Food Theory: Don't Trust Your Cake!

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4 måneder siden

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Baking a cake is a science. You have to follow the recipe or else your cake batter won't turn into the cake of your dreams. I hate to break it to you Theorists, you've been doing it WRONG all along! It's true - at least, it's true if you use the boxed cake mix. That recipe on the back of the box? It's a LIE! Want to find out why? Put on your apron, we're about to get messy!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

The Game Theorists
The Game Theorists 4 måneder siden
Welcome to the Theorist Family! I'll call you my "Sister Location" ;)
madalina ciortan
madalina ciortan 2 dager siden
Blue must be robot theory
Game Snail511
Game Snail511 4 dager siden
Nope! Nope! Uh uh, notta. Don't you DARE. This channel is a way to get away from FNaF lore. I don't want to talk about FNaF here. The lore is SO CONFUSING.
Kerry Tan Chew Kheng
Kerry Tan Chew Kheng 6 dager siden
BAKA Måned siden
Aajankya Suryavanshi
Aajankya Suryavanshi Måned siden
peace maker Jo
peace maker Jo 3 timer siden
You can just replace all the added ingredients with a can of soda and it works just the same
sonic exe
sonic exe 6 timer siden
You made 11 puns
Benjamin Hackett
Benjamin Hackett 9 timer siden
So the quality went up after they added the egg-justment for improved marketing.
Owlon 14 timer siden
Ive watched up to 3:07, and i can say that these puns are EGGsellent!!
The Mayday Man
The Mayday Man 18 timer siden
Me: Sees cake mix Me: Mom can we make some cake? Mom: I dont think we have eggs. Me: Shows mom video Mom: We shall feast well tonight
Opposite ETO
Opposite ETO 22 timer siden
I counted 10 egg puns if you counted more or less then comment and prove me wrong
Maria Regmi
Maria Regmi Dag siden
Matpat: "you dont need eggs" Chickens most importantly hens: Finally...a god...OUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED
Benjamin Cena
Benjamin Cena Dag siden
I challenge everyone to count all the puns
izzy john
izzy john Dag siden
I tried both and i liked the egg-less one better tbh
Anya Samuel
Anya Samuel Dag siden
me who has been making box cake without eggs with my grandmother since i was 7 watching this.
Delta Dag siden
I’m late, but has anyone told you there is a specific baking pan just for making edge brownies? It looks like a maze.
Juan Casano
Juan Casano 2 dager siden
I just remembered that show "Adam ruins everything "
Rosalind Gatto
Rosalind Gatto 2 dager siden
The psychology today article mentioned how you didn't need oil in the original cake mix either, so it would have been interesting to see what a cake mix with only water added would have turned out compared to the other two cakes baked (or even seeing what would happen with adding egg and oil but no water to the mix)
Richard Miller
Richard Miller 2 dager siden
I have the same plates!
Az.E 2 dager siden
Luna The Magnificent
Luna The Magnificent 2 dager siden
0:28 why is there a baker in here LOL
dream 2 dager siden
3:50 since when can you bake cake with child souls
108Whitewolf 3 dager siden
Betty Crocker can't be trusted! (If you know you know)
R_G_D 3 dager siden
12:34 you notice that there is a bar missing on the circle so umm
Chow Place
Chow Place 3 dager siden
You ruined CAKE!
joshymjoy 3 dager siden
I mean I think cake with egg is good. ..
survivor of the end
survivor of the end 3 dager siden
where is science theory?
Sophie Abrienne Ramirez
Sophie Abrienne Ramirez 3 dager siden
THIS IS MY FAVORITE VIDEO EVER! And your egg puns (lol) hilarious! Also, you only said 8 puns the whole video, next time you make a video with a lot of puns, make a lot of them please? They were my favorite parts
Hayden Muncy
Hayden Muncy 4 dager siden
He said French and put in a picture of Raphael Lafayette
TTVDOOM93 4 dager siden
Matpat, more like lazypat in brazil we don’t even have cake batter
Constantine Meyers
Constantine Meyers 4 dager siden
You Chould Have Goten Copy-Righted... 2:53
Fire Flare
Fire Flare 4 dager siden
I like gooy gooy senter brownies to
Nie Wiem
Nie Wiem 4 dager siden
game theory: the show that will make you genius gamer.. how should be with food theory: the yummiest show on inernet
Jarek Pi
Jarek Pi 5 dager siden
pls no more egg punds
Lilly Isbell
Lilly Isbell 5 dager siden
The puns are eggactly why I am here. Yolk just don't appreciate puns as they should. Egg. I appreciegg them.
David Ray
David Ray 5 dager siden
Egg puns? Eggs-cellent! They're very egg-ceptional! Get your eggs-tra puns here! It's going to be a eggs-travaganza! You'll never go egg - okay, I'll stop now.
Quite Anonymous 1130
Quite Anonymous 1130 5 dager siden
Do conspiracy theorist
LISA BURGOS 5 dager siden
In most cookie mixes u actually don’t need eggs anyway too
Cringewashere Lol
Cringewashere Lol 5 dager siden
9 puns that long
paint ball
paint ball 5 dager siden
Ok when you asked how many egg puns I lost you in the first one
Thalia Friedman
Thalia Friedman 5 dager siden
I love watching all the theories about cake as someone who doesn’t like cake! MatPat can’t ruin it if I already don’t like it
Lu'ci'ten Gyrvain
Lu'ci'ten Gyrvain 6 dager siden
Dang it, man, now I want to make cake. :P
Doom Official
Doom Official 6 dager siden
There like 17 egdy egg pun Or should i say it a Eggy puns
galning 27
galning 27 6 dager siden
This video is literally “I’m a lazy chef not a stupid chef”
Gary Of jerry
Gary Of jerry 6 dager siden
Fun fact valve can't count to 3
lazer puppy _ star
lazer puppy _ star 6 dager siden
i have watched all 24 of you vids
Ayden top
Ayden top 6 dager siden
Egg puns 10
The Zion Channel
The Zion Channel 6 dager siden
You noob
The Zion Channel
The Zion Channel 6 dager siden
Jennifer Esquivel
Jennifer Esquivel 6 dager siden
MattPat and his dad jokes lol and dad pungs Should do Betty Crocker theory I heard a theory that Betty Crocker is not a real person
AVERETT BALDWIN 6 dager siden
egg puns that i counted: (counting every pun, including the terrible ones some of you might not count as a pun) 19 also, i counted each 'egg-cetera' as its own individual pun.
Gaming With Bella
Gaming With Bella 6 dager siden
Wait if they didnt change the recipe when they told people to add the egg and oil then do we have the add the oil (idk y I thought of this maybe I'm just dumb or overanalyzing lmao)
Cool Dude roblox games
Cool Dude roblox games 6 dager siden
Im the best of the 4 channels
Brawl Stars Brawler
Brawl Stars Brawler 7 dager siden
But ya can trust my moms chocolate cake!
Pam Gonzalez
Pam Gonzalez 7 dager siden
Still watching all your videos but I definitely love the video about how to survive spicy food.
Levi Bickerstaff
Levi Bickerstaff 7 dager siden
I counted 9 egg puns.
Jurre De Haan
Jurre De Haan 7 dager siden
Its normal to say the cake is a lie
Feather 7 dager siden
Dang it I thought this was gonna be about portal...
Kainoa Harris
Kainoa Harris 8 dager siden
I love the part of the intro of food theory it shows coolay man have the infinite gauntlet.
The emmisary from beyond
The emmisary from beyond 8 dager siden
You can and should substitute applesauce for the oil in any recipe. The applesauce causes it to be sweeter, healthier, and more moist.
Sara Weaver
Sara Weaver 8 dager siden
*Me, a vegan, making soda cake for years* Ahh yes, mind blowing stuff here.
Michael McGregor
Michael McGregor 9 dager siden
One box of devils food came mix and one can of Diet Coke. Instant Cake !!!
Brix Marin
Brix Marin 9 dager siden
Its said dont eat your cake but this vidio just teach you how not to give egg in cakes it did not say dont eat your cake so what
Xerxes Eyerly
Xerxes Eyerly 9 dager siden
I started with with mcdonalds real estate, then ended with this video, and I don't have a fav, but Food Theory is my fav of the Theory channels.
Deanna Gillespie
Deanna Gillespie 9 dager siden
You can just add a can of soda to box cakes. So tasty
awesome shark
awesome shark 9 dager siden
get wrecked mat pat i'm 13 and really good at cracking eggs
D U M 10 dager siden
10 egg puns. Eggcelent job
Ror’s Recipes
Ror’s Recipes 10 dager siden
The puns are egg-cruciating
Larg04 10 dager siden
As someone who always makes cakes from scratches, just buying the box is being lazy. But also I've cooked enough vegan cakes to know it will probably be fine without eggs.
Reagan Sochor
Reagan Sochor 10 dager siden
You challeng me who can crack open egg pun you egg thotic theory creator
Falloutboi 24
Falloutboi 24 10 dager siden
NOOOO! The cake IS a lie! I KNEW IT!
Samantha Lanza
Samantha Lanza 10 dager siden
I have those exact plates. Whaaaat.
Crappy animations crew
Crappy animations crew 11 dager siden
If you use water to bake cakes, cookies, or brownies you're uncultured. I substitute it consistently everytime for whole milk to get that richer, creamy taste, and it's a bit thicker than water so it's nice in the end.
Nathália Gonçalves
Nathália Gonçalves 11 dager siden
Am I the only one slightly triggered by the fact that cake mixes in the USA use water and oil as ingredients, instead of milk and butter?
Brettina Gordon
Brettina Gordon 11 dager siden
Just dump a can of soda in the dry mix and call it a day.
Thiago Bachi Rehbein
Thiago Bachi Rehbein 11 dager siden
This episode was egg-cellent
Ivan Felipe
Ivan Felipe 12 dager siden
One time I made a cake without baking soda
Brooke Montanye
Brooke Montanye 12 dager siden
Your videos are great keep it up
John Martinez
John Martinez 12 dager siden
Then to beat my egg-cellent puns you need to take an egg-xam/egg-am Edit: please egg-knowledge me
eleanor manongdo
eleanor manongdo 12 dager siden
Too many egg-cruciating puns bom bom ching
VonnieToons 12 dager siden
This episode in a nutshell: Matpat proves that you don't need eggs to make a cake while making mostly egg puns for 13 minutes...
*Happy Day*
*Happy Day* 12 dager siden
Just say: DONT TRUST BOXED CAKES. Cause the title killed me and when u say it’s just boxed cakes then it revived me. Then when u said it’s about the eggs, I LOVED THE VIDEO AND SUBSCRIBED RIGHT THAT INSTANT
Sanjay Paul
Sanjay Paul 12 dager siden
Cook by the book you can’t be lazy Matpat:that’s a theory a film theory
Christian S
Christian S 13 dager siden
Am I the only one who knew this already?
Kit-cat & Scarla
Kit-cat & Scarla 13 dager siden
I know it was a lie The Cake Is A Lie
Dominguez 9700
Dominguez 9700 13 dager siden
583 48 -432
Itchy Scratchy
Itchy Scratchy 13 dager siden
You don't need a cake pan or an oven either. Pancakes...... seriously use cake mix as pancake batter. Add eggs. 👍🤯
I_Am_Eevee 13 dager siden
This is a egg-cellent video
RenderGreninja _
RenderGreninja _ 13 dager siden
Rip Mat's tree house. Baby Mat was too strong. You won't be missed.
Roxanne Lehtonen
Roxanne Lehtonen 13 dager siden
I'm going to try this! Wonder if this applies to their Boxed Brownie mix too..
PockASqueeno 13 dager siden
I love all the egg puns! 🤣
Basic Euphoria
Basic Euphoria 13 dager siden
I’m a center guy too mat 😌
Lola Fierling
Lola Fierling 13 dager siden
Have you made a video about making boxed cake with a can of soda. They're actually really good.
Cappy Larou
Cappy Larou 13 dager siden
I can honestly say that these theories just don't seem as flushed out as the ones on your other channels do... I have watched several of these videos and am completely shocked when you get to the end that you're done. I hope you succeed, this channel just feels like it's missing something
Skit Caleb
Skit Caleb 13 dager siden
Actually you can! Im allergic to eggs and i just make it with applesauce. I know it sounds weird but the only thing it makes your cake do is become really crumbly it doesn't change the taste! If you're interested just look it up i don't really know how to make it lol
PruCo 14 dager siden
Thumbnail: Your cake is a lie Video: You dont have to put this ingredient in ur boxed cake
Charley Saunders
Charley Saunders 14 dager siden
XxAmayaKurosuxX 14 dager siden
Okay but like did no one else notice the Hamilton reference on "French Vanilla" xD
Panagiotis S
Panagiotis S 14 dager siden
The funniest thing in these video series are the eyes of the static people who move like cardboard stands, but you understand they are talking to you and present their emotions very well.
Poopy Mcdoopy
Poopy Mcdoopy 15 dager siden
“I heard a rumour..” ALLISONPAT CONFIRMED
an ordinary guy
an ordinary guy 15 dager siden
MatPat is HowToBasic.
Deltia 15 dager siden
The worst thing about this isn't the egg jokes, it's the fact that Matpat has the same plates that my family has had for over 20 years and its just weeeeiiirrrrddd
Arigat - O
Arigat - O 15 dager siden
Matpat Robbie Rotton is going to haunt my dreams for months. Thank you.
KC 15 dager siden
WHO DOESNT USE EGGS FOR 25 MONTHS!!!??! I used eggs daily, but i do cook a loooot.
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