How I Admitted I Was An Imposter And STILL Won Against The BEST Among Us Players...666 IQ Plays

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Corpse Husband

Corpse Husband

3 måneder siden

CORPSE playing Among Us with @PewDiePie @jacksepticeye @penguinz0 @Michael Reeves @Disguised Toast @LilyPichu @Sykkuno @Valkyrae and @CinnamonToastKen
Twitter: Corpse_Husband
Instagram: corpse_husband
THUMBNAIL BY: chryseuswitch

Paulina G
Paulina G 3 timer siden
I’m literally worse than Micheal at this game👁👄👁
Medium Jimmy
Medium Jimmy 3 timer siden
Rewatching old streams without proximity chat feels like a whole different world
Renata Kedzior
Renata Kedzior 3 timer siden
toast kinda sounds like peetah bread ngl
Nightwolf107 6 timer siden
Hi corpse but I just wanted to say my bf kinda sounds like ur voice but a little bit more different
Johan Bryll Francisco
Johan Bryll Francisco 6 timer siden
Nice one pre
Friendly Bendy
Friendly Bendy 7 timer siden
10:35 Poor michael is a noob he doesn't know reporting the body will stop the sabotage
Amanda Tan
Amanda Tan 8 timer siden
The deadpan steven concomitantly wash because punishment fourthly pat regarding a evanescent pelican. dazzling, shallow bench
Brian Rasmussen
Brian Rasmussen 9 timer siden
I do love that you fast forward over the slow part
Annachenprettyfriendmeh Hai
Annachenprettyfriendmeh Hai 9 timer siden
Pls show your face I don’t judge I really wanted to know! 🤗
EVAN DONOVAN 9 timer siden
Do u use a Boise changer???? What is it called
cHiLe AnYwAyS sO
cHiLe AnYwAyS sO 10 timer siden
How their voices sound in my opinion; Corpse: dEeP vOiCe Lily: sQuEaKy vOiCe Toast: cHiLl vOiCe Rae: eViL bUt aDoRAbLe vOiCe Ken: aLsO cHiLl vOiCe Michael: hYpE bUt cAlM vOiCe Sykkuno: cHaRmInG vOiCe Felix: iNtErNeT bOy vOiCe Jack: cRaNkY, hAwT vOiCe Charlie: cOoL vOiCe
Howard House
Howard House 10 timer siden
I wish I was corpse and have that deep voice and gets imptor every game
SelenaMarie Salazar
SelenaMarie Salazar 11 timer siden
Corpse you are the best I love your voice and your laugh and you are funny
Thomy Romero
Thomy Romero 11 timer siden
Why he have 25 million views for a shitty among us gameplay of a guy with weird voice Im from mexico and the english comunity is fucking weird
Save the environment
Save the environment 11 timer siden
Corpses voice gives me murder vibes
꧁Hsieh Vera꧂
꧁Hsieh Vera꧂ 11 timer siden
Is corpse of human?
ITZ SIR 12 timer siden
I can’t believe AMOUNG us copied fortnite’s “a spy within” 🙄🙄🙄🤮
•Alyssons blanket•
•Alyssons blanket• 12 timer siden
among* xd
im_oxen 12 timer siden
Is this his real voice?
•Alyssons blanket•
•Alyssons blanket• 12 timer siden
Ulamundrah ulambayar
Ulamundrah ulambayar 12 timer siden
He just
yungmade 13 timer siden
Rebekah M
Rebekah M 13 timer siden
Bro I’m getting chills watching corpse’ voice is giving me chills the whole vid
Sostenes Jamboy
Sostenes Jamboy 13 timer siden
pumba is the best and funny imposter
Gay Dino nugget playz Gacha dino
Gay Dino nugget playz Gacha dino 14 timer siden
Owo his voice is sooo deep Owo 🥺I love ur vids🥺
Clisch Family
Clisch Family 14 timer siden
Corpse can I have your voice
Oksana Thompson
Oksana Thompson 14 timer siden
I swear if u guys search corpse face reveal I will murder u - bc corpse will N O T do it mark my dam fuckin words he will no be dam pressured
•Alyssons blanket•
•Alyssons blanket• 12 timer siden
you cant tell me what to do ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮
DARKSIDE 15 timer siden
23:31 corpse laugh 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🖐
Sprøuting spud
Sprøuting spud 15 timer siden
I showed my mother this, mainly for your voice, and she said you would be good as a news reporter 😂😂
M&S 16 timer siden
Why tf does lily talk like that
UNusual 16 timer siden
Yo I get this kind of reaction from my friends to about my voice... No cap
UNusual 16 timer siden
I can relate
DES PRO 19 timer siden
10:38 why didn't yellow report blue body...
Ariyanna Carmichael
Ariyanna Carmichael 20 timer siden
How do y'all simp over his voice 💀
•Alyssons blanket•
•Alyssons blanket• 12 timer siden
bc we simp over it duh
Zaid Ali
Zaid Ali 20 timer siden
Are you useing a voice changer
오연주 21 time siden
his imposter plays are just too brilliant wtaf!! i don't wanna be a crewmate if he's the imposter LMAO
DRACULA GAMING34 21 time siden
9mil iq
Kendyll Torres
Kendyll Torres 21 time siden
0-0 are my eyes ok
Rochelle Lobo
Rochelle Lobo 22 timer siden
Even I can't understand the logs
Rochelle Lobo
Rochelle Lobo 22 timer siden
Valky and Lily vouching for each other. Vote Jack out for reading the logs 😂😂
oink oink im a pop off motomoto
oink oink im a pop off motomoto 23 timer siden
why is there to toast
Rochelle Lobo
Rochelle Lobo Dag siden
Stay dead, Best friend 😂😂😂
Disha Jain
Disha Jain Dag siden
Disha Jain
Disha Jain Dag siden
WOLFY KANE50 Dag siden
Corpse i just ask pokimane do you want to date corpse she dint reply yet but im here for a Q would you date her🙂🙂🙂
Phillip Shale
Phillip Shale Dag siden
Corpse is just another dream in disguise ;-;
Alyssa Farrant
Alyssa Farrant Dag siden
Wonder if hes like a 50 year old :/
•Alyssons blanket•
•Alyssons blanket• 12 timer siden
hes 23 😂😂😂😂
Pani Rybka
Pani Rybka Dag siden
Corpse am Love you
Ezra Young
Ezra Young Dag siden
Did you name yourself corpse husband because of the film corpse bride
Joseph 09
Joseph 09 Dag siden
What power does corpse have he can sit and question you and no one even notices that he hasn’t answered were he was who he was with lol
토리도 Dag siden
Catsiese Dag siden
Tomas Hatake
Tomas Hatake Dag siden
If you guys know what skull candy crushers are you'll know how amazing it is to hear corpse speak and it activates the bass booster vibrations
minecraft_guy1234 Dag siden
Face reveallll
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger Dag siden
Dang. His voice is deep like mine! I found a fellow deep voiced bro! I can relate to the deep voice. His voice sounds nice tho. Soooo- I got a deep voice like him too, even though I'm a girl my voice is like- Deep bro. My friends make me talk so they can hear on how deep it is. This guy is dope tho. Let's goooo
Vanny Boen & Jasmine Chau
Vanny Boen & Jasmine Chau Dag siden
I think im the opissite of corpse bc i have a really high pich voice and corpse have a really low boice 😎
Abel Castelan
Abel Castelan Dag siden
Oh fuck ya
BH- Fxade
BH- Fxade Dag siden
666 plz don’t play
MJ Jimenez-Vann
MJ Jimenez-Vann Dag siden
“lemme defend myself” “NEVER.”
Random Tiktoks
Random Tiktoks Dag siden
Corpe voice for me.
Callan Portner
Callan Portner Dag siden
but like, having corpse scare off all my haters would be SICK
Brigitte Cameron Dumo
Brigitte Cameron Dumo Dag siden
OHH God Help me that voice Jesus Christ
Aries McDaniel
Aries McDaniel Dag siden
We need more Michal Reeves in Among Us
Lammer Geier
Lammer Geier Dag siden
The voice be like 👁👄👁
Epic Memer
Epic Memer Dag siden
I know why .. *simps*
Diane Mendiola
Diane Mendiola Dag siden
Diane Mendiola
Diane Mendiola Dag siden
Purpaniac Dag siden
Bro i just found out that corpse has a music channel
Purpaniac 11 timer siden
@Angeline Lopez i dont watch his livestreams i learned about him 2 days ago, i just wanted to help the others like me
Angeline Lopez
Angeline Lopez 18 timer siden
@Purpaniac how am I rude I’m just shocked because corpse talks about his music in his live streams
Purpaniac Dag siden
@Angeline Lopez and? Why are u rude then?
Angeline Lopez
Angeline Lopez Dag siden
Lol I am surprised you didn’t know literally 99% knows corpse has a music channel
Noxie Nay
Noxie Nay Dag siden
Lily:Corpse Corpse:yeah Lily:Are you imposter Corpse:Yeah *chilled*😎
Potato_ NoobYTN
Potato_ NoobYTN Dag siden
2 to the 1 to the 1 to the 3 choke me like you hhhh
Levi Kalden
Levi Kalden Dag siden
The contrast of corpse and lily is like heaven and earth, but both sound really good
Corpse fan page Corpse
Corpse fan page Corpse Dag siden
omgg corpse I’m a big fan can we play among us
Mega Blaziken
Mega Blaziken Dag siden
1:10 Sean u r a national treasure
Khadija Asif
Khadija Asif Dag siden
Bearsome !
Bearsome ! Dag siden
Corpse you should do face cam
Rania Rizwan
Rania Rizwan Dag siden
Well I have subscribed to him when he had 350k subs
Aisha Zaki
Aisha Zaki Dag siden
Hi I’m the one from among us
Darling Dakota
Darling Dakota Dag siden
wow- these friendships are so far now
Roblox Dream
Roblox Dream Dag siden
imagine having 666 iq you should be a demon
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez Dag siden
3:59 the voice is so cute
Hiba Joukhadar
Hiba Joukhadar Dag siden
Plot twist corpse left NOpost to become the new Kratos in God of War 5
Pablo Your Uncle6969 •__•
Pablo Your Uncle6969 •__• Dag siden
I wish I had his voice so then I can get girls
plummy 71
plummy 71 Dag siden
I'm a big fan
joanne stuart
joanne stuart Dag siden
Okay this is first time watching corpes and he is already amazing
Terezka Bujnová
Terezka Bujnová 2 dager siden
So i was watching this only knowing Corpse and Valkyrae and i entered the comments and that's when I realized he was playing with pewdiepie? I was so confused like, how did i not notice? 😐
Nevaeh Ulman
Nevaeh Ulman 2 dager siden
Is it me or is corpse is allways inposter
• kreati_ •
• kreati_ • 2 dager siden
Angel Aguda
Angel Aguda Dag siden
Yes it's real hahahahah
Anu Arora
Anu Arora 2 dager siden
“I’ll be playing with some of the best players at this game.... And Michael reeves”
Lil. Sasa
Lil. Sasa 2 dager siden
Let me say u arent ugly every person is bautiful but ur haters arent :)
Droufer 2 dager siden
one of the oldest Corpse's video give me chills
Gurbani Kaur
Gurbani Kaur 2 dager siden
Is this corpses channel?
Angel Aguda
Angel Aguda Dag siden
Purple Slushie
Purple Slushie 2 dager siden
michael is precious
Diệu Linh Đàm Nguyễn
Diệu Linh Đàm Nguyễn 2 dager siden
So much fun in this video
Kate Barham
Kate Barham 2 dager siden
can u stop swearing
renxira 2 dager siden
wait corpse killed lily right in front of pewds but whaaat? did he not see corpse kill?
Pastelchii 2 dager siden
*Lily’s voice is the opposite of Corpse’s voice 😂*
Dakota Shoop
Dakota Shoop 2 dager siden
How many times has corpses balles dropped
ALYSSA MALI 2 dager siden
corpse i really love your videos and music and your just amazing and i just want to say if you die i’m killing myself so i can see you like i really love you and your videos
LexiPlayz 2 dager siden
Enjoy me loseing my friends 😂
LexiPlayz 2 dager siden
I wish I had his voice I'm not simping it's just cool
Xbot94 49tobx
Xbot94 49tobx 2 dager siden
I was just with him on amoung usssssss
Kelsey Dag siden
It wasn't him. The real Corpse does not play in public lobbies. There are a lot of people that pretend to be him.
Xbot94 49tobx
Xbot94 49tobx 2 dager siden
I'm not joking
Marta P
Marta P 2 dager siden
i love the running noises tap tap tap tap
Leonardo Argueta
Leonardo Argueta 2 dager siden
He posts really creepy stuff on this channel
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