IONIQ 5 World Premiere

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Power your world. ​
Welcome to the World Premiere of the Hyundai IONIQ 5. The latest EV that redefines Electric Mobility lifestyle and enables you to power your world.​

The IONIQ 5 caters to diverse lifestyles without constraints to your daily life. The EV combines customizable space and eco-friendly materials with outstanding technology and design. IONIQ 5 leads us to a better, brighter, more sustainable world.​
Please stay tuned for upcoming stories with IONIQ 5! ​
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▶ Online reservations open for selected EU customer from 23rd Feb 8:10 AM CEST
** Some of the displayed images are artistic impressions and purely for illustrative purpose only.

Nuno Lanca
Nuno Lanca Dag siden
Why has Hyundai made a futuristic resemblance to the Fiat 127 Concept?
Marilyn Lopez
Marilyn Lopez 3 dager siden D'altra parte, un aumento del livello di coscienza civica non lascia alcuna possibilita a metodi innovativi di gestione dei processi. Solo gli scenari di base del comportamento degli utenti formano una rete economica globale e, allo stesso tempo, sono indicati come contendenti per il ruolo di fattori chiave.Per il mondo moderno, il rafforzamento e lo sviluppo della struttura interna non lascia alcuna possibilita per la distribuzione delle riserve e delle risorse interne. Il significato di questi problemi e cosi evidente che lo sviluppo socio-economico, nella sua visione classica, consente l'introduzione del progresso della comunita professionale.! 多様で豊富な経験は、専門家のチームの連帯が好ましい見通しのための十分な機会を提供することを私たちに教えてくれます。従来の製造に取って代わることを目指す現代の規格の仕様の範囲内で、ナノテクノロジーは同様に独自のデバイスに任せることができます。予備的な結論は期待外れです。ポジションの形成に関する日々の作業の開始は、自給自足と外部に依存する概念的決定の両方にとって決定的に重要です。したがって、位置調査の質の高さは、好ましい見通しに直接依存します。
Jaison Acosta
Jaison Acosta 4 dager siden
Esta mejor su ermano el kia ev
Claudiu C.
Claudiu C. 6 dager siden
Tesla fans smashing that dislike button 😅...
Vincent Yang
Vincent Yang 6 dager siden
I want one. It looks sexy and Korean.
SRB Educational Trust
SRB Educational Trust 7 dager siden
I have purchased Verna bearing Chassis no MALC841DMHM022490 & Engine no D4FBHM441328 Registration NO HR 05 AH 6161 on 11 Dec 2017 from M/s. Sawan Motors, Panipat in the name of Nidhi Bansal. The vehicle has got all regular service from Hyundai Authorized Service dealer i.e. M/s. Brar Hyundai ,Muktsar till date . The last service was done by above said dealer on 01-02-2021 at 95000 Kms with no defect in the vehicle. The car was running in good shape but suddenly car engine started making noise and more vibrate . On 20-03-2021 we took the vehicle to Brar Hyundai , Muktsar for check up where the Service Advisor told that there is no engine oil inside the engine and require Engine overhaul On asking the reason of no engine oil they were unable to reply satisfactory which clearly indicates that they have charged for new engine oil but didn't change at the time of service. Since Hyundai Motors India Ltd. Launched in India I have purchased 4 Santro and 2 i10 and 2 Verna cars till now but this time I am shocked by the behavior and quality of the parts used by dealer and Hyundai India I have also post this issue on the Instagram and Twitter page of M/s. Hyundai India but they also blocked me on both pages which make more surprised by the attitude of the company towards there customers . I have also screen shot of the both posts on Instagram and Twitter. You are requested to look into the matter on urgent basis or I will left with no option to move forward to Consumer Court for damages and harassments done by the dealer Waiting for revert as soon as possible Thanks, Rohit Bansal (Advocate) Bansal Avenue, Jaitu Road, Kotkapura-151204, Punjab (India) # +91 -98139-00061
Sachin Rathi
Sachin Rathi 8 dager siden
Worst Experience with Hyundai.😏😏😡😡🤬🤬 I purchased Hyundai Grand I10 a year Ago, My car generating issue's from First day, and Hyundai After Service is very very disturbing bushtit. After a year they are still not able to solve the issue of my car. I won't buy Hyundai Car again and Ever.
tubevization 10 dager siden
Powerful addition. Great car. Yet, it's presentation mediocre: that kind of Apple event lingo cheapens it dramatically - stop copying that! There is no need.
Domenico Ianuale
Domenico Ianuale 10 dager siden
e' vramente futuristicama immagino che costamolto?
Reddylion 12 dager siden
sarang757 13 dager siden
awesome design. so advanced. loved it ❤️👍
PK tube
PK tube 15 dager siden
The solar is really interesting for me but how effective is it ?
Santiago Junior
Santiago Junior 15 dager siden
1:54 A different car? Which car is that?
juleaben 16 dager siden
I love my 2014 BMW i3, but this ...
Tylen Johnson
Tylen Johnson 16 dager siden
This is the first Non-Tesla EV that literally EVERYONE I know wants and talks about... way to go Hyundai this is going to sell like hot cakes
fu yu
fu yu 17 dager siden
저걸 구매하는 고객층은 방탄안좋아한다
Moduga Sarang
Moduga Sarang 16 dager siden
방탄을 왜 안좋아하나요? 무슨 이유라도 있나요?
ebeh dzikraa
ebeh dzikraa 19 dager siden
it looks like a big scar on the side
S R 20 dager siden
Anyone in the fashion industry know what sweatshirt Lee is wearing? @6:40
Steve Carell
Steve Carell 21 dag siden
So good. They are gunna sell like crazy
Rupert Jung
Rupert Jung 22 dager siden
Looks interesting. But please: More cars, less heads.
Demetrio Griego
Demetrio Griego 23 dager siden
You did an amazing job designing this car, nobody in hyunday thought of upgrading your logo as well? It looks old and outdated on that futuristic looking car... good thing you removed it from the steering wheel so the driver doesn't have to look at it all the time.
zooto issio
zooto issio 23 dager siden
Kairos Soteria
Kairos Soteria 23 dager siden
ev becomes more and more IT technology based and koreans are the fittest in this area.
Gregorio García Fernández
Gregorio García Fernández 24 dager siden
Para los de Hyundai. Un pequeño valle alpino, puede ser Asturias, restos del deshielo, nieve, coches en semicírculo, presentando todos los colores de carrocería, con el portón trasero abierto, una gran lona se sujeta en cada uno de ellos sobre un poste central, mucha gente disfrutando, una imagen de convivencia fraternal, veraniega, barbacoas, etc., iluminación del entorno por los coches, la tarde, el atardecer, el anochecer, la noche. IMPRESIONANTE. IONIQ 5 ¡Lo que te une a la naturaleza!.
the knubbles
the knubbles 24 dager siden
Think y'all can paint it properly? @HyundaiPaintSucks on all social media.
jeff strong
jeff strong 24 dager siden
In Norway, they tested all EV and Ioniq 5 came in first with during cold weather, it lost 10% range but Tesla lost 20% range because Hyundai had better heat pump system. Not all EV comes with heat pump system to perform better with range during cold weather.
Nam3less 25 dager siden
Love the exterior but the interior is too feminine IMHO.
w210source 26 dager siden
Perfect commuter car. If it holds the claims, I'll trade in my Petrol Clio.
Francis Japson
Francis Japson 26 dager siden
Stan Ubeki
Stan Ubeki 26 dager siden
My 1962 Ford Falcon had automatic lane change.
Steve Hobday
Steve Hobday 26 dager siden
All these traditional ICE companies are all trying too hard. Best of luck to them trying to scale this to mass production without losing billions of dollars...
99SamIAm99 25 dager siden
@Steve Hobday "I doubt they really care about creating a sustainable future." I think it's foolish to lump people all together the way you just did. There may be some unscrupulous characters here and there, but I don't think people are that dumb.
Steve Hobday
Steve Hobday 25 dager siden
@99SamIAm99 trying too hard to stay relevant and economically viable in the longterm. I doubt they really care about creating a sustainable future.
99SamIAm99 25 dager siden
"All these traditional ICE companies are all trying too hard." I don't understand what you think this means.
kalm dwn
kalm dwn 26 dager siden
Congratulations from Antarctica.
Crayon_Logic44 26 dager siden
This looks real real clean.
Shashank Salian
Shashank Salian 26 dager siden
Why there isn't Hyundai badge on the steering wheel?
Moduga Sarang
Moduga Sarang 16 dager siden
That is not important. Be or not.
Kristen Wagner
Kristen Wagner 26 dager siden
Looks like an IKEA advertisement.
Donut Donut
Donut Donut 27 dager siden
Finally I can move to Texas!
Rubyn Chow
Rubyn Chow 27 dager siden
R Creepy
R Creepy 27 dager siden
Elite presentation zoom zoom.
Media SL - Second Life
Media SL - Second Life 27 dager siden
unbelievable 😜
cm 27 dager siden
3:00 Hyundai: “The console can be moved to the rear, completely removing any obstacles between the driver and the passenger” Doggers: “Thank you”
admin123 27 dager siden
Looks great!! Its beautiful!! Hyundai caught up. When I get an Ev, this will be it.
Eric van Ooijen
Eric van Ooijen 28 dager siden
Excellent design,,,,,,,,specialy the Headlight,s and "Nature art Sunflower" wheels,
Vishnu Reddy
Vishnu Reddy 28 dager siden
The distinctive cutting edge design of the car reminds me of the architecture, armor and weapon shapes of the AI warmind Rasputin from the game Destiny
Rick Y
Rick Y 28 dager siden
Retro DeLorean inspiration? Unremarkable forgettable design. Come on Hyundai!
yudi mulyadi
yudi mulyadi 28 dager siden
Yaloh need this..!!!
Prajyoth Pradeep
Prajyoth Pradeep 29 dager siden
Japanese were the first to introduce autonomous features, autonomous parking through Lexus in early 90s. Japanese make Hydrogen technology that's a whole new next level and paid trolls say that Toyota and Honda are on their way out 😂😂. LoL which world are you in?
Prajyoth Pradeep
Prajyoth Pradeep 29 dager siden
Why do you want to interact so much while driving. Talking itself is distracting. You think someone talking in a European accent can disguise that.
Nishant Kumar
Nishant Kumar Måned siden
Apple car lite!
Evgeny Bezverkhiy
Evgeny Bezverkhiy Måned siden
Styling looks like vw
99SamIAm99 25 dager siden
I think this is one of the trends now.
Gumhuang Kim
Gumhuang Kim Måned siden
디자인 컨셉 보여줄땐 문 열었을때 가운데 기둥이 없는 것 처럼 여러번 보여주지만, 정작 실제 실내 공간보여줄때 보면 기둥이 있네요.. 이거 과대광고 아닌가요... 계약 취소하고파짐.
Moduga Sarang
Moduga Sarang 16 dager siden
ㅎㅎ 취소 감사 합니다 내 주문 순서가 빨리 올 수 있을지도
동그란물 29 dager siden
제발 취소해라 내가 한대 더 신청한다.
justice justice
justice justice 29 dager siden
Martin Jensen
Martin Jensen Måned siden
Its The New Delta Integrale HF see it from the side how low and completely the same profile as a Delta Integrale HF
Martin Jensen
Martin Jensen Måned siden
Mr Giorgetto Giugiaro design the Lancia - Delta - Integrale This Car is a new Delta .
Martin Jensen
Martin Jensen Måned siden
This Car is a tribute to Mr Giorgetto Giugiaro From Hyundai Pony Coupe concept car to this magnificent car . A great journey for Hyundai .
Mike B
Mike B Måned siden
Question is, is the price affordable for the mass?
S S Måned siden
Dude it's just a car...
R. H.
R. H. Måned siden
Hyundai you must produktion a lot of Vehigles of this car!
Yousuf Anwar
Yousuf Anwar Måned siden
Game changer.
P K Måned siden
아이오닉 7 ㄱㄷㄱㄷ
BERNIEO4 Måned siden
How long till we get some real road tests ??
Richard Peddie
Richard Peddie Måned siden
I would sign up for a IONIQ 5 (45) in an instant BUT in the UK if it's delivered with the Solar Roof that's just a waste of time and money !
Jean Lajoie
Jean Lajoie Måned siden
Possédant déjà un e Kona EV Ultimate 2019, j'ai vraiment hâte de rouler en Ioniq-5 AWD en espérant un prix admissible aux subventions canadiennes Il ne me reste que d'attente son arrivée
Katz Matz
Katz Matz Måned siden
Should be spooky to see on your back mirror on a foggy day. Those headlights looks intimidating.
Future explorer
Future explorer Måned siden
It's is start.
adams trasd
adams trasd Måned siden
This thing’s wheelbase is larger than a Tesla model X, when the car is actually a tiny bit smaller than a model Y. The interior space must be massive.
BT SIMULATION 29 dager siden
@Princeton Leo this is also a bot
BT SIMULATION 29 dager siden
@Axel Jesus bots
idlerose Måned siden
This is going to eat the Model Y’s lunch. Signed - Model 3 Performance owner and TSLA shareholder. And future Ioniq 5 owner.
James Shin
James Shin Måned siden
미안합니다 현대차 극혐했던 사람인데 이제 찬양합니다. 나도 사고 싶게 잘나왔네요. 15년된 일본차 바꾸게 된다면 다음은 현대로 갈 생각입니다.
Dyna Melo
Dyna Melo Måned siden
Love the design!
Himanshu Ladole
Himanshu Ladole Måned siden
they are gonna sell so many of them
MrPhilbert Måned siden
This is the car that could really get me to kiss off gasoline forever! From petrol head to electron head.
dennis carter
dennis carter Måned siden
O h man looks awesome i can't wait to see ioniq 5 ,and ioniq 6 in person i just hope that price is not too high both look nice definitely better than ugly previous attempt
mintydog06 Måned siden
Car looks bloody amazing, and I love the pixelated lights.
DNA Måned siden
Huge competition for the german manufacturers , and Tesla ! Hyundai appears to have " stolen " the initiative in the EV market.
Sama Shin
Sama Shin Måned siden
Per-Erik Nilsson
Per-Erik Nilsson Måned siden
I dont like the steering wheel!
007 know
007 know Måned siden
정주영이 지향한 현대가 되길. ...
Khalid Alfadli
Khalid Alfadli Måned siden
hyundai ioniq 5 video game
SFB Måned siden
Hyundai, the first car compnay to design a full electric Golf
bitnaneunByul 빛나는별
bitnaneunByul 빛나는별 Måned siden
so many japanese push down . lol
Wirk Sam
Wirk Sam Måned siden
Congratulations from Germany.
Onyu So
Onyu So Måned siden
05:39 직원 자살사건, 잊지 맙시다.
Om Jai
Om Jai Måned siden
Bring it to Indonesia please,.....🙏🏻❤️
Sage Akporherhe
Sage Akporherhe Måned siden
This car better be good looking as I see it in this video when the production version is released.
MrVolodus Måned siden
Well this video is nothing if you want to know facts :D just bla bla bla. Looking forward for reviews :)
Doug Abbott
Doug Abbott Måned siden
Well done Hyundai. Winner winner.
MF Febry
MF Febry Måned siden
Wiin nice good 😘😍😍😍
nyzk Måned siden
Dang hyundai has eclipsed toyota and Honda in technology. I can't see toyota catching up to this car within 5 years
Reddylion 12 dager siden
Hyundai, kia 👍
John Lee
John Lee 19 dager siden
@Paul Elliott That’s the only excuse you have? More and more people lease. I’ve had Honda’s and Lexus. All ugly and boring. Honda’s are not as reliable as people make them out to be. I got rid of the Lexus after 6 months because it was by far the most boring car I’ve ever owned. If you only buy your car for resale, then you’re missing the point of actually enjoying your car. Ram is a joke and by far the most unreliable truck you can buy.
Dennis Scipio
Dennis Scipio 24 dager siden
@nyzk what?!
Crayon_Logic44 26 dager siden
It's not uncommon. Korean companies have now far surpassed the once giant Japanese conglomerates. Sony is a real clear example.
Rmdhn 27 dager siden
@nyzk the only way they can survive is making classy exclusive limited edition cars
regus azriel
regus azriel Måned siden
Very futuristic!
fifilafiloche Måned siden
blablablablablablabla. Tired of those long empty sentences. Give us digits, preferably accurate.
Rodrigo B. Medeiros79
Rodrigo B. Medeiros79 Måned siden
Estão de Parabéns Nota Mil 1000 👏👏👏🛫🛫🛬 Brasil
KORUS C Måned siden
Nice job. For the US market, Hyundai MUST negotiate with Electrify America to enable plug and charge like Ford did with Mach e. Even though VW funded the network, VW’s own id 4 even cannot do that. Once Hyundai can do what Mach e did for this charging, one more feature to fight against Tesla!
Buxxel Måned siden
Like the statements from the woman! ... oh, wait...
Kevin Mann
Kevin Mann Måned siden
Am I the only one frustrated that every electric car is either an extremely expensive hypercar or an SUV? I don't like SUVs, where are the more semi affordable electric sports cars that are not bland like Tesla?
Beorn Måned siden
So much pretentious bs, I kept skipping most of this. I would love this if it would truly fulfil my needs but I doubt it. My drive like a lot of houses in my street has a slope, low cars wont go roads flood in winter, how's this in a flood. Whats the charging time at home which is where it would get charged. A lot of these ev's sound good but in reality that's different. IfmI come home with a discharged battery how long beforemaI can go out again if something unforseen occurs ( which it did only a few weeks ago? Is this car truly practical? I owned a Hyundai i30 new from 2011 and it suffered from some (in my opinion) quite poor quality issues.
Hr H
Hr H Måned siden
Range still 480km! Sorry, I will wait few more years!
BigDaddysWorld Måned siden
Wow!! I'm in!!!
Rick Castellione
Rick Castellione Måned siden
Just a damn amazing design
Tesla Trev
Tesla Trev Måned siden
great advert
magomedov maksim
magomedov maksim Måned siden
Eversome design! Thank you Hundai, for your work. like flat floor in front.
99호 Måned siden
옆에 저 디자인은 굳이 어디 누가 처박은 거 같다.
R L Måned siden
Screw Tesla, I'm getting this instead :)
Shiurwa 23 dager siden
You got bad choice
Kevin P
Kevin P Måned siden
@Will Mauer maybe the model 3 but not other models I’m guessing
Will Mauer
Will Mauer Måned siden
What about the price? I'm all in that Tesla will be more affordable than this when it comes out.
Maurice A L Robson
Maurice A L Robson Måned siden
No tail pipe, impossible
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