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In this video we take an early look at some of the best investments you can make during the Black Friday time period on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Whether you looking for when you should buy your team, or what to buy to make the most profit during Black Friday, we talk about it all here!
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Don't sell out what you want most, for what you want right now. project freedom ;)
MrSupersonic83 Måned siden
nice i sniped a mertens for 50 k last week ;-)
Atlantix Ψ
Atlantix Ψ Måned siden
do you have somebody I should invest in with 90k?
FreakzDontSleep Måned siden
should i be buying mbppae and neymar before black friday?>
Norris Agbakoko
Norris Agbakoko Måned siden
Does it make sense to buy players like Rashford or Bruno who will most likely get an Best of totw card to resell them while they are not Packable ?
Andres Flores
Andres Flores Måned siden
I got a llorente for 200 k
Ludwig Lis
Ludwig Lis Måned siden
Socrates mid keso or sell
Elis Grådal
Elis Grådal Måned siden
Pls help, when should you sell the cards? On black friday or that black friday weekend?? When? Pls helo
J Men
J Men Måned siden
I have Gimenez and Ocampos rule breakers do you think their prices will go up?
logan donikowski
logan donikowski Måned siden
When should I sell kimmich gold rare
Sander Skundberg
Sander Skundberg Måned siden
When should i buy son
TINSY T 123 Måned siden
luvnish2002 Måned siden
Nate which is the best icon to invest in?
Peter Slupek
Peter Slupek 2 måneder siden
Puskas is insane I lucked out and packed this icon and he's got me like 60 goals in 40 games
Ado CFC 2 måneder siden
Perhaps this was clarified in the video. But, will meta cards like Varane, and Kante drop off on black friday or is it better to buy now?
FGS 7 2 måneder siden
Would inform sanches be a good investment?
Anthony C
Anthony C 2 måneder siden
I've heard your channel has a lot of good info. First time watching, and damn, I really enjoyed this. Very well spoken, straight to the point, and actually useful info. No hate to RTFM... but you're levels above 👌
Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma 2 måneder siden
Should I invest in rttf muriel
Josh Farhall
Josh Farhall 2 måneder siden
Eder militao is the best person to snipe for sure!! Picking them up for 1.3-2.4K and selling for 2.7k making like 50k an hour
Torin 2 måneder siden
Nate , I packed neymar on Xbox, when should I sell him ?
Torin 2 måneder siden
Torin 2 måneder siden
Torin 2 måneder siden
Torin 2 måneder siden
Torin 2 måneder siden
Jonas 2 måneder siden
youre the new jamie, pls dont go to work for ea 😅
Craig Scobbie
Craig Scobbie 2 måneder siden
Do you think its worth mass buying 84 rated cards? Do you think they will shoot up in price
Harry George
Harry George 2 måneder siden
I just got into bitcoin trading 9 days ago and I just received my first profit, wish I knew about this earlier
LouieEFC 2 måneder siden
When should I sell my baggio
Nelson Schipper
Nelson Schipper 2 måneder siden
I could not believe what happened after watching your video, I tried to snip Mertens, and I got it for 53K, and sold for 535K. What a profit. THANK YOU MATE
TheFutAccountant 2 måneder siden
Let’s goooooo!
Berto 2 måneder siden
What’s that word every investor says? SBC Father?
Berto 2 måneder siden
@TheFutAccountant thanks 😂
TheFutAccountant 2 måneder siden
SBC Fodder my dude.
Donk 2 måneder siden
when should i sell my Cruyff? packed him in the rewards today
Nick Joosten
Nick Joosten 2 måneder siden
Congratulations you earned yourself a sub!
Trafford1 2 måneder siden
Lucky shi** hahaha that mertens was such a good buy hahaha lucky
Trafford1 2 måneder siden
See ya tonight on twitch Nate 99MESSI
Marck.Cat 2 måneder siden
I bought 10 IF85 Lozano at 125k, today selling at 140k 🤣🥇
T Tran
T Tran 2 måneder siden
I love listening to these vids before bed. One of the better content creators out there
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee 2 måneder siden
I have about 500k and I’m looking to put pretty much all of it into investments. Does anybody have any good investment players or tips.
Sen Meester
Sen Meester 2 måneder siden
@Nick Joosten and after the weekend league people are selling their team so the meta rulebreakers and informs prices are getting low, thats the time to invest, so on black friday they "probably" go up a lott
Sen Meester
Sen Meester 2 måneder siden
@Nick Joosten this is my girst time investing too so im not a pro or something😂 but how i understood is that on black friday a lot of packs will be opened so there are more cards, the price will go lower and the market will crash, people will have a lott of coins because of the packs and will upgrade their team with rulebreaker cards and informs that arent in packs anymore
Nick Joosten
Nick Joosten 2 måneder siden
@Sen Meester is that also when i should buy my team?
Sen Meester
Sen Meester 2 måneder siden
I think like he said, invest it in meta rulebreakers or informs like joa felix and hope they rise on black friday, buy them in the end of the weelend league
Nick Joosten
Nick Joosten 2 måneder siden
freaky banana
freaky banana 2 måneder siden
What do you think will happen to mid icons like Raul? Will he rise again or will he drop because of icons being available with sbcs?
Luca Rizzioli
Luca Rizzioli 2 måneder siden
Packed my first icon today , 88 vieri, should I sell??
Richard Sabau
Richard Sabau 2 måneder siden
Should I sell INF Rashford now or keep him and sell later?
Nassim Jr7
Nassim Jr7 2 måneder siden
Sell now because he will be in best of totw during Black Friday so he will go down alot
Hamza Jordanian
Hamza Jordanian 2 måneder siden
Maybe you dont't know my country Jordan. i'm big fan thanks for your advice
Bart Koopmans
Bart Koopmans 2 måneder siden
I am invested in fodder but also want to buy my team on Sunday. I don't have enough coins to buy my team without selling my fodder, would you advise me to sell fodder and buy the team or hold fodder and buy only part of my team?
Nassim Jr7
Nassim Jr7 2 måneder siden
Wait and see which sbc will be released today and tomorrow, if there's a good sbc, sell if you're happy with the content, otherwise hold
Filip Bares
Filip Bares 2 måneder siden
Big up Nate! Would you sell sbc fodder before Friday 6pm or wait? Keep up the good work! 💪🔥
Joe 2 måneder siden
I have 110k and I’m looking to make a few easy coins by investing but I’m new to all this is there any specific players you would recommend investing in
TheLegend27 2 måneder siden
GG that mertens tho
Awais Hussain
Awais Hussain 2 måneder siden
I have 300k who should i buy and when
Marck.Cat 2 måneder siden
If u want to invest, before Rivals rewards. If you want to build a team, wait till black Friday
Lexsson 2 måneder siden
What do u think about 89 drogba will he drop n rise or u think just drop also stoickhov has been going down recently I feel like he’s due to go up pretty meta looking card watcha think ?
Myles Colley
Myles Colley 2 måneder siden
Do you have any advice for fodder?
hale luka
hale luka 2 måneder siden
u LITERALLY pissed on us with that mertens nate!!! loool
A Bullet
A Bullet 2 måneder siden
When to sell kante, varane nd teixera hero?
bomboclaat M
bomboclaat M 2 måneder siden
Wl after black friday
Rayyan Hamdan
Rayyan Hamdan 2 måneder siden
Plz answer when do I buy wijnaldum and de jong and mendy and Joe gomez and lucas moura Do I buy them on Sunday or during the black friday
matt lahti
matt lahti 2 måneder siden
been absolutely loving the content lately, appreciate all you do for this community
LTP Gamer
LTP Gamer 2 måneder siden
When would you sell your team? Don't want to lose a lot on it, so Today afternoon, Tomorrow? Or not at all? Thanks (Having a gold team: Joe gomez, mendy,walker...)
FuRteR 2 måneder siden
Always thursday after reward,u late a little bit
Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah 2 måneder siden
When should I buy my team
Nick Joosten
Nick Joosten 2 måneder siden
@Fuzzy hmmm idk hard to say, i would say make a team you would like on futbin en wait till its dropped to the price you want is to be and then buy it
Fuzzy 2 måneder siden
@Nick Joosten so like tomorrow?
Nick Joosten
Nick Joosten 2 måneder siden
This weekend i would say
Robin Spiekman
Robin Spiekman 2 måneder siden
I already made coins on the cheapest icons i bought. Like 50k a pop. But if u need an icon for the icon sbc. They will go higher right?
Robin Spiekman
Robin Spiekman 2 måneder siden
@Hhh Fggg i will sell tomorrow if they jump for profit😁😁
Scott ainley
Scott ainley 2 måneder siden
@Robin Spiekman oh my bad bro 😂😂
Hhh Fggg
Hhh Fggg 2 måneder siden
@Robin Spiekman yeah low rated icons jump up a lot, potentially 150k, but I can’t imagine they’d all require an icon, if any other than top tier ones because that’d just kill the market.
Robin Spiekman
Robin Spiekman 2 måneder siden
@Scott ainley 😂bro pls read. I made 50k profit for each icon
Scott ainley
Scott ainley 2 måneder siden
How you buy an icon for 50k
Footy Fan
Footy Fan 2 måneder siden
Seriously, how can anyone give this guy a thumbs down???? 🤷🏻‍♂️
itsRevoh 2 måneder siden
so relaxing to watch this vid lol gg bro
Markus Nordgren
Markus Nordgren 2 måneder siden
Do you think baby Schweinsteiger are going up after black friday? Thanks for all the help
Mr Camu
Mr Camu 2 måneder siden
What a snipe!!!!!!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌
Jesse Lemon
Jesse Lemon 2 måneder siden
omg that mertens buy made me stressss!!!! i was like oh noooooo NATE JUST BUYYYY!!!! ahhahaha and it was so nice to se you get it .GG
the poop
the poop 2 måneder siden
Will 84 fodder go up?
Jost 2 måneder siden
"Hairy Kane" xd
Yuval Morginstin
Yuval Morginstin 2 måneder siden
When should I sell my cards? I Have Son and De Bruyne to sell
Marck.Cat 2 måneder siden
Tomorrow. People will build teams to play Fut Champions
12345 67890
12345 67890 2 måneder siden
what to di with rttf koulibaly pleasee help me it’s the first time i pack a good tradable player
Mathias Weber
Mathias Weber 2 måneder siden
If you decided to Risk it and bought your mega team last weekend. Will it rise regardless? I have a team with mbappe, neymar, veron etc. Love the content and work in understanding the market!
Jasper de Ridder
Jasper de Ridder 2 måneder siden
How do you know when a card is out of packs?
Ghost 2 måneder siden
Bruh 🥴
matteo VDB
matteo VDB 2 måneder siden
U think paulinho will rise?
J Brooks
J Brooks 2 måneder siden
Real Madrid players in the run up to the D.B card release in December
Patrick Mang
Patrick Mang 2 måneder siden
FIFA gameplay is soo bad right now....
Tarek Yassine
Tarek Yassine 2 måneder siden
Of course we're gonna like the video. Who in their right mind wouldnt..keep it up Nate!
James Purcell
James Purcell 2 måneder siden
GG with the snipe great video today nate
Steeze 2 måneder siden
I bought a couple Sommers for 12k you think he will go up
Steeze 2 måneder siden
Nvm you mentioned it
Santiago Ch
Santiago Ch 2 måneder siden
That's the most efortless snipe I've ever seen! GG
Duzza JDB9
Duzza JDB9 2 måneder siden
What time and day is mbappe potm coming out?
Erwin Steinleitner
Erwin Steinleitner 2 måneder siden
StavFPS 2 måneder siden
Brian Nielsen
Brian Nielsen 2 måneder siden
Big W there with that snipe! Thanks for all the great content, Accountant
thatchillkid07 2 måneder siden
I have 400k how can I get involved?
CPBrennan 2 måneder siden
So just to confirm, you should buy back your team ... Mbappe, Varane, etc on the Sunday night before Black Friday? Won’t Mbappes value decrease if he gets a POTM like Sons?
CPBrennan 2 måneder siden
@anoop vk Don’t all cards go down in value as soon as a better version is out though
anoop vk
anoop vk 2 måneder siden
Son SBC is affordable for casuals. While Mbappe SBC won't be. It will be similar to Messi POTM or Neymar SBC last year
Анатолий Романович
Анатолий Романович 2 måneder siden
poliwagster 2 måneder siden
Wtf that Mertens
Ominous 2 måneder siden
19:55 That snipe tho 🔥 Lucky
Orange Crush
Orange Crush 2 måneder siden
Thanks for all the great analysis as always!!!!!!!
Ferhan Sevim
Ferhan Sevim 2 måneder siden
you‘re the best probs from germany ❤️❤️
Union Fan 98
Union Fan 98 2 måneder siden
@FUT Acc Ne biste nicht Keine Sorge ;D
FUT Acc 2 måneder siden
Und ich dachte, ich wäre der einzige 😂
Mary Anisson
Mary Anisson 2 måneder siden
Miqueeli 2 måneder siden
I hope EA releases Icon SBC tomorrow that will require an Icon. I have 8 on my transfer list waiting to be sold
MrCalledMexxle 2 måneder siden
Why would you buy an icon just to use it in a SBC, if you can get it from swaps for free?!
Michael Haxby
Michael Haxby 2 måneder siden
It's a baby icon sbc pack it's been leaked
Flavs 2 måneder siden
@spadekin9 pretty sure Busquets isn’t an icon fella
Luis Chinchillas
Luis Chinchillas 2 måneder siden
I hope icon sbcs don't require icons till after January 😂😂
spadekin9 2 måneder siden
@sandro peters you say it's risky like they are gonna go lower than they are... Are we going to see busquets at 15k?
linkomy 2 måneder siden
Nate, aka the real accountant delivering awesome content daily !!
Diogo Idk
Diogo Idk 2 måneder siden
Nate makes this market information very informative and digestible. Nate is a good guy. Be like Nate :)
Enrik Mhillaj
Enrik Mhillaj 2 måneder siden
aka be like Eriksen 😭😂
Aryan Ganeriwal
Aryan Ganeriwal 2 måneder siden
Love your vids bro
Brendan Tan
Brendan Tan 2 måneder siden
Early dayssss
Horacio R
Horacio R 2 måneder siden
Vamosss Nate
Karam Daoud
Karam Daoud 2 måneder siden
These videos are 🔥. thanks mate
Karam Daoud
Karam Daoud 2 måneder siden
When do we buy are investments for OOP IF’s? During WL sell of?
Ronan Flaherty
Ronan Flaherty 2 måneder siden
Please cover more affordable meta cards instead of Mbappe and Neymar the whole time🙏🏻
Dylan Doerr
Dylan Doerr 2 måneder siden
He did
RileyRamirez 2 måneder siden
Daily dose of market videos, just what I needed tonight thx Nate !🐐
Fifa Rager Always
Fifa Rager Always 2 måneder siden
🤔 that mertens buy was crazy he had 10 full seconds without a bot getting there let’s go
Fifa Rager Always
Fifa Rager Always 2 måneder siden
Thanks the love and Nate keep it going
Ollie Riley
Ollie Riley 2 måneder siden
noti gang!!!
Adam Harper
Adam Harper 2 måneder siden
Let’s go
Fredi Rubio
Fredi Rubio 2 måneder siden
Shahzaib Warraich
Shahzaib Warraich 2 måneder siden
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