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I vouched for KSI in Among Us and he SNAKED me...
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M S 8 dager siden
I’m sorry, I know this game is all bants and all but JJ was so IRRITATING Jesus Christ 😂
Josh Martin
Josh Martin 11 dager siden
Lux is funny and all but so bad at the game
saitama 15 dager siden
o2 has a number task
Calyx Mike
Calyx Mike 16 dager siden
Ma names calyx
Oscarr 17 dager siden
sometimes so bad at the game but enjoy the videos man keep them up🤣
Toxic Gaming
Toxic Gaming 27 dager siden
Callux:I won’t kill Ethan or jj Also callux:proceeds to kill ethan
bradley underwood
bradley underwood Måned siden
Good editor still
Chav Pandemic
Chav Pandemic Måned siden
Ive seen this game 3 times already on 3 different channels and its getting boring
JAE HO KIM Måned siden
Hi CalluxPlays My name is JH Kim. I am a game creator and I am developing a MOBA game called "Battle Rivals" at DEXINTGAMES. I stumbled across your NOpost channel, and it was very interesting and aroused. I thought it would be nice if the video of our game could be made through your creative thoughts. Introducing our team, it is a small development team made up of three people, and we are developing a unique MOBA game. Our goal is to create a successful MOBA game like League of Legends. Battle Rivals is a simple and fast MOBA, and it is designed so that anyone can enjoy it easily. We look forward to the opportunity to introduce the game through your NOpost channel. Here is an introductory video and download link for the game. Introduction video: nopost.info/throw/yNykpKbXqHeJks0/video Google Play: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dexintgames.projectht Apple Store: itunes.apple.com/app/id1501618593 If you need more information about Battle Rivals, please feel free to contact me. Kind regards JH Kim
4RUL Måned siden
like this if JJ a SNAKE
vishxl bxthejx
vishxl bxthejx Måned siden
🐍🐍🐍 for a reason
Ixmael Reyes
Ixmael Reyes Måned siden
People don’t give this guy enough credit for his funny humour
Can Opener
Can Opener Måned siden
Lala Firdous
Lala Firdous Måned siden
"KSI betrayed me" Nothing unusual...
Ngaror Lungleng
Ngaror Lungleng Måned siden
It's jj and Ethan guys 😂
Ben Stevens
Ben Stevens Måned siden
Oh Behz....
Abhi Måned siden
omg how dumb can jj be smh 🤦🏻‍♂️😂
i fulmini di Zeus 21
i fulmini di Zeus 21 Måned siden
you should do a video where you aren't allowed to skip
Homerbob Simpsonpants
Homerbob Simpsonpants Måned siden
everyone saying Ethan threw the game, Cal just needed to kill someone instead of going for the button
RIU zaaki
RIU zaaki Måned siden
Callux you are an actual handicap for the other imposter , so dumb
The White Nite
The White Nite Måned siden
callux - can kill and win the game also callux - i'm so lucky i didnt kill there
Jamilkyway69 -
Jamilkyway69 - Måned siden
The title should be called “fat neek betrays Callux”
Harshita Pathania
Harshita Pathania Måned siden
Lemme subscribe
Harshita Pathania
Harshita Pathania Måned siden
Why are you underrated ,nooooooo
Riley Wyberg
Riley Wyberg Måned siden
Is Ethan dumb?
Ethan Leahy
Ethan Leahy Måned siden
these streams are getting dead lol they just all ask google or spin a wheel to vote someone out like they cant be arsed playin lmao
Justin Hughes
Justin Hughes Måned siden
Anyone else see Behzinga teleport at 9:37?
Harri Roberts
Harri Roberts Måned siden
Imagine having a go at Will for ruining the game after throwing the game yourself by voting Callux? Well done, Behz 🙃
Saint-Michael Stewart
Saint-Michael Stewart Måned siden
3:23 When everyone is talking over you and you get sick of it
Naeem Ahmed
Naeem Ahmed Måned siden
Sad thing is I’m pretty sure milk was number 7 and James was number 6
Tikobutnothim Måned siden
7md_26 _
7md_26 _ Måned siden
It’s the wheel from the grave 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
J. Devos
J. Devos Måned siden
Say what you like, but JJ just provides content for others like no one else.
Snapped Måned siden
Congrats on 100k
lauren gabs
lauren gabs Måned siden
using ksi in the title for clickbait BUT i always fall for it😂
Rohan Paul
Rohan Paul Måned siden
whos mural?
Don Shai
Don Shai Måned siden
JJ is the third impostor
Isaac Newton
Isaac Newton Måned siden
Loving the among us grind at the moment Lux!!!🔥videos are amazing
JoeTaylor17 Måned siden
Congrats on 100k lad 🎉
CosmicPlayz Måned siden
I was 100k sub congrats :D
Nicholas Gomez
Nicholas Gomez Måned siden
I’m ur 100k sub lol
Jamie Måned siden
Jj sussed half the lobby lmao
Gurpal Singh
Gurpal Singh Måned siden
Almost James
Almost James Måned siden
mxchaelVFX Måned siden
Fucking hell that throw from both you and Ethan, this is why I can't watch you lot play games
MStewart56 Måned siden
Mate those subscribed views % are actually ridiculous, fucking sub guys
J DS Måned siden
Hey there playing with james
Inura Perera
Inura Perera Måned siden
Here to just leave my comment, SIMP
Jacob Måned siden
3:25 😂
troll Måned siden
Where exactly does ksi betray you in this? You clickbaiting leech
Mastered Ultra Instinct Shaggy
Mastered Ultra Instinct Shaggy Måned siden
Lmao mural
Kettly Dorcelin
Kettly Dorcelin Måned siden
i subscribed
Nirbhigna Aryal
Nirbhigna Aryal Måned siden
lux video a day keeps the stress away❤️
momy Måned siden
Wtf how did you earn 11 k subs in just one day
Thomas Måned siden
Part of the 12.3
Ben Neacy
Ben Neacy Måned siden
Stalin Lenin
Stalin Lenin Måned siden
Almost 100k letsgo, who’s been here since 1k?
Koselige Ole
Koselige Ole Måned siden
How it’s possible “to never know when it’s one kill left” baffles me. I don’t understand how it’s possible to be that stupid to not understand that when it’s an even number of imposters and crewmates, the imposters win. I have never played the game, but this is such an easy thing to work out.
Andrey Måned siden
@Koselige Ole idk, he might have meant the previous round. Although you might be right casue Callux is not always smart on this game lol
Koselige Ole
Koselige Ole Måned siden
@Andrey there was five people in the voting and two imposters meaning they only needed to kill one.
Andrey Måned siden
you dont always know if your teammate killed anyone or not. If it were 6 people left and you gotta kill 2
いさね Måned siden
why is callux only getting recommended if ksi is in the title?
The Fucker
The Fucker Måned siden
Jj is a genius
Glory Massossa
Glory Massossa Måned siden
James: There’s no number task in 02 JJ: Err wdym show me the map Me in my head: ITS THE REACTOR!
O h
O h Måned siden
He meant putting the code in for O2 as the sabotage just went off
Alex Måned siden
Something tells me Cal may have been talking to Dream recently with that intro...:P
56Landon Måned siden
Go on Callum get that 100k plaque. Subbed
christopher6173 Måned siden
11:29 Wow ethans iq is so low literally all he had to do is vote someone other then cal and he would win the game or even before then callux only needed to kill one more and they win.
shorti Måned siden
how many ksi's can you fit in 1 title and thumbnail ? callux: idk lemme try
BarberGen Måned siden
“Watch you not die cause you’re the killer KSI” that rhymes
fjøsnissen !
fjøsnissen ! Måned siden
Pls just everyone be called «mural» when you play with jj
Abdul Magic
Abdul Magic Måned siden
I've just seen this but in tobis video
Jack Scanlon
Jack Scanlon Måned siden
11:26 So close to a draw and saving himself. Also, Behz threw, vote James or Josh then they win
Tagen Etheridge
Tagen Etheridge Måned siden
Callux a good imposter
Louis Vanroy
Louis Vanroy Måned siden
1Leggo9my9Eggo2 Måned siden
Another low IQ, but from an imposter this time....
prime tyson
prime tyson Måned siden
Who is mural
Zak Creswick
Zak Creswick Måned siden
Anyone else find ksi very irritating
Delirium Benson
Delirium Benson Måned siden
Ethan threw soo hard
Reetika Debroy
Reetika Debroy Måned siden
Why did behz vote off callux in the last game?? 🤣🤣
Edward Yeung
Edward Yeung Måned siden
"You can always unsubscribe if you don't like it"
Edward Yeung
Edward Yeung Måned siden
When's the Dua Lipa collab
Tg Elite fc
Tg Elite fc Måned siden
If JJ isnt mural who is mural
LionHeart -
LionHeart - Måned siden
There are vents too callux
Merrick Cook
Merrick Cook Måned siden
jj is the greatest 3rd imposter of all time
Tikobutnothim Måned siden
How the fuck did you get here 2 hours before
BDF Drippy
BDF Drippy Måned siden
To the person that’s reading this : You’re a very beautiful and intelligent human and I believe you should follow your dreams! Stay healthy during quarantine!🤪 My Dream is to get to 100subs! I’ve been struggling to get there💚💫.
Ashley Måned siden
How did KSI betray callux?
GAMAFIREE Måned siden
Why does it say ksi betrayed me if bezh betrayed him. I guess u really need that yt cash
JC Måned siden
Great video fella
AS Måned siden
11:12 at that point Lux, you could’ve told everyone that you and Behz were the imposters, both voted Josh and you would’ve won.
AS Måned siden
JJ thinks fixing O2 is a task 😂
Kazmix2 Måned siden
Mural 😂😂😭. Jj can’t even pronounce it
davocando Måned siden
Everyone who’s watching Subscribe he deserves it.
infinite A.A
infinite A.A Måned siden
Im always lost ,who is ellum and milkinabag??
Moses Fili
Moses Fili Måned siden
5:55 freya sus😳
ollie uwu
ollie uwu Måned siden
stohcky Måned siden
the thumbnails are so sick jesus christ 🔥🔥🔥
RNGraphics Måned siden
Thank you ❤️
Muaaz Iqbal
Muaaz Iqbal Måned siden
criptos infinity
criptos infinity Måned siden
Tobi named himself mural. What a g
FatySimulator Måned siden
Loving the content Lux keep it up mate
Archie jay
Archie jay Måned siden
Who's the guy playing as milkinabag?
MD Måned siden
3:25 me when I'm angry
God Bless The Internet
God Bless The Internet Måned siden
Why does he miss opportunities when he can just kill one person and win instantly?
Nathan Stevens
Nathan Stevens Måned siden
This callux plays guy really does look like callux
Boss of the Midfield
Boss of the Midfield Måned siden
Space between Callux and Plays? That's sus bro, I'm voting you out
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