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Steven reviews Senator Mazie Hirono's insane takes on Big Tech censorship, then turns to review some data from Michigan that doesn't add up. Then Steven and the team review the latest video from The Cut, "What Are White People Superior At?"
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StevenCrowder 11 dager siden
What do you think of what is going on in Michigan? And does this warrant looking into further?
Buck James
Buck James Dag siden
I think you’re fake news now because the courts are throwing out the cases for lack of evidence. Try again in 4 years why try to make Americans distrust the democratic process that only harms our country.
Karen Santana
Karen Santana Dag siden
A Boy and his Dog
A Boy and his Dog 2 dager siden
Steven, one of the Depositions taken is by a fmr MICHIGAN STATE SENATOR who's testimony is by far the most damning as he is most experienced and educated in election policy/law. You should Try and Connect with him and Do an interview with him. BTW, Many of these Depositions have people corroborating each other's statements and many of the affidavits!!
This Guy
This Guy 5 dager siden
@josh dombrowski In many states YES. Is there a National Registry? NO. You'll have to check out your State's Election Board website and see if they have a way to search your name. If you suspect fraud, check out: *"TheDonald (dot) win"* to see who you would contact to report it. If you are in Key states, there are lawyers who want *Your Story.*
josh dombrowski
josh dombrowski 5 dager siden
So what if you just don’t vote or haven’t ever registered to vote is there away to check those voters logs? especially with all these technically NEW voters.!.! also was just wondering what about the over 30+million Dreamers are their votes legal?
Robert Quinn
Robert Quinn 6 timer siden
As well as 10 minutes ago sat my cat on the counter. Guys my side hurts from laughing
Robert Quinn
Robert Quinn 6 timer siden
And I cook a damn good tuna casserole. Rotflmao
Elaine Chan
Elaine Chan 6 timer siden
Awesome work people!! Great explanation. Zero registered voters in Detroit but over a hundred thousand votes came in past midnight. But no way to verify who voted?!?!
Robert Quinn
Robert Quinn 7 timer siden
Mr. "Call It Like It Is" Crowder, can you help me or speak on or look into the Fraud that has made it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get the unemployment that I did earn. I moved from California to here 2019 May and found work right away and worked hard until covid hit. I did my taxes at the same time as Unemployment. My payments came in for 6 weeks and then they stopped my payments with no information and almost zero replies to about 20 messages I sent to UIA or Miwam. I found that NOBODY was reachable. Only until last week with a very brief online chat did I find that my paperwork just sits in a stack of hundreds of thousands waiting to be verified that prove I am who I say I am. The IRS was the only reason I knew fraud was rampant and me just moving here but not having a MI ID as well as not doing taxes for 10 years until now was why I got flagged. Bc I talked with someone over the phone with the IRS I resolved my Taxes and finally got that. Ive got more info to tell you if you're interested and Van Buren is pretty much Trump country. So Fraud is causing good people unrepairable damage and painful backlash.
Robert Quinn
Robert Quinn 7 timer siden
Ive been trying to talk to people about how it was almost all red here in Michigan when i went to bed. Wake up to all blue like WTF. Any democrats like the one I live with but he's all like there's no fraud and that Trump and his voters are butt hurt because they lost.
inceptional 10 timer siden
I really do hope you're sending all this to Trump's lawyers.
inceptional 11 timer siden
That dude in the first clip is like Al Pacino, in both the way he looks and the way he talks and his mannerisms! LOL
Omarahmad tv
Omarahmad tv 11 timer siden
jeez crowder is becomin more unfunny by the day, bill is funnier
Makenzie Stine
Makenzie Stine 13 timer siden
Single Malt Scotch
Quincy Grim
Quincy Grim 19 timer siden
You’re still crying over this!!??
Provident Photography
Provident Photography 20 timer siden
Single malt scotch
Boreasos 21 time siden
Poor and incomplete analysis due to a lack of understanding won't overturn an election or convince a judge. Instead of making such wild assumptions it might be more useful to ask an election official what it all means, and perhaps consider that if this has gained zero traction in court then you may be barking up the wrong tree. But by all means continue stewing in conspiracy theories if you wish, it seems that is all the Trump campaign has left anyway.
Kevin Ronske
Kevin Ronske 21 time siden
BLM! Thanks for peanut butter and the improved lightbulb filament.
Firebender 117
Firebender 117 Dag siden
Fake news
Graham Jimerson
Graham Jimerson Dag siden
Larry Gilbreath
Larry Gilbreath Dag siden
The Democrats threatening the people who refused to certify the vote let them know that they knew where their children went to school along with their names and ages on a Zoom call.
TagusMan Dag siden
So this is where the stupid people come for their safespace.
Joe Chimera
Joe Chimera Dag siden
From n From ny they told my grandson he could not vote because he was not registered !
immrnoidall Dag siden
people in detroit love trump.he was the first president to actually help. they were sick of empty promises from the BIDEN TYPE HACKS OF THE PAST.
immrnoidall Dag siden
I just realised ,Joe Bidumb ,has stolen our black presidents legacy of get the most votes. lol . Let's ask Obama to congratulate the new NUMBER ONE. LOL. Micheal Obama must be fuming mad. lol So funny.
Jan Kasza
Jan Kasza Dag siden
That info needs to get to Rudy Giuliani's office!
4Kandlez Dag siden
"What are white people superior at?" Engineering, Architecture, Science, Medicine, Financially supporting shitholes around the world...
Faith Martin
Faith Martin Dag siden
The goons threatened the certifies that they would get their kids kicked out of the school they were in.
Morph Dag siden
hey idiots hows that "voter fraud" going for you guys? are you also looking into utah and florida where those dominion voting machine were also being used? or does it only apply when joe biden wins the state? HMMMM...? do you want to look into the 2016 election when they were used also? or naw cause your guy won? HMMMMMMM....?
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones Dag siden
I've always been subbed to your channel. Well I hadn't seen your content in a couple weeks so I looked into it. I was somehow not subbed or following anymore. Wtf!
A Boy and his Dog
A Boy and his Dog Dag siden
Marxist Ideology ONLY works when you have a Boogeyman, Enemy or scapegoat. It is a CULT OF HATE & DESTRUCTION.
A Boy and his Dog
A Boy and his Dog Dag siden
REVOTE!! ONE DAY, Voter ID's, Paper ballots, hand counts, ONE DAY ONLY... WINNER TAKE ALL!! Announce the election date a few days before, thwarting any coordinated effort to cheat. Any county ignoring laws such as Must have Equal number of Dem & GOP counters. 1 Dem & 1 GOP Poll Watcher per table! Anyone seen trying to obstruct or intimidating watchers will be IMMEDIATELY thrown out! All Ballots must have a 2 person (DNC & GOP) chain of custody will be DISCARDED! ALL Ballots not transferred in hermetically sealed containers discarded. Containers must be opened in presence of DNC & GOP as well as member of Board of Elections.
A Boy and his Dog
A Boy and his Dog 2 dager siden
According to depositions, they cardboarded the window when they were getting ready to count the military votes, which they have to hand transfer to different ballots in order to run them through the tabulation machines. Which ALSO according to deposition , the Machines were ALL ILLEGALLY NETWORKED and Online at the time of counting!!
A Boy and his Dog
A Boy and his Dog 2 dager siden
You can watch HOURS UPON HOURS of Sworn depositions from the witnesses. The most DAMNING being from a fmr State Senator of Michigan who was a Poll watcher. Simply because he is well versed on election policy, rules, regulations and runs an organization that monitors elections.
Name Withheld
Name Withheld 2 dager siden
Bring back the Walther! I miss the gun on your desk. For a long time until I realised your sponsorship, I thought the gun was just there as a as a political statement for the 2nd Ammendment.
john ryan
john ryan 2 dager siden
I'm really getting tired of these false disclaimers at the bottom of videos
Ron TOLBERT 2 dager siden
He lost face it let it go
El Guapo Hernández
El Guapo Hernández 2 dager siden
Frederick Rowe
Frederick Rowe 2 dager siden
Omg, killing tonight! Only a few minutes in!
Persian Rug
Persian Rug 2 dager siden
Lol cope you decrepit man
Joseph GEIS
Joseph GEIS 2 dager siden
Yep It's a FUC# A ROO
Joseph GEIS
Joseph GEIS 2 dager siden
Trump Won and we all know it !
Kyle James Martin
Kyle James Martin 2 dager siden
More Dave Landau!
OnMyFarm 2 dager siden
Patriots: We Must Stand Together. But Who is Our Enemy. One opinion: Search "Crossroads with Joshua Phillip: Trevor Loudon" Episode from Nov 27th 2020. . God Bless Everyone.
Cedric Wyche
Cedric Wyche 2 dager siden
Sure sure, while republicans spend the next four years recounting votes like a crackhead counting pennies, Biden's got a country to run. You lost, get over it
Jay Dub
Jay Dub 2 dager siden
The fraud week into fucking kills me everytime
Cruzinthruspace 2 dager siden
DarkMario1000 2 dager siden
"You go to a gay nightclub, there's a white shooter having no fun at all" I reacted nearly the exact same way everyone on camera did. 🤣
Kevin Ronske
Kevin Ronske 21 time siden
A policeman told me the shooter chose that nightclub due to its lack of security.
Dana B.
Dana B. 2 dager siden
I am white, we hate tuna. That stuff smells like ass. We don't eat that garbage.
munsters2 2 dager siden
At 23:51 you talked about Grosse Point, but some of the highlighted precincts were GROSSE ILE.
josh webb
josh webb 2 dager siden
From a conservative BROWN Dude... Good Work Guys
josh webb
josh webb 2 dager siden
PATRIOTS THANK YOU...! Honesty & Integrity
MURR DOG 2 dager siden
Detroiter's wake-up Rashida Taliban's Dearborn is coming!... keep your 2nd adm.guns!.....London UK
CrackingCody 3 dager siden
Lol you're not doing well coping with the loss, I see....
Avery Price
Avery Price Dag siden
He up there sweating about as much as rUdy 🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂
Cirrus McGoat
Cirrus McGoat 3 dager siden
I hope Steven knows that absentee voters don't have pre-assigned counting boards or thinks he found something novel nobody else saw.
munsters2 2 dager siden
RE:Cirrus McGoat. Can you explain that a little better. Before an absentee ballot is counted, don't they first have to determine if that person is registered and compare the signature on the ballot to the one in the book? In my county the absentee votes are listed separately but in the same table for the precinct for which they belong. And then they show a total of "in-person" and "absentee" votes for the precinct. It would appear that Detroit is either too lazy or intentionally trying to mislead folks as to what precincts absentee ballots belong to.
Kenneth Garcy
Kenneth Garcy 3 dager siden
Yeah Sen Hirono a real brain surgeon there....
GorillaPlayingSax 3 dager siden
This guy is unhinged
MarincusMan 3 dager siden
Thomas finnigan killed me 😂
Dichroic Sounds
Dichroic Sounds 3 dager siden
"Here at Dominion, we take all the hassle out of turning functioning, prosperous countries into Banana Republics with our new, easy, convenient voter machines that have a 125% success rate of rigging elections"
sticks1990 3 dager siden
lol the Steven Coward Copium hour should be the name of this show!
KiP Drippers
KiP Drippers 3 dager siden
You should do an episode on,,, The election was rigged change my mind... I hear a lot of people on the left coming up with some crazy excuses I would love to hear what you find
sarah larick
sarah larick 3 dager siden
Wow your comments bar is alot different than.... Everyone elses
Space Pope
Space Pope 3 dager siden
Coping with Crowder
shadow 3 dager siden
Copium levels are off the chart
doire aintu
doire aintu 3 dager siden
Happy every day
Ford Eubanks
Ford Eubanks 3 dager siden
Dudes really pulling for air rn lmao what a clown
James Stelle
James Stelle 3 dager siden
Shit hawks bubbles.. shit hawks
doire aintu
doire aintu 3 dager siden
173,000 votes with NO registered voters? Whoa! Stinks to high heaven. Wayne County Michigan
Akeda Gaming
Akeda Gaming 3 dager siden
Lmaoooo this is pathetic as hell man. Take the L and move on 🔥
Truth N Politics
Truth N Politics 3 dager siden
U tell me 17% of the population for which only 5% of them vote Decide 100% of our election 🤔 Ok sure. let's go on with our day now!!
Josh Miller
Josh Miller 3 dager siden
Hey guy's just found you guy's and watched a bunch of the louder with crowder and now moved to the full show's. I'm from Michigan not that that matters much but I appreciate the info you guy's are sharing. Can't wait to get caught up on all of your show's.
arimar1200 3 dager siden
Such compelling evidence. Someone should take this information to a good law firm and file a lawsuit. Seems like an open and shut case. This Crowder guy is on to something.
WhiteCollarRedneck 3 dager siden
Did something get cut out at about 1:08:30?
comfortat 3 dager siden
Hirono is a pathological liar. She says there is no evidence of conservative censorship, then she admits that Crowder WAS CENSORED.
Vladimir Lenin Commie
Vladimir Lenin Commie 3 dager siden
All of you have taken way to much copium, please lower your doses this isn't healthy
Beani Birb
Beani Birb 3 dager siden
You look like you haven't slept since the election. Let it go man, Trump lost.
Samantha Engle
Samantha Engle 3 dager siden
Biden has already won. Why push this matter further than you have to?
Sir LurksaLot
Sir LurksaLot 3 dager siden
Everyone should be praying like they have never prayed before. Our country is on the Precipice of either a great victory or a great travesty that can alter our very way of life. If Biden is elected despite all evidence of not only election fraud but all the corruption that he has committed against our nation then I'm sorry to say America will have lost it's way and may never recover. America is in grave danger. Please every prayer counts and at least the Democrat's and can't steal them too.
Keto Crispy
Keto Crispy 4 dager siden
Next time you wear flannel, you need a chainsaw on the desk, and an axe in your hand.
thecf22 4 dager siden
Steven, I’m behind you on most things. But the movie “The Big Short” is more truth than lie. Change my mind. Spoiler alert: you can’t. If you can, then please take G.W.’s member out of your mouth first.
Robert Brown
Robert Brown 4 dager siden
How many of the 173,000 votes were for Biden vs Trump?
Robert Brown
Robert Brown 4 dager siden
A ballot dump of 150,000 votes with Biden getting 97% of those votes as well? Whoa! Wayne County Michigan
Robert Brown
Robert Brown 4 dager siden
173,000 votes with NO registered voters? Whoa! Stinks to high heaven. Wayne County Michigan
trackrunner11 4 dager siden
The Dem's and the Deep State went through with this fraud as if they assumed no one would dare to question them.They think we are afraid or intimidated by them.
Everett Brown
Everett Brown 4 dager siden
The fact is that man needs a brain transplant--a bigger one preferred.
Joey D
Joey D 4 dager siden
15% turnout rate, LOL. Sure Steven, Detroit only had 15% turnout, sure. Oh brother. Well, I guess I am a bit surprised that Steven would go full blown kook. But ok.
4 dager siden
Stopped watchimg as soon as u said flat face n ur buddy said slope. Congrats. U have stooped down to their level. Unsubscribed
Brian Paquin
Brian Paquin 4 dager siden
Steven: Hirono has a flat face Bill: Yes, it's a safety feature 😂
rickvargas1 4 dager siden
Anyone notice the same tattoo on a few of the people in the last set of clips.
trackrunner11 4 dager siden
They showed us what they wanted us to see on 9/11
Andrew Ortiz
Andrew Ortiz 4 dager siden
Bring back Dave more often.
Peter T Ljungman of Revesby
Peter T Ljungman of Revesby 4 dager siden
25 times a Memory stick were inserted in the Dominion system at a voting venue in PA. 25 Memory sticks with "vote clusters" stolen in the same County.....
Peter T Ljungman of Revesby
Peter T Ljungman of Revesby 4 dager siden
After seen entire PA Senate hearing ( 3 hrs ) where Mayor Guliani and witnesses produced proof of a plethora of fraudulent activities, where 1.5 million mail votes were sent out and 2.5 million votes came back and was counted, took the honorary prize in "The Banana Republic Dominion Prize 2020" ( Prize ceremony is held in Frankfurt......or Venezuela....or the Democrat HQ, Hells Kitchen, NY,NY. Over & Out....
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 4 dager siden
You should do a segment called “Chowder with Crowder” where Steven reviews chowder.
markcon1776 4 dager siden
Where he show shiva wrong? I find only one person- stand up math- he shows same slope but you will always have same slope for x-y . People say look slope is same shive wrong. The amount of dots and where obove or below 0 proves Shiva is right
markcon1776 4 dager siden
@hoiy vinosa there is all kinds of proof of fraud. But I don't need it. To believe biden had 80 million votes is preposterous. In most democrat cities democrats had 500k to 700k increase from 2016. Insane numbers
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 4 dager siden
100% chance of Biden presidency because he actually won. 😀
Kevin Boateng
Kevin Boateng 4 dager siden
Came here to read conservative comments from some snowflakes 😂 was not disappointed haha Trump lost, deal with it 🤣
Kevin Boateng
Kevin Boateng 4 dager siden
@Mary Webb I don't get the reference but ok. You so mad haha You don't like it Bi-den
Mary Webb
Mary Webb 4 dager siden
@Kevin Boateng Go back to your mommies basement and keep sniffing that mold.
Kevin Boateng
Kevin Boateng 4 dager siden
@Mary Webb haha yeah I am trolling and what? Trump lost haha
Mary Webb
Mary Webb 4 dager siden
Marion Kozakiewicz
Marion Kozakiewicz 4 dager siden
Fumo is a idiot dictator
wonderful bees
wonderful bees 4 dager siden
Keep up good work. Mock the worthless leftists.
Joan Thakker
Joan Thakker 4 dager siden
Um, was that Patrick Stewart in song? What was that?
Mr. Nonsense
Mr. Nonsense 4 dager siden
Alright listen. I’m a leftist. Be mature. Don’t shit on me in the replies like I expect u to. Just simply link a genuine, reputable, reasonable source detailing a serious voter fraud offense in the 2020 general election, that seriously threatens the integrity of the election. I’m waiting.
mmm n
mmm n 4 dager siden
mmm n
mmm n 4 dager siden
Lorene De Amor
Lorene De Amor 4 dager siden
Honestly all I hear from our darker skinned Americans, is they can’t stand this SYSTEM:)~ me either and I am white!
Allex Aultman
Allex Aultman 4 dager siden
The Pogo intro was a good touch...
Jeffrey Franklin
Jeffrey Franklin 4 dager siden
Then all the at once democraps cheated big time
A Hope Fiend
A Hope Fiend 4 dager siden
Another failfest produced by the Crowder team :)
Ever Forward
Ever Forward 4 dager siden
Wow Steven, if the fake news, scrap that, the media wing of the DNC did 1/1,000,000 of what you did tonight, we'd see Biden lost everything but Ca, Ny, Jersey, Taxsachusetts & one or 2 other communist run states like Hawaii. Beyond belief what fraud they will do with a straight face, wink, wink us & say try and prove it. Imagine what Washington, Adams, & Hamilton, would be thinking, what Payne & Franklin would be writing about this style of tyranny.
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