Film Theory: Avatar and the Science of Waterbending (Avatar the Last Airbender)

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I have wanted to do a theory on Avatar the Last Airbender for YEARS! It is one of my favorite animated series ever and full of SO MUCH to theorize about! It took a while but I have finally figured out what to do - uncover the SCIENCE behind bending. That's right, I am going to figure out how bending works with SCIENCE! Today, we are focusing on Waterbending. Watch out Katara, I may become the best Waterbender in the WORLD after this episode!
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Writer: Stephanie Patrick
Researcher: Geoff Thew
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Tyler Mascola, BanditRants, Koen Verhagen, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Kurt Mykel Recio
Kurt Mykel Recio Time siden
So what you are saying is that waterbenders have magnet hands right
Simon Opdebeeck
Simon Opdebeeck 11 timer siden
you did not just call bloodbending "humanbending". you heretic
Inferno Playz
Inferno Playz 11 timer siden
So they Just eat Magnets On a Daily Basis?
Zach 16 timer siden
Me who has Facebook because of the oculus quest 2: Yes
Ile Burns
Ile Burns 17 timer siden
science is so amazing
Olliwer Kullgren
Olliwer Kullgren 18 timer siden
idea, attach a really strong electro magnet to your hand and then you could moe a puddle
Damien Alexander
Damien Alexander 3 dager siden
It’s called peeing
Poisoned Yūrei
Poisoned Yūrei 2 dager siden
MiniatureGaming13 3 dager siden
16:20 Elf on a shelf vs Uncle Iroh on a Rhino XD
Adam Blake
Adam Blake 3 dager siden
When Matpat said that avatar roka said water bending was challenging that might have been because he was fire nation and so like aang struggled to learn earthbending he struggled 20th waterbending as they are opposites in the show
Piglet Animations
Piglet Animations 3 dager siden
Roku had trouble bending water the same that Aang had trouble bending earth water is opposite of fire and earth is opposite of air
Ben Craft
Ben Craft 4 dager siden
I thought you mean that water benders is have a magical magnet in their wrist to grab water
GoldenWolfAE 4 dager siden
yes, roku said it was challenging for him because he was born a fire bender lol
김영화 4 dager siden
I wish he was my science teacher lol
Aracely Ruiz
Aracely Ruiz 5 dager siden
Avatar Roku said that water bending was the hardest because it is his opposite element
Gamer for life 2000
Gamer for life 2000 5 dager siden
Ari bender the best
Gamer for life 2000
Gamer for life 2000 5 dager siden
I meant air
Shaumik Choudhury
Shaumik Choudhury 5 dager siden
in the beginning, how could u just insult appa, the true goat of the show?
Sara Wood
Sara Wood 5 dager siden
Earthbending is my fav to
Swathi Rao
Swathi Rao 5 dager siden
There is probably will be a lot of hate on this comment but my least favorite character is Katara
Danielle Derrick
Danielle Derrick 5 dager siden
You should make a video about is it possible for metal benders to bloodbend because well you know why.
Satish Navada
Satish Navada 5 dager siden
Who are watching from India add a like
Satish Navada
Satish Navada Dag siden
@Salman Khan tera bap hai bikari
Salman Khan
Salman Khan 3 dager siden
E Fulmer
E Fulmer 5 dager siden
@MatPat Subjecting materials that can be affected by a magnetic field to one will cause them to polarize, but the lesser-known effect is that after the removal of the original magnetic field the material can lose that polarity, but if there is no inflowing energy to cause that loss of polarity (heating up the magnet) the material itself will lose kinetic energy and cool down. This principle is how laboratories create the fractions-above-absolute-zero temperatures, and I suspect that something similar is what is happening to the water-into-ice or ice-into-water that goes on with waterbending all the time.
mabel torres
mabel torres 6 dager siden
Lmao thanks fam it worked
Suzanne Pye
Suzanne Pye 6 dager siden
You should do a video about Azulas mental condition
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 6 dager siden
fate fate
fate fate 6 dager siden
julek p
julek p 6 dager siden
We all rock
Austin James
Austin James 7 dager siden
Matpat: "I'll do a theory on each bending style." Also Matpat: "Waterbending's the only style, right?"
Yno 7 dager siden
Vlamso Reee
Vlamso Reee 7 dager siden
Uhm wat you say is all right except for one little detail on the end cause roku did not find water bending hard cause of the complex science but because it’s the opposite of fire
Thick Caterpillar gang
Thick Caterpillar gang 7 dager siden
I like Lava bending
Sean Alvarez
Sean Alvarez 7 dager siden
Me waiting for the other elements:👁👄👁
Noami WorldS
Noami WorldS 7 dager siden
I learn more here that school
angry duck
angry duck 8 dager siden
Matpat big brain
Maykayla Watson
Maykayla Watson 8 dager siden
so you saying we can bend dose that mean i have powers :>
MonsterHunterKing 9 dager siden
i just realised he never got back 2 this
Lorenzo GB
Lorenzo GB 9 dager siden
1 year later... still waiting for the nex episodes
richie micciche
richie micciche 9 dager siden
battle gw
battle gw 9 dager siden
Wait are you saying magneto should be able to waterbend? does that all so mean waterbenders can metalbend just like earthbenders?
Suzuki Hiakura
Suzuki Hiakura 9 dager siden
Rather sad the live action is taking so long... was excited to see a correct live action. Mostly I assumed Netflix wouldnt dare get it wrong after The Last Airbender...
Conner Broussard
Conner Broussard 10 dager siden
Energy bending is the best what Aang does to Ozai at the end of the show is energy bending
Allycia thomas
Allycia thomas 10 dager siden
Me going outside holing a magnet = BEND WATER BEND!!!!!!
divyanshu joshi
divyanshu joshi 10 dager siden
Magnet positively charged??????
Isaiah Wood
Isaiah Wood 11 dager siden
I get your theory about magnetism, but what about static electricity? Couldn't the water benders use both to push AND pull the water?
Knull 11 dager siden
where are the rest of the episodes?
yezzApezz 11 dager siden
i think to become water benders we just need to put magnets in our hands
Dylan Stern
Dylan Stern 11 dager siden
Appa actually weighs 10 tons
Аружан Амангелді
Аружан Амангелді 11 dager siden
you should calculate show much one zhu li weighs! (in TLOK)
Henry Wright
Henry Wright 12 dager siden
Grace Jin
Grace Jin 12 dager siden
i love how he talked about the experiment in a very enthusiastic way. :-)
Allastor 12 dager siden
Time stamp for matpat playing with water is 9:40
It's me Ako lang to
It's me Ako lang to 12 dager siden
So this means Magneto can bend water?
Davis Roth
Davis Roth 13 dager siden
Mat pat I have a question how do think fire benders create lightning? I have wondered this for while
RagedgamerYT 13 dager siden
if you r an Air bender u can actually bend all the elements, fire needs air so you can use the air in that fire to bend the fire, water needs air too so u can bend it, then lastly, u can bend the dirt by, uh it has air around it soooo use it
•smol Bean•
•smol Bean• 14 dager siden
I wish I was a water bender
Ruby Jocelyn
Ruby Jocelyn 14 dager siden
Memish09 14 dager siden
Can we get one of these on air bending? I need to blow my bro outside so he'll get off his bum.
TheAlolan Poketuber
TheAlolan Poketuber 15 dager siden
4:35 Uh Huh UP TOP MAT
Blażej Domaradzki
Blażej Domaradzki 16 dager siden
So why water benders don't metal bend
sonic sensation
sonic sensation 16 dager siden
Hey Arnold sucks
Saidielivpig -
Saidielivpig - 17 dager siden
Where are the other videos Matt??? Where are they?!?!
hi.i'mnotafurry. 17 dager siden
conclusion: matpat is a water bender.
Thacker White
Thacker White 17 dager siden
well technically based off of the electro magnetic property, couldn’t we make a strong enough electromagnetic field in a glove or something, and be able to control the water in the air? maybe it would take a purer form of water, but wouldn’t this be possible!
Daniel Mumia
Daniel Mumia 17 dager siden
Maybe this sounds stupid but just give it a thought The most powerful bending should be air bending and the reason the air nomads chose peace is because they understood how devastating the bending could be. Imagine how powerful air pressure can be From moving water in the seas and high enough pressure for making superconductor metal oxygen. And fire benders can be cut off completely (comet or not) ,,,,,if oxygen is removed from their immediate surroundings.
Luna 17 dager siden
So water is racist?
Chibiᴛɢᴄʙ 18 dager siden
This channel has more subs than the entire population of ireland
McKenzie Brown
McKenzie Brown 18 dager siden
How is this posibale
HeronPlayZ 18 dager siden
Czhenxi a malaysian
Czhenxi a malaysian 18 dager siden
Someone actually did this in a video just search it up last water bender
Kiro Perida
Kiro Perida 19 dager siden
These guys are real water benders
Joshua Wright
Joshua Wright 19 dager siden
At 4:13 he says he will make all 4 bending type videos. Where?😃
Cai Muhlbach
Cai Muhlbach 19 dager siden
Do fire bending please 😀
Daniel Kret
Daniel Kret 20 dager siden
Push and pull factor I forgot who made the law for it wasn't Isaac Newton? WAIT Newt NEWT SCAMMANDER SOUNDS LIKE A SALAMANDER NOTE.
Avatar Fan
Avatar Fan 20 dager siden
I can’t be the only one who actually tried this in real life Right...
Gaming with Derrick
Gaming with Derrick 20 dager siden
Soo you have to magnet bend to water bend?
King_Of_Insanity73 21 dag siden
So is the earth bending still going or did I accidentally skip an episode
Tyree Atkins
Tyree Atkins 21 dag siden
what happens if i get super magnetic gloves SEARCHS AMAZON
Susan Anderson
Susan Anderson 21 dag siden
I'm so confused
Susan Anderson
Susan Anderson 21 dag siden
When are you doing the other elements
Priaansh Dalal
Priaansh Dalal 21 dag siden
Matpat is the only person I will allow to make bad puns
superherbs369 21 dag siden
The moon's "gravity" is a weak argument. And doesn't fit in to the rest of the theory
triplechin 1357
triplechin 1357 21 dag siden
Earth bending gaang. Earth best avatar element change my mind
KYLE BEAN 22 dager siden
MatPat: magnets repel water. me: so if i drop a magnet in water the magnet wont ge wet because its reppeling the water.
K REAL [yes it is] BETA 創造的な
K REAL [yes it is] BETA 創造的な 22 dager siden
It was hard for Roku because it was the opposite of his natural style.
Shannon Farley
Shannon Farley 22 dager siden
I wonder if we'll ever get those other videos
Not Mads
Not Mads 23 dager siden
Katara: gravity is awesome I use it to move water Aang: Haha no one needs gravity it has no use to me
Zighting Ios
Zighting Ios 23 dager siden
Instructions unclear I got my face burned
YeetMan2Hax 23 dager siden
Lucas Rodriguez
Lucas Rodriguez 23 dager siden
“If we present it in the opposite way” Me: don’t you mean the APPAsite way? Eh? I’ll see myself out.
Fox & Wolf
Fox & Wolf 23 dager siden
How is this man not a scientist
Fox & Wolf
Fox & Wolf 23 dager siden
Imagine if Matt Pat was your dad dude I'd win every science fair
Matthew McDonnell
Matthew McDonnell 23 dager siden
who agrees that air bending is the best element ever
Matthew McDonnell
Matthew McDonnell 23 dager siden
At 3:48 mat pat says that MASTER WATERBENDERS can manipulate the water inside someone's body because we're made up of 50-65% of water yet in the episode the puppet master, katara learns how to bloodbend almost instantly no hate but research/watch the entire show over again before u start saying thing like that I just started watching this show 2 weeks ago and I'm almost done with it
Jesse Robb
Jesse Robb 24 dager siden
It's been a year, can we have another bending theory please.
Sahra Shire
Sahra Shire 24 dager siden
I mean for avatar roku, he was a fire bender and since water is the opposite of fire it makes sense it was harder. the same way earth was hard for aang. But then again at the same time, fire and water bending seem to be very similar (when compared to the others) so wouldn't that have made it easier 🤔
Galit Friedman
Galit Friedman 24 dager siden
love you
Musa Mehlomakulu
Musa Mehlomakulu 24 dager siden
I don't wanna water bend I wanna boomerang bend
Musa Mehlomakulu
Musa Mehlomakulu 24 dager siden
I know how to bend all 4 elements Wanna air bend just burp Wanna earth bend just throw a rock Wanna water bend grab a hoes Wanna fire bend get that flamethrower
Danae Kelly
Danae Kelly 25 dager siden
An important message for MatPat. Ok so real talk. I kinda stopped watching your content after the editor passed away. Not because the quality changed or anything I just... couldn't bring myself to watch the videos anymore. It was too... sad. And... close to home. But I've recently been rediscover my love for film theory, game theory, and now food theory as well. And since I've been spending today binging avatar theories, the fact or nicktion showed up, and then this one, which is an episode that slipped through the cracks for me. I just.. I know its an old episode but I just want you to know I want the best for you. If I'd seen it at the time I would have wanted to help you andshow you all the support with nickelodeon. Your passion is inspiring and your jokes make me laugh every time. You truly are a light in this world, especially these days.
The Engineer
The Engineer 25 dager siden
This video explaine a lot, mau be we can build an water bending staff , Who know...
the theorest
the theorest 25 dager siden
roku was a fire bender so water is his opisite to him and in the seirise it says that the avatar has problems whith ther original bending
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