Teaming Up With Tfue Against A HACKER! 🤯 (Modern Warfare Warzone)

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Teaming Up With Tfue Against A HACKER! 🤯 (Modern Warfare Warzone)
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Jesus Jimenez
Jesus Jimenez 7 dager siden
Scuf remotes what will that do better for me? I play ps4 console and wondering do i buy it or not cause if it helps I'll do it if not
Cade Zeravica
Cade Zeravica 10 dager siden
Bro im 14 at 5'9 to 5'10 and I way 180 lbs is that good or...... :/
ItzDagger Der
ItzDagger Der 12 dager siden
😂😂😂 tfue kills me
Flowers n Coffee Dresden
Flowers n Coffee Dresden 15 dager siden
As a german i understand literally nothing
Farrah Lyn S
Farrah Lyn S 16 dager siden
Human cinapede
Beast KN
Beast KN 17 dager siden
Remember mann if you like the video...... 😠😠Likeeee the videooo!!!!! 😂😂
amirreza 17 dager siden
Kris Taylor
Kris Taylor 18 dager siden
Hilarious lmao
MR. MOON 18 dager siden
The movie is called handcock 🤣🤣🤣
Wahosken 19 dager siden
My man Nick has been eatin'
Asim Oz
Asim Oz 20 dager siden
Bro what happened to you haven’t watched you since fornite so at least 5-6 months did you fall hit your head
chuck dorjee
chuck dorjee 20 dager siden
I stop watching after pee convo
Untold Legends
Untold Legends 21 dag siden
Aye nick the Jekyll and Hyde tho, you got that Ivan impression down 🤣
lil Sa1ko
lil Sa1ko 22 dager siden
Que pasa?
Clashinwithtrav 22 dager siden
He talkin bout that movie w will smith I think
Clashinwithtrav 22 dager siden
Hancock I think
ramen KING
ramen KING 22 dager siden
Pause the video right at the beginning. Press play. Spam the left key. Thank me later.
faithb 22 dager siden
Super thicc nek intro hahah
flippii :D
flippii :D 22 dager siden
content idea: actually learn spanish
Elusive Nativ
Elusive Nativ 23 dager siden
3:55 that piss is going to get cold over time. It’s best to get cuddle long as no one makes eye contact
Elusive Nativ
Elusive Nativ 23 dager siden
A lot of hackers why can’t Cod banned there Ip not just the accounts? The hackers are just gonna keep on making new acc
Diego Martin Ferreira Vera
Diego Martin Ferreira Vera 23 dager siden
Som John
Som John 24 dager siden
Vincent Scott
Vincent Scott 24 dager siden
10:21 Human Centipede??
Shay Dunham
Shay Dunham 24 dager siden
The movie is called Hancock idk why I know this
kool kiss357
kool kiss357 25 dager siden
Not y’all talking about peeing on each other Thts pain 🧐🤦🏿‍♂️
Sean Fitch
Sean Fitch 26 dager siden
Oof . Human Centipede xD
Ai 26 dager siden
Damn im 5’7 220 lol guess im a Dumplin😭😭
David Cameron
David Cameron 26 dager siden
Nick the film where everyone’s faces is each other’s asses is : the human centipede
nananooknak 7 dager siden
No I think he's talking about Hancock. You drew the short straw cuz your head is going up my ass xD
ayy Vipex
ayy Vipex 27 dager siden
The movie nick is talking is hancock
bollu varalakshmi
bollu varalakshmi 28 dager siden
0:53 Love this moment
Devin Behan
Devin Behan 28 dager siden
Little nickey is the movie
Jake P
Jake P 29 dager siden
Nick where tf is ur neck
Joshy_TV 17
Joshy_TV 17 29 dager siden
I like how he randomly started singing Jackyl in hide by five finger death punch
Sudip Chaudhary
Sudip Chaudhary 29 dager siden
too many aaddddsssssssssssssss
Chef 29 dager siden
it always irritates me that he doesn’t pick up munitions boxes
rustyz8 29 dager siden
If you're cold and PEE on each other you'll only get relief for a minute then it will accelerate hypothermia and death.
Abdullah Qamer
Abdullah Qamer Måned siden
The last 2 minutes and the 1st 2 minutes of the game are the best
Lesta mumba
Lesta mumba Måned siden
Man you talk like Macho Man😂
Fernando Cardenas
Fernando Cardenas Måned siden
Lol tfue
SONC RADFORD Måned siden
The gun swap challenge 1. Every time you get a kill you have to drop everything you have including ammo and pick up one of the dead bodysuits guns 2. When you die you are out so when tim loses his gulag he cant coms back 3. You have to win your game 4. You cant use your loadout Like so nick can see
Jase Gallen
Jase Gallen Måned siden
The movie is Hancock
Andres Juan
Andres Juan Måned siden
@nickmercs I think you’re talking about HANCOCK w/ @Will Smith
Cooper Foulks
Cooper Foulks Måned siden
It’s the man himself neck thick nick
Chuyeezy Ramos
Chuyeezy Ramos Måned siden
lets go fuck up there day lol
Tre' Lee
Tre' Lee Måned siden
Talking about climbing, my dad used to climb and fix radar towers for a living
WayneJordan Måned siden
That was so fucking funny
Felix Ortiz
Felix Ortiz Måned siden
That warm pisss going to have yu freezin after a minute or 2 lmfaooooo
payochi Måned siden
Visionary Måned siden
Why does he kinda look like wide neck in the beginning
Tophub _rktu
Tophub _rktu Måned siden
Where did your neck go bro
SOHighSOSavage Måned siden
you mean : i teamed with a random while tfue was hacking
Eric McManus
Eric McManus Måned siden
Could you imagine what that must look like from the other guys perspective? Just looking up at the tower and seeing 4 sniper glints staring back at you? Hahaha
Zelo SZN
Zelo SZN Måned siden
What happened to “QUE PASA”:(
Ervan .C
Ervan .C Måned siden
Heeemmm this video look familiar.....😏😏😏i think i watch it on stream
Atharva xyz
Atharva xyz Måned siden
Iam happy for nickmerks because his happy playing warzone but in fortnite he lost his interste
Faye The Fearless
Faye The Fearless Måned siden
If you like the video, like the video!
Joseph Cobos
Joseph Cobos Måned siden
was up nicckk
kk0ry Måned siden
ed edd and eddy omfg im dead
Svth Måned siden
10:23 You mean that one movie hancock?
Aris W H White
Aris W H White Måned siden
After he said Ed,Edd&Eddy I can’t unsee it lol
A Armstrong
A Armstrong Måned siden
Tell courage and cloak to STFU!! Love your videos, but listening to both of them scream the whole time ruins it for me imo... DAMN!
EndGamer X
EndGamer X Måned siden
I like the thumbnail 😂😂😂😂😂
Joe Radcliffe
Joe Radcliffe Måned siden
Just putting this out there for those who may not know. But peeing on ones self if freezing out could kill you. It may warm you up for a few minutes but shortly after it will freeze and you could go hypothermic.
JumpUpDubz Måned siden
And remember though, if you liked the video....... LIKE THE VIDEO!!
Sawyer Berry
Sawyer Berry Måned siden
Not gonna lie, the constant eye contact he gives you in the intro makes me slightly uncomfortable.
Brian Fernandez
Brian Fernandez Måned siden
16:23 just makes me crack up
blueworm123 Måned siden
Does nick have a neck?
EndGamer X
EndGamer X Måned siden
Cmonkey23 Måned siden
That was one of the most funniest war zone vids I’ve ever seen yo😭😭😭
BeEfGoD14 Måned siden
He talking extra change for a 170 dollar controller plus tax lol
Jhulan Myers
Jhulan Myers Måned siden
Human centipede
Dane Brees
Dane Brees Måned siden
Did you guys notice that he said timthefatman instead of Timthetapman
Fender Måned siden
Did any1 realise that nick isn't in his streaming room
Keys s
Keys s Måned siden
Why’s Nick’s neck look so juiced but but in real photos it isn’t
Straight Tweaked
Straight Tweaked Måned siden
Ethan Martinez
Ethan Martinez Måned siden
The movie is call human centipede btw
fabien721928 Måned siden
Man i think the best idea is to not spec the hackers and don't injured him . Because is pleasure is to breaking the balls of any players with is friends.... you know . And if the hacker just have warzone victory any time, is boring for him
Hayden Alexander
Hayden Alexander Måned siden
The movie you are talking about at 10:20 is human centipede
Andersson diaz sanchez
Andersson diaz sanchez Måned siden
Me gustaría entender :’v xd
Colton Hulsey
Colton Hulsey Måned siden
Ayo nick you know if you hold your slide button you can slide down the ladder quick
Tro0t Måned siden
ay nick wyd bro
Yeriel Geovannie Aponte Figueroa
Yeriel Geovannie Aponte Figueroa Måned siden
Nick try this spanish words hi(hola how are you (como estas fine and you (bien y tu
Justin Ray
Justin Ray Måned siden
Successfully exposed the pee fetish outta the group
Justin Ray
Justin Ray Måned siden
Shaun Armstrong
Shaun Armstrong Måned siden
11:31 mentions an absolute classic of a game Earthworm Jim legend game, best of my childhood games
LeMon Måned siden
do you just flex your traps for your intro 😂😂😂
Hessy83 Måned siden
The friend request part was in another video
Boba Gamer
Boba Gamer Måned siden
It got kinda gay
Alpha Måned siden
Was he talking about the movie Hancock with will smith and the part where he puts someone’s head in another guy ass
Jonathan Martinez
Jonathan Martinez Måned siden
Honestly i've never played warzone as much as i do now cause of Nickmercs loadouts with the kilo and shotty THANKS FOR INSPIRING ME TO PLAY MORE WARZONE!
I'm Fucking Taylor
I'm Fucking Taylor Måned siden
Que pasaaa jajja
Jun Kmailz
Jun Kmailz Måned siden
Them Battle beavers are the way to go
Zack O'Donnell
Zack O'Donnell Måned siden
Where TF is nicks neck?
TheEpic MMO
TheEpic MMO Måned siden
I really love these video but dude what's up with the trap flexing? Your neck is just gone😂😂😂
Beezie 22
Beezie 22 Måned siden
Like comment subscribe to get rid of the hackers
ANTI GHOST Måned siden
Nick please answer do you have your settings as Hold to pick up or tap
Karl Svikis
Karl Svikis Måned siden
Karl Svikis
Karl Svikis Måned siden
Paigee Daviss
Paigee Daviss Måned siden
Lol stop calling tim fat when you my friend are the fat one now
Jamari Strayhorn
Jamari Strayhorn Måned siden
He looks like an expert player to me
Brennan Huff
Brennan Huff Måned siden
Earthworm Jim throwback got me.
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