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As the most requested game from our Indieland stream, this week I complete my Hollow Knight review!
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People have been asking me to play this game for quite some time now. And apparently there's ONE more DLC coming out so I should probably finish it now before there's even more on my plate. I can't stress enough how awesome Team Cherry is. The story of Hollow Knight is a modern Super Meat Boy tale, where from Steam they were able to launch on consoles and keep their game growing, with the latest addition being Hollow Knight Switch. But completing this game is going to be a challenge. With collectibles, speedrun achievements, and: Steel Soul mode. Where, if I die, my save file deletes. I'm going to be on the edge of my seat for the entire Hollow Knight gameplay!
Let me know what you thought about my Hollow Knight review! And be sure to stay until the very end ;)

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drummer8265864 53 minutter siden
I respect you so much for the effort and time you put into this game. I made it to 100% recently and fuck it hurt so good. Good on you homie. Big flex energy 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼.
Jovanni Lopez
Jovanni Lopez 12 timer siden
So is your gameplay somewhere? Like a second channel or was it streamed on twitch and is now gone?
GameNinjaC Dag siden
unfortunately for these fine people silksong is not another dlc and is another whole game for them to complete
Samuel Smith
Samuel Smith Dag siden
Jirard: Well at least it's just a dlc Team cherry: Smiles
Pillager Dag siden
wow. just. wow.
Wirt The Human Beast
Wirt The Human Beast Dag siden
This game is fantastic for the price. But completing it wasn't enough for me. I know it was super risky, and I wasn't super confident, but still. I managed to do steel soul, 100% in 20 hours and complete the hunters journal all in the same save file. And yes I'm stupidly proud. And somehow. I still can't beat pure vessel
SEan WilsOn
SEan WilsOn 2 dager siden
Kinda bullshit they canned the Vita version. Sony did that console dirty. It's a great handheld and the hacking scene is amazing.
Mertoslav 3 dager siden
But the Hall od Gods is not needed for 112%. Who is that insane to do that.
Double Trouble992 • 20 years ago
Double Trouble992 • 20 years ago 3 dager siden
22:29 quick tip, if you put on fragile heart attack you get 6 masks
Dexter _
Dexter _ 3 dager siden
I swear, I just got the game and every few hours I feel like I MUST be close to completing it, and then I realize no. This is just the start.
RickyCreeper095 5 dager siden
Enea Hibraj
Enea Hibraj 6 dager siden
What is this, dark souls?!
Jonah Fain
Jonah Fain 7 dager siden
This might be a bit controversial, but I prefer Gato Roboto over Hollow Knight.
meta system
meta system 7 dager siden
I love listening to people say positive things about hollow night. That said, you need to calm down, man. You can't excitedly yell for twenty minutes. There needs to be variation in intensity. If you're stumbling over yourself just explaining basic concepts, the effect is lost when you're actually excited about something.
Nick Bauer
Nick Bauer 7 dager siden
What gets me most about how "difficult" the pantheon challenges are.. there are people who think that's for pussies.... Let that sink in.. these people are dangerous..
pretty gexy
pretty gexy 7 dager siden
EA and Konami>team cherry
pretty gexy
pretty gexy 4 dager siden
@GENERAL YOUSIF sorry youre right mighty no 9>hollow knight
GENERAL YOUSIF 5 dager siden
My guy you comparing Triple A companies to a 3 man squad? R u dumb
pretty gexy
pretty gexy 7 dager siden
Hollow knight is garbage
Alex Pineda
Alex Pineda 7 dager siden
i just started this game but mark my words i will 100% this game im sorta in love with it so far i know its gonna be alot of grinding but i will comment once i do this 100%
Aaron Atkinson
Aaron Atkinson 9 dager siden
For a game with alot of bugs and big world one of the best games ever I my opinion
Smol 12 dager siden
What are you talking about? Hollow Knight is packed with lots of.. _Bugs_ (I’m sorry)
Bri The Creator.
Bri The Creator. 12 dager siden
I love everything about this video. The intro is amusing, and I love the art of The Knight with a Beard.
Superish Star Warriah
Superish Star Warriah 13 dager siden
17:40 the enemy he fought during this clip was literally the only enemy that made me lose all of my geo.
Corban Bausch
Corban Bausch 11 dager siden
I’m still just in the mantis village, and I’ve already lost all of my geo at least 10 times, lucky you.
Marina Pestana
Marina Pestana 13 dager siden
This game is missing 3 difficulty levels, easy, normal and difficult. It seems there is only 1 mode, the difficult one, had to quit playing it out of frustration, sadly.
The almighty Capybara
The almighty Capybara 12 dager siden
Git gud, lol
jason 15 dager siden
Is it bad if I would pay 60 bucks for this?
Ygo_Tourguide 15 dager siden
Amazing Video i did the 112% for the Platinum on Playstation but i did not bother all the other completion things it took me over 100 hours just for that. Congrats in that achivement im very impressed. 🙌🏻
Drot Skillz
Drot Skillz 16 dager siden
Ok I love this game to death but I hate the god damn hornet boss fuck me in my ass was it hard
Drot Skillz
Drot Skillz 12 dager siden
Umm slight update yeah don't try godmaster
The almighty Capybara
The almighty Capybara 12 dager siden
Well theres a guy some comments above you who rage quitted, so good on you for staying determined!
García Cedillo Roberto Eliuth
García Cedillo Roberto Eliuth 16 dager siden
I love this guy he is just having so much fun!
Lord Joy
Lord Joy 16 dager siden
2020 and playing it again. I want Team Cherry to take my money. Statues, DLC, whatever. Hollow Knight is an amazing work of art. Instant classic.
You Stupid
You Stupid 16 dager siden
I was once exploring the fungal core then dropped down because you know people are curious but what I saw was DEEPNEST that motherf***ing b**** of a place
MrWubzy 16 dager siden
This comment is super late, I know. But I just got the Voidheart edition for free on PS Plus this month. I haven't been so enthralled by a game in over a decade. I'm only 10 hours in and I haven't even explored 1/4 of the world. Seeing that map in the early parts of the video I was speechless. That, and god dammit, it's another Metroidvania game! I missed those... EDIT: And I regret every time I play this that I looked over it when it released. I thought it was another overrated indie game. You bet your ass I'm dropping money on the new game. Happily, handily, and quickly.
Luke Sullivan
Luke Sullivan 16 dager siden
8:45 that pun was unacceptable
Pablo Miranda Sotomayor
Pablo Miranda Sotomayor 17 dager siden
Pls song in the beginning !!!! D:
The almighty Capybara
The almighty Capybara 12 dager siden
Thats the theme of greenpath, one of the areas of the game
dimitri dionissiou
dimitri dionissiou 17 dager siden
Today I got to 112 percent in Hollow Knight. I only have the Pantheon of Hallownest left. I’ve even beaten most bosses in godhome on radiant
HicksZ34 18 dager siden
Just started playing this 2 days ago. I've been a fan of "metroidvanias" since SoTN in the 90s, and the "soulsborne difficulty design" since first playing Bloodborne 3 years ago (y'know the tenets - learning to read and react to enemies with a combination of patience, precision and opportunistic aggression; treating even the weakest enemies as credible threats, b/c they ARE!; unlocking shortcuts; learning and developing boss strategies thru repetitive failures; the adrenaline rush of trying to squeeze in a heal in the midst a merciless assault; the environmental storytelling and poetically vague lore that credits the player with intelligence; etc etc) All that said, the aspect of HK I wasnt anticipating was the intoxicating ambience. Its my favorite thing so far, the combination of the music and the visual aesthetics of the world design are just a joy to get lost in. Reminds me of LIMBO in that way. As dangerous, lonely and despairing it feels to explore, it draws you in like a warm blanket and a hot soup on a cold, rainy day.
haloharry97 18 dager siden
I love to know how many death he had.
Luke Kendrick
Luke Kendrick 18 dager siden
Damit I’ve been playing this game for 14 hours and watched in the first 5 min of this vid and have seen like 12 other areas I haven’t visted yet... again, damit
The almighty Capybara
The almighty Capybara 12 dager siden
@Luke Kendrick well, good luck with your playtrough!
Luke Kendrick
Luke Kendrick 18 dager siden
And now I’m 3 more min in I can’t watch anymore for spoiler purposes
DeboxMojave 18 dager siden
Why do you talk so loudly ? Show some audio control.
Marcelo Souza
Marcelo Souza 19 dager siden
yeah....fuck deepnest
ingrid Emilia Villagra Orellana
ingrid Emilia Villagra Orellana 19 dager siden
About liking to save zote I gotta say I think no
Roy koops
Roy koops 20 dager siden
You don't need all the bindings on at the same time.
Raiderex is OK
Raiderex is OK 20 dager siden
Ahh the deepnest. I explored it to its conclusion without the lampfly. Such good memories
jimbojones 21 dag siden
First rule of Drunk Hollow Knight - Don't play Drunk Hollow Knight
Samuel Chacon
Samuel Chacon 21 dag siden
You're a god! Congrats, dude!
H M 22 dager siden
Little help here - no need to do the bindings. They only serve the purpose of adding lifeblood in the pantheons. So the room next to the hall of gods, you can add lifeblood before entering the pantheon and then you will find more in the room left of the resting places in the pantheons
Absolute Radiance
Absolute Radiance 22 dager siden
Hope you liked my radiant fight
The almighty Capybara
The almighty Capybara 12 dager siden
@Absolute Radiance if you count your absolute form, yeah
Absolute Radiance
Absolute Radiance 12 dager siden
@The almighty Capybara am I the only one?
The almighty Capybara
The almighty Capybara 12 dager siden
so youre the one who killed me 98.067 times
Bark Whittler
Bark Whittler 23 dager siden
Lmao as jirard said he accidentally fell into deepnest it happened to me in my game and I got rekt
Mantis Vessel
Mantis Vessel 23 dager siden
The bindings also give you Lifeblood masks at the rest points in the Pantheons; they give you more masks the more bindings you complete, with 8 being the minimum.
Mantis Vessel
Mantis Vessel 23 dager siden
I’ve completed every singe achievement except for the Pantheon of Hallownest endings and the 5hr speedrun achievement; they’re very difficult
Miz 24 dager siden
Anyone disappointed that the beasts den didn’t have a boss :(
Bryan Lemmens
Bryan Lemmens 24 dager siden
9:10 "the NPCs had enough personality i was always happy to see them" I was just happy somebody WASN'T trying to kill me...except zote f that guy
Bryan Lemmens
Bryan Lemmens 24 dager siden
Did he do Path of Pain?
lime 25 dager siden
in 2:14 all zelda fans have a mini seizure.
Isaac Dickinson
Isaac Dickinson 25 dager siden
Picked this masterpiece up thanks to ps plus this month, and I will say, I'm honestly upset I didn't pay for it
Blazimations 25 dager siden
hollow Knight is my FAVORITE game ever, I’m even doing a play through on my channel. And that might sound like self promotion but no I just love hollow Knight that much
SeltielPlayz 26 dager siden
Path of pain is not pain but torture
Archievald Quiambao
Archievald Quiambao 26 dager siden
im just here because its free on ps4
Woolaboo 26 dager siden
Whats the voidheart edition do different than the regular game
Gonzo Indigenous One
Gonzo Indigenous One 26 dager siden
Dude...spiders? Quit being a bitch. I almost unsubbed over that.
ahato 21 dag siden
@Gonzo Indigenous One Ah, I'm blind, what about spiders?
Gonzo Indigenous One
Gonzo Indigenous One 21 dag siden
@ahato SPIDERS....
ahato 24 dager siden
Wow, spoilers in a video about game completion
•HollowKnight&Ori Addictionz• #TeamNKG
•HollowKnight&Ori Addictionz• #TeamNKG 27 dager siden
I have more than 300 hours in HK... I havent even finished Pantheon of hallownest yet... I havent even came halfways... I suck
Johnny Pants
Johnny Pants 28 dager siden
300 what? Episodes?
scuppo 29 dager siden
Is that a giant rinnegan?
ryzxin Måned siden
you're a mad man.
Frosty Animations
Frosty Animations Måned siden
I beat hornet first try and I still don’t understand why people quit the game for that level
gewoon een knakworst
gewoon een knakworst Måned siden
You dont have to do the Hall of gods they dont give you any procent
SullySenTV Måned siden
Damn I wish Sony put more advertising weight behind the vita....and put more thought into the remote play controls because yeah, yikes. It really is a shame that all of those great exclusives won't be played by so many because the majority of gamers even PS fans completely dismiss the poor little vita. Also yes I know it's a waste of time to go on a little tangent about the vita in this videos comments when only like 15 seconds of this video have relation to the said handheld.
gir the robot
gir the robot Måned siden
Tbh I spend hours on the main menu cause of the song it sounds mysterious something been lost
Can't wait for this dude to do demon souls on ps5
Dylan sky
Dylan sky 28 dager siden
I can't wait to play Demon Souls
Wesley Snoei
Wesley Snoei Måned siden
I know im a bit late here but whats the game at 1:48 lmao
Ezra Hyde
Ezra Hyde Måned siden
it is truly impressive that a game revolving around insects and made by THREE PEOPLE has basically no bugs (haha punny joke) whatsoever. nintendo, pay attention
Ratdog Gaming
Ratdog Gaming Måned siden
Hollow knight is by far the worse game to look at a tutorial
MixMatched234 Måned siden
Álex Mitchell
Álex Mitchell Måned siden
I gotta be honest here: I only completed one ending of the game, all the rest I searched for to watch (lore, secrets, endings etc) because I don't care about doing all achievements and so, but I still like this game a lot, everything fits in the universe and feels good to play it. I'm just not into masochist challenges like the pantheons.
ミームマスター Måned siden
Can you please do a completion of shovel knight
M D Måned siden
You don’t have to do all the binding at the same time, for people who still haven’t done it
Moto GP
Moto GP Måned siden
Shout outs to the 19 of us PS Vita players 😂
j3s0n Måned siden
You did it on PC so that you could use the godmode mod
James GOrB
James GOrB Måned siden
Play Silksong for next indie world
SrReidi Måned siden
OH MY FUCKING GOD, i love this game
Hotpink51 Måned siden
Ok so I know things like music, background, etc in games are always very intentional. But can I just say, I'm SO glad I'm not the only one who got genuine anxiety in deepnest lmao. I saw my ex play some of the game before so I was aware it existed, but I kinda forgot about deepnest until I also stumbled into it... And I found myself not wanting to explore cause it was already super late so I was like "Man fuck all this, where is the nearest bench?! I'll do this in the daylight."
Joseph Davison
Joseph Davison Måned siden
He’s not just 100%ing it, he’s 112%ing it!
Dr.NightShade Måned siden
let's be honest, team cherry is one of the best teams also they gave us FREE DLC's
PepegaPlays Måned siden
had this game in my library for the longest time and just never bothered playing it, thank you, because this vid has convinced me to finally download it
Kirby lover
Kirby lover Måned siden
could you try to complete the voidheart edition?
Krichin Måned siden
Jesus... I can barely defeat regular radience
Tomato LuLz
Tomato LuLz Måned siden
Im tryna defeat hornet but ill jump over her and she jumps and breaks my ankle like NOOOO WHY HORNET. WHY
Toaster Måned siden
Toaster Måned siden
Not just more on your plate, a whole new game.
Charles In Tampa
Charles In Tampa Måned siden
I bought the game while watching this video... Can't wait for it to finish downloading.
bigbernerners Måned siden
Who else caught the tight boys take their time ds3 reference?
smartPuff 73
smartPuff 73 Måned siden
“Cheerful for a time, then disturbing and a little upsetting” Yes, discovering a mass grave of dead children that also happen to be your character’s abandoned siblings would be a little upsetting.
Renegadebane Måned siden
The first time I met the grub mimic, I wasn't paying attention and suddenly I'm being attacked by a nightmare creature making a horrible noise, and chasing really fast while I was already pretty hurt. That sound will haunt me.
Knockturnal98 Måned siden
Is it a bad sign of addiction to this game when you can tell what charms people are using
Bulb66 Måned siden
He did Pantheon of Hallownest with all bindings at once? Wtf
Corbin Bratcher
Corbin Bratcher 2 måneder siden
me watching have fun with the pantheon
Pure hollow
Pure hollow 2 måneder siden
I gotta say , hollow knight is the witcher 3 of indie games
fieryfred 2 måneder siden
I still have a Vita ;-)
Sebastian Augusto Gomez Diaz
Sebastian Augusto Gomez Diaz 2 måneder siden
Jennifer Mejia Delgado
Jennifer Mejia Delgado 2 måneder siden
spiffing brit
Poli T. Heliu
Poli T. Heliu 2 måneder siden
Hollow Knight seems to be up there with Darkwood... Welp, time to buy this and spend hours.
Jack McGahan
Jack McGahan 2 måneder siden
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