Why People Hate MatPat - What's Happening to Game Theory?

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Today we'll look over the recent controversies surrounding MatPat of the Game Theory and Film Theory channels.
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Generic Username
Generic Username 21 dag siden
donkey Måned siden
A Rock. Have you ever heard of NOpost as a fucking job
Esmeralda Villafania
Esmeralda Villafania 2 måneder siden
Me too
TheGamingLime 2535
TheGamingLime 2535 3 måneder siden
U sound and look like Inkslasher except u don't do a shit tone of cod videos btw this isn't a hate comment it's kind of a funny joke
Val Mid
Val Mid 4 måneder siden
I hope MatPat is doing fine-thanks for explanations and opinions Gamer, wish any NOpostrs well!
pixelmax 721
pixelmax 721 23 minutter siden
I don’t get this
Human Person
Human Person 9 timer siden
His friend killed him self and people get mad that he cried like gfys
Tyler Robertson
Tyler Robertson 11 timer siden
Yeah, 2 things. As a fellow theatre person...yeah that’s about our personality 😂 There’s usually no inbetween and it can switch very quickly, that’s not his fault. As well, I have seen in several videos he gets very calm, especially in some of the food theories. 2, do you want there to be no emotion in your NOpost videos? Like, what?
Beignet party :3
Beignet party :3 16 timer siden
KeyNite 22 timer siden
People dislike him because the videos feel stretched
this profile
this profile Dag siden
ngl the first time i saw mat and the other girl i thought they where related cuz they looked like siblingsssssssssssssss
Random Nickname
Random Nickname Dag siden
God I hate legal eagle
Occoris Natividad
Occoris Natividad Dag siden
This sad. I didn’t even know people hate him. He’s just kinda cringe. I love his vids.
BoyBlunder66 Dag siden
I find the guy to be a little annoying but my only real problem with him is his content, simply put, he's terrible at coming up with good theories, and considering that's the entire point of his channel, oof.
donald .j trump
donald .j trump Dag siden
Lmao he really does look like the human mark zuccerberg
Athreya Paranthaman
Athreya Paranthaman 2 dager siden
Nah this isn't true sometimes he tends to ruin peoples childhoods with theorys but it's all cool and fun other than that.
Daniel Quirino
Daniel Quirino 2 dager siden
That letter served to make me decide to never subscribe to LegalEagle
Kushagr Narayan
Kushagr Narayan 2 dager siden
I don't hate game theory ,in fact I watch almost all their videos.But I have to admit that mat's attitude sometimes comes of as condescending and fake
Nationalist Joe
Nationalist Joe 2 dager siden
"It is sad to see something you love die. It is far worse when its instead becomes a bloated corpse, slowly decaying in its own festering entropy while making vain attempts to pull itself out of the disgusting sludge of what remains of its life. Everything dies in time, and its life should not be extended beyond its natural end as this will only cause great suffering not only to it, but everything around it as well." Game theory should've died in 2015, not continued on to what it is now: a shitty cash grab with no effort
Silver Star
Silver Star 2 dager siden
When was he hated?
Serendipity Films
Serendipity Films 3 dager siden
Emotional manipulation? What's wrong with you!? Of course MatPat is crying! He lost a friend at that time.
idkhbtfm and now im sad
idkhbtfm and now im sad 3 dager siden
I mean you can think he’s cringe, but I mean I don’t see anything else.
Master778 Curcio Macola
Master778 Curcio Macola 3 dager siden
I just search these about looking at a hot ones video
Noboru senpai
Noboru senpai 4 dager siden
Top Silver
Top Silver 4 dager siden
MatPat is so effeminate!
Sam o
Sam o 4 dager siden
It’s ok Mat, we all gotta wank da tank every now and again
DragonBlaze X
DragonBlaze X 4 dager siden
Gotta love how pathetic can someone be to cling from other's fame to get views
Nick Vliet
Nick Vliet 4 dager siden
"None of it was legitimate reason to hate a person, but they did" Perfectly sums up America today.
Nick Vliet
Nick Vliet 12 timer siden
@oddielover the scope is larger than that, America has become such a hateful country and all sides do it, politics is a big part of it but it's everywhere
oddielover 3 dager siden
Is this in reference to trump? Lmao
Somnium-Arts 4 dager siden
Idk if its the case, but matpat being so extreme in his emotions and always being super enthusiastic could just be ADHD?? Especially if you look at how easily he gets distracted in his streams as well I myself have ADD so I can actually relate to an extend As for the positivity, some people are just like that. I do understand why some would think it to be fake bc it can seem like that but I don’t think that’s actually the case, I think mat is really just like that. Haters are gonna hate, they’ll always find something to nitpick at. Its just how it is sadly.
Shelbi Bego
Shelbi Bego 4 dager siden
I love MatPat, and I love his upbeat, funny personality. It's great entertainment, and I could honestly not see him being mean and nasty in real life
Marie :D
Marie :D 4 dager siden
pdonettes 4 dager siden
He is successful, that is why people hate him. It;s that simple.if he loses views, those other creators hopefully get more. I don’t think there is anything more to it than that.
toxiCity_ nightmArz
toxiCity_ nightmArz 5 dager siden
Imagine accidentally exposing matpat
Stagcraftstream 5 dager siden
I dont hate HIM but, I hate how people blindly accept his theories.
CharrrizardAznable420 5 dager siden
Why does it matter whether or not he watches porn, again?
Mohang 6 dager siden
I don’t rlly like Matpat anymore bc his theory’s are kind of terrible. Some of them are good and reasonable but sometimes his theory’s are such a stretch.
ARTEM DORDZHIEV 6 dager siden
Bring your hasmat suits! As this place will get toxic real soon!
Celestial Vestibule
Celestial Vestibule 6 dager siden
Has MatPat seriously NEVER WATCHED PORN?!?!?! Fuck everything else, that's the question I really want the answer to. I just figured it out, Matpat is a Eunuch, or he was born without a penis, or he has permanent untreatable erectile dysfunction. Nah, but that really is extremely surprising, first guy I've ever heard admit that in my entire life.
Waltse 6 dager siden
cmon don't hate matpat. his the best. maybe he does some mistakes sometimes but his a human too
Clay Williams
Clay Williams 6 dager siden
Quite Mature of you to not get dramatic with Game Theory after the misunderstand surrounding his live stream and after other youtubers congratulated you for something that you didn't even intend to do
DAYANA 7 dager siden
Wait... People hate MatPat? 🤔
I don't know what to name myself on youtube
I don't know what to name myself on youtube 7 dager siden
He is an idiot 😇😃😜😅🤫🤑😈😈😈😈😈😁🤡🙃🙂😅😉😚😜☺🙁🥶😰🤤😯😨🤠😣☹😯😦😲😥😱😓🙁😩🥳😩😮😢😖😸👾😸👾😸☠👹💀👺😈😤😈😤🤬💀🤬👿👺😹👽😸👾
I don't know what to name myself on youtube
I don't know what to name myself on youtube 3 dager siden
@foot licker also why are you replying?
I don't know what to name myself on youtube
I don't know what to name myself on youtube 3 dager siden
@foot licker imagine not getting the joke and no I dont use emojis that's the fucking joke people who use them should shut up
foot licker
foot licker 3 dager siden
Imagine calling someone an idiot while using emojis
Ben Grant Lockwood
Ben Grant Lockwood 7 dager siden
I’m 19 now, when I was younger (around 13) I loved the Game Theory channel. But eventually I grew up and moved on. I think a lot of people shitting on Matt are former fans who grew up or are people who just aren’t happy in their own lives and can’t stand a guy who’s the physical embodiment of positivity.
Ethan Greenwood
Ethan Greenwood 8 dager siden
Stop it he is the best
I don't know what to name myself on youtube
I don't know what to name myself on youtube 6 dager siden
@Ethan Greenwood yes
Ethan Greenwood
Ethan Greenwood 6 dager siden
Fair point
Ethan Greenwood
Ethan Greenwood 6 dager siden
Fair pount
I don't know what to name myself on youtube
I don't know what to name myself on youtube 7 dager siden
No and that's your opinion
Rafael Agustin
Rafael Agustin 8 dager siden
Who hates matpat?
The Astro
The Astro 8 dager siden
Fanlikeyourself 8 dager siden
This is kinda of what happened to Etika.(R.I.P.) People talk shit about this NOpostr, they get sadder and sadder to the point of suicide, and then people realise that they were wrong. I really hope this doesn't happen again.
Eli Herrera
Eli Herrera 8 dager siden
I don't think he's deeply hates. He just has haters. He's a kind happy dude. That makes people angry.
Donald Rando
Donald Rando 9 dager siden
mat pat is so much better than you hatter!!!!!!!
Because I Care A Whole Lot
Because I Care A Whole Lot 10 dager siden
People happy just to get the other individual knocked down.... Yeah, there is a reason I am hesitant to take the proper step onto NOpost considering I otherwise have an in....
Fanlikeyourself 8 dager siden
Etika was accused of doing the things he does is "JUST FOR MONEY" but eventually does suicide. Leaving people that accused him seeing that they were wrong as they go and grab someone else leading them (probably) to a similar fate. I really hope this doesn't happen with Mat. But seeing how well Mat is doing in 2020 he seems fine.
Gaming Dreamer
Gaming Dreamer 10 dager siden
I think most people problem with matpat videos is that they take them so seriously they are fun videos pop corny too the undertale fans take it super seriously it scary just chill
Daily Passenger Travels
Daily Passenger Travels 10 dager siden
Haha this guy is literally recording from his mom's basement 😅🤣🤣
Photonix 10 dager siden
While you may have a point about people being “hypocritical” about what links to where but dude you HAVE to understand the difference between promoting an indie and promoting an already well known title
Titos Yettos
Titos Yettos 10 dager siden
You look like mark zukerburgs cousin
Titos Yettos
Titos Yettos 10 dager siden
But you have good points
Shinetropolis 10 dager siden
I don't really understand why some people are hating on this video. Maybe they read the title and assumed that he was just going to talk about everything he hates about MatPat. That's not the case though. He is simply presenting the facts and is actually defending him at different points. This is so much better than the rant videos I've seen on the subject.
Jimmyjam225 10 dager siden
I don’t Link any of my videos, I barely even do a description sadly
Anon 11 dager siden
Wow I hate him I never knew there were others like me. I don't leave negative comments on his vids or anything, I just used to watch his vids and have since un subbed after he rubbed me the wrong way many times(his arrogance, his video flaws, and his annoying videos where he claims "everything is going to end" after small changes in the world).
Jammo_222 11 dager siden
I hate how people hate on matpat when he cries because his friend died. Humanity sucks (and i mean it)
dailydose ofoofs
dailydose ofoofs 10 dager siden
Its really stupid or beyond stupid
Earlymation 11 dager siden
Not all people like game theory they have millions of subs of course there will haters sometimes because jealousy or the content of vid some disagree and agree
Kyle Sunshine
Kyle Sunshine 12 dager siden
Matt and steph are really nice in person, but on video Matt’s personality just reads as really fake and forced. He’s way too squeaky clean and it bothers people.
Diego Vera
Diego Vera 12 dager siden
He looks like a nice person, I don't hate him, I just dislike GT. The research on the show is really bad
Jorge A. Aguilar
Jorge A. Aguilar 12 dager siden
Tbh, Matpat seems to be very upfront whenever it comes to starting off of someone else's theory Who cares if there's no link to Heartbound? Look it up if you care so much
Jamie XX lekay
Jamie XX lekay 12 dager siden
Hey matpat is awesome I think film theory game theory and food theory is awesome
Alexander Radcliffe
Alexander Radcliffe 12 dager siden
Sellout. Literally just sellout, that's why he sucks now
Throttle Kitty
Throttle Kitty 13 dager siden
"I've never watched porn before" Also reads as "my pants are on fire"
andres tinoco
andres tinoco 13 dager siden
He should make conspiracy theory videos
Nighttime Driver
Nighttime Driver 13 dager siden
I just hope matpat doesnt end up like h3. matpat is pure
Dave Holland
Dave Holland 13 dager siden
Matt is a tool
Trever Elliott
Trever Elliott 13 dager siden
I watched the few channels of him he has the food theory game theory and movie theory I like that one the most
DeadTurret 14 dager siden
I just kinda fell off the game theory train because his over-editing got obnoxious, and too many of his theories were grasping at straws. I don't hate the guy, he's just kinda annoying now.
Marcello Olazaran
Marcello Olazaran 15 dager siden
0:01 Hey that looks like dantdm’s new twitch logo
Marcello Olazaran
Marcello Olazaran 14 dager siden
@Theirongamer47 I mean it looks like his twitch channel logo
Theirongamer47 14 dager siden
It's just a diamond
Rainer Tristan
Rainer Tristan 15 dager siden
Guys chill..... his just blind there is quite alot of things that he got proved wrong, u said people complaining about FNAf u mean you? and he prooved quite alot of your points wrong like the kid predator acusiation can make u be sued i agree with the copying, sometimes he doesnt put all the reddit user, either he didnt saw him, he forgot or he just didnt as of 2020 theres around 30 FNAf videos and its really not a hype jump
Chizal 25
Chizal 25 15 dager siden
I've not really understood the hate against matpat, he might group people as "haters" quite quickly and easily, but when people have made response videos debunking and criticizing theories he's often taking it on board really well. In later videos he's happy to laugh at himself a bit on some of his less good theories and he does often encourage people to call him out if he gets facts wrong, or missed an important fact I've always thought he's been really genuine and a nice guy on youtube, a lot of happy feel good stuff as well as being very open and somber if he needs to be. Adding some more just after finishing the video, I don't really see the problem with him being happy a lot of the time, and I don't understand why you have a problem with someone crying with grief over losing a close friend and colleague. Finally you mentioned it's like Matt is "putting on a show", well... correct me if I'm wrong, but people watch videos to be entertained, and yes you might be right because Matt has done a lot of theatre productions and learnt how to be engaging and entertaining to his audience.
McFinnaPants 15 dager siden
Only know him because he made some fucking awful videos on Petscop. Seriously, the boy just wants everyone to idolize him and he'll say whatever he thinks people want as "content"
The Meme Lord
The Meme Lord 15 dager siden
It’s cus he’s cringe and his research is often faulty
Rhodopis Denile
Rhodopis Denile 13 dager siden
Cringe culture needs to die.
young gamer
young gamer 15 dager siden
Yeah that is true but he is kind of a good person
Andrew Rivera gg
Andrew Rivera gg 16 dager siden
No one hates him
Rannon 17 dager siden
Something Mat's done that's irritated me is when he's talked about historical things as he's so wrong it borders on lying. Overall good video, I enjoy most of his videos.
Claudiu Toea
Claudiu Toea 7 dager siden
Hey historical accuracy is not a thing games take serious ( *cough* Son of Rome *cough* ). But that is also what makes the franchises very popular, like Assasin's creed for instance.
CRiᴍs๏n_Caleb 17 dager siden
I don't know what to name myself on youtube
I don't know what to name myself on youtube 3 dager siden
foot licker
foot licker 3 dager siden
Golden; 17 dager siden
so i don’t like him very much bc of his persona video. He starts it off by immediately antagonizing the persona fanbase and proclaiming how much he doesn’t want to make the video. even if it is a joke- like... it’s not a good one. Then he mixes up two characters, one of whom isn’t even in the game he was covering (don’t get me started on this lmao) THEN the theory he makes is that well researched. like claiming the velvet room in 4 is a different room than the rest and you need a contract to get into it, which is disproven by actually looking at the lore of the game. there’s also like his refusal to name izanami and i think that’s bc he KNOWS explaining her ruins his theory so he just keeps saying “the gods”; he completely ignores the fact that there are other ways of getting a persona then facing your shadow, and he either dismissed it bc he knew it disproved his theory or he didn’t research properly bc the p5 and p3 cast dont face their shadows. also the long joke segments of his intros are kinda cringe and when manga kamen made a video refuting some of his theories he called him a hater even though manga kamen wasn’t hating at all???? like dude what
ArkSynix 17 dager siden
He's great.
VICIOUS HEART 17 dager siden
I personally like game theory, never saw much wrong with it but I have come to notice something on the internet. One day, you are browsing through NOpost when you come across a video chastising a beloved creator of yours. You are now intrigued, you click in and watch. A few points are made, some good, some bad but the ending is always the same. When the video ends, you will almost definitely lose respect for that beloved creator of yours. No matter what. Even though I still love and will keep on watching game theory, I now like it less. Videos like this exist to grasp your attention, molding your vision into one direction, they exist only for views.
Josh Borat
Josh Borat 17 dager siden
Sad that legal eagle got caught up in drama like some of his content
Applepop Applerancher
Applepop Applerancher 18 dager siden
Huh. Never knew about these. I only thing I know is Matt was super corrected by the history gang for his errors on the FH theory.
Darth Makroth
Darth Makroth 18 dager siden
All I know about him is "that's a theory A GAME THEORY"
Ultimate Warriors
Ultimate Warriors 18 dager siden
DeadDancers 18 dager siden
I think he’s just naturally excitable. But yeah, their channel is definitely aimed at kids for those dollahs. Can hardly blame them.
PsychOsmosis 18 dager siden
The only thing that irks me about MatPat is the fact that he clearly caters to a children audience, akin to Markiplier, Pewdiepie, and the like. As someone that is around his age, I find that unnecessary. If your content is good, no need to "meme it up" to make it cool for the kids. I still watch his stuff by the way (GT and GTLive).
SARv F 19 dager siden
wh- people were hating? my g, i'm dead sure these people were just dwellers because Matpat's a pretty unconfrontational person, no trouble at all, he's just there to give us some insight and game logs and have a good time.
Bchillin39 19 dager siden
Dude, I love the way you end your viddys. And I think of Rod Serling when I watch your excellent channel. Know him? Keep up the good work. I’m not hip to some of your subjects. But I do like your take. And I’m made a little smarter, I think.
Rachel Dolezal
Rachel Dolezal 19 dager siden
I don’t like his content at all. Seems like a total waste of time. A friend of a friend decided to watch his stuff and I was just sitting there wondering “You have all of the content in the whole world and yet you choose this drivel?” I like content that stimulates my almonds. His content does not jog my noggin in any way. Also his voice is just irritating. That’s why I “hate” him.
skully 420
skully 420 19 dager siden
People like what they like and i enjoy it. i have actually realy enjoyed this content for years iv learned many things the school system failed through his videos because the lessons are much easier to digest. by using topics such as video games, because its associated with something i enjoy there for making the lesson much more enjoyable .
HATCHBACK 20 dager siden
Bruh I’m crying rn NOpost ain’t working
MaskedWolfDragoness 20 dager siden
I'll always love Matt and Steph. They're smart, funny, and the best teachers I've ever had. I've learned so much from them, and had fun while doing it, something the American education system always fails at.
Tactical anti engineer device
Tactical anti engineer device 21 dag siden
I stopped liking game theory when that ridiculous overwatch vs tf2 video and because his theories that need so much supposition that they stop making sense
Lolicaust Or something
Lolicaust Or something 21 dag siden
Respect, I feel is something that’s been lost, lately.
Eidolon 142
Eidolon 142 21 dag siden
Not to downplay the quality of this video in any way, but I'm only here because it was recommended after Shadiversity's new video responding to Game Theory, and I'm just commenting to I guess, "float something out there" to some extent. To elaborate, I'm somewhat torn. In principle, IF LegalEagle is correct, and Matt basically ripped off his video, then Matt should apologize and set the record straight... BUT... I can't help but get some personal satisfaction in finding out that a sexist scumbag like LegalEagle is mad about someone doing something immoral to a white man, especially after his Captain Marvel video... It's just not the thing I expected to see in this "Game Theory controversy" video, and I didn't even notice LegalEagle's face on the thumbnail until after he came up in the video, so it was a nice surprise. You never really know how happy a video might make you until you watch it. But seriously Matt, don't make me side with LegalEagle, give him a shout-out if you copied his video, despite all the evidence pointing to LegalEagle being a lying asshole (as per usual) so I'm not convinced.
kinky couple
kinky couple 21 dag siden
Well yeah, that's what we expected
MasterRazzerr76 22 dager siden
Legal eagle can get fucked that Asshole can rot
wklorenzino 23 dager siden
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wklorenzino 20 dager siden
@That Crazy diamond Robbinhood was the sponsor of the video.
That Crazy diamond
That Crazy diamond 21 dag siden
Ok but ...*WHY*
Explosions Central
Explosions Central 23 dager siden
Ok... I'm glad that a NOpostr I like didn't turn out to be an awful person... First ConnorTheWaffle, then Apollo Legend... I don't know how I would be able to handle this
r a n d o
r a n d o 23 dager siden
i think people like ur videos cause you are just straight top the point and say how it is
Damian Tran
Damian Tran 23 dager siden
This is the world we live in, when people who are genuinely good and kind gained fame other tried to knock them down just because they are popular and they are not.
its kitty
its kitty 23 dager siden
He makes theories that take time He is funny and smart at the same time perfection
Bunny Boi
Bunny Boi 23 dager siden
Personally, I didn't stop watching him because I hated him as a person, I stopped watching because his videos dropped in quality (content-wise).
odd. I didn’t know I was cold.
odd. I didn’t know I was cold. 23 dager siden
They probably just hate his face being happy. It makes me wanna punch people
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