Fifa 21 7 Minute Squads!!! HEADLINERS ERLING HAALAND!!!

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bobthechimp1234 2 dager siden
Who else is hella confused by the rules but just keeps watching 🤣
Andrew Mooney
Andrew Mooney 4 dager siden
Damn you talk a lot when you’re building a squad just build the fucking squad
Varun Pradhan
Varun Pradhan 26 dager siden
Jack so salty cos he knows andy is better than him at building squads and he was scared
Arash Va
Arash Va 29 dager siden
i hate jack
ben crawford
ben crawford Måned siden
Gorse feed
Joey Wrigh
Joey Wrigh Måned siden
Joey Wrigh
Joey Wrigh Måned siden
7 min ssquad but its 24minds long
Kim Strandberg
Kim Strandberg Måned siden
Anyone else seeing that Jack's Haaland wasn't on full chemistry?
Legit Pairv2
Legit Pairv2 Måned siden
The festive tomato ideally harass because plot ectrodactyly listen anenst a elite crib. pale, staking production
Zyro Rebel
Zyro Rebel Måned siden
Get the career mode back
Jeff Zacharias
Jeff Zacharias Måned siden
Worst series ever
william fox
william fox Måned siden
And the RM from Dortmund doesn’t exist so witsle isn’t on full Chem
william fox
william fox Måned siden
Jack said done doesn’t that mean he cant change his team after that ?
Sebastian Page
Sebastian Page Måned siden
Andy mate for the sake of your subs and your own patience I would just stick to inviting jack to sbsd where the rules are clear and enforced fairly. just seems like jack is out to give himself the advantage every step of the way in his own series so I wouldn't bother playing his game
Kevin Tuffano
Kevin Tuffano Måned siden
SBSD on moments suarez PLS!!
Gem Måned siden
Not a fan of list carding, bring back straight up quick sell
Cryptic Alibi
Cryptic Alibi Måned siden
Haaland wasn’t even on full chem, didn’t use rttf kessie, said done and then changed his team when you’re not allowed too
Pauli Nieminen
Pauli Nieminen Måned siden
Why didn’t he just use that Norwegian dude from Milan at LW and any other Bundesliga player at RW?
Alex Måned siden
I’m so done with jack and his bullshit, first he fucks Andy over by saying “icons don’t count as a nation” AFTER ANDY IS DONE WITH THE TEAM, and THEN he doesn’t even min list halaand, such bullshit, never let this guy come back mate
Unknown Dave
Unknown Dave Måned siden
Do a video with Danny Aarons
Archie Platel
Archie Platel Måned siden
“You can be 3-0 down and still lose the game” - Jack54HD
Jensen Måned siden
I remember when jack had 7 min squads in fifa 16. It just had to be a minimum of 4 leagues and nations. That’s it. His channel was growing fast too. Now you need a college degree to understand it. It’s time to to revamp the series or scrap it.
OB1 Kenobi
OB1 Kenobi Måned siden
Listen to this guy with his 1 billion rules and trying to make 100k on a player that should be discarded
matt ball
matt ball Måned siden
arnar oskarsson
arnar oskarsson Måned siden
This is the most stupid game ever, he just makes up rules so it goes his way
Trav TDS
Trav TDS Måned siden
Andy needs to stop fucking crying when he doesn’t get league and nations, he should know these by now ffs, fix up man
Adrijan Kajevic
Adrijan Kajevic Måned siden
Trav TDS
Trav TDS Måned siden
Jesus... 24 minutes... that’s a new one
Adrijan Kajevic
Adrijan Kajevic Måned siden
Don't go on this shit series again, even the creator of the series dont know the rules
mata91yt Måned siden
7 minutes for building a squad, 7 hours to go through the rules to do so.
beast boi
beast boi Måned siden
Jack didn’t use the right card he got
DannyFozzy 123
DannyFozzy 123 Måned siden
Is this icon nation rule thing because the video was released on a Thursday and storm Christoph was around
Connor R
Connor R Måned siden
7MS is the worst fifa series on youtube. ITS SO DEAD
Momo Sambu
Momo Sambu Måned siden
Jack making his team quietly Andy just waffling non stop
Matthew Gillam
Matthew Gillam Måned siden
Jack’s a snake, cheating against Andy
Michał Wójcik
Michał Wójcik Måned siden
this is the worst squadbuilder series of them all. please never post it again Andy, collab with Jack, but do SBSD on yours.
Jake Lewis
Jake Lewis Måned siden
Do sbsd against a random viewer
Kenzie Farrell
Kenzie Farrell Måned siden
7 minte squads 24 minute video
Abz knows best
Abz knows best Måned siden
I luckily packed him untradeable, beastly super sub he comes on in the 80th min and usually always scores or assist, once scored me a 120th min winner
Brice Leaure
Brice Leaure Måned siden
Andy didn't finish first because Jack had ti redo his formation and change players athe last minutes?
Antony Måned siden
Should of used adama for left back he works good in a five back
Jacob Dobbins
Jacob Dobbins Måned siden
U talk so much😂
Lukas Måned siden
Nice to see that Andy and Jack saw my data (@SBSData on Twitter) hahah! Hope that this will also help Andy to become a pro ;)
Ben Stewart
Ben Stewart Måned siden
7 minute squads must be the worst fifa NOpostr series. Would be so much better if the rules were actually clear but it just seems like they change every time. Great concept, great NOpostrs but poor execution
Ian Wilson
Ian Wilson Måned siden
Lads I packed pele in a 7.5k pack last night
boneheadno Måned siden
7ms is one of the worst series to watch. Just call that you're done as soon as the timer starts and then fix your team and start a goal up.
travis lafountain
travis lafountain Måned siden
so happy u got his haaland
fortnite ErBeast
fortnite ErBeast Måned siden
i dont think this is fare wtfjacku cant ust cange rules too others and make it better for u
Alif Putera
Alif Putera Måned siden
Dude playing 7 minute squad basically means your already at a disadvantage cause the rules always changes to help jack
SUPREME GOKU Måned siden
Gorz_EoD Måned siden
I have to say this is the worst show of all the fifa youtubers. The amount of rules and the flip flopping that goes on with them makes this show an utter pisstake. Make it simple, 7 minutes to build your teams, one extra goal for each additional league you get over the other player, players can choose their formations. In case of a tie, the player with the most nations gets an extra goal. No minimum requirements, however the more leagues and nations, the more goals you'll get on your opponent. Icons don't count at all towards leagues or nations. Simple and easy to understand, enough with this nonsense
Julian Wells
Julian Wells Måned siden
I like watching Andy but I hate this series. It’s so poor
Mike Landry
Mike Landry Måned siden
I got 92 UCL Ronaldo out of my 84+ player pick, no idea how to build a proper squad around him though... Any suggestions? wish he was tradeable also
Amber シ
Amber シ Måned siden
12:14 is he taking the piss?? "Icons dont count as nations" Get this fraud off man
Dalaxy Måned siden
jack is a snake
Durrant dived
Durrant dived Måned siden
Jack was just changing it to suit him the full time
Harry Måned siden
At this rate of getting smashed, jack is gonna go back to gambling.
William Passman
William Passman Måned siden
“icons don’t could as a league” insists on not letting andy use england dfor a nation
Keez Ewen
Keez Ewen Måned siden
Surely as Jack built the team in the wrong formation and announced he was finished he should've got a further punishment 😂
Ellie Fleming
Ellie Fleming Måned siden
Can u upload more career mode and miles morales
Anthrax Måned siden
dk if haaland will get many more if any upgrades and for 400k its probably a card that feels decently quick and has insane shooting but clunky on the ball, my main problem is the 3 skills and weak foot since i do a lot of 4 skills
alex griffiths
alex griffiths Måned siden
any one notice tom had an off chem haaland cuz of wolf playing for koln
devil damo
devil damo Måned siden
jack cheated he didnt finish 1st after he changed his team
Tj Måned siden
Cba with jack changing the rules to suit him against his opponents... Guest: says the have finished first Jack: that means i get a full icon team and start 3 goals up and if i lose you have to do the discards instead
Jorel Aramburo
Jorel Aramburo Måned siden
That dude changing his squad after he said he was finished, but not letting Andy have the icon as a nation and then thirty seconds later (jokingly, I know) saying, "Just need to learn the rules!" annoyed me more than I thought it would.
Abraham Nelson
Abraham Nelson Måned siden
Come on Jack... be better
Born Kinburan
Born Kinburan Måned siden
Jack telling people to learn his rules, he dont even know hes own rules
MeAg4in Måned siden
So many rules it’s annoying AF
Nico Antezana
Nico Antezana Måned siden
Jack is such a cheater 😂😂😂 1. Icon doesn’t count as a nation (lies) 2. Says one can’t change after saying finished, does it. 3. Says he finished first, but he didn’t and had to change in the last second.
Pedro Vicente
Pedro Vicente Måned siden
1. Icon doesn’t count as a nation since November if I’m not wrong 2. He only changed because it was in a wrong formation
Hoeseph Måned siden
The exterminator Of death
The exterminator Of death Måned siden
Idea for sbs rule. You can pick 3 players for your bench but the other player gets 7 guesses
en5 pm
en5 pm Måned siden
The king off the 7 minutes probably what he last in bed
Baard Semb
Baard Semb Måned siden
Andy: Am I allowed to use icons? Jack: you can but they dont count as a league, but you can. Like WTF. Jack=FRAUD 1:43
Baard Semb
Baard Semb Måned siden
@Quackers 14768 yeah...
Quackers 14768
Quackers 14768 Måned siden
Andy doesn’t even care
Marty 59
Marty 59 Måned siden
Lmao I was legit watching the future stars haaland sbsd
MUFC Måned siden
aJ3 you should make another career mode video
Calu5m Hopkins
Calu5m Hopkins Måned siden
I swear icon Nations always counted before? 🤔
Johan Prado
Johan Prado Måned siden
8:34 he sounds like he has autotune on😂
Kyan Ward
Kyan Ward Måned siden
How do icons not count as a nation? 7MS has way too many stupid rules
Rayan Ghazzawi
Rayan Ghazzawi Måned siden
the icon not a nation rule is bull shit.
Malachi Griggs-Taylor
Malachi Griggs-Taylor Måned siden
Surely since the date has three ones in it and it's a full moon Jack automatically has to delete his club?
Zach Holmes
Zach Holmes Måned siden
‘We both messed up our squads bc Andy finished first
Angus M
Angus M Måned siden
ICONS DON’T COUNT AS A NATION?! Such bs from Jack, they literally have nation flags on them. What a snake.
Corey Grindlay
Corey Grindlay Måned siden
Pulls 433(4) but builds 442
Sean Thomas
Sean Thomas Måned siden
200-500k but jack uses the 1k version? Cheat
Culum Annand
Culum Annand Måned siden
Jack cheated too. Not even Haaland was on chem
RTG Underdog
RTG Underdog Måned siden
dont get why you say discards at the end when you list them for 100k
Culum Annand
Culum Annand Måned siden
Jack’s poor explanation of rules is his problem. You can see how much it annoys Andy
Rizwan Måned siden
init icon dont count as a nation wtf is that
chavkill1 Måned siden
Icons don't count as a nation? Is Jack high?
hyperspeed101 Måned siden
Jack really is making up the rules. Icons don’t count as a nation? He finished first, locked it in and then changed his team, so Andy should of started a goal up and had a 4th discard? Biggest cheat on NOpost.....Itani..pass me that crown
George Madathany
George Madathany Måned siden
@hyperspeed101 Because Andy didn't have enough nations because of the icon issue, both players technically didn't finish their squad, thus neither player gets a goal lead. You're right about the Jack not informing Andy about the icon rule
hyperspeed101 Måned siden
@Bryan Reider-Jacks I don’t see where your argument is here. Jack’s punishment for his own mistake should be removing the player off chem, which he did, but also start a goal down as he didn’t finish his squad first. Andy shouldn’t of been penalised for not being given complete information. If this ‘icon not counting as a nation’ is a rule, Jack should of informed Andy before the timer started instead of giving him half of the information
Bryan Reider-Jacks
Bryan Reider-Jacks Måned siden
@hyperspeed101 think, isn’t it more unfair to Andy if Jack played with the wrong formation with everyone on chem???
hyperspeed101 Måned siden
@Bryan Reider-Jacks Ok and Andy built his team with the wrong info and got a bronze cause what he was told was ‘Icons don’t count as a league’, Jack never mentioned they don’t count as a nation until after the 7 minutes. Jack building a team in a different formation is his own fault, Andy completing a team thinking he has 5 nations is not his fault
Bryan Reider-Jacks
Bryan Reider-Jacks Måned siden
He built his team with the wrong formation, what do you expect him to do?
James Muncey
James Muncey Måned siden
Jack’s builds stinky squads no cap
David Adams
David Adams Måned siden
What a shit series
Louis Cash
Louis Cash Måned siden
Jesus, this comment section is filled with simpletons that can't understand a ruleset that is more advanced than writing a guess on a whiteboard.
Aleem Lagardien
Aleem Lagardien Måned siden
Can u get aa9skills on sbsd
Jacob Hibbard
Jacob Hibbard Måned siden
We need pie back on sbsd
Jake Connolly
Jake Connolly Måned siden
Jack got karma for being such a cheat in the squad building round. It was quite satisfying watching him liscard haaland after all that 🤣
Reshirex Måned siden
Nicko Kamphuis
Nicko Kamphuis Måned siden
I know its to late But i have an idea how you could have done it woth 5 nations and 5 leagues Imagine mertens at CAM and witsel and naingolan at 2CM spots Then denayer in the middle CB with Lopes in goal Then left side vertonghen and grimaldo Right side ruben dias and walker And a tip for next time its easier to get the different nations on the players that have the least links going into them being the wing backs in this formation
Dan Hughes
Dan Hughes Måned siden
Jack clearly said that an Icon doesn't count as a league, not a nation when Andy got Wright. Then he changed his mind and told Andy he's only got 4 nations, prick
Dan Hughes
Dan Hughes Måned siden
Jack's team is the stinkiest team i've ever seen. Shouldn't be allowed that its ridicilous, no risk in discards at all. Pussy
Lachlan Eric BOUSTEAD
Lachlan Eric BOUSTEAD Måned siden
Jack lectures Andy the whole vid and then goes to cheat cause he finished after Andy and should of been 1-0 down
Harry Baxter
Harry Baxter Måned siden
i know cheater ahaha
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