Looks Like Wonder Woman 1984 Is Going To Flop

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The Critical Drinker

2 måneder siden

With the latest news that Wonder Woman 1984 is getting released onto HBO Max this Christmas instead of getting a proper theatrical release, it looks like this movie is going to do a Mulan and flop hard.

The Critical Drinker
The Critical Drinker 2 måneder siden
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stijnvdv2 28 dager siden
the one thing the Critical Drinker didn't take into account..... I'm not even gonna pirate these fucking diarrhea movies. I think they ain't even worth that!
Don M
Don M 28 dager siden
@Snapdragon 9600 blimey! she’s built like a tank from gta vice city , I definitely woul believe her being Wonder Woman than gal, I was even skeptical bout her being in the first movie which I was right because that movie was meh
Don M
Don M 28 dager siden
@The Conscientious Objector tbh not really a big fan of her physique I’ve seen better on a normal stroll to town mate
Don M
Don M 28 dager siden
@Starxteel KJB1611 2 and half hours apparently
gary gates
gary gates Måned siden
Gabriella Wilde who plays maxwell lords secretary is melania trump ivana in wonder woman 1984...she is british in real life but in the movie they give her a eastern european accent....for no reason...
Perfect Kakistocracy
Perfect Kakistocracy 3 dager siden
LOL... paying back loans... just ask the U.S. government.
maskedathiest 4 dager siden
my wife has a thing for wonderwoman. i am going to order a cosplay costume in a ladies large to wear as her v-day present i think.
Oliver Klosov
Oliver Klosov 12 dager siden
Totally called it. Well done! This movie sucked hard.
Um No
Um No 12 dager siden
i love how you said "planks of wood", then showed 2 very flat chested ladies. hahahha
Ed 13 dager siden
God WW84 was god awful.
iamjedi006 14 dager siden
this movie sucked hard! (fact) -> it was like a syfy version of the power rangers minus the rangers & monsters ~ i grade it a "D" for diana
Dan Z
Dan Z 14 dager siden
WOW this video didn't age well. Wonder woman did so well the cri....PSSS....NO IT BOMBED LIKE A FEMALE COMEDIAN! You nailed it! If i was as blind as an SJW PC Hollywood Liberal i would think you where a psychic! HOW DID HE KNOW?! I would wonder, not seeing the writing on the walls EVERYONE OUTSIDE OF HOLLYWOOD CAN SEE! Soon they'll be calling you asking you to predict their next failing move. Only to not take your advice and do it all again.
magnuslord 15 dager siden
Man that bond film looks like a massive dumpster 🔥.
Los Rajvosa 007
Los Rajvosa 007 16 dager siden
Maybe bcs. Of unkown virus movie didn't succesed!? But Kristen Wiig was awesome at least. Last comedy and good movie that I watch was ; Let's be cops 😂 Hilarious srsly.
Jareth Norman
Jareth Norman 16 dager siden
"Unspecified virus of unknown origin" gets a like from me all on its own
Travis Ransdell
Travis Ransdell 17 dager siden
My lord , I’m so happy I stumbled upon your channel
Lo Bell
Lo Bell 18 dager siden
What hero am I discribing A strong human with extraordinary powers who first becomes super while fighting Nazis and having a love interest who will not live nearly as long as them
Joseph Hickey
Joseph Hickey 18 dager siden
Gal is so hot wtf, great wonder woman too
Desmond Dwyer
Desmond Dwyer 19 dager siden
The first one was bad and the second one is worse🤪🤪🤪
Chocolate Marshmallow Kitty
Chocolate Marshmallow Kitty 13 dager siden
I like the first one it has a certain charm to it
Oliver Dougan
Oliver Dougan 20 dager siden
Hey, Alita Battle Angel is a good female lead
Sonny Whispers
Sonny Whispers 21 dag siden
It didn't flop and also...this nigga literally doesn't like anything with women beyond porn it seems likes...
Dynasty001 20 dager siden
It is on track to not make back its budget.
John Marston
John Marston 22 dager siden
This aged *great*
_ry4n.s 22 dager siden
this aged like fine wine
Bill Gates
Bill Gates 22 dager siden
The unspecified virus of unknown origin doesn’t go away until we stop being afraid of it and force our governments to let us go back to work without masks and lockdowns.
Bill Gates
Bill Gates 15 dager siden
@Willow Faye You mean from that virus with a 99.98% survival rating? You mean that virus that can be controlled by the most minute hygiene methods? You mean that virus that has been known to only severely affect those with highly compromised immune systems, multiple comorbidities, or just lost the genetic lottery? You mean that virus that’s neutralized by sunlight, fresh air, and healthy body and mindset? You mean that virus that has barely killed 1 million people worldwide? Seriously are you going to be afraid of every new disease that comes out?
Willow Faye
Willow Faye 15 dager siden
So we can come back home to kill our family members off?
Predator ASAP
Predator ASAP 22 dager siden
This has aged like fine vine
Quint 22 dager siden
I thought I could enjoy anything with gal gadot... I was wrong
Morty 215 ,30 Z9TPK RZ3
Morty 215 ,30 Z9TPK RZ3 23 dager siden
Coming back after his recent review and he was spot on a mouth ago and 9 mouths ago damn he's good
Adam Nichols
Adam Nichols 23 dager siden
The funny thing is, for a movie to be successful, it usually has to also be good (the Transformers franchise somehow bypasses this rule). While I didn’t hate WW’84 and thought it was decent, it definitely wasn’t a great movie, and I’m hesitant to even call it a good movie because it has so many glaring plot holes, despite enjoying it a lot. The writing was easily the worst thing in the film, and definitely shows that Patty Jenkins is ONLY a director, not a director and a writer. Now Wonder Woman will be flying and making things invisible. Okay... and apparently she’ll be flying in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Um... okay again.
Fitness Monk
Fitness Monk 24 dager siden
You surely saw the future, what a mess of a movie this was 🤦🏽‍♂️[sigh]
Whocares 24 dager siden
The good thing about this movie is that it went straight to streaming.
Nunya Biznes
Nunya Biznes 20 dager siden
And yet people walked out on it haha!
REEL60FRAMES 24 dager siden
The video didn't exactly age well. WW3 got announced.
Lat3ry 24 dager siden
it is even worse than what you predicted
rvnmedic1968 24 dager siden
Ah ha hahaa hahahaha. Fekking great you are, Mr. Drinker. I live in the USA but own a square foot o' land on Islay. Cheers, Lord Robert (paid good money for that title)
Strranger Things
Strranger Things 25 dager siden
You mean to say blunder W is full of farts and blunders, Lol, who could have imagine that
Tom Roberts
Tom Roberts 25 dager siden
And yet it made 13million it's first weekend (80million world wide)!
Commander Tato
Commander Tato 24 dager siden
Mos people swallow anything these days
CT Optimal
CT Optimal 25 dager siden
Yep checks out
dave87gn 25 dager siden
WTF is wrong with you? WW was horrible. Stupid story horrible CGI..Gal Gadot too skinny body and weird accent are a turn off. This is what I don't get. Both WW's seem equally horrible but everyone likes the first pile of sht?
Chocolate Marshmallow Kitty
Chocolate Marshmallow Kitty 13 dager siden
I really enjoyed the first one it was charming
Kate H
Kate H 21 dag siden
i enjoyed the first movie quite a bit. It was definitely way better than this one
rvnmedic1968 24 dager siden
Is that like a personal attack or something? :)
Jeremy Dauzat
Jeremy Dauzat 25 dager siden
You called it. Spot on.
ShadowVessel π
ShadowVessel π 25 dager siden
Lackluster Man of Steel? C'mon
888GRM 25 dager siden
Just came back to say that he called it.
Sticky59 25 dager siden
Wonder Woman isn't going to flop ....because it has flopped already. 200 million to make this piece of garbage.
Men are awesome
Men are awesome 26 dager siden
When I see "Wonder"woman with his Chris Pine I totally see who the man in this relationship is! ^^
Emilio M. M.
Emilio M. M. 18 dager siden
AKUNA MATATA 26 dager siden
Gal gadot is a horrible actress. Yeah the first one didn't gush female empowerment, and it did pretty good. This one IS gushing though. That's why it failed. Hollywood just doesn't get that. Bad actors, desperate story, and political agendas, trying to piggy back off a mediocre 1st movie.
rilla46 26 dager siden
And it did! #wonderwomansucks
some michael
some michael 26 dager siden
They say go woke or go broke, now that we've gone woke and broke, is the complaint that we aren't woke enough?
J. O.
J. O. 26 dager siden
Aged like fine wine
Ryan Holmes
Ryan Holmes 26 dager siden
The dumbass lightning rope and crappy mall scene were enough to stop me from finishing the movie. Every DC show and movie have the worst writers in Hollywood. They either write solely for children or they think their audience is dumber than $hit.
WIIC TV Channel 11
WIIC TV Channel 11 26 dager siden
It's crazy how so many people who don't agree with this channel and the majority of people who watch it are watching the Drinker's videos. Actually, they probably aren't watching it but want to argue with the people in the comments. Anyways, I can't imagine that existence for someone. Just hang around things and people you hate so that you can argue with it/them.
Rick Bourne
Rick Bourne 26 dager siden
GENGENIUS STUDIOS 26 dager siden
O'DEAR GOD...WW1984 was more like Supergirl 1984. I prefer Snyders version of Wonder Woman, strong, Goddess, warrior. Jenkins turned Wonder Woman into a "girl", sniveling, whining, preachy, soft, fragile and annoying as hell. THANKS PATTY JENKINS for ruining the Wonder Woman franchise for me forever. Wonder Woman lll, I think not, God please don't!
Falcon Fastidious
Falcon Fastidious 26 dager siden
It’s sucks 👎🏽
Edwin Valenzuela
Edwin Valenzuela 26 dager siden
"IT IS!!!!"
Edwin Valenzuela
Edwin Valenzuela 26 dager siden
jerome santa
jerome santa 26 dager siden
Cinemas in Canada are closed and the only way to watch it is on streaming but for 30$, i passed...
RONALD HAZLEY 26 dager siden
You're correct lol
Bankside1997 26 dager siden
This is what happens when you are Pro Trump and a movie critic. The movie is not as good as the first Wonder Woman, but your political biases come afloat in this movie review.
zmeicorp 25 dager siden
LOL , he's not pro trump, he just says the obvious that this stupid movie is anti-trump like all of idiot woke hollywood
WonderBat Enthusiast1
WonderBat Enthusiast1 26 dager siden
Regardless of his political standpoint, the movie is shite and I'm a dc fan myself
HOPELESS Ent. 26 dager siden
Films carry that bias which in turn whole rounded reviewers point out. I’m sure you’re unaware of Roger Ebert right?
Eternal Blessing
Eternal Blessing 26 dager siden
Youfor sure called it...
S2K MobileGaming
S2K MobileGaming 26 dager siden
DD bhaha
DD bhaha 26 dager siden
Precisely well executed. This is better than the actual movie.
Carl Riden
Carl Riden 26 dager siden
Gal should have taken off her shirt.
HOPELESS Ent. 25 dager siden
zmeicorp oh yea for sure. They’d be all over Wonder Woman’s invisible jet.
zmeicorp 25 dager siden
@HOPELESS Ent. more than 9 11
HOPELESS Ent. 26 dager siden
You’d have more dancing israelis if that happened.
Garry Resowidjojo
Garry Resowidjojo 26 dager siden
Did WW or Diana Prince and Steve Trevors Vessel really sleep together? I guess WW3 would get a pregnant WW but she renounced her wish 🤷🏼‍♂️ I guess
Frank White
Frank White 26 dager siden
Terrible movie 2 and a half hour of a waste of time even in a pandemic.
John Doe
John Doe 26 dager siden
Ethan MasterCrafter
Ethan MasterCrafter 26 dager siden
Well shet he wasn't kidding
Spanky Harland
Spanky Harland 26 dager siden
the stealing the jet, taking off and finding out she can make it invisible only to find out she could fly like Superman later was a really waste of time....
John Paul second
John Paul second 26 dager siden
This aged so well xD
Liam J
Liam J 27 dager siden
anyone back to see his correct prediction from his recent vid?
Royal Blue
Royal Blue 27 dager siden
Wouldn't it be better if they make a movie about Kassandra from Assassin's Creed Odyssey?
Sergio Lobato
Sergio Lobato 27 dager siden
Can you imagine if it was given to Jon Favreau or Greta Gerwig to direct and co write ? Cast Tiffany Hadish or Tina Fey instead of Wiig?
Nunya Business
Nunya Business 27 dager siden
I enjoyed it! FUN Good movie. It seems like every female-centric superhero movie gets a lot unwarranted hate. Lots. Hmmm....
XO MtHood
XO MtHood 26 dager siden
demonstrably untrue, WW was very well received. The dislike for this movie is well warranted. It is a crap fest of illogic.
River Petar
River Petar 27 dager siden
... good for you. Most of us are older than 12yo to enjoy this.
Edge Spotter
Edge Spotter 27 dager siden
“Dead eyed planks of wood.” Truer words have never been spoken.
German Wojtek
German Wojtek 28 dager siden
Hey doomsday vs. the Justice League is the best thing about these movies
The Little Renegade
The Little Renegade 28 dager siden
“Past their prime actresses?”
The Little Renegade
The Little Renegade 27 dager siden
@Nunya Business LOL. I’m asking him why he said one of the problems with the movie was “past their prime actresses”. I am directly quoting his video.
Nunya Business
Nunya Business 27 dager siden
Sexist much?! I guess you hate Meryl Streep.
Ross Egan
Ross Egan 28 dager siden
I saw a female Richard Harrow in this clip
Dave Walker
Dave Walker 28 dager siden
Is it any surprise considering the pandemic..... personally I'm not interested in hero movies or potentially feminist movies. But surely the pandemic is the only reason for this......
Mohit singh
Mohit singh 28 dager siden
Oh boy this video aged like fine wine.
CooLin1stPlace 28 dager siden
Drinker Called It.
Varun Tyagi
Varun Tyagi 28 dager siden
Just here to appreciate that our boy was right about the movie. Two and a half hours of total Bill shit!
Prantika Majumdar
Prantika Majumdar 28 dager siden
Holy shit this aged like good scotch
Prantika Majumdar
Prantika Majumdar 28 dager siden
@Darth JSON thank you I shall fix my mistakes immediately
Darth JSON
Darth JSON 28 dager siden
Nah, a seasoned drinker doesn't waste his time with shit like wine. This is aged like a good scotch.
peaceful justice_ warrior
peaceful justice_ warrior 28 dager siden
I don't think it's possible to shit on this enough... Even though it's not the actor's fault aside from agreeing to the movie. It was atrocious!
Sarah Elo
Sarah Elo 28 dager siden
You called it. It was absolute trash, and the feminism in it was dire
jd 28 dager siden
He was right.
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson 28 dager siden
Awesome 😎
Ed Nguyen
Ed Nguyen 28 dager siden
My favorite mainstream female-theme superheroine film remains Elektra, director’s cut. Gorgeous cinematography, decent performance from Jennifer Garner, decent if somewhat stylized fight scenes. The main story didn’t quite work, but the smaller, character scenes were quite good. It really is a film about inner turmoil; the superheroine stuff is just filler. I’ll take Elektra anyday over any of the 3 WW films (although Cathy Lee crosby wasn’t bad....).
Caleb S.
Caleb S. 28 dager siden
This movie sucked, majorly.
Anthony KMS
Anthony KMS 28 dager siden
Just let zack snyder help write and direct DC movies... at least the ones hes had a large hand in have been decent *eyeroll*
gabriel sullivan
gabriel sullivan 28 dager siden
gabriel sullivan
gabriel sullivan 28 dager siden
This has aged like fine wine
Komrade Kalashnikov
Komrade Kalashnikov 28 dager siden
He was right by god he was right
Luke Neuman
Luke Neuman 28 dager siden
Whose here after the movie is horrible?
caleb howard
caleb howard 28 dager siden
LMFAOOOOOO you ffckin called it
Kris B
Kris B 28 dager siden
This movie was poop
Earl Eastman
Earl Eastman 28 dager siden
You called it!
Sathyanath Punathil
Sathyanath Punathil 28 dager siden
You called it
Loida Perez
Loida Perez 28 dager siden
In the words of Stephen Strange: “Congratulations, you’re a prophet.”
I_can_do_this_all_day 993
I_can_do_this_all_day 993 27 dager siden
@jlaws80 me too. And you'll comeback here to defend snyder at the ends of the world. And no grownups do not watch edgelords in the name of 'mature'. I am not gonna watch snydercut. Wb runs dc not snyder and it was long decided that snyder will not continue after audience rejected dc eww. You folks still live in the delusion that everyone likes dceu. Keep living in the little bubble of yours and keep hailing snyder as the best on dceu Reddit. Bcuz thats what grownups do. Bye bye
jlaws80 27 dager siden
@I_can_do_this_all_day 993 its fun arguing, but I got grownfolk stuff to do, good night
jlaws80 27 dager siden
@I_can_do_this_all_day 993 what do you based failed off of, they've made a profit on every film excluding JL, which they broke even. BVS made over 900mil, SS made over 800mil, WW made over 900mil, Aquaman made over a billion. Am I missing something, you or you dont even know what Reeves BM will make or how it will do, your claim is based off a trailor, REALLY. Your argument is centered around your opinion not facts. Dislike Snyder or not, these franchises are getting sequels because they were successful. SS2, WW3, MOS2, Aquaman 2, JL Snyder cut, Flash, Im sorry your hurt by their success. I bet anything you'll watch the Snyder Cut
I_can_do_this_all_day 993
I_can_do_this_all_day 993 27 dager siden
@jlaws80 what profit lol. And pls don't associate dc with this hack universe dceu. At least Reeves batman will help clean the palette of these disgusting films. And no snyderverse is not continuing. Come out of your bubble. Nobody has the time to watch a failed franchise . Hack snyder has embarrased every dc fan out there.
jlaws80 27 dager siden
@I_can_do_this_all_day 993 DC, DCEU, regardless, none of those films have flopped, they've all made a profit and no one is letting them go regardless of how you feel about Snyder. Snyder is a filmmaker not concerned about youtube critics, att or wb, everything that Snyder has done is continuing.
Mike 28 dager siden
This aged right on the money
HGAMES69 28 dager siden
This video aged well. All hail our Aussie drunkard
HGAMES69 28 dager siden
@VideaVice25 well well William Wallace
VideaVice25 28 dager siden
He's a scot.
Lego Crafter Studios
Lego Crafter Studios 28 dager siden
Just watched WW84. Watching this video for the first time and I am not surprised.
Juelz Loren
Juelz Loren 28 dager siden
Patty Jenkins made Diana Prince a CRIMINAL and SEX OFFENDER. *SPOILER* Steve randomly inhabits a man’s body and insinuates DIANA & STEVE made love (while Steve is in another man’s body).
Manj Sher
Manj Sher 29 dager siden
It flopped.
RSTM 29 dager siden
In what way is the main villain in this movie like Donald Trump?
XO MtHood
XO MtHood 26 dager siden
I had heard someone make this comparison and frankly, I don't see it at all.
winner chicken dinner
winner chicken dinner 29 dager siden
You RIGHT you son of a bitch you goddamn right !!!!!!!
unrealone1 29 dager siden
What about fauci as davros?
Yurii Soltys
Yurii Soltys 29 dager siden
Movie was boring af, all action scenes there was you could see in a trailer . Yeah, and f*ck Trump, absolutely hate the guy
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