I Upgraded My Dream Setup For The Last Time!

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The Final upgrade to my dream setup until I move to my new home next year
▶Govee Flow Pro Light Bars: bit.ly/TSFlowPro
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34" 144Hz Ultrawide Monitor: amzn.to/3eYzaGv
27" 4K 144Hz Monitor: amzn.to/3cN0bKB
Monitor Mounts: amzn.to/3c2Tm8l
Yunzii KC84 Keyboard: amzn.to/30Wq1X3
Glorious Model O Wireless: amzn.to/3vJAva7
Glorious TKL Wrist Rest: amzn.to/3eVqdOr
White/Red Mousepad: amzn.to/2NCIG7c
Kanto TUK Speakers: amzn.to/3vKiBnK
Kanto Speaker Stands: amzn.to/38Zv657
Kanto Headphone Holder: amzn.to/3tDYvde
ASUS ROG Strix Gaming Headset: amzn.to/3eYQ73U
Sennheiser HD800S Custom Painted: amzn.to/3tDXiTa
RODE Broadcaster Microphone: amzn.to/3vFLIZr
RODE AI-1 Audio Interface: amzn.to/30VXxwq
White XLR Cables: amzn.to/2OSqWVZ
Innogear Microphone Arm (Painted): amzn.to/2OOKpa2
Uplift Ergo Chair: bit.ly/3sjiEoJ
WD 8TB External Hard Drive: amzn.to/2Qmq4JE
▶CA Parts◀
34" 144Hz Ultrawide Monitor: amzn.to/3cNM4EF
27" 4K 144Hz Monitor: amzn.to/3tAmRV2
Monitor Mounts: amzn.to/3s8IAmI
Yunzii KC84 Keyboard: amzn.to/3vBu2Oy
Glorious Model O Wireless: amzn.to/30VKHym
Glorious TKL Wrist Rest: amzn.to/2OTjhGK
White/Red Mousepad: amzn.to/3lxUUdH
Kanto TUK Speakers: amzn.to/38X3M7H
Kanto Speaker Stands: amzn.to/3eYqEHU
Kanto Headphone Holder: amzn.to/3s3b01z
ASUS ROG Strix Gaming Headset: amzn.to/3eYBtJF
Sennheiser HD800S Custom Painted: amzn.to/2NwV2xu
RODE Broadcaster Microphone: amzn.to/38Y6s4K
RODE AI-1 Audio Interface: amzn.to/3cQKxO5
White XLR Cables: amzn.to/3vDppnn
Innogear Microphone Arm (Painted): amzn.to/3s2Qs9q
Uplift Ergo Chair: bit.ly/3sjiEoJ
WD 8TB External Hard Drive: amzn.to/31255Oa
▶UK Parts◀
34" 144Hz Ultrawide Monitor: amzn.to/3s3gx85
27" 4K 144Hz Monitor: amzn.to/3r1DJ5p
Monitor Mounts: amzn.to/3lIH1K1
Yunzii KC84 Keyboard: amzn.to/3tE0jD2
Glorious Model O Wireless: amzn.to/3c2kPXI
Glorious TKL Wrist Rest: amzn.to/3lvrJb6
White/Red Mousepad: amzn.to/30YLZbN
Kanto TUK Speakers: amzn.to/3s5GlAr
Kanto Speaker Stands: amzn.to/30WEmmj
Kanto Headphone Holder: amzn.to/38Xq4q2
ASUS ROG Strix Gaming Headset: amzn.to/3lwIXF0
Sennheiser HD800S Custom Painted: amzn.to/2P9hnlc
RODE Broadcaster Microphone: amzn.to/3s3lZIf
RODE AI-1 Audio Interface: amzn.to/3txueMQ
White XLR Cables: amzn.to/3r3WTaW
Innogear Microphone Arm (Painted): amzn.to/2OHfU5Z
Uplift Ergo Chair: bit.ly/3sjiEoJ
WD 8TB External Hard Drive: amzn.to/3s3Muxl

TechSource Måned siden
Its been a helluva journey, but unfortunately its time to end the Dream Setup series for now. ❤
trip_xy 5 dager siden
69 Minute Crafts
69 Minute Crafts 5 dager siden
69 Minute Crafts
69 Minute Crafts 5 dager siden
What desk do you use?
69 Minute Crafts
69 Minute Crafts 5 dager siden
@TechSource What desk is that?
69 Minute Crafts
69 Minute Crafts 5 dager siden
What desk is that?
Taylor Morris
Taylor Morris 2 timer siden
wtaf is that moniitor
yo boi maffew
yo boi maffew 5 timer siden
Can I have your old pc?
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown 7 timer siden
What is the desk?
David Dubuc
David Dubuc 8 timer siden
what are some good pre buit pcs that i could start with?
0vcjl 19 timer siden
mannn if you don’t want the old stuff just hand it over 😂🤷‍♂️
Ahmed Elkhodary
Ahmed Elkhodary 19 timer siden
Tip: listen to the video using headphones please 😭😅
Tucker Murphy
Tucker Murphy 20 timer siden
Congrats on the house
Dakota Thompson
Dakota Thompson 22 timer siden
206 drizzy
206 drizzy Dag siden
Hey please answer what gateron switch you got?
Solar Miles
Solar Miles Dag siden
titanium is light ED: these are heavy what are they made out of titanium!
Parth Wadhawan
Parth Wadhawan Dag siden
Solar Miles
Solar Miles Dag siden
can I buy your black pc?
Null Dag siden
the fact people are this ocd about there set ups bugs me lol
Colin Mcdermott
Colin Mcdermott Dag siden
what desk is thaat?
Verxx Dag siden
4:18 Your obsessed with the what?????
Midnight Austin
Midnight Austin Dag siden
how are you making so much money ed, please teach us
morty Juega
morty Juega Dag siden
My mom is making a house in dominicam republic and i gotta take my pc there im prob gonna tell the flight dude that how to bring my pc without breaking it hope it will work why because is gonna be a 4k pc
That same mobile stand i got in my local store for less than 1 dollar
Rogelio Hernández
Rogelio Hernández Dag siden
MX Master 2S??? Why not the newer/better MX Master 3????? It's so mucho better and the battery life is one of the biggest improvements
DrDragon Dag siden
Mount your speakers onto your wall and use some white race ways
Tessy Dag siden
What's that ncs song called
No Name
No Name 2 dager siden
Setup is on fire
It's Brother Perfect
It's Brother Perfect 2 dager siden
I wish i could have a gaming setup
Clorox_cid 2 dager siden
the color scheme is wack asf red and white for the mouse mad and desk and keyboard is fine the wallpaper doesnt look good and match
MrAwesomeplus 2 dager siden
Why would you downgrade your headphones?
XY JOSH 2 dager siden
will these things mess up your wall
Rocket Sharer
Rocket Sharer 2 dager siden
Hey can u pls tell me what app for the wallpapers u use
Ashley Neinhoüs
Ashley Neinhoüs 2 dager siden
it's Vaste Lorde so (vshsteh Lordeh)
xd kuzi
xd kuzi 2 dager siden
Hydra 2 dager siden
Many of the links doesn't work TechSource?
Emiluvik 2 dager siden
TechSource: *Upgrades His Gaming Set because He doesn't Like it* Me: *Me With My 10 Year Old Gaming Setup* Also Me: Am I A Joke To You?
Spirit Likes noodles
Spirit Likes noodles 2 dager siden
Man chucked that mouse in the bin i dont even have 1 😖😫😂
Jordan Phan
Jordan Phan 3 dager siden
steezy 3 dager siden
“I am obsessed with the D”
THE BEAST_ 3 dager siden
Ed : simply throws the mouse to the bin , Which I had been dreaming about 🙂
Miles _
Miles _ 3 dager siden
Atl1s 3 dager siden
Famous quote from tech source”I really love the D”
DisSongGames 3 dager siden
Op setup, i wish to have a better PC
simple 3 dager siden
Dream setup, ultimate dream setup, 😂
FRANCISELECTOR 3 dager siden
I'm sorry but it really spins my gears the way you are throwing away perfectly good stuff. This isn't a hate comment it's just someone who could really enjoy and use those items... if you're gonna trash it pleases at least give it away.
Fushiguro Megumi
Fushiguro Megumi 3 dager siden
3 months later...
Jack Blackwell
Jack Blackwell 4 dager siden
You upgrading as you want me saving up for 5 birthdays and not even having enough to upgrade from a 10 year old ph prebuilt
Santiago Antonio Flores
Santiago Antonio Flores 4 dager siden
Gift me ur goXlr please lmfao
J NIEL 4 dager siden
A true gamer never stops upgrading their setup
averagepainter 4 dager siden
yeah, just throw perfectly good stuff in the trash. what has this wolrd come to...
Devin Rivero
Devin Rivero 4 dager siden
how u get that back round to recognize sound like that?
Chun Long
Chun Long 4 dager siden
@Ed, can i ask how do u clean your mousepad if it get dirty? can ti be wash or?
bigbunny27 4 dager siden
can i have every thing yo thought in the bin
Omar Waled
Omar Waled 4 dager siden
I hope you build a setup for me one day 🙂
Sy_n 5 dager siden
If you use the G903 mouse you can get the really fast scroll wheel and a normal one
69 Minute Crafts
69 Minute Crafts 5 dager siden
What desk is that?
YanPlays 5 dager siden
Can u give me set up??
Mizu 5 dager siden
29:06 when the phone holder is SUS
MrBanditBC 5 dager siden
Vibrations from the speakers can break your pc components
silly wxlly
silly wxlly 5 dager siden
take notes from nickmercs' setup
Reeceeboy77 5 dager siden
hey ed, where did you get the nanoleaf panels, would love to get myself some
yodoxy 5 dager siden
bro can you give me a pc i really need im on console
GURU PRASAD M B V 6 dager siden
you always make me jealous
Ricky Ortiz
Ricky Ortiz 6 dager siden
He said we are going to upgrade about 90% of this stuff, only 60% is staying.
jusvibz 6 dager siden
So do we get a small piece of that😹
Morse Code Reviews
Morse Code Reviews 6 dager siden
This setup is the tits!
Danilo Bonanno
Danilo Bonanno 6 dager siden
Just one question, from where did you get those Dragon Ball statues?
Cohen Howard
Cohen Howard 6 dager siden
Looks worse 🙂
S A T A R O 6 dager siden
Please telll me where u got that awesome key board
CHI CHI 6 dager siden
Jackson Buchanan
Jackson Buchanan 6 dager siden
1Ad 6 dager siden
How about rise the wide monitor monitor and use a tv instead of the top monitor mounted on wall
C3ntraDan 7 dager siden
ayooooo sus 4:17
Erik 1701
Erik 1701 7 dager siden
ya should never say this will be my last since tech changes everyday
slax 7 dager siden
the thing that costs the most NANO LEAFS
Nathan Levieff
Nathan Levieff 7 dager siden
All I have ever wanted was a setup and its painful for me to watch him throw away these things
Luca Bradbrook
Luca Bradbrook 7 dager siden
one techsource vid a day keeps the cabels away!
ChivaRawr 7 dager siden
4:17 ayo...
Tired Bean
Tired Bean 7 dager siden
Mate you know the amount of shortages going around in the world right now right? Then why the heck would you throw gaming equipment????
lucas morganelli
lucas morganelli 7 dager siden
Great! but can I have your old tech :o
Wyatt Johnson
Wyatt Johnson 8 dager siden
hes buying a whole new stand just because he can see his speaker cords
Wyatt Johnson
Wyatt Johnson 8 dager siden
my guy just dropped a Model O in the bin
FBI BBQ 8 dager siden
4:18 that kinda sus 😏
Kooning 8 dager siden
Why does he make better setups for other people then himself?
qPandax 8 dager siden
its his oppinion on whats good and bad tho, it may seem worse, but he prefers it and feels more comfortable in it
Team Cent
Team Cent 8 dager siden
stop your making me feel poor
Omar Carmona
Omar Carmona 8 dager siden
Can I get some of the stuff you throwing away that a waste of money I need a new setup
qPandax 8 dager siden
9 dager siden
Tbh the monitor should switch
Ty Robinson
Ty Robinson 9 dager siden
I was going to go to sleep but this seemed more important
Trickshots4 Life
Trickshots4 Life 9 dager siden
4:18 Ok Chill 😀😃😃
SaturatedFox 10 dager siden
What program is used for the gif wallpapers?
Crystal 10 dager siden
Hey! Did you not like the SM7B? You didn't really address why you changed mics. Thanks!
Javier Ramirez
Javier Ramirez 10 dager siden
If you dont want that wired mouse ill happily take it off your hands🙂
troy bryant
troy bryant 10 dager siden
what is the ultra wide monitor mount? I have been looking for something like that for a while
Gero Breuer
Gero Breuer 10 dager siden
So we just ignore the fact that he just bought some $900 speakers for watching anime
Sanjeev Karmakar
Sanjeev Karmakar 10 dager siden
How much for your temporary setup pc? 🙏 If it's in my budget I would like to buy it
elsamso 10 dager siden
just curious why you're getting rid of the goxlr and shure sm7b? surely thats top of the line unless you're actually recording music..
Game Beast
Game Beast 10 dager siden
Can I please have any old pc pls
Ishan Singh
Ishan Singh 10 dager siden
If i was at that place i would have used two same display i never like asymmetric view also one side is red black white but other is pink and light blue not good bro
Itachi Hyugha
Itachi Hyugha 10 dager siden
Im obsessed with the d lol
saul rios
saul rios 10 dager siden
900 for speakers wtf
Swoon 11 dager siden
" *i am obsessed with the D* " -edgar (techsource)
watermelon bun
watermelon bun 11 dager siden
Ichigo hollowfied( is that how you spell it?) Form
TY FITZSIMON 11 dager siden
“Guys I’m obsessed with the D” 4:21
Reychasor 11 dager siden
Use Satoro Gojo for wallpaper!!!!!!! pls
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