that awkward moment when...

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wait, let me explain...

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TrapRay Tv
TrapRay Tv 5 dager siden
I feel like toast cheats cause he always calls out random sus
Valentina Valderas Fuster
Valentina Valderas Fuster 7 dager siden
can I just say, I've been on EVERYBODY's account - Toast, CORPSE, Pokimane, jacksepticeye, Valkyrae, ect... Yours is my favourite by faaaaar!!! Awesome triple kill, btw :)))))))))))))))
Atri Sheryl
Atri Sheryl 9 dager siden
Sykkuno: gasps cuz its him and toast me: *ship ship*
obsessed weeb
obsessed weeb 10 dager siden
I just aligned the video on two phones, so both are playing at the exact same time
Illuminati King
Illuminati King 13 dager siden
1:15 'Oh wait I have to leave the bodies' *stands above 3 dead bodies and laughs like a maniac*
Joker 14 dager siden
I know how to skip keys and not look sus.
Summer 18 dager siden
In that compilation at the beginning Rae seemed really mad 🤭
tanjiro kamado
tanjiro kamado 19 dager siden
9:55 why me? 🥺 PLS HES SO WHOLESOME
8:29 valkyrae : f4ck you... sykkuno : :cc me : KSNSNAIAKSHWUQJXNALKS!!!
Jennifer Rosales
Jennifer Rosales 20 dager siden
Man I wish I had more friends to play with like these guys
RUSHAY GAMER 20 dager siden
william escoto
william escoto 21 dag siden
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Jack go
Jack go 22 dager siden
When ever I watch disguised toast I always think he says “ dis guys toast”
Koalii BSP
Koalii BSP 23 dager siden
10:48 just yes
Roderick Schoonover
Roderick Schoonover 28 dager siden
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Steven Porter
Steven Porter Måned siden
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Troublemaker Gamer
Troublemaker Gamer Måned siden
I love when sykkuno goes on his killing spree we need more of this.
rania asif
rania asif Måned siden
0:40 toast: “I just wanna be appreciated”
Katia Estrada
Katia Estrada Måned siden
sykkuno: [inahale] toast,no...[inhale,inhale] lol
Tekilla 66666
Tekilla 66666 Måned siden
Как же это солнышко иногда тупит :'D
Aurelio Tomas Turbao
Aurelio Tomas Turbao Måned siden
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Hyper Shadow Sniper 176
Hyper Shadow Sniper 176 Måned siden
Darkwazhere Måned siden
Myth: Lets scan together Sykkuno: *stabs* Neytiri: Is that a dead body? Sykkuno: *stabs* Aria: Let's hold hands Sykkuno: *stabs*
soobinnie bucket
soobinnie bucket Måned siden
happy 2 mil
II Emília II
II Emília II Måned siden
Congratulations on 2 Million Subscribers *SYKKUNO*
II Emília II
II Emília II Måned siden
Watching all these NOpostrs play together is always fun to see. Specially seeing all there tactics on how they play as imposter.
christina lefever
christina lefever Måned siden
Congrats on 2mil omg and i love his intros
Dyziah Proctor
Dyziah Proctor Måned siden
Jacob Galvan
Jacob Galvan Måned siden
14:40 hey guys i just opened a fast food restraunt, its called mc pooples, we have some poop burgers, poop fries, and some poop nugets, LMAO
Corinne Love
Corinne Love Måned siden
Sykkuno ur hair looks really gud this day
Corinne Love
Corinne Love Måned siden
Sykkuno ur hair looks really gud this day
Dianna Brooks
Dianna Brooks Måned siden
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micah n
micah n Måned siden
why does sykkuno always make the intro to his among us videos look like the trailer to a reality show
Evan griffith
Evan griffith Måned siden
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Woken Måned siden
welcome to 0 testosterone among us
Wareesha Adeel
Wareesha Adeel Måned siden
0:33 - 1:01 Sykkuno laughing
sir. marx
sir. marx Måned siden
sykkuno is the only youtuber that doesn't say "THE 9988737484947 IQ STRAT GOT EVERYONE SCHOCKED" im greatful.
jungan lee
jungan lee Måned siden
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TBNAfrangs YT
TBNAfrangs YT Måned siden
You just killed Toast?
ben morais
ben morais Måned siden
If only you didn't open that door you would've won Sooooooooo close yes so far😫
Matilde Word Jespersen
Matilde Word Jespersen Måned siden
So no one is gonna talk about Sykkuno said "poop nuggets" 🥺14:38
fridge and fudge
fridge and fudge Måned siden
please make your videos child friendly you'll go up in views
Pink Milkshake
Pink Milkshake Måned siden
nice but ngl you laughed too much in the first one
Sarah Anderson
Sarah Anderson Måned siden
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Roderick Schoonover
Roderick Schoonover Måned siden
The Myth's body emporium is one of the funniest rampage ever.
Sonia Teneyck
Sonia Teneyck Måned siden
Excited for the next Body Emporium opening
NikNakNoob Måned siden
that awkward moment when "I can explain"
Guadalupe Alvarado
Guadalupe Alvarado Måned siden
This is one of my favorite Sykkuno Among us plays, this and the haunted storage ❤ lol
TheycallmeCAKEBOSS Måned siden
5up is the king of getting people on his side lol
Toxic Måned siden
joelle marie
joelle marie Måned siden
Kfc_MegaChungus YT
Kfc_MegaChungus YT Måned siden
lauren Park
lauren Park Måned siden
Blb reptiles
Blb reptiles Måned siden
Sykkuno is the worst at among us
gracie is swag
gracie is swag Måned siden
"poop nuggets"??
Beautiful jones
Beautiful jones Måned siden
Okay but can we just appreciate how 5up literally DOES always have a ready answer? Like if I was playing I wouldn't even be sus, he's so quick on his feet(or rehearsing) and he really do be covering his tracks
Malvika Mewada
Malvika Mewada Måned siden
His eyes are so pretty I can't
Lisa Slaikeu
Lisa Slaikeu Måned siden
Does anyone have the link to the video from Toast's perspective when he walked into electrical to find the two bodies in electrical and Sykkuno?
jadynl. Måned siden
1:30 reminds me of alexa
Malay Tripathi
Malay Tripathi Måned siden
1:43 don't insult by calling it a double kill Rae😂😂 that was a QUADRUPLE KILL ffs!
Elner Dale Jann Garbida
Elner Dale Jann Garbida Måned siden
I'm just amazed Sykkuno can do a murder spree while doing a monologue. Just put him in the tier list.
Karin Måned siden
I love your luck
Aydan Sargent
Aydan Sargent Måned siden
Can you heart my comment?
Valerein Måned siden
Hmmm how to act sus by copying a comment while not being sus
Vi Måned siden
I ain't going to visit Myth's body emporium. It looks deadly
Lyla Jones
Lyla Jones Måned siden
Satori?!. .?!Ciel
Satori?!. .?!Ciel Måned siden
Sykunno how do you feel about being shipped with corpse?
fahima hamida
fahima hamida Måned siden
Toast: you think I'm gonna snitch I ain't no snitch Me: mad respect
Anzhela Grechikhina
Anzhela Grechikhina Måned siden
The term "Mavericks" is now banned in my twitch chat, thanks.
Crystal Måned siden
People in the comments like "sykunno should've done this" and "sykunno should've done that" y'all are so sweaty for this game let them have fun
Sebastian Švec
Sebastian Švec Måned siden
i died laughing when toast came back down and then sykkuno killed him
Carrots CodM
Carrots CodM Måned siden
Anyone else see that he put rewind instead of fast forward at 11:28
It's Evan Mason
It's Evan Mason Måned siden
Does anyone have the link to Toast's POV of the first round?
Obsidian M'yre
Obsidian M'yre Måned siden
Why didn't u vent outta of the room after u killed toast bruh n let the crew report the murders. Giving u time 2 create n alibi...!?
Arianna J
Arianna J Måned siden
Ahmed Elshafie
Ahmed Elshafie Måned siden
I ain't no snitch
Cooper Dowdidle
Cooper Dowdidle Måned siden
The only time I have ever heard him talk louder than a whisper is when he says IT’S SYKUNO HERE
Vɪᴠɪᴀɴ_Cʜᴀɴ _Pʟᴀʏᴢ
Vɪᴠɪᴀɴ_Cʜᴀɴ _Pʟᴀʏᴢ Måned siden
Sykkuno: “what is up guys, it’s Sykkuno here!” NOpost subtitles: “what is up guys, it’s Spykuno here!” *; - ;*
asmi arar
asmi arar Måned siden
“It was a triple kill in electrical” Everyone: “WHAT??!?” Edit: Oh damn i havent got this much likes before thanks guys🙌
Tyler Robblee
Tyler Robblee Måned siden
Literally any time anyone says the word why rae wants blood
SHAZAM WK3YS Måned siden
What is up guys it SyKkUnO
Heaven Gate
Heaven Gate Måned siden
In Arabic you read the book from the right📖
_MarianaOwo_ Måned siden
"Sydney reported a double kill" "no she reported a *quadruple* kill including himeself*
Jami Chicken
Jami Chicken 19 dager siden
Lop Hop
Lop Hop 24 dager siden
@` herself want
` 24 dager siden
Herself :')
Anandita Anand
Anandita Anand Måned siden
@_MarianaOwo_ it's herself
Lop Hop
Lop Hop Måned siden
@_MarianaOwo_ why are you talking to me talk to the person above me ok you don’t have to do so RuDe😒
Rory B
Rory B Måned siden
idk how people play this consistently, 😓i legit think i just gave myself stomach ulcers from binging the first time I played aaaahh never again
Эшли _ Кэмпбелл
Эшли _ Кэмпбелл Måned siden
I like hysteria at the beginning sykkuno loooool
Morganica Melis
Morganica Melis Måned siden
“Sydney reported a double kill” nah, she reported a triple kill. Technically a quadruple kill if you count herself.
nadia •
nadia • Måned siden
ive seen this exact comment like 5 times
teehee Måned siden
“ctrl c ctrl v”
not me
not me Måned siden
not you stealing another person's comment word for word
Bazooka Gaming Girl
Bazooka Gaming Girl Måned siden
make your own comment next time
Jaron Carlson
Jaron Carlson Måned siden
They don’t call electric the mourge for nothing
LiLian Baker
LiLian Baker Måned siden
Me about to go FUCKING spam hate comments about ray when she said Fuck you to syykuno:😇👉
אושר דקל
אושר דקל Måned siden
Karylle Culala
Karylle Culala Måned siden
how did 5up dye but he was imposter ??
Richard Martinez
Richard Martinez Måned siden
This was uploaded the day after my birthday :o
Baha Guler
Baha Guler Måned siden
Welp that was akward
Serra Bloodsong
Serra Bloodsong Måned siden
Am I the only one who thinks Toast sounds like Pewds?
Hiryu the Dragonite
Hiryu the Dragonite Måned siden
Has Toast recorded his PoV of 0:35? I kinda want to see his thought process there, up to when Sykkuno killed him. My guess was he was thinking "Sykkuno...You did a double-kill, and didn't invite me to be part of it?"
Asia Arizmendez
Asia Arizmendez Måned siden
Okay but can we just appreciate how 5up literally DOES always have a ready answer? Like if I was playing I wouldn't even be sus, he's so quick on his feet(or rehearsing) and he really do be covering his tracks
Molly Ham
Molly Ham 2 måneder siden
Everyone is appreciating sykkuno and yes he is brilliant but can we take a moment to appreciate toast, a true pal.
nino sifkovits
nino sifkovits 2 måneder siden
is there a special resaon why he ALWAYS covers his mouth when he laughs?
s k
s k 2 måneder siden
That little “hi” when toast stares at sykkuno after the kills and not venting was so cutee!!!
Flackdo 2 måneder siden
Sykkuno is the most innocent Imposter... even if he is murdering everyone.
Janey Collado
Janey Collado 2 måneder siden
Sykunno: *closed the door* Toast: *saw the meats, judged sykunno* Sykunno: lemme explain Toast: You, you killed them? Sykunno: Yes I did this mess Toast: Okay kill me too brother
I clutched this impostor game for us!
Robbing cat people in RUST
Ganger 353 k
Ganger 3,8 mill
Ganger 3,6 mill
The PUMP shotgun is back...? (Kinda)