What do you get from 2nd in the World Squad Battles Rewards?

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FIFA 21 2nd + 3rd in the World Squad Battles Rewards!!
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Aiman Faliq
Aiman Faliq 10 dager siden
Im stuck at elite 1 please help
Ty Romano
Ty Romano 21 dag siden
My best ever squad battle reward is 89 icon Sol Campbell
Mariano Gutierrez
Mariano Gutierrez Måned siden
Where are the custom tactics? Matt
vulcan jarvis
vulcan jarvis Måned siden
At start off game I got silver 2 😂 And got havertz 100k
krispy wunderkind
krispy wunderkind Måned siden
And if i wanted a friendly match witb you what would i do to get it
krispy wunderkind
krispy wunderkind Måned siden
Could you send me some fifa points
ege demirkol
ege demirkol Måned siden
I packed prime 92 kluivert last Year
martin klineć
martin klineć Måned siden
Go on mate
Daniel Dunlea
Daniel Dunlea Måned siden
I didn’t even get boards from elite 1
AchaL Bhargava
AchaL Bhargava Måned siden
Got suarez
David Roberts
David Roberts Måned siden
How much money did that pure simp put in to the game lol
36513 Playz
36513 Playz Måned siden
First week squad battles got elite 2, Ben Yedder
Stahlz_XI Måned siden
We didnt get the custom tactics
Cathaoir Keenan
Cathaoir Keenan Måned siden
UPA Celtic ☘️
Der Kaiser42o
Der Kaiser42o Måned siden
Guy rolls outta bed and does a video last minute lol
Tsubasa Rides
Tsubasa Rides Måned siden
Okay I’m gonna stop grinding that’s bullocks. I’ll easily get elite 2 and stop
Zane Is awesome
Zane Is awesome Måned siden
Rate mega packs r so trash This year I've opened over 50 on different accounts and not got a single walkout from 1
Stahlz_XI Måned siden
That 3rd guy isnt a man u fan you Liverpool people can take him
Stahlz_XI Måned siden
I spit at Liverpool
Kenzie Shepherd
Kenzie Shepherd Måned siden
Mon the gers
Tank4s Måned siden
Dude i got better rewards with gold 1 than top 3 in the world. WP EA
Fanan Alshaiji
Fanan Alshaiji Måned siden
How do you know if it’s a walkout?
Stefan Måned siden
The capping of Rivals matches ruined the ultimate team experience for me unfortunately.
johan pieper
johan pieper Måned siden
Cristiano Ronaldo from elite 1 SB rewards
Jack Shaw
Jack Shaw Måned siden
Hey matt, will you open my gold 3 rewards on thursday?
John Mountford
John Mountford Måned siden
No incentive at all to do squad battles, I only get to elite 2 or 3 and I've had absolutely nothing at all worth mentioning.
Vladimoo’s Trading Co
Vladimoo’s Trading Co Måned siden
So the first guy probably played 10-30 hours of fifa, and only got Gomez for it... Edit: and the second guy. Smh.
Baka Baby
Baka Baby Måned siden
recently got elite 2 and pulled inform rasford couple of days ago. Mad.
rg hudd
rg hudd Måned siden
my best squad battle rewards was when i packed Griezman out of silver 1 rewards
XCGamer17 YT
XCGamer17 YT Måned siden
fifa myths there are only 9 cbs in the Ukrainian league
Cloudy Måned siden
I Packed Ben Yedder in gold 3
The Moo Collective
The Moo Collective Måned siden
Andrew Wright
Andrew Wright Måned siden
Eitle 1 best ever
Legendar Youtube
Legendar Youtube Måned siden
None : Nothing Matt:, Today îs a special day
Kalle Kuntanen
Kalle Kuntanen Måned siden
James_ Doran
James_ Doran Måned siden
Does anyone get what he’s waffling about most the time
D WGZZ Måned siden
guys, is 86 Delaney good? if cuz I'm new
Tom Marshall
Tom Marshall Måned siden
How do u do the Co Op games so u can play 84 and get top 200
Chelsea fc
Chelsea fc Måned siden
3 in the world gets koke me: mbappe from gold 3
MattHDGamer Måned siden
Sarah Mullen
Sarah Mullen Måned siden
cr7 in a gold 2 reward fifa 19
Calden Austin
Calden Austin Måned siden
He’s going to start with saying an incredibly special day or something like that 😂😂😂
Young Fella
Young Fella Måned siden
I got 87 Thomas muller in squad battle rewards yesterday
Eli Zechner
Eli Zechner Måned siden
This Fifa I got elite 1 and got kante then next pack got one to watch Alex Telles and I made 600k of those 2 packs at the time
Subar Naidu
Subar Naidu Måned siden
Bro think I just played with you :D.. dhago:p
Michael Vedrine
Michael Vedrine Måned siden
Why do you say Acerbi & Hradecky funny? Maybe you’re right, but I never hear their names said like so
Nye Zeph
Nye Zeph Måned siden
today is not a special day because covid has not been cured yet sadly
Venom Zenom
Venom Zenom Måned siden
I got pogba on gold 3
Briansafc Hd
Briansafc Hd Måned siden
I got ronaldo (cr7) from silver 1 week one in Fifa 18 I got the game last minute and that was the highest I could get
TwerkFor Kim
TwerkFor Kim Måned siden
I finished elite 2, luckily came out with a ucl 87 di maria .
Oli Weglarz
Oli Weglarz Måned siden
Is matt already done with the zero to hero
Yboy Clan
Yboy Clan Måned siden
I got an icon out of rewards
Cameron Johnston
Cameron Johnston Måned siden
Matt you are the best for supporting rangers lolol😂🇬🇧
I got aubameyang this fifa for getting gold 1 in squad battles, didn’t play to much
Jamie Simmons
Jamie Simmons Måned siden
Matt: Fifa Myth. You can’t have a player on 1 million pounds a week in career mode. I sent you picture on Instagram. I’m Jamie insta If you can’t see it is there any other way I can send you picture
Stephen Sansome
Stephen Sansome Måned siden
Tudz is the goat if you watch fuji720x
Obinna Oguadinma
Obinna Oguadinma Måned siden
Life's good, Matt. Everyday is special.
Sukhraj Singh
Sukhraj Singh Måned siden
Hi how you doing
Alex Silk
Alex Silk Måned siden
It's Hra-dets-key
rogelio lopez
rogelio lopez Måned siden
Literally run the futmarket did these rewards
micky bananas
micky bananas Måned siden
Squad battles is more popular this year. it's a bit more challenging with the ai but definitely more interesting. Werner was my best pack. Got dembele last night
Øłi Calculli
Øłi Calculli Måned siden
In fifa 19 I got fut birthday Douglas costa in a regular gold pack in squad battles rewards
Silent Snipez209
Silent Snipez209 Måned siden
This fifa Eden hazard and kimich
Jay Flores
Jay Flores Måned siden
Playing in pc is 5x harder than ps4. Div 5 is ps4, div 1
BWFC Forever
BWFC Forever Måned siden
Who is missing his rtg
stijn de waele
stijn de waele Måned siden
Where is Pedro from Chelsea to Rome on fifa ??
Goldmario7 Måned siden
Matt I got gold 2 and I got erling haaland
Aaron Calver
Aaron Calver Måned siden
imagine opening over 200ks worth of packs and only getting koke
MattHDGamer Måned siden
Jamie Hill
Jamie Hill Måned siden
Zero to hero please?!!
Peter McGrath-Sheldrick
Peter McGrath-Sheldrick Måned siden
My best squad battles rewards is when I got tots Griezmann in Elite 1 fifa 20.
Matt Ball
Matt Ball Måned siden
Baby Yashin in FIFA 18 from Elite 1 was worth 235k at the time of packing. Made top 100 like 5 times that game , rewards were always shite when I made top 100 (pack pull wise.) 🤣🤣🤣
J Cardenas
J Cardenas Måned siden
Toomas Tamm
Toomas Tamm Måned siden
This man was 2nd in the world and I got gold 3 and got Toni Kroos and aubamayang
Jay jay jakobski
Jay jay jakobski Måned siden
I got Douglas Costa in elite 1
MeLLo MagnetiC
MeLLo MagnetiC Måned siden
Where is zero to hero?
Lucy Ray
Lucy Ray Måned siden
*When someone wants the latest hack, only use **cthe.best/fifa-guidet90g4* They are the real deal when it comes to this! ଏସ୍ତଙ୍କସ୍ତଙ୍କହା ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ଉପଯୁକ୍ତ
Jare Henrik
Jare Henrik Måned siden
New to fifa - placed in elite 2 and pulled 87 Kaka Icon yesterday. Pretty solid
GonMonkey300 Måned siden
Acerbi = A Kirby for Matt XD
Ronan Walsh
Ronan Walsh Måned siden
❌🧢 I got elite 2 and I got weaner and aldervarild same pack
Donagh Ó Fiaich
Donagh Ó Fiaich Måned siden
Fifa myths:Jermain Defoe has better finishing than Firmino in Fifa 21.
simon reid
simon reid Måned siden
The year Neymar moved i got OTW neymar one week the week later I got in form mbappe and haven't got anything good ever since
Alfie Brown
Alfie Brown Måned siden
He didn’t care about de bryne at the end 😂😂
Jolteonisbest 57
Jolteonisbest 57 Måned siden
Celtic is the best.
Mark Roberts
Mark Roberts Måned siden
The pack probabilities don’t change just because you get top three in the world it’s all the same I’m glad these fuckers don’t get anything I’m pretty sure there squads are already amazing anyway so what odds does it make its pay to win full stop
Gaming Tangles
Gaming Tangles Måned siden
pack weight is lighter this year!
sam cottam
sam cottam Måned siden
You just love when you get weghorst from an elite 1 rare mega pack
Gareth Davies
Gareth Davies Måned siden
Elite 2 for 3 weeks and pre order packs. Not packed anything above 83 or value above 3k. Pisstake
Spice Head Jack
Spice Head Jack Måned siden
i got joe gomez my first reward weekend from getting gold 1 XD
Juice Rascal
Juice Rascal Måned siden
U are such a help I made 300k just from your help
Juice Rascal
Juice Rascal Måned siden
@Alejandro Gonzalez trading and the 100k team
Alejandro Gonzalez
Alejandro Gonzalez Måned siden
what help ? what did you do
Diluted Juice
Diluted Juice Måned siden
Finished in elite 2 and packed mendy who sold for 120k and packed 2 TOTWs😌
Julian Stauffer
Julian Stauffer Måned siden
5:42 why doesnt he have neymar on full chem
andydean29 Måned siden
I got Mane from elite 3 🤣🤣
JMartn03 Måned siden
Just packed cr7 in the mega pack from that sbc 😂 shame it’s untradeable
Robbie Green
Robbie Green Måned siden
i packed cr7 out of a free 100k pack
Morten Worsøe Bakken
Morten Worsøe Bakken Måned siden
Today i get griesman,Valverde and gini wijnaldum
Zmad_Lad Måned siden
FIFA 20 Silver 3 Jumbo premium gold pack Monday 2 AM Neymar
Ollie 07
Ollie 07 Måned siden
I packed Ferland Mendy in my pre order pack
AON#1 Måned siden
I got mid lahm from silver 2 squad battle rewards
Josh Daley
Josh Daley Måned siden
My best ever pack from squad battles was gold 2 last fifa TOTS salah
Ben Davies
Ben Davies Måned siden
I packed F Mendy in Elite 1
Ben Davies
Ben Davies Måned siden
Definitely take Mbappe for strong link to my untradeable Neymar
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Beta Squad
Ganger 1,6 mill
Hercai 50. Bölüm
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