Film Theory: How Disney+ is DESTROYING Streaming

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9 måneder siden

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With the addition of Disney to the already crowded market of Netflix, Hulu, Apple Tv, and SO MANY other, we've come to one big question. Who will WIN the Streaming Wars? You see Theorists, with such a saturated market the bubble is going to burst - and it won't be that long from now! In the aftermath, who will be crowned the king of streaming? Did one come to mind? WRONG! You see, no one is going to win - not even the viewers. Why? It's a familiar story...
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Writer: Stephanie Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi,Rachel Lewis, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Red Hammer
Red Hammer 9 timer siden
I'd rather pay for a VPN and use Pirate Bay.
DrAjao Media
DrAjao Media 18 timer siden
I love this. I think you're going to love this series where I warned in 2019 that it won't be so easy for Disney Plus to displace Netflix just yet.
Sakura Cherry Cat
Sakura Cherry Cat 18 timer siden
Users will turn to Piracy again
Meg Krish
Meg Krish 20 timer siden
No it's not the same thing as cable again. Sure it might be as expensive but 1) we can choose what, when and where you're watching it 2) no advertisements 3) no extra hardware I guess? I'm kind of stretching here So in the end ever if it ends up being as expensive, as long as it doesn't end up being more expensive, it's still worth it
Meg Krish
Meg Krish 20 timer siden
Is it wierd that I've never heard of NOpost tv? I thought it was the same thing as NOpost premium lol
Kaitlyn Collins
Kaitlyn Collins 21 time siden
Gabriel Church
Gabriel Church Dag siden
NOpost tv is also more expensive than cable now. And it doesn't even include youtube premium
DerpsAwsomeAndRule Dag siden
I love Nailed It.
Lord Vulcan
Lord Vulcan Dag siden
Torrent, $0.00 a month.
Lord Vulcan
Lord Vulcan Dag siden
People who use torrent don't need to worry about streaming services.
Christopher Hosein
Christopher Hosein Dag siden
I heard today that HBO max will have all wb 2021 movies coming out with in the SAME DAy, like that is insane
Yy Sss
Yy Sss Dag siden
Put free streaming in replys!
Yy Sss
Yy Sss Dag siden i used it. Googled and it is legal. ADfree. FREE. SHADY!!!
Yy Sss
Yy Sss Dag siden
U know nobody here use those, we use shady sites instead!
Yy Sss
Yy Sss Dag siden
I found a shady site caled Use inkognito and if you have, use a VPN! It is a legal site i googled! Its free, shady, adfree, shady, tecnikally legal, shady! Be carefull it is a shady site... Im not a bot i reply to ur replys!
Yy Sss
Yy Sss Dag siden
I might be without knowing...
Yy Sss
Yy Sss Dag siden
Im not hacked (yet)!
Yy Sss
Yy Sss Dag siden
I personally use it!
Sirjt Khan
Sirjt Khan 2 dager siden
Me looking at piracy: Hello darkness my old friend...
Nath4nie1 Cru2
Nath4nie1 Cru2 2 dager siden
i think a streaming bundle with stuff you don't want is better than a cable bundle with the same thing. the biggest thing with streaming is that you can watch whenever and usually don't have to watch ads (hulu 😐). i wouldn't mind disney buying everything and buying a streaming bundle
Kenia Monterroso
Kenia Monterroso 2 dager siden
The robust cousin intringuingly admit because freeze curiosly jog except a curly crocodile. broken, bustling uganda
ERICK M2010 2 dager siden
Kristina Catherine
Kristina Catherine 2 dager siden
You call CNN news? 😬
Mason Pang
Mason Pang 2 dager siden
The news today is just a sitcom but the CNN as fake however is exaggerated by the right side of politics.
Laries Rouel Dela Cruz
Laries Rouel Dela Cruz 2 dager siden
People: Hulu is bad Animaniacs 2020: I want in Also people: I want Hulu noooooow
Cyber Chicken
Cyber Chicken 2 dager siden
When Disney buys Nintendo thats how we know the world is ending
Tiny Rick
Tiny Rick 2 dager siden
NOpost T.V is a joke.
Meyer Rosen
Meyer Rosen 2 dager siden
Theory: This is a NOpost tv commercial.
Angie Roman
Angie Roman 3 dager siden
So... We're just going back to cable. **slow clap** Well done, well done. You've manipulated and shaped a whole market. 👏
Angie Roman
Angie Roman 3 dager siden
Once upon a time: off Netflix Also OUAT: Disney +
Guinea Pig Everyday
Guinea Pig Everyday 3 dager siden
I think Netflix is also far less of a niche than Disney only shows or stuff pertaining to specific film studios. I found some fantastic classics on Netflix that are independent of most modern studios so thats why I'll just stick with that. I don't watch a lot of modern TV series, mostly old ones, and the Mandalorian I can get through... other means online.
Leah Ng'ambi
Leah Ng'ambi 3 dager siden
Dude you're loosing subscribers
Clien Tornaka
Clien Tornaka 3 dager siden
"We are pirates! We don't even know what that means!" - Hando Ohnaka
Ancap6 3 dager siden
Intelectual property, copyright laws bring us together to piracy.
JohnnyMartini 3 dager siden
Hulu isn’t even that good, you pay for a service and still get ads
JohnnyMartini 3 dager siden
To be fair guys, it sucks that subscriptions are getting more pricier but it is easy content and it will always be cheaper then cable
Mr Egg
Mr Egg 3 dager siden
11:53 the bundle is there, but unlike cable its optional.
Mr Egg
Mr Egg 3 dager siden
11:14 you forgot DisneyNOW
Jacob Murillo
Jacob Murillo 3 dager siden
Well they will never take my money because my parents are saying no to them
Bunny Emperor
Bunny Emperor 4 dager siden
Am I the only one that didn't know the alphabet company existed?
neptune is cool
neptune is cool 4 dager siden
I've literally never heard of youtube tv until now
Carried Thunder
Carried Thunder 4 dager siden
The few that I expected to surge ahead were Netflix, Gisney+, and Hulu.
littledeku anime
littledeku anime 4 dager siden
''Nailed it'' is amazing
The Anonymous AcclerDew
The Anonymous AcclerDew 4 dager siden
In short, OTT as we know it has no future, and that Linear + VOD is the future
TheBuzzSaw 4 dager siden
Look, even if it ends up costing the same, as long as (1) there are no commercials and (2) I can play any show at any time I choose, it's a massive win over the cable era already.
Jaidyn Huyck
Jaidyn Huyck 4 dager siden
Plus disney+ has HAMILTON *Angel song*
Papatron The Concerned Alien Parent
Papatron The Concerned Alien Parent 5 dager siden
I will just do what I used to do before, pirate it and buy it on a sale if I like it.
Jordy Ingabire
Jordy Ingabire 5 dager siden
I can see Disney doing the Debbie Ryan meme the day it realized Disney+ 😂😂
Aruna Kumari Pedapati
Aruna Kumari Pedapati 5 dager siden
It's not a theory it's business tactics
Imperium Commenting Network
Imperium Commenting Network 5 dager siden
Netflix will probably end up behind Prime Video and D+ partially because of their blunders, also because of their extensively limited selection of decent shows.
Justin Miller
Justin Miller 5 dager siden
Matt, never heard of plex? I just flat out smiply bypassed streaming services and went right to self hosted content like plex. And yes, you can do it right, legally.
Sloth Muffin
Sloth Muffin 5 dager siden
I agree with the Nicole Byer sentiment she is amazing.
Spooky & Scary Triplets
Spooky & Scary Triplets 5 dager siden
The intro is gold
cake33344 5 dager siden
What about cruncheroll
Juan Diego Acquaroni Balzaretti
Juan Diego Acquaroni Balzaretti 5 dager siden
Am I the only one that wants home alone 1 in Netflix
『W E A T H E R B O Y』
『W E A T H E R B O Y』 5 dager siden
Just do what we anime fans have been doing for years now Just sail the seven seas of the Internet
Victoria Milk
Victoria Milk 5 dager siden
As a Disney character said:It's like printing my own money!
Victoria Milk
Victoria Milk 5 dager siden
NOpost is not a streaming service but better than all of these
The John Show
The John Show 5 dager siden
Normal NOpost wins cause you
dan gaming 254
dan gaming 254 5 dager siden
good thing i dont watch tv
Lets Brick This
Lets Brick This 5 dager siden
At least all your subscriptions can be business expenses
Born2BeBald 6 dager siden
Savior- pirating 10 yrs later* Pirating sites- ....sooo you gonna need a subscription now
Juan Serna
Juan Serna 6 dager siden
The winner in the end is going to be all of the pirates if these companies keep going with this bullshit. They are sliming the customer to the point of the majority going to pirates
CYANIDE Adiccted
CYANIDE Adiccted 6 dager siden
Pirate is the winner
DarkSlayer OP
DarkSlayer OP 6 dager siden
I just want Netflix to survive
Smitty Plays
Smitty Plays 6 dager siden
Only ones I see that are worth getting are Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Prime
Awii 6 dager siden
At the end, we'll just pirate what we want mostly.
Gmail Farmer
Gmail Farmer 6 dager siden
me on illegal sites where everything is available: 👁️👄👁️
Gillian Doplemore
Gillian Doplemore 6 dager siden
what a great yt tv ad
PVT PVT 6 dager siden
Netflix is increasing to $14 in a month.
EndGame 6 dager siden
Lol'd hard at Brent Spiner's Data popping on the screen
69 420
69 420 7 dager siden
Mattpatt:we all lose Pirates:well yes but actually no
Zahmiir Boyer Bevans
Zahmiir Boyer Bevans 7 dager siden
what about NOpost? illumatnate theme start playing
Vanessa Asman
Vanessa Asman 7 dager siden
What a shocker that Mega-Corportations ruined the online streaming game.
*Tom Universe*
*Tom Universe* 7 dager siden
I wanted NOpost Tv to win.
John Michael Fidler
John Michael Fidler 7 dager siden
Many have asked me why I still want Netflix even though I have Disney plus. The answer is two words: STRANGER THINGS!!!!!!!! There were so many ST references in there.
Hados_RM 7 dager siden
Piracy will win, we always win aaarrrrrgh
Loukas Sneddon
Loukas Sneddon 7 dager siden
I watch midsomer murders. its British
ムスタファ-Baig-G O A T
ムスタファ-Baig-G O A T 8 dager siden
I really want a History of cable episode sounds fun
Max Frankel
Max Frankel 8 dager siden
Just get streamio
Cam Craft
Cam Craft 8 dager siden
You should make a theory streaming where it has film, game, food.
John Wick
John Wick 8 dager siden
Who will win the streaming wars Me: pirates
sugashss1 8 dager siden
special ops yt
special ops yt 8 dager siden
The answer is Disney
SPHINX 8 dager siden
I have HBO,Netflix,disney+,and even lionsgate
Antwone Scarlett
Antwone Scarlett 8 dager siden
Make a video about Netflix and Disney+ combining
Pira Blox
Pira Blox 8 dager siden
Idk why my family still owns a cable cord from Spectrum and it so bad that it makes me mad that we even pay for it
Женя Пеня
Женя Пеня 8 dager siden
MatPat: (Meantions JoJo's BIzarre Adventure) Me: OH MY GOD HE WATCHES JOJO!!!!!
Tigres Y.T
Tigres Y.T 8 dager siden
Tigres Y.T
Tigres Y.T 8 dager siden
Only NETFLIX has "Legends Of Tomorrow", "The Flash", "The Arrow", AND "Supergirl"
MakisLucky 18 timer siden
Yeah but No one will over the age 14 will like those shows. The arrow verse has the brain capacity of a 3 year old
nascar_art 48
nascar_art 48 8 dager siden
We have youtube tv for our "cable service". We also have Disney + and Netflix. I watch Disney for the Cars movies and the classic Spider-Man shows. I watch Netflix for Stranger things, and used to be DareDevil. I really like Disney+ but they ruined the best superhero show to exist so I want Nteflix to stay on top lol
Ninjaiceboy Frost
Ninjaiceboy Frost 8 dager siden
Seeso used to have a show called Harmon's quest, it's still on VRV but those were good times
3halogamer 9 dager siden
i feel like Netflix is in the lead because most people that get into streaming subscriptions feel that out of all their options, Netflix feels and sounds like the safest option out of all of them. kinda like if everyone has it then there must be something in there that im bound to like.
Rohan parjapati
Rohan parjapati 9 dager siden
Use telegram lol
Jair Almazan
Jair Almazan 9 dager siden
yeah but we got so many new good series, and there is a tool that will keep the prices on check and that is piracy.
TNA9 9 dager siden
Netflix , Hulu, and Disney+ are the best
KyleF841 9 dager siden
Just pirate everything
Oran Wilson
Oran Wilson 9 dager siden
I’m on NOpost’s side
animal800 9 dager siden
I hate Disney lol
xBlackDawnx 10 dager siden
Matt: NOpostTV is great! It allows you to watch all these shows from all these platforms and is supported by ad revenue! Me: That sounds pretty good! How much is it? Me 10 Seconds later: $65!? Screw that noise. I'd just get cable or buy ALL the streaming services I wanted for that price.
David Schweighofer
David Schweighofer 10 dager siden
mat u need to make a streaming service like theory+ or something
Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng
Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng 10 dager siden
FriedCrumpets 10 dager siden
Netflix; the interface is amazing, there are so many original shows that hit the spot for their intended markets, the N at the start of an original is brilliant. nobody stands a chance against that N as far as I'm concerned.
Supreme Minister
Supreme Minister 10 dager siden
You see in Australia this is usually free
Travis Spazz
Travis Spazz 10 dager siden
Maybe it's because it was my first streaming subscription, but I've never been frustrated by Amazon's interface. 🤷
Fitefitefite10 10 dager siden
ALSO, he should keep in mind that Netflix is one of the only services that broadcast worldwide, in most countries you need a VPN to watch stuff like Disney+
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