ve had enough of wow .
Cpt Slow
Cpt Slow Måned siden
Hunter, Im going with nature ones...
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Dag siden
u mean the furries? Dude...
William Donaldson
William Donaldson Måned siden
I've been getting out of my loot spec too. I think its broken.
twinslive Måned siden
Why does Asmongold seem like he didn't play the story and has no idea whats going on?
twinslive Måned siden
@Macca McDonald yeah he streamed on his alt, Zackrawr, and complained the whole time that world quests, and rares, were too hard and took too long and that he just needs to get a group to do it.
Vhagar Måned siden
Could someone please tell me what is the music at 5:49?
Trovex Måned siden
Those eyebrows lmao
Gareth O'Hare
Gareth O'Hare Måned siden
msuci sounds great in this xpac
Nonderyon Måned siden
Asmongold: i join Venthyr Chat: what is next? Asmongold: lets watch Twilight
sauved0 Måned siden
so goth, so swaggy
M G Måned siden
Did he really tell his mom to f*ck off @7:29 or is it a joke...
Lysithea von Ordelia
Lysithea von Ordelia Måned siden
I went with Venthyr Paladin. Lorewise I think it fits more than you might think, with the whole "punish sinful souls and help them atone" angle. Kyrian Paladin was just too obvious/boring to me.
Thomas Deegan
Thomas Deegan Måned siden
Wait im gonna be a lamp ?
rajan aryal
rajan aryal Måned siden
1:18 my entire life changed because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
PoetaOm Måned siden
Just about to see it but I sense he chose Maldraxxis
Vaulted Death
Vaulted Death Måned siden
Imagine being a worgan vampire
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Dag siden
Imagine being a furry
Greenchili Studioz
Greenchili Studioz Måned siden
let alone blood deathknight
Amdi Nielsen
Amdi Nielsen Måned siden
TheAvengedNightmare2 Måned siden
Omg that battle pass loot box broke me 9:19
Privateer Måned siden
Tfw doesnt pick maldraxxus because be doesnt want to admit its a scorge expansion
Sumin Shizzles
Sumin Shizzles Måned siden
If he did this 18 hours ago, more with editing involved for the stream, then he is just another no lifer who did nothing but play wow since the start of SL. Some in my guild stayed up all night long and into the day NOT to miss out on the 810 points. LMAO. Some are doing HC and are looking for people to do M+ with on DAY TWO.
1:26 My whole life changed because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Philipp Wichmann
Philipp Wichmann Måned siden
Is there a bug right now? I can`t finde any of the materials + I cant ask - talk to the Golem... Anima is directed on the right spot. I am confused.
Guy In Real Life
Guy In Real Life Måned siden
so, the REAL important question: are the Kyrians still DTF? or are they too religious for that?
azjeep26 Måned siden
Lol choice because of looks 🤪🤪🤪
Nail Måned siden
I had to leave this stream because his cringe clan is full of spergs that wanted to be in the launch day stream. Not much better watching these recordings
EpikDy Måned siden
imagine if Asmon parents were Asian
T 0 I
T 0 I Måned siden
Trainwrecks : Liking werewolves doesn't make you a furry, So fine I like vampires, what does that make me ? Chat : G A Y
Majid Hosseinzadeh
Majid Hosseinzadeh Måned siden
SHIELLDDDD :))))))))
Raptorington Måned siden
I’m lvl 51 on bastion question did I do something wrong? I’m so confused playing this expansion I’m coming from classi
Raptorington Måned siden
@Paul Archer thanks for clearing that up for me mate! I thought I was choosing my covenant
Paul Archer
Paul Archer Måned siden
That will be the questline introducing you to shadowlands factions. The main questline for each faction is doable once you hit 60 and select your chosen faction .
Raul Izquierdo
Raul Izquierdo Måned siden
ugh i wanna go venthyr but hunter options are blah
Todd Calvert
Todd Calvert Måned siden
lmfao look at his eyes everytime he talks holy fuck got me rollin
Joker Måned siden
the "SIMP" coven Asmon was talking about, the only reason i joined them was because they were my BiS for my class, im a warlock
Minoxiis Måned siden
Steven Ball
Steven Ball Måned siden
Asmon, you look healthier recently. Good job chief.
Amanita Muscaria
Amanita Muscaria Måned siden
So gringe, only "good" adjective he has is, Bad Ass. Kinda get's inflated when used to cover everything. Not everything can be bad ass.
IMax Måned siden
I swear he beats off to wow models
skannerz22 Måned siden
he has some upgrades in his bag waiting to be equipted
dada dade
dada dade Måned siden
shield for a fury warrior what a fucin disepointment LMAO
Evilfetus15 Måned siden
Be careful if you decide to switch, unless you already have torghast etc unlocked you won’t be able to do it until reset. I learned this the hard way after choosing the wrong covenant
Moo Måned siden
tbh, i dont think the covenant abilities are too much off of each other. they are all good in their own way in my opinion
Mr. Bripples
Mr. Bripples Måned siden
So many whamen leaders so woke so wow 👏👏👏👏
Pohtaitoh Måned siden
Vampires gay lmao.
Con Cobhar
Con Cobhar Måned siden
How long would it take to join a covenant if you start on a new account?
returnofjinx Måned siden
how does the outfit that makes him look like groot better than the armor from kyrian
Daniel Rivera
Daniel Rivera Måned siden
The kyrian armor looked like something galactus would wear LOL
CEE DEE 69 Måned siden
Beowulf Måned siden
i still cant wrap my head around how someone can dedicate 80% of their life to this game, play it 16 horus a day for 15 years, play one class and still have zero knowledge about the classes and their abiltiies and be the most casual you can get
Beowulf Måned siden
@Robotto Force he is waiting 2 years for a new expansion saying BFA is "dogshit dood" and then he skips whole intro, cutscenes, has friends carrying him through all the content and killing mobs for him just so he can enter dungs and raids and everyone gives him free loot so he can be jumping in oribos next 2 years saying theres no content....oh man....
Robotto Force
Robotto Force Måned siden
Welcome to mmorpgs
GHI Baal
GHI Baal Måned siden
I felt so bad when I saw the badass Maldraxxus Warlock MOG and had to choose Kyrian instead D:
Ugo Segui-Serera
Ugo Segui-Serera Måned siden
that first box opening is like a foreshadowing of asmongold's loot in this whole expansion
SHelby Dunne
SHelby Dunne Måned siden
Has he found the dreadlord spy diary yet
cimex749 Måned siden
the orange lighting really isnt helping lmao
Casual Observer
Casual Observer Måned siden
I wonder what his eyebrows would do if they ever saw sunlight
Noxy Måned siden
They would melt like the wicked witch.
【Akira-kun】 Måned siden
Venthyr is the gayest choice possible, and I love it ♥️
Dead Smoking
Dead Smoking Måned siden
They ripped the DOS2 story...
Loot_Freak Måned siden
Bro you’re just talking to talk ...
SharkRule64 15 dager siden
That is what a streamer does....?
GrastTube Måned siden
haha what a garbage. you have to pay for the expansion and then pay extra and lootboxes to complete the battle pass. and the blizzard simps milk their credit cards without hesitation
pjdlol Måned siden
can we have less of this greasy low t incels on discord please
Romain R
Romain R Måned siden
It's that Parralax/The Mummy thing, everytime there's an evil monster, they lock him up and don't destroy him. In case they need it for the plot later on LOL
Jon Kron
Jon Kron Måned siden
9:05 the eyebrow dance.
Elphir Rein
Elphir Rein Måned siden
Venthir look like reskined Nightborn.
RΛINDΛNCE Måned siden
Asmongold SOY WOJAK FACE Chooses SOY WOJAK FACE His SOY WOJAK FACE Shadowlands Covenant
PraiseMore Måned siden
The ending hahhahhahhaahaha
PapaSteel Måned siden
Asmongold said "yeah let's choose the covenant" clickbait, but in reality we knew he'll choose venthyr since the beginning. This realm fits him well - and the sets, jesus christ they look like Castlevania so much I might go there as my warlock or shaman. "Asmongold is one of the proud creatures "
Chris Eliason
Chris Eliason Måned siden
Lmao enjoy Ion's grind for you $$$
Chris Eliason
Chris Eliason Måned siden
I might consider playing if it was F2P.
Sean Plant
Sean Plant Måned siden
Imagine not choosing necro
Trevor Richard
Trevor Richard Måned siden
Milantique Studios
Milantique Studios Måned siden
Lol nothing but armor set and mount matters in this choice
NokioLumia Måned siden
@Marie Meow so it's ridiculous to not want a garbage ability?
Marie Meow
Marie Meow Måned siden
Ikr. But some of the „pro myth + gamers“ even look at the abilities to get 100% out of their character (ridiculous imo)
MrWadeBarrett Måned siden
Asmondgold is so famous, he even got Kermit in the background making noises
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