Roy Keane's BEST moments from the Champions League, World Cup, UEL & Euros | Part 3 | ITV Sport

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2 måneder siden

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Relive part three of Roy Keane's best moments on ITV from the Champions League, World Cup, Europa League and Euros including famous clashes Southgate over red cards, his disdain for dressing room selfies and a quip about Jerome Boateng's shoe collection.
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Dejan Markovic
Dejan Markovic 7 dager siden
Is that...that's the guy who missed the penalty..why's he still in the world of football?
Rich Henry
Rich Henry 10 dager siden
Keane grows one heck of a beard.
gary Last
gary Last 10 dager siden
As much as i love listening to you roy, you were totally wrong with the nani red card
Take xioxlxodkd Johnson
Take xioxlxodkd Johnson 17 dager siden
Stop copying sky and making keane youtube videos
Kay 7th
Kay 7th 18 dager siden
Don't know if it because im high but the got totti one at the start had me crying 😂😂
Daniyal Iqbal
Daniyal Iqbal 18 dager siden
he had roy at the dressing room selfie
Leon O'Sionnaigh
Leon O'Sionnaigh 24 dager siden
Lee Dixon looks like a lesbian version of Martina Navratilova
Sandro Sousa
Sandro Sousa Måned siden
cock(realises he's on live tv)y
Tone Loc
Tone Loc Måned siden
Thank God Adrian Chiles has disappeared
Berrlett&TheGameplay Måned siden
This guy should have lived 1000 years ago Dublin would have been the capital of the UK.
bareknuckles2u Måned siden
Southgate got OWNED by Keane in that conversation.
Ashish Varghese
Ashish Varghese Måned siden
All is Robbish!!
James Limb
James Limb Måned siden
As a Liverpool fan i love Roy Keane. He speaks the truth and is brutal, he says what he thinks.
Liam R
Liam R Måned siden
Legend. Shame Man Utd no longer have a leader as Keane was.
Steff Probert
Steff Probert Måned siden
Always liked the Keane/Dixon rapport
Leland Carpenter
Leland Carpenter Måned siden
LOL Southgate has always been fucking clueless I see.
benito tommassi
benito tommassi Måned siden
Barca's comeback was obvious from the first minute. PSG completely bottled it.
dublinboy32 Måned siden
Best pundit by miles ...the legend roy Keane.....although he loves to take digs at my club ARSENAL lol.....but now ARSENAL are on the up and united are in decline lol sry roy
Rohith Raman
Rohith Raman Måned siden
Bring back UCL on ITV!
Jamie Killen
Jamie Killen Måned siden
Dixon "il tackle you in the car park after" Keane 👀
Geno Kemp
Geno Kemp Måned siden
As a manager ..wa*k.. as a person so so ...As a player that his team mates looked upto because of his passion and wanting to win ..Total respect
Dooooggiieee Måned siden
“Lee said we can’t be critical... but I can”
FEROX VENOM Måned siden
Why didn't ITV have the England game last night you scumbags .👊🏻
EPIC BEATS Måned siden
definitly the best pundit don't think he realises how funny he is
Niall Martin
Niall Martin Måned siden
Pure comedy gold. He’s often better than the football match.
50 Yard Hoof
50 Yard Hoof Måned siden
Roy was about to take Gareth's lunch money.
Tasty McCheese
Tasty McCheese Måned siden
Remember when UEFA matches were on itv and *everybody* could watch them? *yeah me too. Those were better days.*
50 Yard Hoof
50 Yard Hoof Måned siden
In the 90s you got live Champs league on Tuesday AND Wednesday on ITV. Everything was better then.
Robert King
Robert King Måned siden
Roy Keane telling the England manager off will never get old.
Visca Barcelona
Visca Barcelona Måned siden
1:11 Who the fuck is this guy with grey coat.
Vishaal Venugopal
Vishaal Venugopal Måned siden
have itv signed roy exclusively? cuz he was way better on sky
D B Cooper
D B Cooper Måned siden
Keane talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk...his own win % as a manager is in the low to mid tirties. Sorry Roy yes your entertaining BUT as a manager your pretty crap mate I think overall your win ratio is something like 34 % . Pretty crap that don't you agree ....Klopp,s is 61 % 😉
DJ eMo
DJ eMo Måned siden
@7:01....... The dismay.....
Darren Hill
Darren Hill Måned siden
Keane hated Adrian Chiles
Scratch The Surface
Scratch The Surface Måned siden
If you want a pundit to analyse the integrity of a team and the individuals within it, then Keanes your man. You want a pundit to analyse the tactics and systems of a match, Garys your man. You need a pundit to analyse the statistics in past and present games, teams or individuals, then Carras your man. You need a pundit for the bants, Wrightys your man.
Muaz Alvi
Muaz Alvi Måned siden
Well said brother
Tim Allen
Tim Allen Måned siden
best hair cut I go with 3:13 with best beard combo for me haha what a legend
TRA H & A Måned siden
Keane calling southgate gary and southgate having no bollocks to say anything
Spotless Leopard
Spotless Leopard Måned siden
Glenn Hoddles thought process from 5:04. Christ I shouldn't have eaten all those Shredded Wheat cos I desperately need a shit now. Fuck, it's coming out. Jesus. I've done it. On telly. Fuck it.
hakeem morris
hakeem morris Måned siden
De Code
De Code Måned siden
When we get a new up to date compilation of Roy, we'll be missing his reaction to the recent Man U losing to Totenham.
Bob Fred
Bob Fred Måned siden
“They’ve spoke more tonight then I’ve spoke to any of my brothers in the last 5 years”
Geno Kemp
Geno Kemp Måned siden
If that's true Bob ..somehow i think is sarcasm and having a joke ..If not ..Lifes to short 🤦‍♂️ha
Sean Mac
Sean Mac 2 måneder siden
Does he not think there's other players on the pitch com on Roy 😂😂😂
Judah Smith
Judah Smith 2 måneder siden
Imagine being lee Dixon, being calm and cool next to arlo white on the weekends but in midweek have to try your hardest to make it look like Roy Keane is talking sense
bunkerboy 2020
bunkerboy 2020 2 måneder siden
Lee Dixon is the latest to come out. Well done!!! Thumbs up.
DJ SEAGAL 2 måneder siden
Roy Keane after one night stand. Women: How was it? Roy: A little bit over the top, nonsense.
DJ SEAGAL Måned siden
@Nigel Nyoni: good one
Nigel Nyoni
Nigel Nyoni Måned siden
Woman: I enjoyed that Keano: that insults me, that does. It's my JOB
samboggetti 2 måneder siden
Miserable, ignorant, arrogant, idiot... anyoone can sit there complain n moan n go against wat everyome else says just for controversy. my grandad can do that job
Tom Jones
Tom Jones 2 måneder siden
The only one speaking sense as usual is keano
Just About Anything
Just About Anything 2 måneder siden
Roy Keane is the biggest teapot.
Hbsb Lkk
Hbsb Lkk 2 måneder siden
Desporto 2 måneder siden
Funny how Keane criticizes Mourinho so much and then was submissive and nearly kissing his feet when Mourinho was in punditry next to him, on Sky.
Patch Måned siden
@Eye_Dee Did I miss the part where i said next game 7-2 or do you have memory loss and think Liverpool beat Villa dickhead? Thought not. Nah i don’t support them. Nice try though, keep being touchy defensive, must’ve been the wait for 30 years still causing you stress 😂😂 blocked
Robert King
Robert King Måned siden
Its TV they have to keep it cordial. Also Keane critiques the Job not the Man (Unless they are not mutually exclusive)
Patch Måned siden
@Eye_Dee More like Klopp didn’t like it when his team got called out. What was that the following week.. 7-2? Oh who’s the wanker indeed, LMAO.
stevendchu 2 måneder siden
Bc he knows Mourinho can run circles around him when it comes to in depth knowledge of the game.
Desporto 2 måneder siden
Keane is completely deluded about the Nani red card. Never a red. Just wants to be a contrarian.
Jonny 1
Jonny 1 2 måneder siden
Lewis Clarke
Lewis Clarke 2 måneder siden
nonsense! hahaha
ILike Bourbonss
ILike Bourbonss 2 måneder siden
This video just reminds me of how great the champions league used to be on the ITV..... Simpler times.
Sajid Mahmud
Sajid Mahmud 2 måneder siden
"Congratulations Mr Keane, your wife has given birth to a baby girl!" "That's her job..."
Azza M
Azza M 25 dager siden
Next they'll be praising bakers for baking bread so they will!
Rob G
Rob G Måned siden
He's not wrong.
hakeem morris
hakeem morris Måned siden
Anush Jeyakumar
Anush Jeyakumar 2 måneder siden
Underrated comment
Leon Williams
Leon Williams 2 måneder siden
RG Blinker
RG Blinker 2 måneder siden
D 2 måneder siden
Why can't I see 56.11k likes?
Archie Jewell
Archie Jewell 2 måneder siden
Don't think he agreed with the penalty in the last clip...
liverpoololdschool 2 måneder siden
Lpool fan but I love Keane very old school like sourness and king Kenny, no bullshit.
TheCloneX2 2 måneder siden
As good as Roy is, this video just shows what a non-entity Dixon is. Please dont book him on again ITV, for crying out loud.
Mick Cole
Mick Cole 2 måneder siden
TV gold
Zi Solo
Zi Solo 2 måneder siden
U better pay Roy a bonus with all this
The Last of Me
The Last of Me 2 måneder siden
Keep them coming ITV. We’ll all be here for Roy Keane Best Moments: Part 107...
echolot 2 måneder siden
i can't wait for roy's take on united's failings in the transfer market for this season.
NeillyMc 2 måneder siden
650 pairs of shoes though, mental
Jake O'Leary
Jake O'Leary 2 måneder siden
That man hates Arsenal😂
Horse racing tips no 1
Horse racing tips no 1 2 måneder siden
Kenno a legend
Unbox Industry
Unbox Industry 2 måneder siden
I forgot how much of a gobshite Adrian Chiles is
Rick Menlove
Rick Menlove 2 måneder siden
ITV jumping on the bandwagon for views
Freekzilla87 2 måneder siden
The Madrid game where Nani got sent off, United then went down to 9 men if you include the fact that Van Persie did his usual trick of going missing in Europe.
John Toscano
John Toscano 2 måneder siden
Roy Keane; the gift that keeps on giving! Love you Roy 👊🏼
JohnyumiandCarmen Williams
JohnyumiandCarmen Williams 2 måneder siden
Roy should ask more money from ITV.
Adam Foley
Adam Foley 2 måneder siden
KEANO!! gotta love this guy, Chuck Norris wears Keano PJ's
kieren brown
kieren brown 2 måneder siden
@Jessie lingard you know what they say simple things simple minds
Jessie lingard
Jessie lingard 2 måneder siden
@kieren brown I thought it was
kieren brown
kieren brown 2 måneder siden
@Jessie lingard that's not the slightest bit funny.
Jessie lingard
Jessie lingard 2 måneder siden
Keane's built like a smackhead after pay day
kieren brown
kieren brown 2 måneder siden
Chris 2 måneder siden
Gareth Southgate needing therapy after Keane grilling him.
Tomherbs 2 måneder siden
Right said fred lol
magcatcher 2 måneder siden
Love him safc bring him back
Luke Weedon
Luke Weedon 2 måneder siden
God the champions league on ITV man they were the good days
Supr3me 2 måneder siden
Good old days
Tony Smyth
Tony Smyth 2 måneder siden
Some coup by ITV in fairness to sign Tommy Tiernan...
TheMetalMouse 2 måneder siden
Bfd Cluberlang
Bfd Cluberlang 2 måneder siden
I get impression Keane likes united not been as good as when he played for them.
M 2 måneder siden
Absolute chad.
Gerry MacInnes
Gerry MacInnes 2 måneder siden
ITV: 'Do we any have more Roy Keane cli-' ITV NOpost: 'Yes'
Nigel Nyoni
Nigel Nyoni Måned siden
It's our JOB
Molefe Mashiane
Molefe Mashiane 2 måneder siden
Can't hate this man😅
James Flynn
James Flynn 2 måneder siden
Keane: soccer > family
Srinath Murali
Srinath Murali 2 måneder siden
2000 years ago: “Jesus Christ has risen, he’s come back from the dead!” Roy Keane: “Well, that’s his job...”
Vesty Steiner
Vesty Steiner 2 måneder siden
nice stolen comment. you see this one on every keane video
T Y 2 måneder siden
@King brian Borunow now, let's not bring weight into this
George Papps
George Papps 2 måneder siden
kieren brown
kieren brown 2 måneder siden
T Y 2 måneder siden
It wasn't, it was Carpentry
D. B. Cooper
D. B. Cooper 2 måneder siden
Roy Keane - brilliant to watch on and off the pitch
H X 2 måneder siden
Keane could get away with bullying
Semper Fidelis
Semper Fidelis 2 måneder siden
Anyone tell me ..... does he (Keane) say anything wrong ? NO
Stretchy Stretch
Stretchy Stretch 2 måneder siden
Itv have to get the champions league back one day on Tuesday nights
King Rodney
King Rodney 4 dager siden
It was Tuesday one week Wednesday the next
Greatest Analyser
Greatest Analyser 2 måneder siden
Black players always get criticised for things they do off the pitch than white players. This is not just at Keane but it’s such a common thing. The difference to when a black player gets a tattoo, a haircut or buys an expensive car compared to a white player is huge. We always have to be spoken about and questioned while white players get away with it and or allowed to live their lives. This has to change, it’s annoying
huawei thirteenmegapixel
huawei thirteenmegapixel 2 måneder siden
@Greatest Analyser concentrate on something else stop whining. there's enough whining all over the news everyday
Greatest Analyser
Greatest Analyser 2 måneder siden
huawei thirteenmegapixel alright. When something like this goes viral and someone famous speaks about it, I’ll see how you react then
huawei thirteenmegapixel
huawei thirteenmegapixel 2 måneder siden
stop moaning
Greatest Analyser
Greatest Analyser 2 måneder siden
You guys honestly think I’m lying? It’s evident and if you can’t see it, you either refuse to see it or you see it and you want to ignore it
huawei thirteenmegapixel
huawei thirteenmegapixel 2 måneder siden
blah blah blah. enough already.
Greatest Analyser
Greatest Analyser 2 måneder siden
So in Joses first year at united Keane was getting onto him for being 19 points behind the leaders even though we had a chance to win 2 trophies which we did. But when OGS has been in the job for nearly 2 seasons, no trophies and finished 33 points behind the champions he doesn’t say anything about the manager. I know people like Keane but sometimes he is abit of a hypocrite @3:25
Jag Maharesi
Jag Maharesi 2 måneder siden
@Greatest Analyser yeah well tbf it is the united hierarchy that made this situation possible.
Greatest Analyser
Greatest Analyser 2 måneder siden
Jag Maharesi yeah not just Keane the rest of them aswell but all I’m saying is be honest with your criticism, treat all managers the same. We are here because we support Manchester United not OGS United
Greatest Analyser
Greatest Analyser 2 måneder siden
Noel Cahill nobody is against loyalty, but be fair with it.
Greatest Analyser
Greatest Analyser 2 måneder siden
Ricky Bowen thank you, someone who talks sense. All these other fans can’t see that and it’s embarrassing
Jag Maharesi
Jag Maharesi 2 måneder siden
He refrains from overly criticizing OGS is because they're teammates. Same can be said with Neville & Ferdinand. If any of them or other united legends overly criticized their mate the pressure might mount on OGS and might get him sacked. A proper teammate shall not throw their mates under the bus. So far the only united legend who's brave to criticize him is RvP but then again he's not mates with OGS that's why it's easy to let it roll of the tongue when you're not friends with this guy.
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 2 måneder siden
Keane is the best pundit. Straight talking, honest and realistic. We need more pundits like him tbh as most are arselickers or just plain clueless
NSD Måned siden
@D B Cooper So you are saying because of the type of managers Ferguson and Klopp are, players and clubs become successful ? My question is then why didn't Klopp start challenging for the title immediately upon arriving at Liverpool. Why didn't Guardiola put up a European and Domestic challenge immediately after he arrived at Man City ? Why didn't Sir Alex win the old first division title after being appointed as United manager in 1986 ? Its because all managers need time to implement their philosophies into specific crop of players. We've sometimes got managers who "park the bus" like Big Sam getting a team of players suited for possession based play. And then we've got tacticians like Howe and Potter getting players not suited for possession football. What I'm trying to say is that a managers win ratio and whatnot really depends on the type of players he/she gets and whether or not those players can perform based on that philosophy
D B Cooper
D B Cooper Måned siden
@NSD what a load of crap you've just come out with a Keane would say . So what specific type of team does Roy Keane need ? 11 talented players who dont upset easy hahaha look what klopp has done at Liverpool his win ratio is in the 60s . Ferguson was a tough manager but look at his record no I see Keane as a frustrated pundit who'd love to be a premiership manager but he simply hasn't got what it takes .
NSD Måned siden
@D B Cooper yep. so it will sound biased and I understand that
D B Cooper
D B Cooper Måned siden
@NSD you a Man United fan by any chance
NSD Måned siden
​@D B Cooper There are some managers who need a specific type of a team to provide results. Roy unfortunately is one of them. Many players can't handle his attitude anger and taunts. So they don't want to play for him. And to make things worse its unlikely Roy will change his philosophy for the sake of any club.
Jamzo _Brts
Jamzo _Brts 2 måneder siden
Don’t we all miss the Champions league on itv😢 hopefully it will happen again in 2024
Bfeher01 2 dager siden
from Clive Tyldsley to Darren Fletcher, what a decline
Craig Bradley
Craig Bradley 2 måneder siden
ITV loving the keano updates
Legend in the making
Legend in the making 2 måneder siden
8:18 Hahahaha
Karthik S
Karthik S 2 måneder siden
ITV taking notes from Sky Sports that a Roy Keane compilation = Views
Joe Iggulden
Joe Iggulden 2 måneder siden
Thank you admin.
Adam Full
Adam Full 2 måneder siden
This gold 😂
Earth Strong
Earth Strong 2 måneder siden
ITV milking Roy Keane like a cow in a barn
Naveed Syed
Naveed Syed Måned siden
Thats their job
The Secret Map
The Secret Map 2 måneder siden
People want milk.
Warren's Formula 1 Analysis
Warren's Formula 1 Analysis 2 måneder siden
Imagine the pressure if you were roy keane's barber. The intense staring as well wld be 😳
Irish Sean
Irish Sean 28 dager siden
Or doing a tattoo for him when you're hungover...
huawei thirteenmegapixel
huawei thirteenmegapixel Måned siden
@Arsh Tangri it was a bit of a brain twister, as a balding man, you have in your head people you know who have full heads of hair, Roy was one of em, the day I saw his bald spot I felt my legs give way from under me, I couldn't get to grips with it.
Arsh Tangri
Arsh Tangri Måned siden
Same lol
huawei thirteenmegapixel
huawei thirteenmegapixel Måned siden
@Arsh Tangri same place I saw it.
huawei thirteenmegapixel
huawei thirteenmegapixel Måned siden
@Arsh Tangri shocked me
Christos Tatsis
Christos Tatsis 2 måneder siden
Danijel Pintaric
Danijel Pintaric 2 måneder siden
Hail the king!
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