Extremely Rare Pokemon Cards Are Inside...Let's Open It! (1st Edition Fossil)

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3 måneder siden

There are extremely rare Pokemon Cards inside this vintage 1st Edition Fossil booster box from 1999. Let's open it!
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Philipp 3 måneder siden
Here are all the Holo Hits of the Night. Have Fun watching the Video. 16:04 Gengar Holo 5/62 27:20 Aerodactyl Holo 1/62 31:46 Hitmonlee Holo 7/62 38:57 Kabutops Holo 9/62 42:04 Aerodactyl Holo 1/62 56:55 Ditto Holo 3/62 1:03:05 Lapras Holo 10/62 1:15:57 Articuno Holo 2/62 1:23:39 Haunter Holo 6/62 1:29:18 Articuno Holo 2/62 1:49:55 Moltres Holo 12/62 1:56:42 Hitmonlee Holo 7/62
MMOOEE7 3 måneder siden
What kind of legend are you
PokeAus 3 måneder siden
Thanks for this Phillip
Alexander Chu
Alexander Chu 7 dager siden
i just watched this whole video before mizkif is gonna open his on stream today for charity . Pokerev you are so amazing
Jared Champagne
Jared Champagne 7 dager siden
How come these packs didn’t have any energy’s?
Jared Champagne
Jared Champagne 7 dager siden
Damn where does he get all these full sealed boxes from? Aren’t they like over a $100,000 each? This guy must be crazy rich!!!
Indio Grizzly
Indio Grizzly Måned siden
All of these pack openings calm my soul. Thank you 🙏
DeBoy66 Same
DeBoy66 Same Måned siden
2 months late! lol.new follower!
Marcus Waters
Marcus Waters Måned siden
Where can I buy these boxes from !!! Please give me the information!
Riley Ridomski
Riley Ridomski Måned siden
Bruh this 30 year old man is so proud of his "PokeCave" lmao.........yikes
XO Butters
XO Butters Måned siden
you clicked on the video though?
APG Gold
APG Gold Måned siden
How much should I pay for a booster box ?
Ivan Crafts
Ivan Crafts Måned siden
Anyone else here from Logan Paul
Cody Musial
Cody Musial Måned siden
i bought one of these packs for $400 and don't know if I should open it or hold on to it is psa certified and everything.
Guido G
Guido G Måned siden
So you were an Attoney before and then decided to follow your real passions ? I worked in clinical and infectious disease for 10 years and I’m done with that professionalism bs everyday. Pretending we are more important than we are. I’m ready to find my true passion. Something I was meant to become.
Logo Princeps
Logo Princeps 2 måneder siden
Do the non 1st edition cards of this set have any value ?
Poka Tan
Poka Tan 2 måneder siden
I love the double tap fast forward feature on youtube!
Dawn Kitchen
Dawn Kitchen 2 måneder siden
Jeff happy birth day scary I'm late
Bugbrain's Place
Bugbrain's Place 2 måneder siden
How do you get into winning a booster pack????
Dr. Mohammed
Dr. Mohammed 2 måneder siden
damn this dudes annoying I dunno how autoplay led me here.
Prometheus 27
Prometheus 27 2 måneder siden
How do other people open a whole box in under 40 minutes and this guys video are always hours on one box 📦 boring smh
rock viper
rock viper 2 måneder siden
I am new to the pokemon cave
Leonhard Kötters
Leonhard Kötters 2 måneder siden
Gengar 👌
Senshu X
Senshu X 2 måneder siden
The nostalgia is real :D Nice Stream ^^
Jakub Maliszewski
Jakub Maliszewski 2 måneder siden
You deserve all of those likes for real man, great job never stop.
Bernhard Bamacher
Bernhard Bamacher 2 måneder siden
love from austria :) enjoy the streams thx trill and pokerev :)
Jan Aspileiter
Jan Aspileiter 2 måneder siden
when my money is on the bank, lets go for it!
Finn Ryczek
Finn Ryczek 2 måneder siden
whats up
Frito 0
Frito 0 2 måneder siden
Love your channel! I dunno how u don’t have 10x the amount of subs tbh! Keep it up🙌🏼
Rich Lux
Rich Lux 2 måneder siden
Dat Way
Dat Way 2 måneder siden
Who else is old enough to get messed up and watch these videos Favorite thing to do
Davids Pokemon 86
Davids Pokemon 86 2 måneder siden
Very awesome openings 🦝🤘
Brandon Heflin
Brandon Heflin 2 måneder siden
Love this set.
AVB’S COLLECTIBLES 2 måneder siden
AVB’S COLLECTIBLES 2 måneder siden
Crazy pack!
Janko Unchained
Janko Unchained 3 måneder siden
Mark my words, you will have 1 mil subs in just over a year. Early congrats!
Angel Rangel
Angel Rangel 3 måneder siden
It’s actually fun watching this lol
ThermalRain_YT 3 måneder siden
I would love to be about to get one of these boxes.
Sean Ryan Toys & Games
Sean Ryan Toys & Games 3 måneder siden
Gengar baby!
Thomas Farr
Thomas Farr 3 måneder siden
Are the pack reservations on pokecave exclusive to channel members who pay the monthly sub or is it available to everyone?
Gabe Albuquerque
Gabe Albuquerque 2 måneder siden
You ever find out? Im interested in this too
mrpzpdx 3 måneder siden
mrpzpdx 3 måneder siden
Leo K
Leo K 3 måneder siden
Why is there a Raichu but no Pikachu...always wondered
Kenny 3 måneder siden
oh sheeit 🔥 🔥
Kenny 3 måneder siden
i sub from gary cause im investing in cards now thx
prettymuchbangtan 3 måneder siden
definitely check out chinese hidden fates booster bixes
Tobias Bläser
Tobias Bläser 3 måneder siden
Love the member hunt idea, this is the future
Theunpopularmom 3 måneder siden
Just found your channel on gary vee! wanted to come check it out! Your doing awesome!
ThermalRain_YT 2 måneder siden
@Theunpopularmom yeah you never know. Theres probably a ton of cards just sitting in basements somewhere waiting to be found
Theunpopularmom 2 måneder siden
@ThermalRain_YT very cool! I need to see what my son has to
ThermalRain_YT 3 måneder siden
I didn't see that on gary vee but listening to gary the past 3 weeks and I busted out my pokemon cards so now I'm starting to learn so I can do this too started selling my stuff and even these commons are going for 20 and 30 bucks each
Jonas Laursen
Jonas Laursen 3 måneder siden
How do I get an opened booster pack?
Uzi 3 måneder siden
Centering not perfect for these cards. PSA the way to go, but your card may be lost in the mail so wait
Matthew Campos
Matthew Campos 3 måneder siden
hey rev what if you put a new gen hit for those who don't get pulls from the packs?
Se L
Se L 3 måneder siden
U are entertaining Bro. Keep up this channel
Otto Metalkake
Otto Metalkake 3 måneder siden
Thank you sir for this prehistoric awesomeness!
Ian Thornton
Ian Thornton 3 måneder siden
@43:20 YES, they have to be perfect! ALWAYS!! haha
BooOmPow 3 måneder siden
How are there still first edition boxes in the world..
Jared Champagne
Jared Champagne 7 dager siden
And how does he get so many of them?!?! Its like he has a never ending supply of them and they’re worth over $100,000 each at this point! He must be rich. I’d have a hard time opening them and just save them for another 10 years when they’re worth a fortune.
James Reichhelt
James Reichhelt 3 måneder siden
This was a really fun live! Tons of nice pulls!! 👽🔥👽🔥🔥👽🔥👽
King Pumba
King Pumba 3 måneder siden
Would love to know if that Gengar gets a 10
Jon Jackson
Jon Jackson 3 måneder siden
Love the Krabby impression ahahaha
Atanas Sherbanov
Atanas Sherbanov 3 måneder siden
Pokereeeev 😀👏👏 just saw you talking with GaryVee, keep going up 👍I am sure you are inspiring hell a lot of people!!!
Liam Fürderer
Liam Fürderer 3 måneder siden
I love you Pokémon TCG Openings #Trilluxearmy
PokeAus 3 måneder siden
They are the best openings on YT
marc kaiser
marc kaiser 3 måneder siden
please llok to antoher methode to sell you booster
popcornplaya_ 86
popcornplaya_ 86 3 måneder siden
What an opening. Some heavy dosages of fire!!!!!!
Junes Favorite
Junes Favorite 3 måneder siden
Dam rev I'm sorry I missed the stream. I didn't get to mention how handsome you looked in this stream.
Ryan Mooney
Ryan Mooney 3 måneder siden
Best time to collect on the old stuff was around 2010-2011. Vintage was practically face value. The most I spent on a pack was a shadowless Base Set for $15 in 2010.
Frito 0
Frito 0 2 måneder siden
Imagine. Holyyyyyy
BurgerMerker 3 måneder siden
damn the people that sold their shadowless base set for 15 dollars back then must be fuming right now lol
PokeAus 3 måneder siden
Thats the best investment choice ever
kajo kajo
kajo kajo 3 måneder siden
How much is it to have a pack for you?
Mirko Shaqiri
Mirko Shaqiri 3 måneder siden
GG @Trilluxe :)
Arrhenius 3 måneder siden
I bought one of these boxes in 2014 for $400 and I had enough money to buy 2 of them and hold onto one but I'm a man of positive energy and didn't want to spend a whole bunch and then the universe didn't like it and made me pay for it lol still the value is almost up to the point where I can sell the empty box and packs and recoup what I paid for it
rocky Wright
rocky Wright Måned siden
haha so glad i bought two back in the day and kept one cause i loved how this box looked as a kid. dont know if ill ever sell it or open it but is crazy to see the prices for them now..
Matt Falco
Matt Falco 3 måneder siden
I think I got one a few years before that for $350 and almost pulled the trigger on a 1st ed base set. At least I got 2 holo Dragonites outta that box.
Jakob H
Jakob H 3 måneder siden
Epic opening, way to be Rev 👊🏻
Demon Headmaster
Demon Headmaster 3 måneder siden
Fossil and rocket were my first packs and i pulled a Kabutops from fossil and dark raichu from rocket
PokeAus 3 måneder siden
I pulled a Articuno buddy so much memories
infuse lol
infuse lol 3 måneder siden
Another crazy opening!!! Damn rev road to 40k subs
infuse lol
infuse lol 3 måneder siden
@PokeAus yeah a few more days
PokeAus 3 måneder siden
hes nearly there man
GAME MASTER Ink. 3 måneder siden
Who won the contest for the booster box
Simple Sailor
Simple Sailor 3 måneder siden
Not missing this opening. Live or not. Watching all of it! This is a lesson both in Art and History for these cards. Old school Artwork always wins... am i the only one??
Clash Royale
Clash Royale 3 måneder siden
Pokemon Charizard
Pokemon Charizard 3 måneder siden
Hi Poke Rev Awesome Opening :) PS: Thanks to King Bidoof, Arceus🌍🍀🍁🌲🌳 And Alien 👽 👽
Anthony White
Anthony White 3 måneder siden
Rev I must says this opening was amazing ! Also the new Japanese opening your have sorted out is a fantastic idea , absolutely love it. Gutted it sold out so quickly tho.
GAME MASTER Ink. 3 måneder siden
Can you see this
GAME MASTER Ink. 3 måneder siden
I really need the Pokémon booster because I don’t have any money on Pokémon
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 3 måneder siden
Hey PokeRev! Love the video/channel like always! Keep it up stay safe hope you reach 40K subscribers and have an amazing afternoon! 😁👍
dylan druer
dylan druer 3 måneder siden
Loved the opening really bummed out though I put my pay info in and by the time I was done everything was sold out
Philipp 3 måneder siden
you can still buy some Members Only Opening Packs for Sunday/Monday Opening
Dj Gearhart
Dj Gearhart 3 måneder siden
How are you guys buying these on here?! Lol
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