I challenged Musty in Rocket League but I used your ideas

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We took three of your best Rocket League video ideas and ran with them.
Check out this @amustycow guy
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0:00 Intro
0:45 Idea 1
3:18 Idea 2
6:51 Idea 3
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Ham Burgers
Ham Burgers 12 timer siden
Sunless can you love my comment please I am a massive fan
Kirk Rl
Kirk Rl 19 timer siden
Weg weg
Sizxy 19 timer siden
I can relate to goose cause my nickname is goose and im trash lol
Faisal Asghar
Faisal Asghar 22 timer siden
Goose and Casper are not bots
Galaxy Poem
Galaxy Poem Dag siden
is anyone going to talk about how Casper hit the ball at 109mph!
Galaxy Poem
Galaxy Poem Dag siden
Alex Watson
Alex Watson Dag siden
Dude... so funny
Grant Scheld
Grant Scheld Dag siden
Dang now cars are Humping walls this world is really fucked up
Tt Ty
Tt Ty Dag siden
Plot twist sunless never turned off his monitor
Jamie Hastings
Jamie Hastings Dag siden
mystic killshot
mystic killshot Dag siden
Musty sounds so mad when he said "goose what are you doing!!!?" Then he said "he keep humping the wall bro"😂😂😂
Jt_garrett 108
Jt_garrett 108 Dag siden
Goose is just good with the wall lady’s 😂
F4Z3_JAY_PGT 2 dager siden
i think tose are not real bots goose has a blue pfp while hes on ornage
Rocket league Bot
Rocket league Bot 2 dager siden
Use code musty in the item shop :)
Jc-Salty 22
Jc-Salty 22 2 dager siden
4:39 I thought his name was Casper not jasper lol
Dragon slayer Dragon
Dragon slayer Dragon 2 dager siden
Goose really hittin the wall from the back💀
Gojira Graphics
Gojira Graphics 2 dager siden
The music choices made during the bot 1v1 made me actually lol
Twix _
Twix _ 2 dager siden
goose has blue ai picturr
Lucky Ducky
Lucky Ducky 2 dager siden
EpicDucks 2 dager siden
Goose just want a baby stadium
Dave 2 dager siden
Matthew Volpe
Matthew Volpe 3 dager siden
damn the bot match was intense af "THIS IS ROCKET LEAGYE" wow sunless
khai deSpretter
khai deSpretter 5 dager siden
In dying from the hump fake
Soup Dawg
Soup Dawg 5 dager siden
2:50 Haters I mean batmobile users will say it's fake
GoPro Surfing
GoPro Surfing 6 dager siden
Cool video
oofers 101
oofers 101 6 dager siden
3:07 sunless be in da ground
damian garza
damian garza 7 dager siden
im using code musty and i bet 5 cents im better than your entire fan base
Alex Mehner
Alex Mehner 7 dager siden
Two legendary mechanics were coined here, the Musty Pass and the Sunless Whiff
Moe 8 dager siden
No one: Ai:Up,down,up,down,up,down,up,down.
Shrilldevotee 45
Shrilldevotee 45 8 dager siden
Sunless:"yea he's programmed for aggression" Bot:*humps wall*
XxNxghtmaresxX 8 dager siden
I love the way my name is casper and sunless and musty just saying he's trash and. Stuff and me just watching like bruhhhh
Dhdb Hdbd
Dhdb Hdbd 8 dager siden
1v1 ing bots is so funny
IchbineinNoob1 9 dager siden
Switch accounts play 2s and start swearing like crazy
BOX OwO 9 dager siden
Casper at OT was like "Hold my beer"
CAPP BOI 10 dager siden
My name is Casper so I was kinda offended musty!!!
CatNoir125 Xx
CatNoir125 Xx 10 dager siden
I love how it said [NRG] Sunless
MalT alguma coisa
MalT alguma coisa 11 dager siden
i always hit the sunless miss
SeshyJnr Playz
SeshyJnr Playz 11 dager siden
That last 1v1 is what musty and sunless would play like if they were bronze
Everett Thomas
Everett Thomas 11 dager siden
Mustafa Khan
Mustafa Khan 11 dager siden
Sunless sounded so young in the intro
Kacper Bialek
Kacper Bialek 13 dager siden
being called "kacper", this video annoyed the fuck out of me. i kept thinking someone is calling my name
chrome gold chrome gold
chrome gold chrome gold 13 dager siden
Them AI are fake
Remarkable Joey
Remarkable Joey 14 dager siden
That POV crap confused the hell out of me made my mind all twisty
Roemon .C
Roemon .C 16 dager siden
Ahh yeah. Always knew casper would win
Borgus TV
Borgus TV 16 dager siden
Bro u should do a pro bot tournament
Jack Gaffney
Jack Gaffney 16 dager siden
Bro goose is a real player the profile picture is blue and he is on orange team
Caden Richards
Caden Richards 17 dager siden
You should try to win a game with every car
rftghy The gamer
rftghy The gamer 18 dager siden
Dylan S
Dylan S 18 dager siden
At 3:07 he went through the ground
gamerboi22 18 dager siden
The first idea took my brain cells and left
Jovanna Cobos
Jovanna Cobos 18 dager siden
When the ball is on the wall you should sideways flip and then kick it off the Wall and then send it right to get a perfect shot
Josephwretschko_vlogs 19 dager siden
Musty khan is a goat
Jack Mariucci
Jack Mariucci 19 dager siden
Sunless sounds like my sister when she is playing rocket league, "Yes I hit the ball!"
HyperPotion 19 dager siden
Goose vs Casper was more intense than RLCS not gonna lie
Gabe Garino
Gabe Garino 19 dager siden
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Deaj 19 dager siden
As someone who played a lot offline in the beginning (didn't go online til I could 1v4 bots), I feel they did a good job in making them all play differently, and some are definitely consistently better than others. If I had a bot dream team it would probably be Heater, Sundown, and then maybe Gerwin or Centice. The breakouts in general are more aggressive bots, Heater is a decent defensive bot, and both Gerwin and Centuce along with other octanes seem to be a bit of both. My least favorite/favorite to actually play against back then was the all Breakout team.
Brice Beck
Brice Beck 20 dager siden
Musty definitely turned his monitor on at least once
Zandy Sureau
Zandy Sureau 20 dager siden
Sunless your move could be the Sunless fake
Roblox adventures with me
Roblox adventures with me 21 dag siden
On the 1v1 on eachovers pov u both played as bad as a drunk bronze 1
Liam Ferro
Liam Ferro 21 dag siden
He did?
Dogy 21 dag siden
Lol this reminds me of when my brother goes to my friend,” LETS JUST WATCH THE BOTS”
Myung Hauge
Myung Hauge 21 dag siden
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Myung Hauge
Myung Hauge 21 dag siden
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94 octane
94 octane 22 dager siden
This is rocket league Casper more like jstn
Glass cup12
Glass cup12 22 dager siden
Sunmiss khan
Mr_Wolfy 22 dager siden
Goose rlly do like dat wall
Henry Ramos
Henry Ramos 22 dager siden
Oh goose the hump fake😂
Luis Alejandro López
Luis Alejandro López 23 dager siden
The third idea you look like bronzes lol
Slack Starfish81
Slack Starfish81 23 dager siden
Creating the Musty flick isn’t a personality trait
magdalena rudnicka
magdalena rudnicka 24 dager siden
My real name is Casper
HORSE DUNDEE 24 dager siden
Wait shouldn't goose's ai thing be orange and not blue Edit:nvm it was orange at the end
Junixrs 24 dager siden
goose was a real player i think cause his pfp was blue but he was on orange team
A8-bit_gamer 24 dager siden
4:14 fake bot????? How is it a blue pfp
l c
l c 26 dager siden
Why did goose have a blue AI pfp since he was on the orange team?
Ryan Matheney
Ryan Matheney 26 dager siden
Sunlesskhan flick should be called the sunny side up flick
LFS SHARKY 27 dager siden
Musty at the end LOL 😂
ima nub
ima nub 28 dager siden
I deserve gold 2 but im stuck in plat 1 :)
GLX stubb
GLX stubb 29 dager siden
gets more kph than me
Tezryy WC
Tezryy WC 29 dager siden
Zayan__TG Måned siden
SunlessKhan i was playing 1v1 (im bronze and was playing normal) my opponent had NRG on his clan tag and idk if it was real his user was like gio or something
Lazerr is a qt.
Lazerr is a qt. Måned siden
“Front flip? Yessss.”
Lazerr is a qt.
Lazerr is a qt. Måned siden
Bruh I never realized how funny Musty actually is 😂
starify Måned siden
5:05 or 6:10 goose just scored a goal faster than any goal I ever scored I'm a dissapointment
LouanneLouanne AndreulaAndreula
LouanneLouanne AndreulaAndreula Måned siden
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Ismael A
Ismael A Måned siden
They should make more videos together
Fazed Gaming
Fazed Gaming Måned siden
Ace_11_10 Måned siden
Cmon Casper do be cracked tho
SpEcIfIc Boi
SpEcIfIc Boi Måned siden
11:07 his car started sinking
Kameron Flores
Kameron Flores Måned siden
I like cheesy fries
Iron Fan
Iron Fan Måned siden
LubaZ Måned siden
did u know that two and three people are pregnant its not me so when is it due 6 months? whats its name ? im thinkn maybe like a frogasourous name like umm wet slimy slippers
Kman Måned siden
My name is Casper as well so i was hoping that i would win
Getcrreamed Måned siden
Rocket league but you’re both invisible and can’t even see yourself
Josh Allen
Josh Allen Måned siden
Mustys personality blows
AstrO Måned siden
casper is the better one
Hades Is me
Hades Is me Måned siden
Goose a little sus
Jungle Productions
Jungle Productions Måned siden
You heard of 3rd person camera now get ready for second person camera
xd italic
xd italic Måned siden
Do a design a car competition with 5 different pros
DFRNT.SxVxGe -_-
DFRNT.SxVxGe -_- Måned siden
The last part is like watching special ed kids play soccer
Roggen Måned siden
Casper and goose are you guys trolling as bots 😆
Vixter Måned siden
why didnt u just switch acc for the first idea
Pros vs Golds but the Golds have aimbot...
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