Who can punch the hardest in NRG?

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In today's NRG Castle video we wanted to see who could punch the hardest in NRG! Was it Clix, Unknown, Zayt, Edgey, Epikwhale or Grady? Please give this video a like, comment and subscribe for the best content on YT!
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Who can punch the hardest in NRG?
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xd Tuli
xd Tuli 30 minutter siden
All the guys there are like way older than me but i can hit the boxing macine harder
Hawk Gaming
Hawk Gaming 2 timer siden
Why is Ronaldo so short🤣🤣
ASAP Eli -_-
ASAP Eli -_- 2 timer siden
epikwhale took off his jacket like he was going to do something LMAO
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 3 timer siden
It’s so funny cuz on their stream these fucken guys talk so reckless and then here is them in irl.
Roland Brown
Roland Brown Dag siden
Someone teach these kids how to punch 😂😂
Roland Brown
Roland Brown Dag siden
Hahhaa hf anyone see Ronaldo slap it when he went bare hand?
Og_henhen hh
Og_henhen hh Dag siden
Were was zeff
Demigod Dag siden
bruh nun of these guys can throw a punch or fight 😂
BH William
BH William 21 time siden
Zayt can
JK stray
JK stray Dag siden
Bro Ron looks smaller then unknown LMAOOO 😂
Refrighted 2 dager siden
Nrg:not really good
Cano 2 dager siden
Ron looking mad short for 6,1
DVonsevic - YT
DVonsevic - YT 2 dager siden
Where’s musty and squishy Garret g men this is dead asf watching dis wet man
Ayo Trapp
Ayo Trapp 2 dager siden
The big unknown be steppin fr
Zen Noted
Zen Noted 3 dager siden
They do be lookin like highschool bullies
0326Mobilexpert mobile goat
0326Mobilexpert mobile goat 4 dager siden
So clixs counted but epic whales didnt
Zamin Abbas
Zamin Abbas 5 dager siden
Lol when click tried to break unknowns score and he failed
jujubelaggin 6 dager siden
Clix talk da most shit and he weak as hell😭
Issac Valdovinos
Issac Valdovinos 6 dager siden
what in the nerds am i watching
Raider Element
Raider Element 6 dager siden
Clix looks like he is crying lol kek
Colin 6 dager siden
lol they. robbed zayt
Pepper FC
Pepper FC 7 dager siden
Dude Zayt won stupid
RowzΨ 7 dager siden
Bro epicwhale bro 😂😂😂😂
ThePCCriminal 7 dager siden
Bro I just turned 14 and I hit a 926😐
MuscabM4 8 dager siden
Why the hulk glove?
Ghost_Momo22 8 dager siden
Xxmavrickxx Hi
Xxmavrickxx Hi 8 dager siden
Ron I’m 6,2 naw you not
Xyro-Yt-_- 9 dager siden
I’m 13 years old and hit harder first of all I don’t even know why they are using a glove use your hands
cam davis
cam davis 9 dager siden
Anyone else get mad how he chews his gum 7:55
KirbyGT 9 dager siden
This guy's only know how ti trashtalk but don't know how to punch HAHAHAHA
10 dager siden
We aren’t gonna act like Clix Ronaldo and Unknown are the best trio
nic 10 dager siden
how does ron go from 723 to 200 lol
Brendo X
Brendo X 11 dager siden
My 8 year old brother punches harder than all of them lol
Noah Dalentoft
Noah Dalentoft 11 dager siden
if Ronaldo is 6'5'' then the others are tall as f*ck
jaco7672 jaco7672
jaco7672 jaco7672 11 dager siden
Ron could barley reach it
Wishful 13 dager siden
Who in the NRG clan can throw a punch correctly and do something active besides playing fortnite (ANSWER: None of them can fight there form is trash LOL 6:00)
Wishful 13 dager siden
6:00 this guy has never been in a fight unless its fortnite 1v1s
Diggy Lol
Diggy Lol 14 dager siden
why is ronaldo so short
Oliver Torscher
Oliver Torscher 14 dager siden
Ron do be 6.5 tho
Taica 14 dager siden
Zayt gotta hit the kovaaks for this one
MacinMC 15 dager siden
59k like
Dramattic Z’s
Dramattic Z’s 15 dager siden
Can you do rocket league
jasonn 15 dager siden
I thought they were gonna that this on their keyboards
Caden Cook
Caden Cook 15 dager siden
they are so uncoordinated it hurts
Amazing Web
Amazing Web 15 dager siden
im 14 and i got 790 and im 5,5
Yusuf_on 30 FPS
Yusuf_on 30 FPS 16 dager siden
Ronaldo highest was 723
Jog 16 dager siden
I hit 1000 and I’m 15 they just miss it or they are just weak sauce
Christian Maciel
Christian Maciel 16 dager siden
Am I the only one who thought Ron was taller?????
clxudy 16 dager siden
Big Shitter
carlope13 16 dager siden
and clix talks to much bro lmao he cant hit brooo epik whale surprised me
Drippiest 16 dager siden
6’5 Ron there
Christian Maciel
Christian Maciel 16 dager siden
Am I the only one who thought Ron was taller?????
Zae Chill
Zae Chill 16 dager siden
The thumbnail showed all them muscles then when u really see them -_-
Solidz. 17 dager siden
I can’t believe one of the biggest gamers are weak weak
BlzeCaden 17 dager siden
Ron got 723 not 722
rizu 17 dager siden
who gave them gum
motha fuka
motha fuka 17 dager siden
Trust me they are strong but only in their fingers
ii xai
ii xai 17 dager siden
5:15 unknown is taller than ran
OhRexhy 17 dager siden
i can beat your ass headass lmao no hate love NRG love da guys!!
Sharkx 17 dager siden
can i join xd
YT Winz original Winz
YT Winz original Winz 18 dager siden
Clix lmao
Ty-Sean. 18 dager siden
where is benjy? xd
Benkhai King
Benkhai King 18 dager siden
Unknown was walking all over the place like he needed a breath mint😂
YADIEL ZAMARRIPA 18 dager siden
Why is Ron so short
Eh Moo
Eh Moo 19 dager siden
Ron is short I thought he was taller than unknown
Ahmad Dallal
Ahmad Dallal 19 dager siden
Zayt won what do u mean
Ak47lilfred 19 dager siden
The big clix
Allan Dong
Allan Dong 19 dager siden
lowkey tough to watch
Demon Zay
Demon Zay 19 dager siden
Why is Ronaldo like 2 fott
Ok Kayo
Ok Kayo 20 dager siden
Fortnite kid😂😂😂
?? 20 dager siden
clix is fking girl bruuh ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Barsic Esposito
Barsic Esposito 20 dager siden
i felt so cringe for clix
TT Spartan
TT Spartan 20 dager siden
clix is just all mouth!
TT Spartan
TT Spartan 20 dager siden
i can take all these kind on by my self, not even over confidence its over reality!
YB BOBZ 20 dager siden
Clix getting 295 I laughed so hard it sounded like I had covid holy shitt
GlizzyBuilds 20 dager siden
IlTheLoneWolfIl 20 dager siden
Wait a minute, this isn't rocket league.
Venpy 21 dag siden
I haven’t even watched the vid yet and I know it’s ron
Adrian 21 dag siden
Ron needs to stick to video games
Karl Kondrup
Karl Kondrup 21 dag siden
should have called the title "Who can punch the hardest of these fortnite players"
Daerek Sawyer
Daerek Sawyer 21 dag siden
all i know is if any of them get into a fight they getting messed up😂
F8_Vaincon 21 dag siden
Well now we know Ronaldo is not 6'5.
Cristofer Nunez
Cristofer Nunez 21 dag siden
Omfg I’m stupid I thought it said yrg bru
Yues Yues
Yues Yues 21 dag siden
Matthew Irvine
Matthew Irvine 21 dag siden
Just to let u guys kno the glove hulk thing is making it easier
Degre fn
Degre fn 22 dager siden
Ronaldo go 723 not 722
Jesus Rendon-Montoya
Jesus Rendon-Montoya 22 dager siden
Clix looks like a white ninja turtle with a perm that looks like it hasn't been washed for 4 weeks and that can punch for shit
Nuno Florindo
Nuno Florindo 22 dager siden
Ronaldos voice is so different without his mic
dk k
dk k 22 dager siden
Mc Clan
Mc Clan 22 dager siden
NRG is underated
cuzixc 23 dager siden
stick to plaing games hahaha jkjkjkjkjkjk
Fabián Prieto
Fabián Prieto 23 dager siden
When i saw the title I was like this clixs time to prove he will knock out symfuhnny
Conner Craddock
Conner Craddock 23 dager siden
Clix looks so young
BlitzTM 23 dager siden
Is it me or in the thumbnail NRG Unknown he looks kinda like Nick Cannon
Chace Lane
Chace Lane 23 dager siden
Henry Batchelder
Henry Batchelder 24 dager siden
Me when unknown beat clix😳😳😳😳
Riax 25 dager siden
Where is bejyfishy 😢
NASCAR checkered cup Series
NASCAR checkered cup Series 25 dager siden
Jesus loves everyone trust in Jesus as your lord and savior
Lil Map
Lil Map 25 dager siden
The trick to this game is imagine somebody talking shit to you 😂😂🤝 you’ll throw heat everytime you swing
Bledins EPIC Adventures!
Bledins EPIC Adventures! 25 dager siden
Where is musty 🐄
Juxii 26 dager siden
Clix and Ron can't hit for nothing they hit like b
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