Texans vs. Titans Week 6 Highlights | NFL 2020

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The Houston Texans take on the Tennessee Titans during Week 6 of the 2020 NFL season.
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Faizidhar Faizidhar
Faizidhar Faizidhar 17 dager siden
Ethan Miles
Ethan Miles 18 dager siden
So are we all just gonna act like AJ brown was in bounds on the game tying TD? lol. Great game tho
Paul Botello
Paul Botello 19 dager siden
nopost.info/throw/0qvbp3mbrHadp9E/video I love the spirit of competition, it shows which group of men worked harder to collect victory. We’d be blown away to know the obstacles, trials and tribulations some of these men have faced throughout their lives. Praying for all the players, coaches and staff, God bless your journey in life, just as he has blessed mine 🙏🏽
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi 20 dager siden
Marshawn Lynch: Beast Mode Derrick Henry: Beast Code
Vantyrtant202 20 dager siden
Seahawks should take notes
Nuke 20 dager siden
Guys pause at 13:16 The feet were in before the knee, yeah the camera man blocks it but the way his leg is his knee cant be down yet
TikiKash1015 21 dag siden
So manyyyyy adds
Sisco M
Sisco M 21 dag siden
The texans so scared to tackle , they literally was playing 2 hand touch. Smh
Jamal Murray #BlueArrow #MileHighBasketball
Jamal Murray #BlueArrow #MileHighBasketball 25 dager siden
What a drive by the Titans to force OT.. this team truly is special. Much respect - Broncos fan
snowd5154 25 dager siden
13:33 He was out of bounds.
Potty The Parrot
Potty The Parrot 27 dager siden
You know it all started with Vrabel. He sent a 12th man on the field on purpose to get a penalty to stop the clock. He fakes being angry and the rest is all history. Vrabel low key is becoming Belichick Jr.
2tone 21ll
2tone 21ll 28 dager siden
Texans defense is terrible
Dayle Smith
Dayle Smith 28 dager siden
Ashley marie harrison They have a specific program for everyone. They sick certain individuals on you & they will follow you for the rest of your life. Gangstalking. Don't watch football. I have IBS.
JAIDEN SMARTT 29 dager siden
go titans
Cole 29 dager siden
What was that 2 point conversion
Sara Richardson
Sara Richardson 29 dager siden
Now this was a great game. I love a good quarterback battle! Tannehill deserved the win and Derrick Henry showed out!
janice ginexi
janice ginexi 29 dager siden
Sorry Titans fans but I thought I was watching a Jet game in the last 2 minutes . Vrabel , IMO , should’ve ran Henry straight to a chip shot .
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Texans Outlet
Texans Outlet Måned siden
Chris Valle
Chris Valle Måned siden
Bill is an idiot man💀😂
mr. orange pizza
mr. orange pizza Måned siden
I love this head coach. Might be the new bill belichec
jesus campos
jesus campos Måned siden
Jermaine Johnson
Jermaine Johnson Måned siden
Good luck doing that against the steelers front 7 lol. Henry don't have a chance in hell.
Guts Måned siden
Derrick henry really said,”just snap the ball to me” & got a TD in OT.
1999worldjacob Måned siden
6:33 can anyone explain to me how this was a PI?
I'm Not Light Skin
I'm Not Light Skin Måned siden
Someone needs to show RYAN CLARK 14:24 since he said Henry never runs over big guys. He moved #67 like he was a U-Haul 📦
Burnie Måned siden
dammmm why texans tried 2PT..... that was so terrible...
Christian Alexander
Christian Alexander Måned siden
The Titans would be 2-4 right now if they still had mariota
Troy Butcher
Troy Butcher Måned siden
Who tf goes for 2pt conversation when you could have kicked an extra point and been up 8pts.🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Trust me idc I'm a Raiders fan but damn that was stupid!
AstuteExxy Måned siden
I wish madden made derricks Henry’s speed be what it actually is cuz damn he’s fast tbh
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith Måned siden
I love watching dbs in the fourth quarter try to tackle Henry. They just reach out out or dive at his legs and neither option ever works.
Michael Abebe
Michael Abebe Måned siden
no one can beat the titans.
Jacob Wise
Jacob Wise Måned siden
2 above average tight ends. 2 above average slot wide receivers. 1 elite quaterback. 1 decent running back and 1 elite running back. 2 elite wide receivers and a above average o-line. I can see them winning the playoffs and the super bowl. the defense just has to step up
T3 Thomas
T3 Thomas Måned siden
They cheated in Tennessee in the fourth quarter he didn't have two feet down it's all good
Jason Vyzer
Jason Vyzer Måned siden
Tannehill is good. He's just another reminder of how a different a player can look when they are put into a competent organization. It makes you wonder how many great players who "never were" because they got chewed up and spit out by a poor team with poor management. Andrew Luck comes to mind... probably countless others.
Joseph Sanchez
Joseph Sanchez Måned siden
Next time kick the extra point. Yall can't lie the Texans really won
Carlton Mensah
Carlton Mensah Måned siden
Only person I think tht ain’t scared to tackle d Henry is JJ watt on the texans
KTiger 7
KTiger 7 Måned siden
How big is the damn cameraman🤣🤣🤣🤣
kevin shelly
kevin shelly Måned siden
Henry is a beast and Clowney is the least. When is the last time Clowney actually sacked a QB, some time last year I believe.
Johnny Pastrana
Johnny Pastrana Måned siden
On a lot of those throws, Tanny had 3 seconds at least...Pitts gets there in 2...with Taylor Luwan out at tackle who will block Dupree? He is having a great year and is lightning quick.
Christian Tolliver
Christian Tolliver Måned siden
Game of the year so far!
Perry Harney
Perry Harney Måned siden
Houston: man a field goal would’ve been nice
Tom M
Tom M Måned siden
This was a major division win by the Titans. Having a 5-0 start is great but brutal schedule still remains. I hope Titans finish 11-5 or 12-4 this year with a division title. They need homecourt in playoffs.
Tom M
Tom M Måned siden
This was a major division win by the Titans. Having a 5-0 start is great but brutal schedule still remains. I hope Titans finish 11-5 or 12-4 this year with a division title. They need homecourt in playoffs.
Noah Mungcal
Noah Mungcal Måned siden
why did they go for 2 pt conversion?! fire that coach man! like frfr
Maverick Måned siden
Kick the damn extra point.
Justin Chase
Justin Chase Måned siden
Tanny + AJ > Wilson + DK
Damien Wilbert
Damien Wilbert Måned siden
Gone then Tennessee Titans! Although I'm a 49ers fan. You guys are some Scrappy S.O.B's! Tannehill is a revelation! I never considered him a bad quarterback, I've always considered the Dolphins a horribly run franchise.
RokkoTaco Måned siden
Coin toss to determine who gets ball first. First possession of each team has to score a touchdown and has to go for 2. If both 2s are made the teams will continue to go for touchdowns and 2pts. Whoever is the first to not make a 2 while the other makes a 2, loses. If you can’t score a TD and the other team scored a TD, they lose . No field goals no 1point conversions. This should be the new overtime rule
Luke thaDuke
Luke thaDuke Måned siden
Wait, JJ Watt didn’t get hurt yet?
Christian Cameron
Christian Cameron Måned siden
Deshaun Watson is gonna be the only all-pro quarterback and pro bowl qb with a 4-12 record because his defense couldn’t stop a high school offense
deer cressman
deer cressman Måned siden
Henry's size is scary enough then the after burners kick in and hes gone.
Rico Jones26
Rico Jones26 Måned siden
Overtime should change its rules. with OT Texans should’ve at least got 1 last redemption drive. Idk but good game
Parker Måned siden
7:22 wow watsons head was on a SWIVEL
Jenkins Pombo
Jenkins Pombo Måned siden
This made me happy
Celluloidwatcher Måned siden
Derrick Henry running for 214 yards. Titans look very formidable this year after making it to the AFC title game last year. Can they supplant K.C. in '20? We'll see.
overseer Miller0330
overseer Miller0330 Måned siden
Hey titans fans, YOU LIKE THAT??
Boys clubhouse E
Boys clubhouse E Måned siden
Both of these two teams are my favorite football 🏈 teams but I don’t know about that they go face to face
Nova Star
Nova Star Måned siden
uhhhhh...i think somebody in that ther' uh Texans organization is fix'in ta lose their job, sir yes sirs..
coolkid 766
coolkid 766 Måned siden
MightyManotaur22 Måned siden
NFL overtime rules are so, so dumb. Both teams should have a chance to possess the ball. Just go with college rules if you can't find something better.
Kevin Kizer
Kevin Kizer Måned siden
Kevin Kizer
Kevin Kizer Måned siden
Kevin Kizer
Kevin Kizer Måned siden
Kevin Kizer
Kevin Kizer Måned siden
BagManDos Måned siden
That wasn’t a td
Michael Story
Michael Story Måned siden
Titan up feels great to be 5-0 glad we are having are having the best season in a very long time. Keep it up guys let's go to Super Bowl
hi dude
hi dude Måned siden
is no one talking about how good ryan tannehill is doing
TheModer8ter Måned siden
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Joseph Sanchez
Joseph Sanchez Måned siden
Texans really won, only if they kick the extra point 🤫🤣
Zyan Beast
Zyan Beast Måned siden
Last time steelers played Titans we held Henry to 7 Carries for 32 yards
Larry Hoover
Larry Hoover Måned siden
Dat line got tannihill looking like Russ Patrick Rodgers it's amazing wat an offense line can do to hide ur qb flaws pay them man hunnid mill for 1st and 2nd stream real Walk
dude1305 Måned siden
Rich Gannon is insufferable
Ben Alexander
Ben Alexander Måned siden
Derrick Henry is such a freak.
DataGuy Måned siden
Ok, at the end of regulation, I think Texans should have gone for 1 instead of 2 PT attempt, score would be 37 - 29. And if Titans scores and goes for 2. Final score would be 37 - 36
DataGuy Måned siden
Titans receivers don’t know what a dropped pass looks like.
Mann Made
Mann Made Måned siden
Christian Taillon
Christian Taillon Måned siden
Let's go Titans!
DavyBaby Måned siden
That touchdown pass by Tannehill to tie it up was so clutch.
NUCLEAR BUM Måned siden
BIG BAD AND HUMBLE deadly combo
croplaya Måned siden
Why the hell did they go for 2!?!?? Stupid
henry ha
henry ha Måned siden
Am I the only one that thinks the AJ Brown TD wasn’t a catch? It looks like his knee hit right before or at the same time as his foot.
Matt Bogolin
Matt Bogolin Måned siden
I watched that too and thought that's coming back as an incomplete pass but the zebras stood by their call. The Titans squeaked by with a win because of that questionable "ruling on the field stands" and the OT coin toss.
The king scene
The king scene Måned siden
Henry is the man but I have to say that A.J Brown is one of the most underrated receivers in the league.
Na Bi
Na Bi Måned siden
They better pay that man Henry... its a dam shame...
KeepItReal Måned siden
Henry is insane
Lawrence Moua
Lawrence Moua Måned siden
It’s a scary sight when you see JJ Watt come around the corner
Pedro Rangel
Pedro Rangel Måned siden
Derrick Henry is learning where he fits in the NFL & I’m not sure players from other teams want him to know that.
Adam Wolsey
Adam Wolsey Måned siden
that wasn't a TD at end of regulation. shin clearly out first... big break.
Paye Mialor
Paye Mialor Måned siden
Why does mike vrabel always run 🏃‍♀️ at the end of games? 😂🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
Hamza Hamdulla
Hamza Hamdulla Måned siden
cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/766341186385739817/768538395345420288/2020-10-21_6.png ITS IN TITAN UP LOOKM AT THIS PIC I TOOK IN SLOW MO
CostFrost Måned siden
The coaching on this game by the houston texans was pathetic, almost perfect then going for the two points at the end.
Felix Korff
Felix Korff Måned siden
I'm less and less surprised that they beat the Patriots in the last playoffs.
Fuze Måned siden
It should be illegal for Henry to be that fast at that size
So who is the BEST between Tank Henry and Lynch Mode
MrCorner21 Måned siden
Can we take a moment and acknowledge the greatness we are witnessing that is Jeffery Simmons? Mauler of O linemen, stuffer of the run, as well as flushing QB's out of pockets...then tipping the 2-point attempt to keep it a 1-score game.
veck718 Måned siden
ths was the game of the week
Logan Dill
Logan Dill Måned siden
Still trying to figure out how that touchdown at the end of the game counted for Titans. Unless air counts as the ground, I never saw the second foot step on the ground and they counted it anyways. I know damn well if the roles were reversed, they wouldn’t have counted it for the Texans because it happened in the Steelers game when they didn’t count a touchdown for us. The game is rigged.
Falleor Falwan
Falleor Falwan Måned siden
Salut. Je suis français. Lors des touchdowns, faites-vous appel à la Goalline comme au football (soccer) ?
Mondo Shredder
Mondo Shredder Måned siden
Henry is an absolute speed beast with the ball. I'm sure getting blocked by him isn't much fun either...
Daniel Crawley
Daniel Crawley Måned siden
Why did the Texans go for a 2pt conversion at 11:58????
Midnight Tornado
Midnight Tornado Måned siden
Yeah, I think Romeo assumed the Titans would have been able to march down the field and make another 2pt conversion to tie anyway, since they had done it earlier in the game, so he figured screw it go for it. He gambled and lost. Them's the breaks.
Macabree Måned siden
@Daniel Crawley very greedy. ESPN been talking about how that decision basically cost them the game and most likely out of the playoff race
Daniel Crawley
Daniel Crawley Måned siden
An extra point would've forced the Titans to get a 2pt conversion just to tie right? Just seems a little greedy.
Macabree Måned siden
coaches decision to put the game away with 9 points instead of 8
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