Justin Bieber, benny blanco - Lonely (Live From Saturday Night Live/2020)

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احداث اخر الزمان
احداث اخر الزمان 2 dager siden
Message to the benefactors viewers Help a family who lives among the Atlas Mountains Brothers of short stature and widows of needy Watch the free Facebook channel Spread goodness to the world The bank account number of the association in the description box Thank you very much to the viewers😢👪
Mayra Breslow
Mayra Breslow 2 dager siden
Imanuel 2 dager siden
This hits harder when you lost it all and your lonely anyway
Mark Vanderhorst
Mark Vanderhorst 3 dager siden
Thanks for sharing that song with the world.
Toca Boy
Toca Boy 3 dager siden
Yazri Huda
Yazri Huda 3 dager siden
Allah swt
boug boug
boug boug 4 dager siden
Taylor Thomas
Taylor Thomas 4 dager siden
God he is incredible
Cally jones
Cally jones 5 dager siden
Love u 💘 justin x
Ill Saliva
Ill Saliva 5 dager siden
You just cant deny the kid...he was just an annoying kid to me for years but the last 5 or so he’s been dropping nothing but bangers
Shruti Singh
Shruti Singh 5 dager siden
Nancy Hardy
Nancy Hardy 6 dager siden
Justin made me cry: He really did his thing with this song. This is my favorite song that he has ever made because he sang this from his heart and soul. AWESOME!!!!!
Reezus Solis
Reezus Solis 6 dager siden
This legit makes me sad for him. And for any human being who didn't deserve the pressure life gives them
Sohaib Shah
Sohaib Shah 7 dager siden
He is lonely because his heart is dead!!! And the reason of his dead heart is that HE FORGOT HIS CREATER!!! And that is the fate of All who forgets HIM(THE CREATER)!!! MAY ALLAH GUIDE US TO THE STRAIGHT PATH!!!
nadine conta
nadine conta 7 dager siden
I love this song he is amazing
Maliha Syllien
Maliha Syllien 8 dager siden
Manoj Singh
Manoj Singh 10 dager siden
The way he skips the bad words 🥰😘
S Deki
S Deki 10 dager siden
I remember being a kid in middle school... Loving his song and vibing while all the boys threw insults at him because his voice is "girly". I remember fighting with them for someone I didn't even know personally. Pointing out logically that he is a kid, he sounds like a kid, and even so his voice is good for me, they don't really have any valid reason to hate... God I wish I could just face those boys now and yell at them some more. But then I hope they grew up to be better adults than they were kids.
PprincessG-Plays_ Minecraft
PprincessG-Plays_ Minecraft 10 dager siden
I don’t know why but he is totally off note on some parts of his song I’m not liking him anymore I don’t really like how it started very pitchy like Joel from roomie official says it’s a little bit pitchy Little bit pitchy Murch right here 😑
Michal Hoang
Michal Hoang 11 dager siden
My clip Michal -láska
I never knew that was Justin Bieber. Good performance good song
kiwi oculos
kiwi oculos 11 dager siden
Karzon Oliva mendoza
Karzon Oliva mendoza 11 dager siden
Hermoso como siempre
Karzon Oliva mendoza
Karzon Oliva mendoza 11 dager siden
Que sentimiento..
Terra Marshall
Terra Marshall 12 dager siden
❤️ I’ve always liked Justin, but I Love the Man Justin.
Dallas Kruszelnicki
Dallas Kruszelnicki 12 dager siden
Damn! I felt that
Dounia Dounia
Dounia Dounia 13 dager siden
I loved 😍😍😍😍 this song
Justsomeguy 13 dager siden
Incredible. I respect him so so so much more lately and after hearing this song, it gave me chills. You can hear and see just how much he means every word. It breaks my heart.
Natalia Valeriano
Natalia Valeriano 13 dager siden
Lo o o o nely
Natalia Valeriano
Natalia Valeriano 13 dager siden
This song killing me
LUJAN RENHFELDT 15 dager siden
AMOO 😍😍😍❤❤
Karolyn miau
Karolyn miau 15 dager siden
Tricia Williams
Tricia Williams 16 dager siden
Always loved him. When people bagged on him I would say he’s just acting like anyone that young with that much money and fame would act. He’s come through it and will always be talented as hell and his haters can’t do anything about it. #belieber
Grace Kasar
Grace Kasar 16 dager siden
I’m 17 and I can proudly say I’ve loved him half of my life❤️
ST FUNKEIRO 17 dager siden
A voz dele é a melhor melodia 🥺😻
Life with bre
Life with bre 17 dager siden
I remember back then when I'm listening justin's songs everyone was talking bad things about .... 😪Ik it wasn't true but listening to this song just thought all the haters it was just a mistake he made when he was younger... Look at him now 😌all grown up and matured not only physically but mentally and I respect that.
Selwyn 18 dager siden
For those who are interested, I just uploaded a cover of this song. It would really mean a lot to me if you can check it out and let me know what you think! 😊🙏
Jasmine Gill
Jasmine Gill 18 dager siden
The pain in his voice 😟
a c
a c 19 dager siden
that was amazing.. i keep re-watching.
a c
a c 19 dager siden
that was literally so beautiful.. he’s actually such a talented singer. those high notes
Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy 19 dager siden
This song is not gonna get old to me this is just a masterpiece
Safa Mostafa
Safa Mostafa 19 dager siden
Ur voice sounds like my grandma voice
F G 20 dager siden
He sincerely sang his lungs out 🫁
Michael Robertson
Michael Robertson 20 dager siden
Half way through the song (when he stops walking) you can see her gets into the song emotionally.
bdf1975 21 dag siden
best music by justin bieber. felt, true and unique.
Marcus 21 dag siden
I'm not crying, you are.
Yujung Jang
Yujung Jang 22 dager siden
this song reminds me of Britney
Viviana Aburto
Viviana Aburto 22 dager siden
Why fucking and shit are blocked?
sol bruno
sol bruno 22 dager siden
ermoso :s
sol bruno
sol bruno 22 dager siden
mi vebeee
sol bruno
sol bruno 22 dager siden
jastin te amooo
im not chicky
im not chicky 22 dager siden
world list of world he dint say
Nick Meeks
Nick Meeks 22 dager siden
Geez dude he’s just too good I can not deal with this and I’m not even a long fan I’m new to this
Nick Meeks
Nick Meeks 22 dager siden
We, as humans, will always have a number of difficult triumphs we will face. No one will ever go through the short span we have unproblematic. It’s not about those certain challenges we will all face, but it’s how we answer them, and continue our existence. Furthermore, you’ve made an absolute fantastic journey, I was never a big fan, but here’s to overcoming our challenges, and blossoming to you beautiful souls, the same as he has, and we all will!
Nick Meeks
Nick Meeks 22 dager siden
And tbh he did slay it, starts off like maybe, then a fucjin angel arises, and it’s one of the best performances I’ve seen in a while
Toyes 23 dager siden
Not everybody think that you're idiot, not then not now and that lonely feeling everybody feel it sometimes, you were blessed with this talent take advantage of that and keep going.
Jenny Sarmiento
Jenny Sarmiento 23 dager siden
Static Doggo
Static Doggo 24 dager siden
Analia Goiris
Analia Goiris 25 dager siden
No puedo escuchar esto sin llorar 😭😭😭
Raymund Chua
Raymund Chua 25 dager siden
Holden B
Holden B 25 dager siden
this song feels like the message. it feels like reaching success but still feeling nothing
Kristoffer Mouamba
Kristoffer Mouamba 26 dager siden
POV: You're older now so you finally understand Justin Bieber's pain
army ofgod
army ofgod 26 dager siden
its not that i didnt like him he made some ignorant decisions and he didnt have the right people around him
Eliane Pereira silva
Eliane Pereira silva 26 dager siden
Sou Eliane Moro em São Paulo Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷😍
Lisa Riddle
Lisa Riddle 26 dager siden
The first part was abit strained. But the last half was perfect.
Озвучка Манги Кизушика
Озвучка Манги Кизушика 26 dager siden
James Maslow cover better than original
Nicole Theunissen
Nicole Theunissen 26 dager siden
Change your ways,to one,turn from lust right now💯⚠️ for What is the deal if you gain the whole world but stil lose your own soul 💤wake up all😴..REPENT❗🩸 🤑😵
SpliT 27 dager siden
beautiful when you put on headphones before going to sleep and listen to music😊😊
MusicalMoonMan2 27 dager siden
I love this song time and time again.
PRISHA AGRAWAL 27 dager siden
I genuinely feel so bad and ashamed at how people judge Justin bcuz of the things he used to do. I know he made mistakes, he knows he did but this song shows that he has grown and that his life isn't as glorious. I guess everyone at some level can relate to him. Love to all those who have felt this way, just know it won't always be the same and you can try to reach out someone safe, a hand in the dark that'll take you to a better place. (I write songs too btw)
Nudara Jayawardhana
Nudara Jayawardhana 27 dager siden
Hii jbbbb ❤️🤗
Luciana Iñigo
Luciana Iñigo 27 dager siden
Lo amo
Renée Cumplido
Renée Cumplido 27 dager siden
Amo tanto esa canción
Joan Gentile
Joan Gentile 28 dager siden
This song is so sad. It makes me cry. I feel so bad for Justin. He should never have gone through what he did at such a young age. I love Justin Bieber!! What a voice!! 💖💖💖
Sehwag bhattarai
Sehwag bhattarai 28 dager siden
Iam from 2021 🏃
Read this
Read this 28 dager siden
Tony Villarreal
Tony Villarreal 28 dager siden
Both live performances were dope
Liz Medina
Liz Medina 28 dager siden
Omg love it
PP Man19
PP Man19 28 dager siden
I hope you're happy mr. Bieber
YouTube Gaming
YouTube Gaming 29 dager siden
congratulations to everyone who is early and found this Comment”🏆
Sweettalk Abernathy
Sweettalk Abernathy 29 dager siden
Aga Dob
Aga Dob Måned siden
KyeAU Måned siden
1:57 HOLY hahahaha that note
Andrea Callegaro
Andrea Callegaro Måned siden
Your voice soothes my anxiety and I feel God closer to me. Thanks
Stacia Rodrigues
Stacia Rodrigues Måned siden
When did you become lonely ? Oh poor boy
Aggelos Tzotza
Aggelos Tzotza Måned siden
Bob rosh on the piano
stanley Toklo
stanley Toklo Måned siden
Vedant Måned siden
who the fk disliked huh !!!
Felipe Alcebíades
Felipe Alcebíades Måned siden
you is different, born to this
Helen Morgan
Helen Morgan Måned siden
when he is live he is crap
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn Måned siden
gave me chills when he walked in
voodoosssnow Måned siden
1:06 if u pay very close attention and listen carefully u can hear his 2010 kid Jb voice break out
Subhadip Paul
Subhadip Paul Måned siden
Ladies and Gentlemen.. This is Justin Bieber ❤️
Jesus Nuno
Jesus Nuno Måned siden
Ah, that part is so satisfying, I wish he added that to the actual song! 2:09
Victoria Bushnell
Victoria Bushnell Måned siden
Your such A Handsome Beautiful Fine Young Man. 24 karat gold diamond platinum beautiful
Michael bryant
Michael bryant Måned siden
This has to be the best song this kid has EVER put out. I can not stop playing it. Everything about it is perfection
This is a comedy show, right?
Gabe Reptar
Gabe Reptar Måned siden
Justin is the reason i grew my hair out 💯 Keep going my dude! Were all going through this tough time together rn especially during this scary covid19 pandemic! 😩 Remember everyone, spread love NOT hate. Justin is human just like us so stop bashing him. Much Love & God Bless!
נועה בן טוב
נועה בן טוב Måned siden
WOW😳😍 It is perfect
Dee Drizzy
Dee Drizzy Måned siden
This is my favourite version out of all the ones he did 🙏❤️
Piciuch - Peter
Piciuch - Peter Måned siden
Goosebumps, Yup.
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